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Chapter 98 – Uneasy Silence

After Mu Chen successfully advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, he gradually slowed down his cultivation pace. This breakthrough was different compared to the times when he would slowly yet steadily advance and instead was a sudden leap. Although Mu Chen was thoroughly prepared for this rapid breakthrough, no matter what, it still made his Spiritual Energy a little bit sparse. Thus, he must quietly temper his Spiritual Energy. Otherwise, this sparseness would be trouble for him when he attempts to breakthrough to a higher stage.

Mu Chen selected a decent idea to temper his Spiritual Energy. The plan was to condense Spiritual Seals. Before his breakthrough, Mu Chen could only condense 19 Spiritual Seals. On the day that Yang Gui was killed, he only managed arrange the “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array” due to the Jaded Essence Fruit. Otherwise, he would not have reached that level.

But since his strength had increased significantly, Mu Chen could easily condense 20 Spiritual Seals. He no longer required any external help to do so. This made Mu Chen quite delightful as it also means that he could successfully arrange the “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array” with his own strength. With this powerful Spiritual Array, he would be able to fight even a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse.

However, a great obstacle emerged when Mu Chen attempted to condense the 21st seal after condensing 20 Spiritual Seals. It was difficult to form the 21st Spiritual Seal.

This phenomenon puzzled him. With the increase of his strength, it should be easy for him to condense over 20 Spiritual Seals. Why did he keep failing?

After thinking for a while without any conclusion gathered, Mu Chen, who was in confusion, could only head over to find Wen Ling. Then, after the explanation given by Wen Ling, he finally understood that the 21st Spiritual Seal was the critical point for a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master to breakthrough to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master.

Although 20 Spiritual Seals and 21 Spiritual Seals only differ from 1 seal, it separated the two levels.

Wen Ling spent numerous years before he finally completed this difference of 1 Seal and became a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. It was evident that it wasn’t as simple as Mu Chen thought if he wanted to cover the gap in a short period of time, even if he had a monstrous talent.

After he heard Wen Ling’s explanation, Mu Chen was enlightened. No wonder it was so difficult to condense the 21st Spiritual Seal. This was due to it actually representing the difference between the two levels. As long as he successfully condensed the 21st Spiritual Seal, he would be considered to be a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. Moreover, he would condense numerous Spiritual Seals at an alarming speed.

For example, Wen Ling could only condense 20 Spiritual Seals before he became a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. But after he finally stepped past the 21st seal, he managed to condense 29 Spiritual Seals within half a month. Furthermore, the number of seals was still growing slowly…

Thus, this was the difference between a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master and a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master.

After identifying the cause, Mu Chen slowed down the speed of condensing Spiritual Seals. Although it would still be a compulsory lesson every day, he split up the time so he could complete other matters.

As Mu Chen relaxed, a dozen days or so passed by.

During this period, Mu Chen would split up his time into four parts. One part was for condensing Spiritual Seals, another part for cultivating Spiritual Energy, another part for researching on the complex and mysterious “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array and the last part was for talking with the Nine Nether Bird within his body. The Nine Nether Bird was an extremely powerful existence and was currently within Mu Chen’s body. Although it was trapped, Mu Chen was quite tempted towards its strength. Therefore, he did not want their relationship to be filled completely with hatred. However, the Nine Nether Bird ignored his actions for a conversation. The viciousness within its eyes did not fade at all. Instead, the gaze that would occasionally look at Mu Chen was like how it would view a naïve fool.

This foolish person actually believes that he could make it obedient just like this?

Although there were minimal effects of the talk, Mu Chen did not get bored of it. Instead, the Nine Nether Bird was the one that felt it was annoying. Once it heard his voice, it would cover the cage with its wings and would not listen nor talk.

Even though Mu Chen did not obtain much significant results from the exchange he had with the Nine Nether Bird, he still made a discovery regarding about the “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array”. However, this discovery made him get a headache. This is because he discovered that the “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array” that he saw within the black scroll wasn’t complete. Accurately speaking, it should only be a part of the complete “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array”.

The most peculiar thing about it is that this part was still a perfect Spiritual Array. It could be arranged and activated by itself. Mu Chen was quite surprised to see that. It was his first time seeing a Diagram Array with such a perfect Spiritual Array after dissecting it out from the complete version.

As for the remaining parts of the “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array”, it was still hidden within the black scroll. It was impossible to detect even when Mu Chen activated his Heart Array State. This was obviously because he wasn’t strong enough to see it.

However, Mu Chen did not feel dispirited. Right now, his strength wasn’t enough. Not to mention the complete version of the “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array”, the part of the Diagram Array he could see required approximately 100 Spiritual Seals. Mu Chen still had a long way to go before he reached this number. Perhaps only an excellent Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master would barely reach this requirement.

After all, he had only just begun on the path of a Spiritual Array Master…

While Mu Chen was quietly cultivating, the Mu Territory was relatively quiet. Even the entire Northern Spiritual Realm was somewhat quiet. This silence made Mu Feng feel a little bit uncomfortable.

“Did the Liu Territory cause any commotions?” Within the Mu Estate, Mu Feng held a teacup and frowned as he asked Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye shook his head and said: “It was as if those bastards had changed their personalities. They became completely quiet and peaceful. Moreover, they didn’t even care about their underworld forces, which we helped the Nine Dragon City conquered.”

After hearing Zhou Ye say this, Mu Feng frowned even more. He understood Liu Qingtian’s personality. The latter was cunning and crafty. He was definitely not a good person. How is it possible that he would let it go after they suffered such a loss against the Mu Territory?

“Send down an order. They should keep a close surveillance towards the Liu Territory. If the Liu Territory causes any commotion, they should immediately report it back.” Mu Feng placed down the teacup and said in a deep voice.


Zhou Ye nodded his head and immediately turned away.

Mu Feng stared at Zhou Ye’s silhouette as his hands grinded against the armrest of his chair. His eyes turned towards the direction of the Liu Territory. Somehow, anxiety had filled his heart.

This feeling was like how a bloody storm would sweep over soon.

Ominous and terrifying…

Liu Territory.

Recently, the Liu Territory had remained rather calm. However, everybody could feel it vaguely that the patrols within the Liu City had become a lot stricter. It was as if they were preparing something.

This made many individuals a bit puzzled. Thinking about some time ago, the Liu Territory had confronted the Mu Territory, could the Liu Territory be preparing to defend against the Mu Territory? But the Liu Territory should be the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. They had always bragged about it gloriously. Why would they suddenly be afraid of the Mu Territory?

Many were puzzled. Thus, rumors spread out about how the Liu Territory was afraid of the Mu Territory. They did not dare to fight against them and etc. This harmed the reputation of the Liu Territory.

Liu Estate.


In the meeting room, a table was completely smashed into pieces by a paled face Liu Ming. His face darkened as he said: “Those idiots think, we, the Liu Territory, would actually be afraid of the Mu Territory?”

At the seat of honour, Liu Qingtian glanced at him and said: “It’s only just rumors. Why do you care about it?”

“What big brother said is correct.” Liu Zong nodded his head and continued: “Right now, the most important thing is to wait for the old man to exit his secluded training. We should not care about anything else. As long as the old man advances to the Three Heavens Stage, the rumors would all fade away.”

Liu Ming gritted his teeth and said: “But how long do we have to wait? During this period of time, the Mu Territory and the Nine Dragon City had conquered many forces that belonged to us. Those as*holes, they actually dare to bully our Liu Territory, how bold!”

“This Mu Feng is definitely seeking his death.” Liu Zong said in a cold voice.

Liu Qingtian smiled. However, this smile was extremely cold. He said: “Be patient, there will be a time when he would have to pay for it all. When that happens, I will make him beg in front of us.”

“The Mu Territory is only an upstart force. They actually dare to compare background and history with my Liu Territory? They’re biting off more than they can chew.”

Liu Qingtian stood up and waved his hand: “Just do what you have to do. We’ll continue to wait.”

His voice faded away and he was about to leave. However, his face suddenly changed and he lifted his head up. The bright sky above the Liu Territory had actually suddenly become darker.


Fierce winds blew in the sky. Everybody in the Liu Territory could feel it. At this moment, the Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to fluctuate violently. Moreover, the Spiritual Aura flowed with the winds and rushed quickly in one direction.

A few people looked in that direction and noticed that location was the mountain behind the Liu Estate.

“What’s happening?” Liu Ming hurriedly walked out. He stared at the changing weather and could not help but ask.

Liu Qingtian only stared at the sky. Then, he took a deep breath. His gaze turned towards the mountain and he could see that winds were fiercely blowing in the sky. Clouds gathered as an amazing Spiritual Energy pressure emitted out in waves.

“Dad is about to exit!”

A smile emerged on Liu Qingtian’s face. However, the smile looked extraordinarily ferocious and cold within the dark skies.

Hearing this, Liu Zong and Liu Ming also revealed delightful expressions.

“Liu Ming, immediately send out news. We, the Liu Territory, will host a Nine Territory Meeting. Every single force within the Northern Spiritual Realm must be present. Otherwise, we’ll eradicate them!” Liu Qingtian said with a faint smile.


Liu Ming smiled as he replied.

Facing the fierce winds, Liu Qingtian slowly opened his arms. From this point on, the Liu Territory is the overlord of the Northern Spiritual Realm…

Mu Feng, just wait for your death.

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