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Chapter 988 - Enter

Outside the ancient Body Refining Pagoda, violent Spiritual Energy swept out like a storm as the ground trembled from the battles. In order to compete for the quotas of the Receiving Stages, everyone had clearly gone all-out.

Out of the ten Receiving Stages, Mu Chen’s side had settled down the fastest, unlike the other stages. Ever since he had defeated Zong Yan, no one attempted to challenge his stage.

Naturally, this didn’t mean that they were afraid of Mu Chen. But it was because this Receiving Stage was practically filled with spiritual runes that integrated with the heavens and earth, flickering like stars.

Some experts had directed their eyes over. When they saw the densely packed spiritual runes, they couldn’t help feeling their scalps going numb, since no one knew how many Spiritual Arrays Mu Chen had set up here.

This Receiving Stage could be considered as a fortress of Spiritual Arrays and being in it, Mu Chen was practically standing in an undefeated position…

This was the terrifying part of Spiritual Array Masters. The moment they had enough time, they would be able to construct a horrifying fortress and anyone that intruded would suffer an annihilating impact.

Under those gazes, Mu Chen had flicked his finger as several spiritual lights flew out, integrating into the void, before he gently patted his hand. Making use of the time he had, he had set up another Sky Mount Divine Seal Spiritual Array. Furthermore, there were countless Earth Grade Spiritual Arrays hidden within it. Added together, the might of it was fairly astonishing.

If Zong Yan dared to come in again, Mu Chen was confident that he wouldn’t be able to escape alive.

Once everything was finished, only then did Mu Chen relax. At this moment, he no longer feared anyone and he was absolutely confident that amongst the Seventh Grade sovereigns, no one had the capability to seize this Receiving Stage away from him.

After relaxing, only then did Mu Chen have the mood to look at the nine other Receiving Stages. The intense battles continued and amongst the violent Spiritual Energies, there were different shapes of Divine Beasts appearing with all sorts of roars resounding across the horizon.

He first looked at the Receiving Stage that Mo Feng was on. When he directed his gaze over, he couldn’t help contracting his eyes.

Mo Feng’s opponent was a beautiful lady with a pair of scarlet wings unfolded behind her back and innumerable light feathers were whistling around her and a sharp sword aura was dominating forth, immediately tearing and riddling the space with holes.

She was the genius of the Fire Crane Clan with strength at Seventh Grade Sovereign. Her sharp sword aura was even stronger than Zong Yan’s and she was clearly a formidable opponent.

But facing her sharp attacks, Mo Feng’s expression remained calm as he moved back, appearing to be suppressed to the point that he couldn’t fight back.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he had slightly contracted his eyes while fixing his gaze on Mo Feng. That’s because he had vaguely sensed that the Spiritual Energy around the latter was gradually boiling, as if he was brewing something.


Staring at Mo Feng, Mu Chen’s pupils suddenly contracted.


Mo Feng had retreated to the edge of the Receiving Stage, then finally stopped. Looking at the genius of the Fire Crane Clan without any expression, he had formed some seals with a single hand and the whistling sounds of wind suddenly rang out from his body.


Scarlet phoenix wings unfolded behind Mo Feng, which were roughly a hundred feet in size. The phoenix wings abruptly flapped and dark-red flames formed, sweeping out in every direction like a sea of flames.

As the dark flames whistled over, phoenix images had formed and an indescribably powerful pressure emanated forth.

When the lady of the Fire Crane Clan saw this, her face instantly lost colour and she yelled, “Aren’t you from the Nine Netherbird Clan? Why do you possess the phoenix flames?!”

The so-called “phoenix flames” could only be cultivated by the elites of the Phoenix Clan. They had an overbearing might that could incinerate the sky and boil the seas. Furthermore, the crucial point was that these phoenix flames could somewhat suppress the flying Divine Beasts, and naturally, this lady of the Fire Crane Clan was one of them.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Crimson flames swept forth and clashed with the feathered sword. Instantly, the feathered sword instantly dissolved and the phoenix flames were like maggots. They were quickly sweeping towards the Fire Crane Clansman.

The latter’s expression greatly changed, before she had immediately retreated. In a few flickers, she had already backed away from the Receiving Stage, before glaring at Mo Feng and swiftly retreated.

This lady was truly decisive, knowing that with the phoenix flames, Mo Feng could stand in an undefeated position. She practically did not have any chances in this battle and dragging on the fight would just be a waste of time.

Mo Feng looked at the retreating Fire Crane Clan’s expert, while maintaining a calm expression. Waving his sleeve, the crimson phoenix flames swept back and were devoured by him.

When the other experts that had their intentions on Mo Feng saw this scene, their expressions froze, before looking at the latter with their eyes filled with astonishment and fear.

They had clearly seen Mo Feng arrive together with the Nine Netherbird Clan, so how could he cultivate the phoenix flames? How was he related to the Phoenix Clan?

“Phoenix flames…”

Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by this scene, since he had already seen them from Mo Ling. The two siblings must have had a deep relationship with the Phoenix Clan.

However, Mu Chen did not think too much about it. After all, everyone had their own secrets and he didn’t want to investigate the secrets of others. Therefore, he shook his head and suppressed such thoughts before giving Mo Feng a slight smile. Judging from the current situation, the latter should’ve been able to stabilise himself on that Receiving Stage. That also meant that their group had occupied two quotas.

Mo Feng sensed Mu Chen’s gaze and nodded his head in response. When he saw the Receiving Stage that Mu Chen was on was covered in Spiritual Arrays, his heart trembled. He had clearly felt the threat emanating from it.

It looked like Mu Chen’s attainments on the field of Spiritual Arrays was stronger than his expectations.


After an outcome was determined on Mu Chen and Mo Feng’s Receiving Stages, the other Receiving Stages also started to show results. And the first one to shock everyone was Han Shan of the Demonic Rhino Clan.

His opponent was Xu Kun of the Demonic Elephant Clan, who possessed a similar astonishing strength. The two of them both possessed innate superhuman strengths. Because their confrontation was like clashes between a primordial ominous rhino and large elephant, every single clash had caused the entire ground to tremble.

After the two of them fought a few hundred rounds, Han Shan was still the one that won. He had quickly slammed Xu Kun out of the Receiving Stage in the final confrontation.

After Xu Kun landed on the ground with his countenance somewhat paled, he did not speak anymore, and he flew towards another Receiving Stage. Evidently, the opponent there was easier to deal with than Han Shan.

After Han Shan, the next that occupied another Receiving Stage was Zong Teng of the Sky Roc Clan. The strength of this person was extraordinary. It could be known as one of the top. Hence, when he attacked with all his strength, there weren’t many that could face him head-on. In the end, he had smoothly occupied a Receiving Stage. The several other experts of the Sky Roc Clan stood in the sky above that Receiving Stage, intimidating the experts of the other clans.

After that, the intense battles on the other Receiving Stages gradually had their outcomes determined…

The genius of the Skyeating Allegator Clan - Lu Jia.

Dragon Ape Clan - Chen Zhan.

As well as Xu Kun of the Sky Elephant Clan, who had previously lost to Han Shan…

Mu Chen swept his gaze over, before stopping at the Receiving Stage towards the end and was slightly stunned with his brows frowned. That’s because he had realised that the one occupying that Receiving Stage was someone familiar to him, the black-robed man of the Thunder Crane Clan that they had previously encountered in the belt of meteorites.

Mu Chen never thought that he would be here and even occupied a Receiving Stage.

When Mu Chen saw the black-robed man of the Thunder Crane Clan, the latter had sensed him and raised his head. After seeing Mu Chen, he had knitted his brows, before looking at the Receiving Stage, which was covered by Spiritual Arrays, and slightly squinted his eyes.

Mu Chen paid no attention to him and retracted his gaze. After the intense battle for the ten Receiving Stages finally settled down, the ten experts that remained could be considered amongst the peak.

Except no one knew how many of those ten could obtain a good achievement in the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda, and obtain the final opportunity.

As thoughts circulated in Mu Chen’s heart, he had directed his gaze towards the ancient and mottled pagoda, before his gaze gradually heated up. The opportunity for him breaking through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra was in there.

At the same time, the Spiritual Energy storm in this region had gradually calmed down with ten silhouettes standing on ten Receiving Stages, all looking imposing, since none of them were ordinary figures.


When the Spiritual Energy storm calmed down, an ancient buzzing noise suddenly resounded from the body refining pagoda. In the end, everyone could see a light circulating on the surface of the ancient pagoda, forming into ten beams of light that enveloped the ten silhouettes on the Receiving Stages.

As the beam of light enveloped over, Mu Chen had instantly felt a suction force that tried to pull his body. As his gaze flashed, but he had fully given up resisting.


The beams of light whizzed back and brought the numerous figures with them. Thereafter, they had swept back with countless heated gazes and entered the ancient body refining pagoda.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen, who was brought into the body refining pagoda, then she tightly clenched her fist. Now, she wouldn’t be able to provide anymore help to Mu Chen. He could only depend on himself to see what achievements he could obtain… 

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