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"Two months from now, I will go to the Nine Netherbird Clan."

Mandela was not surprised by Mu Chen's decision. She looked at him and said, "What Heavenly Sparrow Elder said is true. Based on your current strength, if you do not tap into the power of the fighting spirit, it will be impossible for you to get into fourth place."

Mu Chen was only a Grade Five Sovereign. The two geniuses of the Nine Netherbird Clan were more powerful than Liu Qing, which meant that Mu Chen might be dealing with Grade Seven Sovereigns if he were to vie with them over the last place of the quota.

Given their Divine Beasts' nature, they would have amazing combat force. It would be difficult for Mu Chen to snatch the last place away from them. Moreover, even if he managed to win, he had to face the geniuses from the Spiritual Beasts' clans in order to help Nine Nether get the Undying Bird's divine blood. There would be more powerful beings which Mu Chen might not be able to handle given his current strength.

Mu Chen was not embarrassed when Mandela pointed out the facts to him. He simply smiled and said, "What you have said is true, but… don't I have two more months?"


When Mandela and the Three Kings heard it, they were shocked. After a while, they looked hopefully at him.

When Mu Chen saw their gazes, he nodded. Previously, he had advanced to Grade Five Sovereign at the Meteorfall Battlefield with the help of the Meteorfall Alchemy. After that, he had not had another breakthrough, as he had chosen to build on his spiritual energy which had reached the perfect stage.

During his recent cultivation, he could feel that the spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea was rich, and he could control it with ease. The wavering feeling that he had previously was longer present.

He could now seek another breakthrough!

Mu Chen looked at Mandela and said with a smile, "However, I will need your help, Dominator."

"Tell me," Mandela waved her hand and said gallantly.

"In order to have a breakthrough, I will need a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. I would like to borrow 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from you," Mu Chen said with a smile.

Mu Chen would need a lot of reserve for his spiritual energy. He had finished the Meteorfall Alchemy and could only depend on the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for now. However, he had none of it for his cultivation.

Although Nine Nether Palace had risen in power and had become the top among the lords in the number of cities that they were in charge of, Mu Chen did not earn a lot. As Nine Nether Palace expanded, they needed more Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Moreover, it was not time for the cities to pay their tributes. Nine Nether Palace could not exploit them at a time when they had not totally gained the acceptance of the people. If they had done so, the people would oppose them.

"A million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? Sure. I will get someone to send it over to you later." Mandela immediately agreed to his request. Mu Chen had contributed much during the Big Hunting War. It would not be enough to compensate his contributions simply by rewarding Nine Nether Palace.

"Hey, you are our man. You must not let the Nine Netherbird Clan look down on you. Just let us know what you need. We will get it for you."

Mu Chen looked at Mandela, who acted as though she were filthy rich, and laughed uncontrollably. After pondering for a while, he did not stand on ceremony and said, "In that case, can you help me get some Spiritual Array Maps? If possible, Heavenly Grade Array Maps would be the best…"

"Heavenly Grade Array Maps?"

When Mandela heard the four words, she was shocked. She sized Mu Chen up and asked, "Are you able to form Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays now? In that case… are you now a Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array Master?"

There were three grades of Spiritual Array Master that corresponded to Grade Nine Sovereign. When Mu Chen had formed the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array with the four lotuses, it was merely an Earth Grade Spiritual Array. He had not reached the Heavenly Grade then. As Mu Chen had not used the Spiritual Array for a long time, Mandela had forgotten that he was a Spiritual Array Master.

When Mu Chen brought this up, Mandela and the Three Kings then remembered. The war troop dispatcher had branched out from Spiritual Array Master, and Mu Chen had great talent in Spiritual Arrays. This contributed to his amazing progress with the fighting spirit.

The Three Kings looked at Mu Chen in shock. If Mu Chen could form a Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array, he could contend with a Grade Seven Sovereign even with the simplest Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen saw their astonished looks and said with a smile, "Although I am still not very good at it, I seem to be getting the hang of it. If I can study the Heavenly Grade Array Maps, I believe I should be able to get something going."

Although Mu Chen had not focused on cultivating the spiritual array for almost a year, he had not stopped practicing it totally. It was simply a change in priorities.

After he had come into contact with the fighting spirit, he realized that there were some similarities between the two. When he was studying the fighting spirit, he had gained some new insights on spiritual arrays, which had enhanced his attainments in this area.

As he had had a tight schedule and had to participate in the Big Hunting War soon after that, he had not had time to search for the Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays. However, he had to make it a top priority now since this would be his trump card in helping Nine Nether get hold of the Primordial Undying Bird's divine blood.

"No wonder you dare to agree to this… you have many secret weapons." Mandela looked at Mu Chen and heaved a sigh of relief. She felt at ease now letting Mu Chen go to the Land of the Divine Beasts. After all, those Divine Beasts and geniuses of the Spiritual Beasts' clans were not easy to deal with. They were more powerful than the younger generation in North Territory.

"In that case, it is alright for you to go to the Land of the Divine Beasts. It will be a great opportunity for you, and you might even break through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture…"

"Oh?" When Mu Chen heard that, he was tempted. The Dragon-Phoenix Scripture had helped him cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Body. Although it was only at the first level, it had been a great help to him. The real dragon symbol served both as a powerful attack force and strong defense in life-threatening situations, whereas the real phoenix symbol increased Mu Chen's speed and had helped him gain many credits in the previous battles.

The first level of the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture was to activate the real spirits which brought about the real dragon and real phoenix symbols.

The second level would be to change the forms.

As the name suggested, the real dragon and real phoenix symbols would then be able to break away from Mu Chen's body and have a new level of power.

There would be a change in the characteristics!

When that happened, it would bring out the real power of the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

Mu Chen had tried to break through to the second level before but to no avail. The cultivation was simply too tough.

One would need a large amount of Blood Essence of the different Divine Beasts, which was hard to obtain in the Great Thousand World. However, there would be many Divine Beasts that had died in the Land of the Divine Beasts, including the sovereign ones. If Mu Chen could get his hands on them, he might be able to advance to the second level.

"It seems like I have to go to the Land of the Divine Beasts…" Mu Chen muttered as he thought of it.

Mandela nodded and said, "Leave the Heavenly Grade Array Maps to me. Although it is a bit of a rush, it should still be possible to get them as long as I am willing to pay for them."

The Heavenly Grade Array Maps were expensive, and if Mandela wanted to get hold of them within such a short period of time, she would have to use a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in exchange for them.

"Sorry to trouble you." Mu Chen nodded. He was fortunate to have the backing of Daluo Territory. If he had depended on his own strength, he would be at his wit's end.

"I will also need to start absorbing the Spiritual Deity Liquid, in case anything happens when I send you to the Nine Netherbird Clan…" Mandela said flatly.

Although Mu Chen looked well-prepared, Mandela had to prepare herself as well. If Mu Chen failed to get the last place to enter the Land of the Divine Beasts, and the Nine Netherbird Clan refused to let him go, she might have to fight with them.

Although there was no Heavenly Sovereign in the Nine Netherbird Clan, they had strong foundations. If Mandela could not break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign, they would not be afraid of her.

Mu Chen knew Mandela's concern and said softly, "Thanks."

He knew that Mandela was putting herself in great danger. After all, the Nine Netherbird Clan was much more powerful than the top forces in the North Territory. Daluo Territory was nothing compared to them, but Mandela had chosen to give him her support. Mu Chen was grateful and touched by her act.

At this moment, he knew that he had made the right decision in handing the Starry Suppression Tower and Spiritual Deity Liquid to her.

He had given Mandela his full support and in return, he had gained her unwavering friendship.

"You don't have to say those meaningless things to me…"

Mandela waved her hand and said, "Leave everything aside. You just need to focus on breaking through to Grade Six Sovereign within these two months."

When Mu Chen heard it, he simply nodded with a smile and gave a confident look.

Two months from now, the result would be out.

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