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Chapter 974 - Mo Feng and Mo Ling

“Patriarch Tian Huang, it would be impolite for this junior to refuse the final quota.”

Mu Chen’s voice resounded from the plaza, which attracted innumerable complicated gazes. But this time, there wasn’t anyone that came out to refute his words. That’s because, not only did Mu Chen’s performance convince them, even those Elders that were previously finding faults with Mu Chen were at a loss for words.

Clearly, they had never expected Mu Chen to defeat both Qin Xuan and Jiang Ya alone.

“This Mu Chen is truly qualified to represent our Nine Netherbird Clan in the Divine Beast Origin…” Some clansmen of the Nine Netherbird Clan inwardly nodded their heads. From the display of strength Mu Chen had previously shown, probably only Mo Feng and Nine Nether might be able to surpass him.

The crucial moment was that Mu Chen’s cultivation was only at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, whereas Mo Feng had stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm for some time, while Nine Nether had made her breakthrough after accepting the power of inheritance after coming back to the clan.

Thus, Mu Chen had extremely great potential and if he could make a breakthrough in the Divine Beast Origin and step into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, he might even be capable of fighting any genius he encountered in the Divine Beast Origin.

On the stone base, the Elders looked at the clansmen’s discussions and they exchanged looks, only to bitterly smile.

Elder Tianque retracted his gaze from Mu Chen, before looking at the azure-robed Elder, whom had been opposing him, with a smile. “Elder Qing, I believe you will not oppose him anymore, right?”

Elder Qing’s face alternated between green and pale and only after a brief moment, did he say, “This person’s strength is pretty good, but he is still, after all, a human. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for him to enter the Divine Beast Origin?”

“Although he is a human, he has formed the Bloodlink Bond with Nine Nether, so there won’t be any problems for him to enter the Divine Beast Origin.” Elder Tianque said.

Elder Qing was speechless as he looked at Elder Tianque’s smile-yet-not-smile expression before waving his sleeve. “Hope that he won’t be mediocre in the Divine Beast Origin.”

Elder Tianque wasn’t angered by the azure-robed Elder, but looked towards Patriarch Tian Huang, awaiting his final decision.

Patriarch Tian Huang had a calm expression with his hand gently stroking the chair’s armrest and said after a brief moment, “My Nine Netherbird Clan is one that keeps our promises. Since you have defeated both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, then the fourth quota of my clan’s Divine Beast Origin…will be yours.”

Hearing Patriarch Tian Huang’s words, Mu Chen felt heavily relieved in his heart. Although the Divine Beast Origin was a great opportunity for him, the one thing he viewed with great importance in his heart was helping Nine Nether resolve the matter of her bloodline being contaminated due to their Bloodlink Bond.

Nine Nether’s bloodline was contaminated due to him and if he couldn’t help Nine Nether remove that impurity, his conscience would’ve been uneasy.

“Many thanks for this, Patriarch Tian Huang!”

Mu Chen cupped his fists as he respectfully thanked him. He knew that, at least from the view of it, he had suppressed the matter of Nine Nether’s bloodline being contaminated due to their Bloodlink Bond, which was the best outcome, since he did not have to leave the Great Havenlaw Domain and, at the same time, Nine Nether wouldn’t have to be in a difficult situation and be caught between him and her clan.

Patriarch Tian Huang looked at Mu Chen from high up and a faint smile finally appeared on his face, which was previously without any expression. “I’m most satisfied by the fact that you’re here. Just this point alone, it was even incomparable to you defeating Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan.”

Mu Chen was instantly stunned when he heard Patriarch Tian Huang’s words.

“If you didn’t even have the courage as a man and only knew how to hide, then even if you did have great talent, you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything in the future.”

Patriarch Tian Huang’s eyes grew deep as he examined Mu Chen with little satisfaction. “Although I seldom make a forceful decision for Nine Nether, if you did not show up here as promised, then I would have definitely broken the Bloodlink Bond between you and Nine Nether. At that time, no matter where you hid, my Nine Netherbird Clan would seek you out.”

“However… what made me rejoice was that I did not have to use such means and Nine Nether’s eyesight is pretty good this time.”

As he spoke, Patriarch Tian Huang gently nodded his head and the acknowledgement he had for Mu Chen in his tone was clear.

The surrounding Elders had also looked at Mu Chen with a strange light in their eyes after hearing Patriarch Tian Huang’s words. They understood Patriarch Tian Huang’s insight the most, there were only a few in numbers amongst the younger generation in the clan that could be acknowledged by Patriarch Tian Huang…

Judging from Patriarch Tian Huang’s words, he seemed to be very satisfied with Mu Chen.

Standing by his side, Nine Nether also looked at her father with disbelief, since she never expected him to give Mu Chen such an evaluation, so she couldn’t help inwardly patting her chest. Fortunately, Mu Chen did not leave the Great Havenlaw Domain as she had told him to. Otherwise, the moment her father had malice for him, and with his stubborn character, it would’ve been hard for him to accept Mu Chen again. As for their Bloodlink Bond, it would’ve been even more impossible for him to accept.

Just thinking about it, Nine Nether couldn’t help taking a glance at Mu Chen and realised that the latter was also looking over. When he saw the lingering fear in her eyes, Mu Chen grinned.

Regarding Nine Nether’s previous suggestion, he did not blame her, nor did he have a reason to. Nine Nether’s motive was purely out of his consideration. After all, no one had thought right from the start that Mu Chen could actually obtain the last quota, successfully taking the meat from Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan.

Patriarch Tian Huang appeared not to have noticed the changing gazes between Mu Chen and Nine Nether. He faintly said, “Furthermore, the Divine Beast Origin is the treasured land of our Spiritual Beast Realm, with many opportunities held within. However, it also contains endless danger. After all, the Fiend Clans has destroyed the Divine Beast Origin, and at the same time, it has suffered the invasion of the Fiend Clans. So, even if the Divine Beast Origin did not disappear, it’s hard to tell if there’s anything in it nurtured by the Evil Aura.”

Mu Chen nodded his head upon hearing Patriarch Tian Huang’s words. After coming to the Northern Region, it wasn’t the first time he had come in contact with the Evil Aura of the Fiend Clans. Therefore, he knew how hard this energy that didn’t belong to the Great Thousand World was to deal with.

“Naturally, the most dangerous factor of the Divine Beast Origin comes from the geniuses of the other Spiritual and Divine Beast Clans. That’s because, in order to fight for those opportunities, there were many bones left in the Divine Beast Origin from the geniuses from all over the past thousand or myriads of years.”

Mu Chen nodded his head once again. He had already experienced how powerful the geniuses of those Spiritual and Divine Beast Clans that possessed powerful foundations were. Regarding Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, either one of them was more powerful than the Netherworld Prince or Fang Yi and those two weren’t considered the strongest amongst the Nine Netherbird Clan. So one could imagine how powerful those geniuses that were on the same level as the Nine Netherbird Clan were.

If he managed to help Nine Nether obtain the Undying Bird’s Divine Blood, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to avoid a brutal competition… But no matter how difficult it was, he had to do his best. After all, Nine Nether had helped him too much, and now, it was time for him to help her.

“From our clan, there are still three people aside from you that’re entering the Divine Beast Origin.” Patriarch Tian Huang shifted his gaze towards Nine Nether, who was by his side. “And Nine Nether is one of them.”

“As for the other two, you should get to know them.”

Hearing his words, Mu Chen felt a slight curiosity in his heart. After all, he knew how precious the quotas in the Nine Netherbird Clan were, so he wanted to see what sort of people the other two geniuses that obtained the quota were like.


When Patriarch Tian Huang finished speaking, there were two streaks of light that flew over and two people swiftly appeared in this plaza, bowing with respect towards Patriarch Tian Huang.

Mu Chen directed his curious gaze over.

It was a guy and girl, the guy was slender and tall, having an extremely handsome face, but he had an indifferent expression. There wasn’t any response from him, even as Mu Chen was examining him. He had maintained an indifferent expression, looking like a lone wolf that cast others a thousand miles away.

But despite having an indifferent expression, Mu Chen had sensed a powerful pressure coming from him. A pressure that he couldn’t help contracting his eyes at upon seeing it.

The strength of this person could be comparable to the Asura King!

Clearly, this indifferent man had stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!

Standing beside that person was a petite purple-clothed lady. She had a beautiful appearance with a ponytail and was emitting an aura of liveliness and youth.

Sensing Mu Chen’s gaze, she looked over and chuckled, then examined Mu Chen with a friendly gaze.

“My name is Mo Ling, he’s my elder brother, Mo Feng. We have seen your battle earlier, you’re powerful.” Mo Ling waved her small fist towards Mu Chen and revealed her pearly white canine tooth while she chuckled.


Mu Chen responded with a friendly smile, but in his heart, he was somewhat startled. Mo Feng had a shocking strength and he should be the genius that could be compared to Nine Nether in the Nine Netherbird Clan. But Mo Long’s cultivation was merely at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, she’s even weaker than Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, so how could she be amongst the four?

While Mu Chen was a little puzzled in his heart, Mo Feng turned over and cast a glance at Mu Chen. “Since you have obtained the quota, then we’re companions in the Divine Beast Origin. I hope that we can help each other at that time.”

Although he was speaking friendly words, the indifference on his face remained unchanged. The unharmonious feeling instantly made him feel awkward, but he could feel that Mo Feng didn’t have anything against him, it must’ve been his character…

“My brother has always been like this, don’t mind him.” Fearing that Mu Chen would misunderstand, Mo Ling quickly explained.

“It’s fine.”

Mu Chen smiled to express his understanding. He was somewhat curious about the two siblings during their first meeting, at least they were much easier to talk to than Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan.

On the stone base, when Patriarch Tian Huang saw the two parties getting to know each other, he nodded his head and waved his hand, before his straightforward voice resounded.

“Mu Chen, you will stay here. Ten days from now, the Divine Beast Origin will open and at that time, the four of you will represent our Nine Netherbird Clan and head for the Divine Beast Origin!”

Hearing his words, Mu Chen, Mo Feng, Mo Ling, as well as Nine Nether cupped their fists.

“Understood, Patriarch!”

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