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Chapter 96 – Suppression and Breakthrough

A high rank Diagram Array?

Mu Chen stared unsteadily at the black scroll within his hand. Although he could not determine the rank of this Diagram Array, it should be at least more powerful than a Rank 2 Spiritual Array.

If word comes out about this level of a Diagram Array, it would probably create madness among the Spiritual Array Masters within the Northern Spiritual Realm. In the eyes of Spiritual Array Masters, even rare worldly treasures wouldn’t be as attractive as this high rank Diagram Array.

Mu Chen wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Then, he walked towards Zhou Ye and Lei Shan as he waved the scroll: “Uncle Zhou, I want this as well.”

Zhou Ye and the others took the black scroll and looked over it back and forth. However, they did not see any clues from it. Thus, they smiled and handed it over to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen snickered when he accepted it. He knew that Zhou Ye and Lei Shan wouldn’t be able to see the mystery behind the black scroll. Otherwise, Yang Gui wouldn’t have casually discarded it at this place. The value of a high rank Spiritual Array was probably much higher than everything else inside this secret room.

As for how Mu Chen could see through the mystery of this black scroll, it was all because he could enter the Heart Array State. Otherwise, Mu Chen believed that even a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master wouldn’t be able to discover the hidden Diagram Array within the black scroll even if they were looking at it.

The Heart Array State is something that only a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master could enter. However, it was not absolute and only had a small probability. Not every single Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master would be able to enter the Heart Array State. Thus, it was a secret that couldn’t be unlocked by just anyone.

Mu Chen quickly put away the black scroll. When he headed back, he could research it a little. However, it was impossible for him to attempt arranging it with his current strength. Previously, his body had trembled just from the vicious aura emitting from the Diagram Array. If he attempted to arrange it forcibly, he would definitely die due to the backlash.

After he obtained the high-grade Diagram Array, Mu Chen did not have any other thoughts about the items within the secret room and allowed Zhou Ye and Lei Shan to divide the spoils of war. Then, they called their respective troops to transfer it back to their own territory.

“Leader Lei. Regarding this matter, it is all thanks to Nine Dragon City. If there is anything you need help with, please feel free to send some men over to the Mu Territory. We will definitely help you with the best of our abilities.” At the entrance of the Mang Yin Mountain Range, Zhou Ye cupped his hands towards Lei Shan and smiled as he led the Mu Territory’s troops.

“Haha. Brother Zhou, you’re being too polite. My Nine Dragon City will have to thank you. Once we settle the situation over here, we will definitely head over to the Mu Territory and pay a visit to Territory Lord Mu Feng!”

“Sure, farewell.”

Zhou Ye smiled. He did not delay it and waved his hands as he brought the large number of troops away. They quickly disappeared from Nine Dragon City’s line of sight…

News quickly spread out regarding the battle against Mang Yin Mountain. The destruction of Mang Yin Mountain shocked the Northern Spiritual Realm. After all, Mang Yin Mountain was the strongest underworld force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Since it was now eradicated, it naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Especially when news about Yang Gui’s death came out. Numerous individuals were completely stunned when they heard this. A Spirit Stage powerhouse would actually be killed like this…

They really can’t provoke the Mu Territory.

Numerous large and small forces sighed. They naturally heard about Mang Yin Mountain attacking the Mu Territory and killing one of the Mu Territory’s City Lords. Although they knew that the Mu Territory would not just endure it, they never expected that the Mu Territory’s revenge would be enacted this quickly and this viciously…

Liu Territory, Within the Liu Estate.

Liu Qingtian sat at the seat of honor with an indifferent expression. Beside him was Liu Mubai while below him were Liu Zong and Liu Ming. However, both of them had an ugly expression at this moment.

“How did you fail?” Liu Qingtian glanced at the two of them and asked as he frowned.

“It’s all because of that little as*hole, Mu Chen.” Liu Ming gritted his teeth and said: “That brat could actually arrange a Spiritual Array whose power was comparable to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array. Together with Lei Shan, they killed Yang Gui.”

“Oh?” Liu Qingtian’s expression changed slightly. So Mu Chen could arrange such a powerful Spiritual Array? That brat really was a disaster. He actually improved so much in such a short period of time.

At the same time, Liu Mubai also gnashed his teeth secretly. A hint of jealousy and hatred flashed through the depths of his eyes. Unknowingly, the gap between Mu Chen and him had been pulled apart. How could his prideful self endure this?

“Big Brother, what should we do now? With the matter about Mang Yin Mountain, the Mu Territory’s reputation will definitely soar. Moreover, they also formed a close relationship with Nine Dragon City. This isn’t good news for us.” Liu Zong asked.

Liu Qingtian smiled calmly. However, a chill filled his eyes: “Why are you so impatient? We instructed Mang Yin Mountain to act in order to capture the Mu Territory’s attention. Our father is progressing smoothly with his training. He should be able to exit his secluded training after one month. When that happens, he will become the only Three Heavens Stage powerhouse in the Northern Spiritual Realm.”

“By that time, who will care about the Mu Territory? We will be able to easily destroy them. As for the other forces, it would be great if we could conquer them. However, if they’re unwilling, then we can just eliminate them.”

Liu Qingtian’s eyes were burning eagerly as he clenched his hands tightly: “When that happens, the Liu Territory will become the true overlord of the Northern Spiritual Realm. The vast area will be controlled single-handedly by my Liu Territory!”

When Liu Zong and Liu Ming heard this, their eyes became a lot more passionate. It was finally time for the Liu Territory to rule over the Northern Spiritual Realm…

Mu Territory.

After the incident with Mang Yin Mountain was dealt with, Mu Chen had quietly stayed in the Mu Estate. This was because he spent most of his time researching the mysterious black Diagram Array inside the scroll.

He had also allowed Wen Ling to glance at the Diagram Array. The latter had already successfully advanced to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. However, he did not possess the Heart Array State and could not view the hidden Diagram Array within the scroll. About the Diagram Array, he did not hide it from him. After all, Wen Ling had treated him quite well. Not only did he lead him on the path of a Spiritual Array Master, he had also handed over all the Diagram Arrays he possessed without reservation. To this stern teacher, Mu Chen felt quite grateful to him.

Moreover, when Wen Ling heard about this from Mu Chen, he was quite interested in it. After all, a high rank Diagram Array possessed great attractiveness towards Spiritual Array Master. But contrary to Mu Chen’s expectation, Wen Ling was not fixated on it. He only smiled and said that he had no luck with this Diagram Array. Therefore, he could not view it.

Regarding this, Mu Chen could do nothing about it. Since Wen Ling could not see the hidden Diagram Array within the scroll, he did not have the ability to simulate it. Therefore, Mu Chen could only keep it to himself and slowly research it.

After a period of research, Mu Chen had vaguely entered the starting point and had a bit of understanding concerning the Diagram Array. If his research was correct, this Diagram Array’s name was known as the “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array”. As for the overall rank of the Diagram Array, Mu Chen did not fully understand it yet. However, it was at least a Rank 3 Diagram Array. It was obvious that Mu Chen could not arrange a Diagram Array of this level with his current strength.

About this, Mu Chen felt quite helpless. He had the Diagram Array, yet he did not have the strength to attempt it. Instead, it made him itch. Thus, he could only gradually gather his thoughts and attempt the Diagram Array in the future.

After turning his focus away from this, Mu Chen began to dedicate himself fully to his cultivation. With his current strength, he had long possessed the qualifications to break through into the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. However, he did not do that. Instead, he had constantly suppressed his Spiritual Energy and did not allow himself to reach that step yet.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to advance to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. It was just that his ambition did not stop there. Instead, he planned on directly breaking through to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

This idea was quite unreliable. After all, it required a large amount of Spiritual Energy to breakthrough to a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase from the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. If it was before, Mu Chen would not have this idea. However, he possessed the “Nine Truths Blood Ginseng” right now. Therefore, he had this thought.

The “Nine Truths Blood Ginseng” possessed a pure and violent Spiritual Energy. As long as Mu Chen could ingest this Spiritual Energy, he could rely on the Spiritual Energy that he suppressed within his body and release it all out during the peak density. This would definitely be like a pent up volcano. The eruption would be extremely terrifying.

By relying on this energy, Mu Chen was certain that he could breakthrough to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

Thus, Mu Chen could only wait for the correct timing.

And this wait lasted for nearly half a month…

After half a month, Mu Chen sat cross-legged on a stone platform inside the Mu Estate’s courtyard. At this moment, Spiritual Energy continued to leak out endlessly from the surface of his body. It represented that the Spiritual Energy within his body had reached an extreme.

At every level, there was a limit how much Spiritual Energy could be stored within the body. Currently, Mu Chen was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. However, the amount of Spiritual Energy within his body had surpassed the limits of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase.

If he failed to deal with the situation accordingly, it could easily cause damage to the meridians as the Spiritual Energy was too abundant.


Mu Chen let out a deep breath. A hint of black light leaked out from his breath as well. It was evident that it was mixed with Spiritual Energy.

“It’s about enough.”

Mu Chen felt a slight pain within his body and smiled slightly. This act was extremely dangerous. Fortunately, the Great Pagoda Art was exceptionally domineering and could control the abundant Spiritual Energy. It stopped the Spiritual Energy from causing damage recklessly within his body. Otherwise, he would not dare to do such a bold act.

Mu Chen gripped his hand and a jaded box emerged. He opened the box and the “Nine Truths Blood Ginseng” appeared from within it. A rich scent poured out. Then, he inhaled and instantly felt the Spiritual Energy within his body expand once again.


Mu Chen secretly let out a praise. However, his eyes quickly turned serious and he threw the “Nine Truths Blood Ginseng” into his mouth.

The scalding juice emitted out within Mu Chen’s mouth and instantly turned into surging amounts of Spiritual Energy. It flowed into Mu Chen’s body like a torrent and instantly caused his body to turn red.

Mu Chen felt the Spiritual Energy that was about to rampage within his body and did not dare to act slowly. He quickly closed his eyes and entered a state of cultivation. He circulated the Great Pagoda Art madly in order to ingest the violent Spiritual Energy.

Right now, it was time to breakthrough!

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