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Chapter 970 - Physical Body Clash

On the azure stone plaza, Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan had raised their faces and cast a glance at Mu Chen, before they unnoticeably, gently cast their lips aside.

It was rather shocking that Mu Chen did not opt for the second choice. However… if he thought that this choice was possible, then he was being too naïve.

Both of them paid no attention to Mu Chen, but looked in the direction of Patriarch Tian Huang. The latter had lightly hung his eyes low and faintly said, “Since he wants to challenge you, then the two of you can go ahead.”

Hearing the words from Patriarch Tian Huang, the two’s expressions slightly changed. That’s because, judging from the former’s words, he actually wanted both of them to fight? This brat’s strength was only in the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, was he worthy enough for the two of them to fight?

“Qin Xuan, you previously lost half a move to me, so you can go first.” Jiang Ya looked at Qin Xuan with a smile-yet-not-smile expression as he lazily looked over, as if this couldn’t even lift any of his interest. Patriarch Tian Huang’s words seemed to hold two contradictory views at the same time. It’s as if he was saying that it wouldn’t be against the rules for the two of them to fight Mu Chen at the same time. But Jiang Ya had never thought about this matter.

What a joke, the two of them were needed to deal with a Sixth Grade Sovereign human? Even if they managed to win, it wouldn’t be anything worth praising.

When Qin Xuan heard his words, his eyelids twitched and his face was a little unsightly. Earlier, Jiang Ya was only lucky and if they had the fight carry on, even if the two of them had gone all-out, it wouldn’t be easy for a victor to be determined. But that fellow actually wanted to climb on him at this moment…

Although he was unhappy in his heart, Qin Xuan wasn’t interested in disputing with Jiang Ya regarding this matter. After all, Mu Chen was truly a little distasteful to his eyes. Amongst the Nine Netherbird Clan, there were many people that had feelings for Nine Nether, and he was one of them

Therefore, he naturally did not have any good feelings towards Mu Chen, who had tainted Nine Nether’s bloodline.

As all sorts of thoughts flashed in Qin Xuan’s heart, he had slowly walked out under countless gazes, before stopping a hundred feet away from Mu Chen.

“If I was you, then I would willingly stay here for ten years. Perhaps it’s a wiser choice.” Qin Xuan stood before Mu Chen and formally looked at him for the first time, before he said with a calm voice.

“Thanks for your suggestion.”

Mu Chen appeared to not have heard the contempt in Qin Xuan’s words as he gave a serious smile, before cupping his fists, “Please grant some teachings upon me.”

“You don’t know how to appreciate favours.”

When Qin Xuan saw Mu Chen playing him down, he couldn’t help frowning his brows and a hint of rage rose in his heart. Immediately, he no longer spoke and took a step forward. Instantly, a powerful storm of Spiritual Energy exploded from his body, containing extremely cold energy that had swiftly caused the temperature in this region to drop when it exploded.

Visible frost could be seen swiftly spreading out from Qin Xuan’s feet and enveloped the entire plaza in a few breaths’ time…

When Mu Chen sensed the powerful Spiritual Energy that exploded from Qin Xuan’s body, he had slightly squinted his eyes. Elder Tianque’s words back then weren’t wrong, Qin Xuan was truly stronger than Liu Qing.

Although Liu Qing was at the pinnacle of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, Qin Xuan had probably touched the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, which was stronger than Sixth Grade Sovereigns.

If Mu Chen had not made his breakthrough to become a Sixth Grade Sovereign during the past two months, just this Spiritual Energy pressure alone would render him restrained.

However… it was a pity that along with his breakthrough, he was more powerful than he was two months ago!

Mu Chen’s gaze swiftly turned sharp at this moment without any warmth from before and hung both of his arms down. His body was like a long spear that stood without moving and a surge of sharp aura spread out.

Space had slightly distorted behind him and his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared. Spiritual Energy fluctuations spread out as and swiftly dissolved the frost a hundred feet around Mu Chen.

“Oh? Looks like you have some capability after all…”

Sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from Mu Chen, Qin Xuan gently smiled, then flicked his finger and an endless amount of snowflakes fell down from the sky.


In the next moment, Qin Xuan’s body had exploded and the snowflakes whistled out.

In that instant when Qin Xuan disappeared, Mu Chen had abruptly contracted his eyes and had immediately moved back in retreat. A dazzling golden light burst out from his body and that golden light circulated under his skin, making him look like a golden buddha at this moment.


As Mu Chen’s silhouette moved back in an attempt to escape from the snowflaked area, the descending speed of the snowflakes increased and gathered before forming into a figure.


As the snowflakes descended, a flash of chill pierced through space and bolted towards Mu Chen’s back.

The attack came extremely swift and facing such a mysterious attack that came out of nowhere, Mu Chen had no time to turn around and defend. He could only allow that flash of cold light to crash against his back.


A cold light gathered and had formed into a slender finger with a cold sharp aura that emanated out, which seemed to have snowflakes descending, quietly spreading out and it seemed to have been able to even penetrate through space.

Qin Xuan’s figure appeared behind Mu Chen, maintaining a posture with two of his fingers out. He looked at the layer of frost that spread out on Mu Chen’s back. The ice layers that swiftly appeared were about to envelop Mu Chen. The moment Mu Chen was enveloped, then he would be completely trapped and Mu Chen’s life and death would be under his control.

Succeeding with the first move, Qin Xuan shook his head in disappointment. “Can’t even withstand a single blow…”


In that instant when his voice landed, a golden light blossomed on the surface of Mu Chen’s body like a blazing sun, before the golden light swept out, causing the layers of ice to collapse.

The sudden changes had caused Qin Xuan to be slightly startled. But before he could deal the finishing move, he felt a powerful surge energy that came from Mu Chen’s back to his fingertips.

Vaguely, he could see golden-purple dragon runes appearing on Mu Chen’s back.


A massive energy had sent Qin Xuan retreating. In that instant when he retreated, a golden light swept out and Mu Chen was like a barbaric dragon that charged out and thrust towards his chest. A terrifying power gathered under Mu Chen’s palm, which had even caused space to fluctuate.

“You’re truly courting death to want to fight with me head-on!”

However, when Qin Xuan saw Mu Chen’s ferocious attacks, not only was she not startled, he even sneered. He had the physique of a Divine Beast, which far surpassed humans. Not only did Mu Chen not make use of that moment to widen their distance, he even dared to charge at him. In Qin Xuan’s view, Mu Chen was simply courting death.

Clearly, many clansmen of the Nine Netherbird Clan were also thinking of the same thing at the time as they watched this scene and mocking smiles appeared on the corners of their lips.


Qin Xuan bent the fingers on both of his hands, which were like a hawk’s claws, as snowflakes appeared on his fingertips. Those snowflakes revolved at such a high speed that they had actually caused tears in space.

The golden palm whistled over and clashed with Qin Xuan’s claws.


In that instant of collision, Mu Chen and Qin Xuan’s bodies trembled, but Mu Chen had maintained a calm expression. After all, he had viewed Qin Xuan as a great opponent. But that wasn’t the case for Qin Xuan, since his claws were something that would have the flesh of even pinnacle Sixth Grade Sovereigns torn apart, not to mention a regular Sixth Grade Sovereign. However, he felt as if his claws had clashed against a metal plate in this confrontation and the sturdiness had made him feel pain in his fingers.

“This fellow’s physical body is actually so powerful?!”

Qin Xuan’s heart trembled as he felt disbelief. He was a genuine Divine Beast and his brute strength could even shatter mountains. But right now, a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign human was fighting with him on equal footing?

“I don’t believe you can last for long!”

A cold light flashed in Qin Xuan’s eyes and he could only believe that Mu Chen was merely forcefully supporting himself up. Thus, the Spiritual Energy violently stormed in his body and his claws dragged along with snowflakes and afterimages, then swept towards Mu Chen.

Boom! Boom!

However, facing Qin Xuan’s sharp attacks, Mu Chen also showed a piercing aura on his youthful face. He did not make any movements, but the space undulated and his Sovereign Sea appeared. At the same time, the golden light on his body grew even more dazzling to the point that even his pupils were reflected with golden colour.

He had circulated the Dragon-Phoenix Physique to his limits.

Even if Qin Xuan had a Divine Beast’s physique, Mu Chen’s physique had also been cultivated by him for years. Not only did he complete the Lightning God’s Physique back then, but he had also even practised the Dragon-Phoenix Physique and the strength of his physique was comparable to a genuine Divine Beast. Thus, he naturally wasn’t afraid of clashing head-on.

How could Mu Chen not know the contempt he had received after coming to the Nine Netherbird Clan? Since that’s the case, then I will defeat all of you at your proudest accomplishment!

A sharpness shot out of Mu Chen’s gaze that was as sharp as blades. In the next instant, his palm had swept out and clashed once more with Qin Xuan’s attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the plaza, two silhouettes clashed together and every single collision would cause a deep boom and the violent power caused a fluctuation to spread out, forming into visible shock waves, which caused the space that the two of them were in to distort.

Countless gazes looked at the two silhouettes that clashed like two barbaric beasts. The ridicule that they initially had in their eyes started to fade and their mouth started to widen under the shock.

That’s because they could clearly see that the human did not have the slightest intent to retreat in this pure confrontation of physiques. On the contrary, the human had grown even more ferocious as the fight continued!

Mu Chen actually used his physique to restrain Qin Xuan?

How was this possible?!


Under countless gazes of disbelief, the battle between the two had reached the climax and the two fists containing terrifying energy clashed together.

Shock waves burst out, which caused the earth to crack.

The two silhouettes had been blown out under the impact and left two deep marks on the ground. The two of them already had their feets implanted deep in the sturdy azure rock.

The innumerable gazes in the surroundings had frozen and the sound of them sucking in breath resounded. Who could have thought that even with the physique of a Divine Beast, Qin Xuan couldn’t get the slightest advantage during the clashes of physiques!

Clearly, this human youth that they had previously viewed with contempt had a powerful physique body that could be comparable to a genuine Divine Beast!

This strength was simply dumbfounding.

Outside the battlefield, when Jiang Ya saw this scene, he had slightly contracted his eyes and he faintly murmured, “Finally, something interesting, but this is far from sufficient for you to seize the quota from us…”

“Reveal your original body. Let me see if you are qualified to accept the quota of our Nine Netherbird Clan!”

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