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Chapter 972 - Two Layered Spiritual Arrays


A huge sound suddenly trembled out of the azure stone plaza and a dazzling lustre burst out under countless startled gazes in the surroundings.

“What’s going on?!”

Many people of the Nine Netherbird Clan had stunned expressions as they realised the light in the plaza had spread throughout a thousand-foot radius. Furthermore, it had just coincidentally enveloped Qin Xuan.

“It seems to be something done by Mu Chen!” Someone exclaimed. Judging from the current situation, it was clearly Mu Chen’s doing.

On the stone base, the Nine Netherbird Clan’s Elders had astonishment on their faces as they looked at this scene with their gazes flickered. A brief moment later, their gazes, which were staring at the plaza, started to slowly change and they seemed to have sensed something.

Under all the attention, Qin Xuan, who stood in the middle of the dazzling spiritual light, had a change in his expression as cracks started to spread beneath his feet with bizarre Spiritual Energy undulations emitting from those cracks.

The sudden changes had startled Qin Xuan as well. Immediately, he did not hesitate to control the Nine Netherfrost Bird. Its huge wings trembled and a blizzard swept out as its massive figure intended to bolt out.

At this moment, how could Qin Xuan not tell that Mu Chen was just fooling the eyes of others when he was dodging in a pathetic state? Although he wasn’t too clear what Mu Chen was doing nearby, the most important thing to do now was to leave this region. After leaving this region, he wouldn’t need to hold back and he could go all-out to end this battle with Mu Chen.


As the blizzard raged, Nine Netherfrost Bird’s massive body swiftly flew, like a bolt of lightning, making it a little tough for others to obstruct him.

However, facing Qin Xuan’s attempt to escape, Mu Chen only faintly smiled, before he gently lifted his hand.


The powerful light in this region violently surged to the limits and the lustre had enveloped a few thousand feet, enveloping the region.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In that instant when the lustre was enveloping, innumerable streaks of light suddenly shot out from the envelopment. There seemed to be numerous chains hidden in those streaks of light and those chains were covered with ancient runes that seemed to be flickering with light.

When the chains appeared, they had covered the sun like a net that enveloped this region in an instant.

The chains that suddenly appeared made Qin Xuan startled. But before he could make his move, the chains had already burst over and in just a few breaths of time, they had already bound onto the Nine Netherfrost Bird like bolts of lightning.


The Nine Netherfrost Bird violently struggled as the dazzling and violent Spiritual Energy burst out from its body. But no matter how violent it struggled, it couldn’t do a thing to those chains.

This scene had made Qin Xuan’s heart tremble. He tapped his foot and his silhouette had flown out.


But the instant he moved, sounds of chains suddenly rang out from his rear like venomous pythons and bound onto his limbs.

Boom! Boom!

The Spiritual Energy in Qin Xuan’s body violently exploded in an attempt to break free of the shackles. However, the chains continuously came and they seemed endless, binding him like a moth and no matter what he tried, he couldn’t break free.

“A Spiritual Array?!”

The sudden change in the situation caused Qin Xuan’s face to change. At this moment, he completely understood what was going on. So when Mu Chen was pathetically dodging his attacks, he was actually setting up such a powerful Spiritual Array.

“The restriction force of this Spiritual Array is so extremely powerful that even I will not be able to break through for the time being… So he has actually planned out right from the start, making use of the Spiritual Array to restrain my speed and defeat me.”

Qin Xuan’s eyes constantly flickered, since he already understood Mu Chen’s intentions. Mu Chen also understood how troublesome it was to let him fight at long range, thus he had purposely shown a weak side to set up the array and restrain his agility.

Since he had already figured this out, Qin Xuan took in a deep breath, since Mu Chen’s fighting awareness had made him feel startled. He was able to find a way to control his fighting strategy in such a short period of time.


When Qin Xuan was feeling shocked in his heart, a golden light blossomed around Mu Chen outside the Spiritual Array. Shortly after, a massive golden figure had appeared with a blazing golden sun floating behind its head, emitting terrifying Spiritual Energy undulations. It was Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body.

When Mu Chen summoned the Great Solar Undying Body, he did not have the slightest hesitation before his seals changed and five golden blazing suns appeared on the surface of Great Solar Undying Body before exploding.


Sovereign Ability - Five Solar Spear!

A golden light surged, which had swiftly formed into a thousand-foot golden spear in the hand of the Great Solar Undying Body. At the spear tip, there were five revolving, blazing suns and a terrifying might dominated from it.

Sensing the fluctuations contained in that golden spear, Qin Xuan couldn’t help contracting his eyes. Facing this attack, even if he wasn’t bound at this moment, he would have to use all his power to barely block it, not to mention that he’s current bound!

Mu Chen was truly cunning. If he had used this method right from the start, he wouldn’t have been forced into such a pathetic state like before. But if that’s the case, then Qin Xuan would have had his guard up against him and wouldn’t give him the opportunity to set up the Spiritual Array.


The huge golden figure strode on the ground and burst out with the golden spear fixed onto the bounded Qin Xuan, who was frantically circulating his Spiritual Energy to break free of the Spiritual Array.

However, it was evident that he was out of time. He saw the massive golden figure approaching closer and couldn’t help yelling, “Jiang Ya, how long are you going to keep watching?!”

Outside the fight, Jiang Ya’s face couldn’t help turning unsightly from the sudden change of events. That’s because the fighting power that Mu Chen had suddenly displayed made him feel startled in his heart.

That fellow was actually a Spiritual Array Master!

He had been hiding it right from the start!

Jiang Ya’s expression changed. Previously, he acted with a high attitude to let Qin Xuan deal with Mu Chen. If he suddenly joined this fight, then it would definitely attract some criticism. However, he felt danger from Mu Chen. If he allowed Qin Xuan to be defeated by Mu Chen, then could he deal with Mu Chen alone?

If it was previously, perhaps he would nod his head without any hesitation. But at this moment… he was no longer confident enough to say that.

Jiang Ya’s expression changed as he contracted his eyes and no longer hesitated. Gripping his hand, a scarlet longspear appeared in a flash and boundless Spiritual Energy spewed like a volcano from his body.


Jiang Ya’s figure turned into a streak of light as he shot out with the speartip pointed towards Mu Chen. Clearly, he was intending to strike Mu Chen from the back while he was dealing with Qin Xuan. As long as Mu Chen defeated Qin Xuan, then he would be able to grab the moment to defeat Mu Chen.

This way, he would become the final winner.

Jiang Ya’s action had instantly caused a commotion in this region and some of the clansmen from the Nine Netherbird Clan inwardly smacked their lips. Just a moment ago, Jiang Ya had such a proud attitude; but right now, he was forced to the point to take advantage while Mu Chen was dealing with Qin Xuan with his full force.

But through this battle, regardless of whether Mu Chen won or lost, probably no one in the Nine Netherbird Clan would underestimate him anymore.

Under all the gazes, Jiang Ya had charged into the battle circle in an instant and the Spiritual Energy in his body exploded without any restraint. As his Spiritual Energy spread out, it was all aimed towards Mu Chen.

His actions had clearly caused Mu Chen to be in a disastrous situation when he had just flipped the situation around a moment ago. After all, he would be in a dilemma to make his choice if he still chose to attack Qin Xuan or circulate his own defences.

Choosing the first one would cause him to be defeated by Jiang Ya, while the second one would cause him to lose his best opportunity to defeat Qin Xuan. The moment he stopped his attacks, he would have to face the attacks from both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan.

If that’s the case, then his chances of winning would not be high.

Many gazes were fixed onto Mu Chen, even the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan had their eyes fixed onto the Mu Chen, since they wish to know how Mu Chen would deal with the current situation.

Under the innumerable gazes, Jiang Ya was moving closer to Mu Chen.

Standing on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen had directed his gaze at the streak of light that shot towards him from his rear, before raising his head and cast a glance at Qin Xuan, who was violently struggling, with a faint smile on the corner of his lips.

When the smile hung on the corner of his lips, he suddenly made seals with a single hand and murmured, “Azure Lotus Spiritual Sword Array, activate!”


In that instant when Mu Chen’s voice resounded, they saw an azure sword light sweep towards the sky and an earth-shattering sword cry resonated between the heavens and earth.


An uproar had already erupted outside the plaza as countless experts of the Nine Netherbird Clan were startled and even the Elders had an uncontrollably change in their expressions.

That’s because they realised that Mu Chen had actually put up another Spiritual Array outside the Skynet Array!

The second Spiritual Array was concealed by the first Spiritual Array to the point that even Patriarch Tian Huang couldn’t sense it. After all, Patriarch Tian Huang did not have a deep understanding of Spiritual Arrays.

Mu Chen fooled everyone, he fooled everyone present!

Buzz! Buzz!

On the plaza, Mu Chen paid no attention to the sword cry, but flicked his finger. The azure light that covered the sky swept and formed into an azure lotus sword that had instantly pierced through space and shot towards Jiang Ya, who was caught off-guard.

Furthermore, when the azure lotus sword shot towards Jiang Ya, the Five Solar Spear in the hands of the Great Solar Undying Body had paused before it suddenly turned around and took a step forth under countless shocked gazes, then instantly appeared before Jiang Ya and the golden spear whistled down.

A spear and sword had sealed Jiang Ya’s path of retreat. Furthermore, the attacks had directly caused Jiang Ya’s face to instantly turn pale.

At this moment, he finally understood that right from the start, Qin Xuan wasn’t Mu Chen’s target. Mu Chen had been waiting for him to enter the fight!

Clearly, since he had set up the sword array, but had not activated it clearly showed he was guarding against him!

And the moment he attacked, he would be in a completely disadvantageous position!

What a terrifying fighting consciousness!

In that instant, even Jiang Ya had felt a chill in his heart. Be it he or Qin Xuan, both of them had completely lost against Mu Chen’s Spiritual Arrays!


As Jiang Ya’s face turned pale, the golden spear and azure lotus sword had already whizzed over with terrifying Spiritual Energy and exploded before him, causing space to be torn apart by the tyrannical force.


Under the impact, Jiang Ya’s silhouette was blown out in a sorry state and all his defences had shattered at this moment. He had quickly flown out of the plaza and left a deep ravine on the ground.

Jiang Ya laid in the ravine, covered in blood with a diminishing aura. Clearly, he had been gravely injured. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen holding back, facing a Top Rank Earth Grade Spiritual Array and the full force of the spear, he would have been killed by now.

But even so, Jiang Ya had been gravely injured to the point that he could no longer fight.

Thus, under countless dumbfounded gazes, Jiang Ya, who had just entered the match and was going to launch a sneak attack to force Mu Chen into a desperate situation had… retreated with failure!

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