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Chapter 968 - Nine Nether Realm

The Great Thousand World was vast with an endless amount of living beings, and the Spiritual Beast Clans were just a few of them. That’s because the majority of the Spiritual Beast Clans had excellent talent, having an advantage in their lifespans. With such long lifespans, it was sufficient for them to stack up powerful foundations, which made many human forces extremely fearful.

The Spiritual Beast Clans had the most complicated bloodlines amongst the living beings in the Great Thousand World and their strengths originate from their bloodlines. Therefore, there were some powerful clans with extremely powerful bloodlines, known as the Divine Beast Clans. Anyone that possessed such bloodlines were powerful right from their birth, causing everything in the region to be fearful.

However, there were some of the Spiritual Beast Clans possessing similar potential that weren’t amongst the Divine Beast Clans, and the Nine Netherbird Clan was one of them…

It was a clan with the same origins as the Phoenix Clan. They possessed the bloodline of the Primordial Undying Bird and upon awakening it, they would become pinnacle existences even in the Phoenix Clan.

Therefore, that was why the clan would view bloodlines so importantly. The moment a pure Undying Bird’s bloodline appeared in their clan, that person would be greatly protected by them and anyone that tried to corrupt it would be viewed by them as a great enemy.

Nine Nether Continent, despite being called a continent, the size of it was only similar to the Northern Region. But this small-sized continent was quite famous in the Great Thousand World.

The fame naturally originated from the Overlord of the continent, the Nine Netherbird Clan.

As a Spiritual Beast Clan with a considerable amount of fame, the foundation and strength that the Nine Netherbird Clan possessed could be considered as a top quality in the Great Thousand World.

One must know that even though their Great Havenlaw Domain could be considered as a peak force in the Northern Region, they couldn’t be known as a top quality in the vast Great Thousand World.

The quality of such a force wasn’t something that could be supported by an Earth Sovereign, even if Mandala had stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm. A genuine top quality force depended on their foundation. At least before another Earth Sovereign was born in the Great Havenlaw Domain, the Great Havenlaw Domain couldn’t be ranked amongst the top quality forces in the Great Thousand World.

Thus, the fame of the Nine Netherbird Clan was much greater than the Great Havenlaw Domain in the Great Thousand World… Therefore, the Nine Nether Continent was much more well-known in the Great Thousand World.

However, the entire Nine Nether Continent wasn’t the one that was viewed with great importance by innumerable forces in the Great Thousand World, but the Nine Nether Realm, which resided in the centre of the continent.

It was a plane that was independent of the Great Thousand World, the Ancestral Ground of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

According to the ancient scripts, the Nine Netherbird Clan came from a Lower Plane. Although they weren’t remarkable at the beginning, it was their numerous startling ancestors that allowed their Nine Netherbird Clan to stand tall amongst the countless Spiritual Beast Clans in the Great Thousand World.

When the Nine Netherbird Clan was at their strongest, their clan had Heavenly Sovereigns amongst three complete generations. At that time, even the Phoenix Clan had placed great importance in the Nine Netherbird Clan and interacted on the same level.

The Nine Nether Realm was said to be the Lower Plane that the Nine Netherbirds belonged to in ancient times, It’s just that it was later linked to the Great Thousand World by the almighty power of the Nine Netherbird Clan and became the Ancestral Ground of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

This matter wasn’t rare in the Great Thousand World. After all, the Great Thousand World was linked to too many Lower Planes and those experts that could come to the Great Thousand World by breaking the boundaries of the Lower Planes. Aside from a few unfortunate ones, practically all of them had astonishing talents. As long as they could survive in the Great Thousand World, they would definitely glitter with brilliance in the future.

Over the past few thousand years, the most dazzling ones were the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Ancestor of the Martial Realm.

Not only did those two stand at the peak of the Great Thousand World, the forces under them had also stepped into the level of supreme force in the Great Thousand World, dominating a region and their fame would intimidate innumerable amounts of others.

It was also mentioned that the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had also forcefully linked the Lower Planes they came from. Furthermore, they had placed them in the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm respectively, protecting them so that no forces would dare to show greed for the Lower Planes.

The Nine Netherbird Clan clearly had the same idea when they linked the Nine Nether Realm.

And this time, Mu Chen’s final objective was the Nine Nether Realm.

Nine Nether Realm, Nine Nether Mountain

The size of this mountain was indescribable as it hovered in the Nine Nether Realm like a huge land. This mountain had also become the sacred land in the entire Nine Nether Realm.

At the same time, this ancestral ground of the Nine Netherbird Clan was also considered as the place where the first Nine Netherbird was born during ancient times.

Today, on this massive mountain, there were innumerable ancient bells ringing out, which shook the heavens and earth.

At the centre of this mountain stood a towering pillar with clouds curled at the peak, revealing a massive azure stone plaza. There were innumerable silhouettes in the surrounding cliffs and all of them were emitting powerful fluctuations.

The plaza was facing a steeper cliff. However, those cliffs had turned into huge stone bases with silhouettes seated on them and powerful auras were emanating from them, causing even this region to tremble.

They were the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

Looking at the stone plaza, there were two silhouettes quietly seated. The two of them had powerful Spiritual Energy undulating around them and pride could be seen in the centre of their brows.

They weren’t arrogant, but they were extremely confident in themselves, thus appearing to be proud.

The two silhouettes had raised their heads at this moment and looked at the numerous ancient stone bases as an intense discussion resounded. At this moment, the Elders of the clans all had a difference in opinion.

Therefore, not only the two of them, even the countless Nine Netherbird Clan members present here had paid their attention over as well.

“Truly ridiculous! Nine Nether has the purest bloodline of the Undying Bird over the past few thousand years. This is the chance for our clan to restore our glory, how can it be ruined by a human?!” An azure-robed Elder sternly said with an ashen face.

“We should immediately capture that Mu Chen and use the secret art of our clan to forcefully break the Bloodlink Bond he has with Nine Nether!”

“I have to say, even if the Great Havenlaw Ruler is somewhat capable, this old man doesn’t believe that she would dare to face our Nine Netherbird Clan just for a brat!” Another Elder solemnly said.

At another corner, Elder Tianque had tightly knitted his brows. “Mu Chen’s talent is not simple. He possesses a trace of the True Phoenix pressure, so he must be someone with great luck and opportunity. I have already promised him that if he can defeat Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, we will allow him to enter the Divine Beast Origin as a represent our Nine Netherbird Clan, and help Nine Nether obtain the opportunity to acquire the Primordial Undying Bird’s blood essence!”

Hearing his words, the azure-robed Elder from before sneered, “Tianque, according to what you said, that brat is merely at the Fifth Grade Sovereign Realm. Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan can easily suppress someone of this strength. If he represents our Nine Netherbird Clan in the Divine Beast Origin, I don’t know whether he can get an opportunity. But he will definitely drag them down quite a bit. Who can bear the responsibility of the delay regarding such an important matter?”

“Furthermore, it has already been two months and that brat still shows no sign of coming to my Nine Netherbird Clan. So one could see how afraid he is, how can someone as cowardly as him pollute Nine Nether’s pure bloodline?!”

When Elder Tianque heard the harsh words from the azure-robed Elder, his face wasn’t quite good, but he couldn’t be bothered in continuing the quarrel and directed his gaze towards the centre of this region. There was a golden stone base with a middle-aged man sitting there with a calm expression. Although he did not make any movements, the terrifying pressure that emanated from him had even caused the surrounding space to freeze.

He’s the current Patriarch of the Nine Netherbird Clan, Tian Huang.

Standing beside him was a slender silhouette, Nine Nether. At this moment, her face was somewhat pale as she watched the Elders fighting over this matter. She tightly clenched her fists.

“Patriarch, let’s make a decision quick and decide the last quota between Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan. After all, the Divine Beast Origin is going to appear soon, so we can’t just keep waiting for that cowardly brat…” the azure-robed Elder looked at Patriarch Tian Huang and said.

All the Elders, along with the innumerable clansmen of the Nine Netherbird Clan, had directed their gazes over to Patriarch Tian Huang. They awaited the Patriarch to speak and deal with this matter that had been delayed for two months.

Patriarch Tian Huang’s face showed no expression, he was like a sturdy boulder. He contracted his eyes before looking at Nine Nether, who was by his side, and briefly pondered before saying, “That person has done a great favour to Nine Nether. Since Elder Tianque has given a promise, then our Nine Netherbird Clan will definitely uphold our promise. In a day, if he appears in the Nine Nether Realm and defeats both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, the fourth quota will go to him.”

As he spoke, he briefly paused, before his gaze turned sharp. “Naturally, if he dares to flee out of cowardice, our Nine Netherbird Clan will definitely not let a coward pollute our bloodline. At that time, our clan will move out and capture him. If the Great Havenlaw Domain dares to obstruct us, our Nine Netherbird Clan will launch a war against them!”

As he spoke, his voice rumbled throughout the entire Nine Nether Mountain like thunder and many of the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen had their expressions trembled as they heard the killing intent held in the Patriarch’s words.

The eyes of the Elders flickered, but they kept quiet. Clearly, they had all acknowledged Patriarch Tian Huang’s decision.

Nine Nether, who stood beside Patriarch Tian Huang, had a light flashed in her eyes as she clenched her teeth. As long as Mu Chen left the Great Havenlaw Domain, even the Nine Netherbird Clan would have a hard time finding him in the Great Thousand World and in the future, when Mu Chen had grown up in power, the clan would be fearful of him at that time and they would not dare to act so recklessly.

Just thinking about it, she felt slightly relieved in her heart. By now, Mu Chen must have gone far away from the Great Havenlaw Domain, right…?

Furthermore, when this thought had just flashed in her mind, Patriarch Tian Huang had suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky as a light flickered in his eyes.

Looking at the sky, the space in that patch had suddenly distorted and swiftly formed into a vortex, before two figures slowly walked out.

The sudden changes had caused countless gazes in this region to direct over with astonishment as they looked at the two people that gradually appeared.

When the two figures gradually cleared up, a clear voice could be heard resounding in the ancient Nine Nether Mountain.

“This Junior Mu Chen pays his greetings to all the Seniors here.”

In that instant, the two figures that sat at the centre of the plaza had suddenly opened their eyes and a chill flashed in their eyes as faint ridicule was revealed on the corner of their lips.

That coward fellow has finally got the guts to show up...

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