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A space whirlpool appeared in the sky above Bluestone Square. When a young man's voice rang out, everyone looked in his direction. The people then saw two figures walking out slowly from the whirlpool.

One of them was tall, and the other was short. The shorter one was a girl in a black dress. She had golden eyes with an oppressive look. The top powers of the Nine Netherbird Clan were shocked by the power that she exuded. The oppression was more powerful than the elders in their clan.

Behind her was a good-looking, slender young man. His eyes were like stars, and he smiled confidently in the face of the top powers of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

"Is he Mu Chen? Is he the human being who is bonded by bloodline with Lord Nine Nether?"

"This guy has the audacity to come here. He is courting his own death. Does he really think that he can get the fourth place and keep his life?"

"What a joke. Only Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan are qualified to vie for the fourth place. Mu Chen is so presumptuous to think that he can snatch it away from them."

"He is just a human being. Who is he to vie with the geniuses of our clan?! So presumptuous."


All of them looked at Mu Chen, and they started to get into heated discussions. Most of them sized him up and looked mockingly at him. His name was well-known in the Nine Netherbird Clan over these past two months.

When Mu Chen did not appear, they despised him and thought that he was a coward who was trying to push away his responsibility. They were also unhappy with Mu Chen for contaminating Nine Nether's Undying Bird Bloodline and had regarded him as an enemy.

The people were mocking him in the Square, and the elders of Nine Netherbird Clan looked sharply at him.

"So, you are Mu Chen!"

The elder robed in green, who had questioned Heavenly Sparrow Elder earlier, looked sharply at Mu Chen and said coldly, "I am surprised that you are here. You might as well be. We shall break the Bloodline Bond and then you may leave!"

The rest of the elders sized Mu Chen up. They had been quarreling about him, and this was the first time that they had seen him in person.

Is this the guy who has formed the Bloodline Bond with Nine Nether? He looked so ordinary and could be compared with the geniuses in their clan.

Tianhuang Clan Leader, who was seated on the stone pedestal, sized up Mu Chen. He looked deeply and calmly at Mu Chen and was expressionless. No one could tell if he was happy or angry.

Nine Nether, who was beside Tianhuang Clan Leader, came back to herself and then smiled wryly. She was not disappointed when she saw Mu Chen but instead felt comforted.

Although reason indicated that it would be safer for Mu Chen to stay away from the Nine Netherbird Clan, she was happy that Mu Chen had appeared.

Nine Nether stole a glance at her father. She knew that her father would be the one to make the final decision. If he was unhappy with Mu Chen, he would not allow an ordinary human being to taint the perfect bloodline of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

However, Tianhuang Clan Leader was very composed, and he did not show any emotions when he saw Mu Chen. This caused Nine Nether to be anxious, as she had no idea what he thought of Mu Chen.

The people of the Nine Netherbird Clan whispered among themselves. Cold light flashed in Mandela's eyes, and she stared at the elder robed in green and sneered, "Mu Chen is my man. Since I have brought him here, I will definitely bring him back."

When the elder robed in green heard it, he said mockingly, "You do talk big. You are now in our territory. Who are you to mess around here?! I would suggest that you don't get yourself involved. If you step on our toes, Daluo Territory may not be able to bear the consequences!"

The elder robed in green stood up from the stone pedestal as he spoke, and horrifying spiritual energy oppression swirled out instantly. The sky darkened, and a strong wind blew.

Vast spiritual energy turned into a large Flames Sparrow behind him. It cried out, exuding a strong oppression.

It was apparent that the elder robed in green had intended to put pressure on them and suppress Mandela before she struck. Once Mandela showed her vulnerability, they would be able to deal freely with Mu Chen.

The horrifying oppression covered the area, and Mu Chen turned pale. He felt as though a mountain was on his body, and the spiritual energy in his body started to churn very slowly.


As the oppression became stronger, Mandela's face turned grave. She snorted and stepped out. The space under her feet cracked, and visible ripples burst out. Within a split second, the ripples covered up the large Flames Sparrow that had been formed by the spiritual energy of the elder robed in green…


Shockwaves raged, and the Flames Sparrow cried out before it exploded right before the eyes of everyone watching. The elder robed in green turned ghastly pale. His body shook, and he moved one step back. The stone pedestal on the ground cracked and was about to explode.

When the elder robed in green and the other elders saw it, they turned pale and cried out, "Upper Earthly Sovereign?"

Heavenly Sparrow Elder was shocked as well. When he had seen Mandela two months ago, she was only a Half Step to Upper Earthly Sovereign, which was still not very stable. Within two short months, she had become an Upper Earthly Sovereign!

She had surpassed many of the elders in the Nine Netherbird Clan and was on par with the Clan Leader!

Tianhuang Clan Leader was taken aback as well. He looked at Mandela and said in a powerful voice, "I am surprised that the Dominator has reached this level of strength. You deserve more than to dwell in North Territory."

Tianhuang Clan Leader's voice turned into soundwaves and covered the sky. As the soundwaves hit the destructive aura that Mandela's body had exuded, the soundwaves and destructive aura dissipated as though they offset each other.

When Mandela saw it, she squinted and became wary. From the look of it, Tianhuang Clan Leader had reached Upper Earthly Sovereign long ago.

"Tianhuang Clan Leader is too kind."

Mandela said flatly, "Today, I have brought Mu Chen to the Nine Netherbird Clan because of the promise that he has with Heavenly Sparrow Elder. I hope you will honor your words. If we have a falling out, it will not do either of us any good, even if you are more powerful than Daluo Territory."

When the elder robed in green heard it, he turned pale. However, he could not refute her words, as Mandela was indeed powerful.

Tianhuang Clan Leader remained calm and shifted his gaze to look at Mu Chen. He said flatly, "So, you are Mu Chen."

Mu Chen was fearless when he faced the elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan, but when he looked at Tianhuang Clan Leader, he felt guilty, as he was Nine Nether's father.

"Yes, I am Mu Chen. How do you do, Tianhuang Clan Leader." Mu Chen quickly cupped his fist and greeted him.

Tianhuang Clan Leader said flatly, "As the Bloodline Bond between you and Nine Nether was formed in a life threatening situation, I will not blame you for it. However, Nine Nether's bloodline is extremely important to our clan. Since her bloodline is contaminated, it may affect her future evolution."

When Mu Chen heard it, his heart sank. He had never expected the Bloodline Bond to create so many problems for Nine Nether.

"If Nine Nether is able to obtain the Undying Bird's divine blood in the Land of the Divine Beasts, it can remove the contamination and strengthen her bloodline."

Tianhuang Clan Leader looked at Mu Chen and said, "There will be a fierce fight over the opportunities in the Land of the Divine Beasts. The geniuses from different clans will enter in as well, and our clan may not stand a chance. Can you imagine the degree of the fight?"

Mu Chen nodded.

Tianhuang Clan Leader waved his hand and said, "You have two options right now. The first option is to go ahead with what you have agreed to with Heavenly Sparrow. If you manage to get into the fourth place and help Nine Nether perfect her bloodline, we will forget about the Bloodline Bond. You will also have our friendship. Of course, you know how difficult this will be.

"If you do not have the confidence, I will not kill you, since you have saved Nine Nether before. However, you will have to stay in our clan for ten years!"

Tianhuang Clan Leader's eyes turned sharp as he said this. He then stared at Mu Chen and said, "Now, can you tell me what is your decision?"

Everyone in the Nine Netherbird Clan lifted up their heads and stared at the young man who was in the sky. It was apparent that they wished to know what his decision would be.

They felt that the Clan Leader had given Mu Chen the best option. The second option was to spare his life. Although Mu Chen had to be imprisoned for ten years, he could stay alive. At the same time, Nine Nether would not be implicated by the Bloodline Bond.

The two men who sat cross-legged in the square looked up. They stared at Mu Chen with a mocking look.

Such a coward should choose the second option. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to snatch the fourth place from them.

Mu Chen looked at Tianhuang Clan Leader and then smiled at Nine Nether. In the next instant, he appeared above the square and cupped his fist at the two figures in the square.

"Gentlemen, I am Mu Chen from Daluo Territory. I am here to fight for the last place."

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