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Chapter 973 -  Quota Obtained

A dust cloud was raised on the massive plaza and the spectators were all abnormally quiet, since everyone was dumbfounded by the scene before them with disbelief in their eyes.

They never expected that Mu Chen, who should’ve been in a terrible situation once again, would have left behind such a hidden hand, and forcefully send Jiang Ya, who had just joined the battle, out of the battlefield.

This all happened in just ten-odd breaths!

After the clansmen of the Nine Netherbird Clan recovered from their shock, they exchanged looks and their eyes turned grave. At this moment, if anyone still treated Mu Chen as an unremarkable human, then they would be too stupid.

The means that he used to face Qin Xuan and instantly defeating Jiang Ya made them all feel a chill in their hearts.

On the stone base, when the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan saw this scene, they had turned silent. Even the azure-robed Elder, who spoke with disdain for Mu Chen, had his face alternate between green and white and he could no longer refute him.


Nine Nether inwardly felt relieved and her heart surged with gratitude. It looked like Mu Chen was prepared before coming to the Nine Netherbird Clan. At the very least, she had never seen the two powerful Spiritual Arrays before.

Furthermore, Mu Chen’s strength had grown once again, stepping into the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, which gave his strength a great boost.

Looking at the slender and young silhouette, she felt a slight complication in her heart. Not knowing when, the young man that was prudent under her pressure had reached the point where he could stand side-by-side with her.

Perhaps not long from now, this young man would surpass her.

Just thinking about it, Nine Nether sneaked a glance at her father next to her. The latter did not have any emotion on his face during the entire match. However, due to her understanding of her father, she could sense that Patriarch Tian Huang’s eyes had turned deeper at this moment.

Mu Chen had clearly done this battle beautifully to the point that even someone as demanding as Patriarch Tian Huang was stunned and couldn’t pick a fault with him.

Under the myriads of gazes, Mu Chen stood on the Great Solar Undying Body and looked at Jiang Ya, who had been blown out of the field with a flash of surprise in his eyes.

The might of the Azure Lotus Spiritual Sword Array had slightly exceeded his expectations. It’s a Top Rank Earth Grade Spiritual Array that greatly threatened any Sixth Grade Sovereign. But to Jiang Ya, someone who had touched the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, his strength was stronger than a normal pinnacle Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. Therefore, Mu Chen wasn’t sure if he could defeat Jiang Ya with that move, but the outcome was clearly better than he had expected.

The only flaw of Spiritual Array was the time to set it up, but the might of it was definitely extremely powerful. Even an Earth Grade Spiritual Array was at this level, so he wondered, how shocking would the power of a Heaven Grade Spiritual Array be?

The might of such a Spiritual Array was probably something even genuine Seventh Grade Sovereigns had to pay a considerable price upon facing it.

As this thought flashed in his mind, Mu Chen quickly calmed his heart down and turned around to calmly look at Qin Xuan.

At this moment, more than half of the chains that bound onto Qin Xuan had already scattered. The Nine Netherfrost Bird was also starting to break free, since the offensive prowess of the Skynet Array wasn’t strong, but it excelled as a restraint. Furthermore, it couldn’t restrain Qin Xuan for too long. After all, the latter was already an expert that had come in contact with the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm and the Skynet Array was only an Earth Grade Spiritual Array.

However, in the fight between experts, this period of time was sufficient to kill an opponent thousands of times…

Sensing Mu Chen’s gaze being directed over, Qin Xuan couldn’t help trembling. At this moment, the former had a calm expression, which made him feel fearful.

“Now, it’s just the two of us.”

Mu Chen stood on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body and gave Qin Xuan a smile, then stomped his foot. The Great Solar Undying Body exploded with a dazzling golden light once again and the five blazing golden suns erupted as a golden liquid flowed down the palm of the Great Solar Undying Body, forming into a huge golden spear.

Slowly raising the spear and pointing it towards Qin Xuan with terrifying oppression emanated from it.

When Qin Xuan saw this scene, his face couldn’t help turning a little ugly.

“Sorry about this.”

Mu Chen smiled, but he did not give Qin Xuan any more time to break free from the restraints of the Skynet Array. Grasping the spear, he had unleashed a terrifying attack and quickly ended this battle.


When Mu Chen spoke, a golden light dominated from the Great Solar Undying Body and in just a few breaths of time, it had already got close to Qin Xuan when the golden spear ruthlessly stabbed forth.

Golden ripples fluctuated, which caused space to crack under the spear and deep marks were left on the ground below.

A golden light swiftly expanded in Qin Xuan’s eyes as he grit his teeth and stomped his foot. The Nine Netherfrost Bird beneath his feet had sharply cried out as it breathed out a deep blue frost.

Poof! Poof!

Qin Xuan had spewed a mouthful of blood essence with spiritual light flickering. It swiftly fused together with the frost. Instantly the temperature in this region plummeted and a deep blue light exploded out, forming into a tortoiseshell that was covered with ancient ice runes before Qin Xuan.

“Black Tortoise Protection!”


When the deep blue tortoiseshell formed before him, the golden spear had arrived and brought along a destructive power that struck against the shell.


An indescribable shock wave abruptly exploded, causing the ground below to be fissured. It looked as if there was a blazing sun rising from the collision between the spear and shell.

When the blazing sun rose, the golden spear in the hands of the Great Solar Undying Body started to have cracks covering it. It finally couldn’t bear the counterforce and started to shatter.

However, when the golden spear crumbled, the deep blue icy tortoiseshell broke down as well.

In that instant when the spear and shell crumbled at the same time, Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with light and, in the next moment, he had turned into a streak of light and shot out, forcefully charging out of the shock wave.

In that instant when Mu Chen’s silhouette charged out, the restraints around Qin Xuan had shattered from the shock wave. Shortly after, he burst out without any hesitation and a huge icy bow had appeared in his hand once again.

When the bow appeared, he had instantly pulled it to the maximum. His movements were as natural as flowing water and extremely swift. It was so much so that before the afterimages caused by his actions fade away, a large arrow with traces of blood was also condensed on the bow and it emanated an aura that could even freeze the atmosphere.


Qin Xuan’s finger pulled the bow to the maximum and just when he was about to shoot it, it was that instant before he released the bow, his eyes had suddenly contracted because he saw space fluctuating before him and a slender finger shining with spiritual light had appeared before him without any signs and gently touched on the centre of his brows.

Thus, his finger which was about to release the bow had instantly frozen.

Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared before Qin Xuan with his finger touching the centre of his brows, looking at him calmly without speaking a word, completely disregarding the arrow that was just inches away from him.

Qin Xuan froze as he looked at Mu Chen. The two of them exchanged a look and at this moment, the former’s hand had slightly trembled. That’s because from the latter’s gaze, he could tell that the moment he released his bowstring, Mu Chen’s finger will pierce through his brain first.

Mu Chen would definitely not hesitate in the slightest.

Outside the plaza, countless people were shocked as they watched this scene and they held their breath. Who could have expected for this battle to be filled with danger?

Under innumerable gazes, the face-off lasted for ten-odd minutes before Qin Xuan finally couldn’t endure the pressure anymore and helplessly sighed, before the arrow on the bow gradually faded.

“You’ve won.”

Qin Xuan stared at Mu Chen as he bitterly said. He knew that despite the victor of this confrontation didn’t look like it could be distinguished, he knew that the moment he released his bow, Mu Chen would kill him.

If this was a genuine deathmatch, then Mu Chen would have killed him without any hesitation long ago.

Hearing Qin Xuan’s words, only then did a smile appear on Mu Chen’s face as he slowly retracted his hand and cupped his fists together towards the former. “Thanks for letting me.”

His voice was gentle and with the handsome smile on his face, he looked harmless; but Qin Xuan, who had personally witnessed Mu Chen’s fighting capabilities, knew that beneath that harmless smile of his, were the decisive and sharp means.

This human that could form the Bloodlink Bond with Her Highness Nine Nether wasn’t as useless and weak as they had all thought him to be. The means that he possessed wasn’t something that they could imagine.

Furthermore, Qin Xuan had a feeling that Mu Chen had definitely held himself back from the previous confrontation, which made him feel a chill in his heart. If Mu Chen had gone all-out without holding back, then how would the outcome be?

This person was definitely extraordinary.

Qin Xuan sighed, since someone as proud as him also couldn’t help giving such an evaluation to Mu Chen.

Just as Qin Xuan sighed in his heart, Mu Chen took two steps back and faced Patriarch Tian Huang, who sat on the leading spot, under innumerable gazes and lightly smiled.

“Patriarch Tian Huang, it would be impolite for this junior to refuse the final quota.”

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