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Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan sat in the stones square. They lifted their heads and glanced at Mu Chen, who was right in front of them.

Both of them had undetectable smirks on their faces. It had surprised them that Mu Chen did not pick the second option.

However, Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan did not bother too much about Mu Chen. Instead, they cast their gazes in the direction of the Tianhuang Clan Leader. The latter lowered his eyes and said calmly, "Since he asked for a challenge, both of you can take him up on it."

Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan had a slight change in their expressions, upon hearing his words.

They were unsure why the Tianhuang Clan Leader wa asking both of them to take up the challenge at the same time, thinking to themselves, this lad has only a Sovereign Grade Six strength! How does it make sense to activate two persons in one battle?

"Qin Xuan, you lost half a stroke to me previously. So, this time you can take the first shot." Jiang Ya looked at Qin Xuan with a faint smile.

He had a lazy look on his face, as he was not interested in this matter at all. Although the Tianhuang Clan Leader was ambiguous with his words, and there was nothing against the rules about having a battle ration of two against one, Jiang Ya still did not even consider it.

After all, it was a joke to have both of them dealing with a Sovereign Grade Six lad at the same time! Even if they won, there'd be nothing worth bragging about.

Qin Xuan raised his eyebrows. He was not happy, because he knew that Jiang Ya had only been lucky the previous time they'd matched up. If they were really to fight it out with all their might at their current states, it would be hard to predict the winner. Now, this fellow was making use of this fact to climb over him!

Although Qin Xuan was unhappy, he did not argue any further with Jiang Ya. After all, he did not see eye to eye with Mu Chen either. In the younger generation of the Nine Netherbird Clan, many people had a crush on Nine Nether, and he was one of them! Therefore, Qin Xuan did not have a good impression of Mu Chen, as he believed that Mu Chen had brought a stain on their clan.

Various thoughts passed through Qin Xuan's head, as he walked out slowly under the watchful gazes of his clan members. He finally stopped a few yards in front of Mu Chen.

"If I were you, I would have stayed here quietly for 10 years. That would have been a smarter move," said Qin Xuan calmly. He stood in front of Mu Chen, looking formally at him.

"Thank you for the suggestion," Mu Chen said, seeming not to have heard the disparaging remarks. He gave a serious smile and cupped his fist. "Please enlighten me."

"You don't know what's good for you," said Qin Xuan, frowning when Mu Chen dismissed him so lightly.

His anger was growing. So, he did not say anything more.

He took a step out with force. All of a sudden, a powerful spiritual energy exploded from his body, like a raging storm. The spiritual energy contained extreme coldness. Then, the temperature declined rapidly, once it had exploded.

Frost could be seen, spreading from Qin Xuan's feet. Within a few breaths, part of the square was completely covered with the frost.

Mu Chen could sense the powerful spiritual energy that had exploded from Qin Xuan's body. His eyes narrowed. He recalled what Heavenly Sparrow Elder had said, seeing now that what he had said was true! Qin Xuan was definitely more formidable than Liu Qing!

If Liu Qing was at the peak of Sovereign Grade Six, Qin Xuan should be touching the Sovereign Grade Seven level. He possessed a strength that was even more violent than the Sovereign Grade Six.

If Mu Chen had not broken through to Sovereign Grade Six within these last two months, he would have had his hands tied by the oppression from this spiritual energy. However, as he had already achieved his breakthrough, his strength had improved tremendously, compared to two months ago.

Mu Chen's eyes turned sharp, their gentleness having completely disappeared. He lowered both his hands and straightened his body like a spear. A fierce and robust momentum was exuded from him, while he remained still.

The space behind him was slightly twisted. His Sovereign Sea seemed to be showing. As his spiritual energy fluctuation spread, the ice that was rushing into his range melted rapidly.

"It seems like you have a few things up your sleeves."

Sensing the spiritual energy fluctuation that was coming from Mu Chen, Qin Xuan smiled. He flicked his finger, and an endless snow fell from the sky.


The next moment, Qin Xuan's body exploded into a violent snowflake. The moment Qin Xuan disappeared, Mu Chen's eyes sharpened. He quickly moved back, while a radiant golden light exploded from his body. He looked like a golden statue, with golden rays of light shining on his skin.

Mu Chen tried to retreat out of the snowfall region, but the snowflakes, which were chasing after him, suddenly sped up. The snowflakes then started to gather, regrouping into a dark figure.

Among the falling snowflakes, a cold ray beamed out and tore the space apart. The beam was pointing at Mu Chen's back and was moving at lightning speed.

The attack was swift. Mu Chen could not turn back in time to defend himself against such a fast and furious offense. So, he could only let that icy beam hit his back with great force.

The light gathered and transformed into slender fingers, from which snowflakes seemed to be falling from the tips. A sharp and cold force was exuded, as if it could penetrate the void.

Qin Xuan appeared behind Mu Chen, his two fingers still pointed at him. He could see the frost starting to gather at Mu Chen's back.

In no time, ice formed and covered Mu Chen's entire body. He would soon be trapped in the ice, and Qin Xuan would then be able to control his life!

Qin Xuan shook his head in disappointment, after he hit Mu Chen with one shot. "He is really vulnerable…"


But, as soon as he finished speaking, the surface of Mu Chen's body suddenly shot out golden rays that resembled a scorching sun. As the golden beams swept out, the ice layers on his body burst into pieces.

The sudden change stunned Qin Xuan slightly. Before he could launch another fierce attack, he sensed an extremely overbearing force. Suddenly, he saw faint violet dragon runes appear on Mu Chen's back.


Qin Xuan was forced back all of a sudden, as golden rays swept out once again. Mu Chen darted out like a dragon, his palm aimed at Qin Xuan's chest. The palm was accompanied by a daunting force that rippled the space as it swept out.

"So, you want to have close combat with me? If so, you are courting your own death!"

Despite Mu Chen's violent offense, Qin Xuan was not afraid. Instead, he merely smirked. After all, he had a Divine Beast Body, so his physical body was much stronger than those other top powers who only had human bodies.

But, Mu Chen did not retreat, upon hearing these words. Instead, he dashed towards his opponent bravely. In Qin Xuan's eyes, Mu Chen was really courting his own death! The rest of the Nine Netherbird Clan members all shared the same sentiments, each drawing their lips into a mocking smile.


Qin Xuan curled his fingers like the claws of an eagle. Then, snowflakes appeared on his fingertips. The snowflakes rotated at a high speed, tearing the space apart. As the golden palm came whistling across the space, it directly collided with the snowflake fingertips.


Both Mu Chen and Qin Xuan were shaken by the collision. Mu Chen remained calm, as he had already expected this from Qin Xuan. But, Qin Xuan reacted differently.

His fearsome claw could even strip flesh out from a top power, who was at the peak of Sovereign Grade Six, not to mention a regular Sovereign Grade Six human being.

Still, when he collided with Mu Chen, he had felt that he was clawing on golden steel! Mu Chen's body was so hard!

This lad truly has a formidable physical body!

Qin Xuan was shocked, as he could not believe it. He had a true Divine Beast Body! Any moves he made were powerful enough to shatter a mountain. But now, he could not even gain an advantage over this human with only a Sovereign Grade Six strength.

"Let's see how long you can endure!" Qin Xuan shouted, his eyes surging with coldness.

His spiritual energy exploded violently. He then swept his claws forcefully towards Mu Chen.

Boom! Boom!

Facing Qin Xuan's violent incoming offense, Mu Chen's eyes looked sharp on his youthful face. He did not back down.

His Sovereign Sea appeared behind him, while the space rippled. At the same time, his body glowed even brighter, with golden rays shining all over him. Both of his pupils turned to gold at this time, too. His Dragon-Phoenix Body was being circulated to its maximum.

Although Qin Xuan had a Divine Beast Body, Mu Chen had spent years cultivating his Dragon-Phoenix Body. Not only had he cultivated his Thunder God Physique successfully, but his current Dragon-Phoenix Body was so powerful, he was not afraid to meet a Divine Beast at all!

Mu Chen had had enough of the numerous disparaging looks that had been cast his way ever since he came to the Nine Netherbird Clan. He would win this fight and show them all!

With this thought in mind, Mu Chen's eyes sharpened like a knife. The next moment, he wielded his palm and collided hard again with Qin Xuan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if a storm had just swept across the square, the two figures collided, and each time they hit directly with each other, a low banging sound could be heard. The collisions also rippled out great energetic forces, like invisible sonic waves. The space around them was all badly shaken and twisted.

Countless people around the square witnessed the two figures, who were constantly charging towards each other like two wild beasts. Then, the smirks in their eyes slowly disappeared, and their mouths became wide-open, revealing that they were both stunned.

They could clearly see that the little human figurine was not backing off in the fierce battle between the physical bodies. On the contrary, the small figure grew fiercer!

Had Mu Chen used the strength of his physical body to block Qin Xuan?

How could this be possible?

While they watched in disbelief, while Mu Chen and Qin Xuan continued to battle, the fight finally climaxed in the square, as both punches, containing daunting power, hit against each other with great force. The exploding impact cracked the ground.

The two figures were thrown back by the forceful impact. Two deep cracks were formed on the ground, and both of their feet were stuck in the hard marble floor.

Countless people fixed their gazes on them, while taking in cold breaths. Nobody expected that Qin Xuan, who had a Divine Beast Body, would not be able to gain any advantages from Mu Chen during this close physical combat.

Apparently, the young man, who they previously despised, had a body that was comparable to someone who owned a real Divine Beast Body! Everyone was dumbfounded by his display of strength!

Jiang Ya witnessed everything from outside of the battlefield. He squinted both his eyes and smiled. "Finally, something interesting is happening here. But, if he thinks that he can take away one of the vacancies, he is mistaken. I still must see more, in order to consider him as being qualified for a place in the Nine Netherbird Clan."

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