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There were many spiritual beings in The Great Thousand World, among which numbered several Spiritual Beasts. As Spiritual Beasts usually possessed great talents, they generally had longer lifespans. This trait enabled them to build a strong lineage, which caused many of the human beings to be wary of them.

The Spiritual Beasts also had the most complicated bloodline among all of the spiritual beings in the Great Thousand World. Moreover, since their bloodline was the source of their power, the clan with the most powerful bloodline was known as the Divine Beasts Clan. Those from the Divine Beasts Clan were born with great powers, which caused everyone to fear them.

Yet, there were still a choice few, who were not of the Divine Beasts Clan. This was because they possessed the same latent abilities as the Divine Beasts Clan. One such example was the Nine Netherbird Clan.

The Nine Netherbird Clan was from the same line as the Phoenix Clan, meaning that they possessed the bloodline of the Primordial Undying Bird. This also meant that, once they had been awakened, they would be considered a top force.

It was for this reason that the Nine Netherbird Clan was so particular about protecting the purity of their bloodline. Knowing that they could not afford to allow any impurity within the Undying Bird's bloodline, they viewed any who tried to tamper with it as enemies.

The Nine Nether Continent, although it was technically a continent, was only about the size of the North Territory. Although it was small, it was still very famous in The Great Thousand World. This fame came about because the owner of the land was the Nine Netherbird Clan.

As a reputable clan among the Spiritual Beasts' clans, the Nine Netherbird Clan belonged to the first class force in The Great Thousand World. This was a rank that not even the Daluo Territory had been deemed worthy of.

Achieving such a level of power was not dependent on a clan's having one Earthly Sovereign alone, but was reliant upon having a strong lineage as well. As such, even though Mandela had advanced to Upper Earthly Sovereign, there would need to be another Earthly Sovereign in order for them be deemed a first class force.

The Nine Netherbird Clan was also considered to be more reputable than the Daluo Territory. However, in the Nine Nether Continent, the forces had the highest regard for Nine Nether World.

Nine Nether World was an independent spatial plane. lying just outside of The Great Thousand World. It was the ancestral land of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

It had been rumored that, during the Primordial Age, the Nine Netherbird Clan had originally come from the lower plane. The clan had kept a low profile at first, but when a few of their people started to stand out, due to their extreme skills and talents, the Nine Netherbird Clan emerged from the shadows of the Spiritual Beasts' clans, beginning to gain its present standing in the Great Thousand World.

When the Nine Netherbird Clan's power was at its peak, they had three generations of Heavenly Sovereigns. At that time, even the Phoenix Clan held the Nine Netherbird Clan in high regard and treated them as peers.

During the Primordial Age, Nine Nether World existed on the lower plane. However, the powerful people in the Nine Netherbird Clan managed to link the lower plane to the Great Thousand World, thus making the Nine Nether World the ancestral land of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

At that time, there were many clan members from the lower planes in the Great Thousand World, but only a handful of them managed to break through. Those that emerged from the lower planes possessed great talents and perseverance. Once they adapted themselves to the environment, they performed very well in the Great Thousand World.

Among the most distinctive members in the above-mentioned group were Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Ancestor of Martial Border. These two not only reached the highest ranking of the Great Thousand World, their men were also calling the shots among the top forces in the Great Thousand World.

It had even been rumored that Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had forcefully opened up the lower planes, placing the passageways within the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Border. This was done in order to protect them, should the other forces ever covet them. It was apparent that the Nine Netherbird Clan had opened up Nine Nether World for this very same reason. Thus, Mu Chen's ultimate destination would be Nine Nether World...

Nine Nether World, Nine Nether Mountain.

This mountain was large beyond description, and it loomed in Nine Nether World like a humongous continent. It was the most sacred place in Nine Nether World, as it was the ancestral birthplace of Nine Netherbird Clan. As such, the very first Nine Netherbird was said to have come from this place.

Ancient chiming sounds resounded in the large mountain at this very moment. The birds chirped together and quaked the entire area.

A large peak stood up, like a pillar, at the center of the mountain, with clouds circling around it. Beneath it was a Bluestone Square. There were many figures with strong spiritual energy fluctuations surrounding the cliff.

The center of the square was facing a steep cliff, where many people were seated on stone pedestals. A majestic aura exuded from the cliff, causing the whole area to quake.

These people seated on the stone pedestals were the elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan. They were looking at two people, who were sitting cross-legged in the Bluestone Square. Strong spiritual energy fluctuations surged around the pair, who looked quite haughty.

This haughty demeanor of theirs did not mean that they were not proud, but it was revealing the confidence that they had due to their strength. The two people lifted up their heads and looked at the ancient stone pedestals, where the elders were currently having a heated argument. The elders seemed to have different opinions over a certain issue. The people from the Nine Netherbird Clan were watching the elders as well.

"This is outrageous! After so many millennia, Nine Nether is the only one with the purest bloodline of the Undying Bird. This is an opportunity for our clan to regain our glory. How can we let a human being destroy it?" an elder, who was robed in green, demanded angrily. "We should capture Mu Chen and break the Bloodline Bond by force!"

"That is right. Although the Dominator is powerful, I don't think she will turn herself against us, just because of him!" another elder said in a low voice.

Heavenly Sparrow Elder, who was sitting on the other side of them, frowned and said, "Mu Chen is very talented. He possesses the power of the real phoenix and has great potential. I have promised him that, if he can defeat Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, we will let him represent us in the Land of the Divine Beasts, where he will be allowed to go and help Nine Nether get the Undying Bird's divine blood!"

When the green-robed elder heard this, he sneered. "Heavenly Sparrow, you have said that this guy is only a Grade Five Sovereign. If that is true, Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan can easily defeat him. If we let him represent us, instead of helping Nine Nether, he may drag her back. Who will take responsibility, if he spoils our plan?"

He did not wait for an answer, before continuing. "Moreover, it has almost been two months, and he is still not here. He is such a coward. He is not fit to taint Nine Nether's pure bloodline!"

Heavenly Sparrow's face darkened at the harsh words of the elder. He ignored him and turned to look at a golden stone pedestal at the center. A middle-aged man was seated on it, looking calm. Although he did not move, a horrifying oppression exuded from him, causing the space around him to freeze. He was the Clan Leader of Nine Netherbird Clan, Tianhuang.

Nine Nether was seated beside him. She looked pale. She grasped her hands, when she saw that the elders were having a heated argument over the Bloodline Bond between her and Mu Chen.

"Clan Leader, please decide whether we should send Jiang Ya or Qin Xuan. After all, the Land of the Divine Beasts is about to appear. How can we possibly wait for the coward to arrive?" The green-robed elder looked at Tianhuang and said.

The elders and the people looked at Tianhuang, waiting for a response from him, hoping that he would stop the argument that had persisted for almost two months. Tianhuang remained calm and squinted his eyes. He then looked at Nine Nether, who still looked pale, and said, "This guy is Nine Nether's benefactor. Since Heavenly Sparrow Elder has given his word, we have to keep our promise. If he comes to Nine Nether World and defeats Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, we will let him have the fourth place."

At this point, Tianhuang suddenly stopped and his expression turned sharp. He then said, "If he tries to escape, we will go after him! And, if the Dominator should try to stop us, we will go to war with the Daluo Territory!"

His voice thundered in Nine Nether Mountain, and the people were shocked to hear the killing intent in his tone. After that, the elders did not say another word, as they seemed to have accepted his decision.

Light flashed across Nine Nether's eyes, and she grit her teeth. As long as Mu Chen had left the Daluo Territory, the Nine Netherbird Clan would not be able to find him. Then, once Mu Chen had become powerful, her clan would be wary of him, so they would not act rashly!

As she thought of this, she heaved a sigh of relief. Mu Chen should have left the Daluo Territory by now...

Just as she was relaxing from her worry, suddenly, Tianhuang lifted up his head to look at the sky, a light flashing across his eyes. There were space warps in the sky, and a space whirlpool formed within them speedily. Then, two figures slowly stepped out of the whirlpool.

This sudden change of events took the people by surprise, as they looked at the two figures that had just appeared. As the two figures became more visible, the people heard a clear voice resound throughout Nine Nether Mountain.

"How do you do, elders? I am Mu Chen."

The two people, who were sitting cross-legged in the square, widened their eyes and looked coldly at the sky with a sneer.

This coward has finally appeared…

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