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Chapter 969 - Two Choices

Above the ancient azure plaza, a spatial vortex appeared and then the young voice resounded. Every single gaze in this region had directed over in a rustle and all the members of the Nine Netherbird Clan saw two silhouettes slowly walking out of the vortex.

The two silhouettes, one tall and the other petite. The petite one was a black-dressed girl with golden pupils filled with indifference and fearsome oppression. The pressure that emanated from her made many experts in the Nine Netherbird Clan’s heart tremble. The pressure that emanated out from her was even stronger than some Elders in the clan.

Standing beside the black-dressed little girl was a slender man. He had an extremely young and handsome face and his black pupils were like the starry sky. Even when facing the countless experts of the Nine Netherbird Clan, he was still fearless.

“You’re Mu Chen? The human that formed a Bloodlink Bond with Her Highness Nine Nether?”

“That fellow is actually courageous enough to come to our Nine Netherbird Clan, he’s simply seeking death. Could it be that he really relied on the promise that Elder Tianque gave him to spare his life as long as he can obtain the quota?”

“How laughable, only Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan are capable of competing for the quota. This Mu Chen is simple overestimating himself if he wants to take it from them.”

“A mere human dares to fight with the geniuses of my Nine Netherbird Clan, how impudent.”


When everyone had focused their gazes on Mu Chen, a commotion rang out in this region, with the majority of the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen looking at Mu Chen with examining and mocking eyes. In just two short months, everyone already knew of Mu Chen’s name.

Especially when Mu Chen had not shown himself, which made them feel that he was a coward and tried to escape from responsibility. Thus, they were even feeling contempt of him. Furthermore, it was because of Mu Chen that caused Nine Nether’s Undying Bird’s bloodline was contaminated, causing many of the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen to be unsatisfied and had enmity for him.

And amongst the ridiculing commotions, the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan on the stone bases were all looking at Mu Chen with sharp gazes.

“You’re Mu Chen?’

The azure-robed Elder that doubted the words of Elder Tianque examined Mu Chen with his sharp gaze and coldly said, “I never thought that you’d really dare to come. But so be it, since you’re here, then let's dissolve the Bloodlink Bond between you can Nine Nether!”

The other Elders were also looking at Mu Chen with examining gazes. Although the clan had been fighting over Mu Chen’s matters for a long time, this was the first time that they had seen the actual person.

It was this young man that formed a Bloodlink Bond with Nine Nether, who had the purest Undying Bird’s bloodline in the past few thousand years? From the looks of it, there didn’t seem to be anything remarkable about him. Someone so ordinary like him wasn’t fit to be compared to the talents of their clan.

Patriarch Tian Huang, who sat at the centre of the stone bases, looked at Mu Chen. His gaze was extremely deep, without any emotions on his face.

Nine Nether also recovered from the shock brought by Mu Chen’s appearance, before she bitterly smiled. But regardless, Mu Chen’s appearance did not make her feel disappointed, she even faintly felt gratified in the depths of her heart.

Although her rationale told her that Mu Chen would be the safest by leaving the Nine Netherbird Clan, she still felt happy about Mu Chen’s appearance.

Nine Nether took a secret glance at her own father, since she knew that the decisive attitude today would have to depend on him, and if her father disliked Mu Chen, then he would definitely not allow an ordinary human to ruin the most perfected bloodline of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

But despite Patriarch Tian Huang having extraordinary experiences, he did not have any emotions on his face when he finally saw Mu Chen at this moment, which made Nine Nether a little nervous, since she had no idea about her father’s opinion towards Mu Chen.

When all sorts of voices resounded from the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen, a cold light flashed in Mandala’s eyes, who was also in the sky, as she looked at the azure-robed Elder and coldly sneered, “Mu Chen is someone of my Great Havenlaw Domain. Since I’m the one that brought him to the Nine Netherbird Clan, then I will definitely bring him back with me.”

When the azure-robed Elder heard her words, he mocked, “What a great tone. In my Nine Netherbird Clan’s territory, it’s not your turn, the so-called ‘Great Havenlaw Ruler’. It is unheard of for someone like you to act atrociously here. This old man is kind enough to advise you not to get involved in this matter. Otherwise, your Great Havenlaw Domain will not be able to bear the rage of my Nine Netherbird Clan!”

When the azure-robed Elder spoke, he stood up from his stone seat and a terrifying surge Spiritual Energy oppression dominated out, which caused the sky to turn dark as a gale swept and whistled between the heavens and earth.

The torrential Spiritual Energy had vaguely formed into a massive flaming bird behind the azure-robed Elder. It raised its head towards the sky and cried, unleashing an astonishing might.

Clearly, the azure-robed Elder was intending to make use of his power to suppress her, suppressing Mandala’s atmosphere. This way, the moment Mandala showed any weakness, then with Mu Chen’s strength, no one would refute their Nine Netherbird Clan for dealing with Mu Chen.

As the terrifying pressure spread over, it had caused a slight change in Mu Chen’s expression. He felt a mountain pressing on his body, which froze the Spiritual Energy circulation in his body.


But as the pressure became more terrifying, Mandala’s face had turned dark and she coldly snorted, then took a step out. In that instant when she took a step out, the space beneath her feet shattered like glass and visible shock waves exploded forth. In just a few breaths’ time, it had enveloped the flaming bird, which was formed from the Spiritual Energy of the azure-robed Elder…


As the shock wave wreaked havoc, the flaming bird issued a mournful cry and exploded under countless astonished gazes. The face of the azure-robed Elder had drastically changed as he took a step back, causing the stone base beneath him to crack at the same time.

When the few Elders around the azure-robed Elder saw this scene, their faces uncontrollably changed as they exclaimed, “Greater Earth Sovereign Realm?!”

At the same time, Elder Tianque had contracted his eyes. Two months ago, when he saw Mandala, although the later was already at the Quasi-Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, her cultivation had not stabilised. But who could have imagined that in just two months, Mandala had already become a genuine Greater Earth Sovereign!

Even in their Nine Netherbird Clan, her strength had surpassed the Elders and stood on the same level as the Patriarch!

In the head seat, a peculiar light flashed in the eyes of Patriarch Tian Huang as he took a deep look at Mandala, before he slowly said, his voice deep and robust as a mountain, “I never expected the Great Havenlaw Ruler to have already reached this stage. You’re truly wronging yourself to stay in the Northern Region of the Skylaw Continent.”

Patriarch Tian Huang spoke out as his sound wave resounded in the sky. Along with the sound wave spreading out, the destructive shock wave that spread out from Mandala had quietly disappeared.

When Mandala saw this scene, she contracted her golden pupils with a hint of fear in her eyes. From Patriarch Tian Huang’s movements, the latter had clearly stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.

“Patriarch Tian Huang, you’re praising me too much.”

Mandala faintly said, “But today, I’ve brought Mu Chen here to fulfil the agreement he had with Elder Tianque. So I hope your clan can go according to the promise. Otherwise, even if my Great Havenlaw Domain is inferior to the Nine Netherbird Clan, I believe that both sides won’t have a good time if both sides go to war.”

When the azure-robed Elder heard her words, his face was somewhat pale, but he couldn’t refute her words. With Mandala’s strength, she was worthy of being viewed with great importance by the Nine Netherbird Clan.

Patriarch Tian Huang still remained without any expression as his gaze shifted from Mandala onto Mu Chen, before he said without any ripples in his tone, “You’re Mu Chen?’

When Mu Chen faced the Nine Netherbird Clan’s Elders, he could be fearless. But seeing Patriarch Tian Huang, he did not know why, but he felt like he had a slightly guilty conscience. After all, he’s the father of Nine Nether.

“This Junior Mu Chen meets Patriarch Tian Huang.” Suppressing the guilty conscience in his heart, Mu Chen immediately cupped his fist respectfully.

Patriarch Tian Huang faintly said, “The Bloodlink Bond between you and Nine Nether was formed in a life-and-death situation, so you are not to be blamed for it. However, Nine Nether’s bloodline is extremely important to our Nine Netherbird Clan. Now that her bloodline is contaminated, it might affect her future evolution.”

When Mu Chen heard his words, his heart slightly sunk, since he never thought that the Bloodlink Bond would bring such great harm to Nine Nether.

“But if Nine Nether can obtain the Divine Blood of the Undying Bird through the Divine Blood Origin this time, not only can she get rid of all the impurities, it will further strengthen her bloodline.”

Patriarch Tian Huang cast a glance at Mu Chen. “But the competition for opportunities are extremely harsh in the Divine Beast Origin, since the geniuses of all the clans will enter as well. Even our Nine Netherbird Clan will not be able to obtain any advantage in the competition, can you imagine that kind of competition?”

Mu Chen gently nodded his head.

Patriarch Tian Huang waved his hand. “As for the Bloodlink Bond, you have two choices here. One would be to go according to what Elder Tianque told you, if you can obtain the quota and help Nine Nether perfect her bloodline, our Nine Netherbird Clan will not speak another word about the Bloodlink Bond. Furthermore, you will also receive the greatest friendship from our clan. Naturally, you should know the difficulty of this matter.

“But if you’re not confident in yourself, I will not bring any harm to you on the fact that you have once saved Nine Nether’s life. However, you will have to stay under house arrest in our Nine Netherbird Clan for ten years!”

As he spoke, Patriarch Tian Huang’s indifferent expression gradually turned sharp as he stared at Mu Chen. “Now, can you tell me your choice?”

All the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen raised their heads at that youthful silhouette. Clearly, they had no idea what he would choose.

In their view, the Patriarch was already giving Mu Chen great terms. The second term would be simply letting him go. Although he had to be under house arrest, he could still live. At the same time, the Bloodlink Bond between him and Nine Nether would not be affected.

One of the two people that sat on the plaza with pride in their eyes raised his head with indifference as he stared at Mu Chen and a smear of mockery was within his eyes.

Such a cowardly person would probably take the second choice, since he could preserve his life. Otherwise, trying to obtain the quota from them was definitely the wildest thing to imagine.

As the gazes in this region shot over, Mu Chen looked at Patriarch Tian Huang, before giving a light smiled towards them. In the next instant, his silhouette had moved and he appeared in the plaza, facing the two prideful silhouettes and cupped his fists with a smile.

“Gentlemen, Mu Chen of the Great Havenlaw Domain is here to seek the quota.”

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