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Chapter 97 – Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase


Surging Spiritual Energy rushed out like a flood and roared past Mu Chen’s limbs. Due to the abundance of Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen felt a pricking pain in his meridians. It was evident that his meridians had reached the limits of enduring it.

At the same time, Mu Chen was clear about the condition of his body. He immediately circulated the Great Pagoda Art in order to drive the dense Spiritual Energy through the Spiritual Art’s circulation route.

Waves of Spiritual Energy were ingested by the Great Pagoda Art and were turned into numerous dark black Spiritual Energy before it fused into the Spiritual Energy Wheel within his aurasea.

Accompanying this influx of dense Spiritual Energy, the originally pigeon egg-sized Spiritual Energy Wheel slowly grew. The Spiritual Energy lights flashing on the surface also became brighter.


The entire aurasea seemed to have rumbled at this moment. This commotion awakened the Nine Nether Bird, who was trapped inside the dark purple mandala flower within his aurasea. It watched this scene with a cold and cruel gaze.

Then, it suddenly stood up when it witnessed the scene. The burning black flames within his black wings suddenly enshrouded the cage which trapped it.


However, against the impact, the light barrier cage formed by the mandala flower rippled. It did not show even the slightest signs of shattering. A hint of hatred flashed through the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes. Right now, it was an excellent chance for it to attack Mu Chen. But this abominable cage had sealed it to the extent that it couldn’t even display any means of attacks towards him.

Regarding the Nine Nether Bird’s actions, Mu Chen did not have the time to care about it. He was completely focused on controlling the surging Spiritual Energy within his body. At this moment, he could not afford even the slightest error.

The Spiritual Energy within his meridians howled endlessly. This high-speed circulation made Mu Chen’s meridians ache. This time, there was way too much Spiritual Energy entering his body.

However, it was clearly useless to be thinking about this right now. Therefore, Mu Chen could only concentrate and he circulated the Great Pagoda Art to the extreme. He ingested the violent Spiritual Energy constantly.

Time quickly passed by and in the blink of an eye, two hours had passed. During this period of time, the Spiritual Energy Wheel within Mu Chen’s aurasea had expanded by an entire size. Right now, he had already reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase.

But there was still a considerable amount of Spiritual Energy surging endlessly within his body.

It was time to charge at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

This idea flashed through Mu Chen’s mind. He immediately took a deep breath. The surging Spiritual Energy within his meridians accelerated as it flowed through the Great Pagoda Art’s circulation route.

This speed made his meridians contract slightly. However, Mu Chen ignored it. The domineering Great Pagoda Art would be enough to control the violent Spiritual Energy. The violent Spiritual Energy that others might not be able to deal with was like a tamed sheep inside his body.

“All of you should just become part of my Spiritual Energy!”

Mu Chen muttered within his heart. Above the Spiritual Energy Wheel, lights condensed and turned into an illusory light tower. This light tower swayed and absorbed the flooding Spiritual Energy like a whale. Then, with the empowerment of the massive amount of Spiritual Energy, the illusory light tower seemed to have turned slightly material.


The absorption speed of the light tower was extremely terrifying. In a matter of just a dozen minutes, the dense Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s meridians was completly absorbed by it.

Moreover, the illusory light tower seemed to have become more corporeal after absorbing this dense Spiritual Energy. This made Mu Chen exclaim loudly. If he wanted to turn the illusory light tower into a corporeal light tower, wouldn’t the amount of Spiritual Energy he required be terrifying?

Mu Chen smacked his lips in shock. He immediately concentrated and the light tower slowly faded away into lights as it entered the Spiritual Energy Wheel.


As the lights entered his Spiritual Energy Wheel, the light wheel shook violently. Waves of dense Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted out constantly and the size of the Spiritual Energy Wheel expanded at a visible speed.

In a matter of seconds, the Spiritual Energy Wheel had expanded to the point where it was the size of an infant’s fist. Around the light wheel, Spiritual Energy lights would emerge. It looked rather abstruse as if it was enveloping the stars outside of the galaxy.

A dense Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out from within Mu Chen’s body. This sense of power made his pores open up. It was an indescribable and comforting feeling.

Mu Chen sensed the Spiritual Energy Wheel with a bit of joy. With its degree of strength, he had truly reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!

After suppressing his Spiritual Energy during this period of time, he had finally reached this level with the help of the Nine Truths Blood Ginseng and the Great Pagoda Art. As long as he advanced one more step, he would become a Spirit Stage powerhouse!

That level would be a qualitative change to his cultivation. In the Northern Spiritual Realm, a person at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase was quite powerful. However, to tell the truth, there are many of them. If they wanted to truly become a leader of a force, they could only do it if they possessed the strength of a Spirit Stage powerhouse.

This was because everybody knew that the capability of a Spirit Stage powerhouse was simply not something that a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase could compare with. No matter how many Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase men you had, it was not as convincing as you, yourself, being a Spirit Stage powerhouse.

They were two completely different levels. The prestige that they represent was also completely different.

Mu Chen nodded in satisfaction when he felt the density of the Spiritual Energy within his body. Then, he focused his consciousness on the Nine Nether Bird which was trapped within the aurasea.

Although he was completely focused on ingesting the Spiritual Energy previously, he did not ignore the actions that the Nine Nether Bird did.

The Nine Nether Bird also noticed Mu Chen. However, it only glanced at him coldly before lying down lazily.

“Damn feathery bird, you’ve already lost your influence and position right now. Can’t you act sincerely?” Mu Chen said with a cold smile.

“Go to hell!”

Hearing Mu Chen call it a damn feathery bird, the Nine Nether Bird bursted into a rage. The blazing wings fiercely flapped and a cold intent was conveyed over.

“You wouldn’t benefit if you were to kill me. Therefore, you should act more sincerely!” Mu Chen said heartlessly.

“With your Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase strength, you are worse than an ant in my eyes. You dare scold me?” Thoughts surged out from the Nine Nether Bird. Within it, a cold murderous intent was conveyed out.

“You think that it’s your victory because you’ve trapped me within your body? This mandala flower isn’t something that you can control!”

Hearing this, Mu Chen flew into a rage. His consciousness moved and actually floated towards the cage formed by the mandala flower. Then, his consciousness slowly touched it.

When it was touched, Mu Chen was exceptionally nervous. It was true that he didn’t have a way of controlling the mysterious mandala flower which had  emerged from the black paper. But no matter what, this was the only thing that was capable of restraining the Nine Nether Bird. He must attempt it. Otherwise, the Nine Nether Bird would never listen to his words.

As Mu Chen timidly touched the mandala flower, he was stunned. The rebound that he expected to come did not appear and, instead, his consciousness also integrated into the mandala flower a little bit.

At that instant, Mu Chen felt that he could control the mandala flower a little bit.

This feeling instantly made Mu Chen froze. Shortly after, a surge of ecstasy filled his mind. Afterwards, he stared unfavorably at the Nine Nether Bird.

The Nine Nether Bird also detected something. It folded its black wings uneasily and was on alert.

“Damn feathery bird. I’ll make it so that you’ll want to hurt me!”

Mu Chen snickered and moved his consciousness. The massive flower petals of the mandala flower actually spread out slowly and whacked fiercely at the Nine Nether Bird.


The Nine Nether Bird, who was caught off-guard, immediately issued a cry of pain when it was hit by the flower petals. The black flames on its body dimmed slightly. Then, a hint of fear finally emerged within its eyes.

It was evident that it never expected that Mu Chen would be capable of activating this mysterious mandala flower.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s heart was filled with delight. During this time, he had to endure the Nine Nether Bird’s attitude and could not do anything to get back at it. Now, he finally had a mean to counter back. He immediately activated the mandala flower in order to smack at the Nine Nether Bird endlessly.

The Nine Nether Bird evaded it awkwardly. Every time it was hit by the mandala flower’s petals, the black flames on its body would dim. This made it a bit frightened. The mandala flower was quite mysterious as it was actually capable of absorbing its energy.

“Mu Chen, don’t go overboard now. Believe it or not, I’ll fight to the bitter end with you!” After avoiding repeatedly, the Nine Nether Bird also entered a rampage and the feathers on its body stood up. Within the thought that was conveyed over, it was full of rage and horror.

“Hmph, this is a punishment that you deserve. Since you’re staying in my body, you should act more honestly. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not holding back if you hold some ill desire towards me.” Mu Chen said ruthlessly. He did not dare to push the Nine Nether Bird too hard. After all, the latter was not an ordinary existence. Even though it was weakened a lot, who knew if it had some sort of last resort or not? If he made the Nine Nether Bird feel anxious and it decided to fight him to the death, Mu Chen might not be able to endure it.

Fury filled the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes. However, it stopped scorning and ridiculing Mu Chen. Instead, it shook the feathers on its body and slowly lay down. Now that Mu Chen was capable of controlling the mandala flower, it was best not to provoke this person.

Noticing that the Nine Nether Bird finally caved in, Mu Chen let out a sigh of relief. Then, his consciousness exited the mandala flower. But once he exited it, he felt a sense of dizziness. A feeling of fatigue emitted out and made him drowsy.

“So controlling the mandala flower actually consumes this much mental energy…”

Mu Chen was shocked and forcibly suppressed the stress that he felt. The mandala flower was indeed strange. He had activated it inaccurately, yet it nearly made him fell asleep. Then, wouldn’t he faint if he attempted to use it to do something?

“It seems that I shouldn’t use it often.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself. Then, his consciousness exited his body. Although the consumption was great, he still obtained a measure that the Nine Nether Bird was afraid of.

“This damn feathery bird. Just wait until I advance to the Spirit Stage, I’ll deal with you then!”

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