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Chapter 990 - Forging the body


When the Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen completely disappeared, the descending scarlet light and horrifyingly high temperature swept over from every direction.

Mu Chen’s skin was being corroded by the scarlet light and an intense pain came from all over his body, which made Mu Chen take in a cold breath.

“Damn it…”

Mu Chen cursed and with a thought in his mind, a golden light exploded from his body. On his chest, the True Dragon Tattoo seemed to have awakened and it wandered around Mu Chen’s chest. Along with the True Dragon Tattoo wandering on his chest, the burnt wounds also swiftly recovered.

A faint coolness spread out, which slightly lessened the intense pain.

Sensing the pain weakening, only then did Mu Chen feel relieved. Fortunately, his physical body wasn’t weak. Otherwise, it would be hard for him to endure the terrifying scarlet light.

“Now, let me see how terrifying the first level of the Body Refining Pagoda really is.”

Mu Chen raised his head and looked into the distance of this desert, before a smear of struggles appeared in his black pupils. Thereafter, he no longer hesitated and stepped off of the stone stage and entered the desert.

After finishing all of this, he did not immediately fly through this desert, but chose the slowest method, travelling on his feet. Since he had decided to use the scarlet light to refine his body, then he would naturally choose the hardest method.


When Mu Chen’s feet stepped onto the desert, a cloud of white smoke rose from his feet. Taking that single step, it felt like he was entering a magma pool.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered about it. As he walked, he withstood the descending scarlet light. He started to walk into the depths of the desert.

Outside the Body Refining Pagoda

The experts of the various clans all had their attention directed towards this mottled stone pagoda. Their gazes were on the first level of the stone pagoda, where some light had gathered and formed into a light scene. Although there wasn’t any exact silhouette, there were ten dots of flickering light.

Those light dots represented the ten that entered the pagoda. Every single dot represented a person and based on their own Spiritual Energy undulations, the ones outside could roughly sense them.

At this moment, nine light dots were swiftly advancing with stunning speed.

“Zong Teng of the Sky Roc Clan is actually first…” Everyone had their gazes fixed on the leading light. They had determined the identity of that person based on his Spiritual Energy undulation, it's Zong Teng of the Sky Roc Clan.

“Zong Teng has awakened the bloodline of the Gold Winged Roc, possessing extraordinary speed, so it is normal for him to be in the lead…”

“Han Shan and Xu Kun are not lacking behind…”

“None of the remaining geniuses are ordinary people. There might be someone that can enter the second level first…” Outside the Body Refining Pagoda, everyone’s attention was on the pagoda and all sorts of discussions were spreading out.

“Mhm, there’s one person that doesn’t seem to be moving?”

As everyone conversed, a peal of female laughter and ridicule resounded, “After sensing the Spiritual Energy undulation, it seems to be that human that was brought by the Nine Netherbird Clan… Looks like Spiritual Arrays don’t aren’t effective in the Body Refining Pagoda.”

Everyone was stunned before noticing that as the nine dots were swiftly moving towards the second level, there was still a dot that hadn’t moved!

Everyone exchanged a look before looking at Nine Nether and Mo Ling with ruminate gazes. Previously, the performance of that human was extremely dazzling, so no one had expected that once he entered the Body Refining Pagoda, his performance would be so terrible. What a waste of a quota.

Nine Nether’s face was covered with coldness as she looked at those that mocked her. It was the Sky Roc Clan’s Liu Qing. After Mu Chen had defeated Zong Huo, she had stopped herself, but Nine Nether never expected for her to stir things up at this moment again. How loathsome.

“Hehe. Nine Nether, it’s useless to look at me. Looks like the quota that you guys have fought so hard for is wasted, what a pity.” When Liu Qing saw Nine Nether’s face, she couldn’t help smiling with joy on her face, as if she had vented a mouthful of resentment.

“Don’t be too happy now. Be careful so that you won’t even be able to raise your face later.” Nine Nether lifted her eyelids as she sneered.

Liu Qing ridiculed, “Oh? Then I’m in expectation right now.”

Nine Nether coldly glared at her, but couldn’t be bothered with her any longer. She shifted her gaze and fixed it on the light dot in the Body Refining Pagoda, before her brows lightly knitted together.

“Big Sister Nine Nether, what’s Big Brother Mu Chen doing?” Mo Ling couldn’t help whispering.

Nine Nether bitterly smiled, then she shook her head with doubt in her eyes. Although the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda was hard to go through, it shouldn’t be bad enough to stop him at the first level with his strength.

There must be some other reason for the current situation. Could it be that at the start when they entered the pagoda, he was ganged upon by the other experts and suffered injuries?

This thought had merely flashed through his mind. Amongst the other nine, aside from Zong Teng and the one from the Thunder Crow Clan, the rest shouldn’t have any malice with the Nine Netherbird Clan. Based on those two, it wouldn’t be enough to force Mu Chen into this pathetic state.

Furthermore, there was still Mo Feng standing on their side.

“Mu Chen…what are you trying to do?” Nine Nether looked at the pagoda and gently clenched her hand, then muttered to herself.

A scarlet light was descending on the desert, which enveloped the region, and couldn’t be avoided.


In the deathly desert, fine footsteps resounded and should one direct their gaze over, a person could be seen slowly striding through the desert.

Chii! Chiii!

Blood dripped down from Mu Chen’s face and before it fell onto the ground, it had already evaporated. At this moment, Mu Chen’s skin was red to the point that even his flesh had been revealed by the high temperature.

The horrifying pain corroded Mu Chen’s mind every single moment, which nearly made him faint.

But even with the intense pain, Mu Chen’s steps were still slow and firm. Even with the burning pain coming from his body, he did not stop his steps.

That’s because he could sense that when the terrifying scarlet light shone onto his body, it had brought an intense burning pain. But as the intense pain grew to the limits, his body was gradually growing stronger. His body seemed to be devouring the scarlet light that had penetrated his skin.

Every single time his body devoured a trace of the scarlet light, an explosive energy quietly appeared and on his body that was almost burnt to a crisp, a fearsome and vigorous vitality gathered.

Although the scarlet light would cause a destructive pain to his body, his body had also been enhanced by it when he bore the intense pain.

“So it’s truly the case…”

Mu Chen’s hand, which was covered with torn skin, clenched and he could clearly sense the vigorous vitality that came after the intense pain.

He had only walked in the desert for half an hour and he was nearly driven insane by it. However, the enhancement to his body also couldn’t be ignored.

In just half an hour, the strengthening of his body was probably not at all inferior to the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo.

The True Dragon Tattoo wandered on Mu Chen’s chest and the scales on it became even more vivid. The True Phoenix Tattoo had also unfolded its wings.

The most important factor was that the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos, which had opened their eyes a little, had become slightly larger…

All these changes had caused Mu Chen’s stiffened lips to rise into a fine arc. But this slight movement had caused his entire body to tremble and the intense pain grew even stronger.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered about it, but he looked into the distance. In the depths of his black pupils, a heated joy gushed forth as he sensed his body getting more adapted to the scarlet light.

Furthermore, if this carried on, there might really be a possibility that he could break through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra in the Body Refining Pagoda. At that time, his physical body would be strong to the point that he had been yearning for.

However, he could feel that as his body gradually adapted to the scarlet light, the enhancement of his physical body was starting to slow down. Perhaps not long from now, the first level would be a levelled ground to him, without the slightest obstruction…

Mu Chen licked his dried lips and no longer hesitated. He continued to slowly walk on, allowing his body to quietly wriggle under the scarlet light.

While Mu Chen was slowly moving through the first level, he didn’t know that he had caused a commotion outside the pagoda. However, the majority of it was ridicule.

“Keke. Nine Nether, I have waited for half a day and there isn’t anything astonishing for me. No, wait… that guy has been moving at the speed of a snail for this half-day…” Liu Qing’s pampered smile shone brightly as her joyful voice resounded.

“Your Nine Netherbird Clan is truly capable of wasting a quota this way. But it’s a little too much. You must know that many clans did not even manage to get one quota.”

Liu Qing was truly vicious. She intended to attract hatred onto Nine Nether. Furthermore, her words were somewhat effective. The moment she spoke, there were some gazes directed towards Nine Nether and Mo Ling, all with a little unwillingness and resentment.

Nine Nether maintained a cold expression, but she did not speak. Her eyes were still fixed on the screen, at the light dot on the first level that was slowly advancing.

It was as if he was powerless to chase after the others.

However, Nine Nether had suddenly contracted her eyes. She could sense that the slowly moving light dot had suddenly stopped.

“Mu Chen… he’s not moving anymore?”

Mu Chen’s steps had finally stopped in the desert. He raised his head and looked at the scarlet sun. Shortly after, the corner of his lips rose into a faint smile.

“This is enough for the first level…”

As he murmured, he could clearly sense that his body had completely adapted to this place and the intense pain had also greatly decreased. At the same time, the enhancement of his body had slowed down even further.

Those fellows should be reaching the second level by now, right?

Then, let’s try and see if I can catch up to those fellows… 

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