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Deep within the Daluotian Territory.

A tall mountain stood alone, which could oversee half of the Daluotian Territory. Its spiritual energy was the densest in the entire area.

Mandela used to cultivate alone in this place, and no one was allowed to enter it. However, in order to help Mu Chen break through under perfect conditions, she had allowed him to use it for the time being.

Mu Chen stood outside a stone chamber, amazed as he looked at the fog around the mountain. The spiritual energy in this region was so dense and pure, it had turned into fog. It was apparent that there were many spiritual arrays in this area, which had attracted the spiritual energy of the entire Daluotian Territory to flow toward it.

"This is truly a good place for cultivation." Mu Chen smiled and immediately went into the stone chamber. He then shut the opening and sat cross-legged on the stone bed that was within it.

He did not go straight into trying to break through his cultivation, but shut his eyes to first to calm himself down. The spiritual energy around him turned into fog, then flowed into his body constantly. He had to bring his body to a perfect state.

Mu Chen spent almost five days in this state. On the fifth day, he opened his eyes. His dark eyes had become crystal-like, which was a sign that the spiritual energy in his body had reached its optimum peak. Mu Chen felt that the majestic spiritual energy in his body was so powerful, it could crush even the mountains.

"It's about time…" Mu Chen muttered. The Spiritual Light in his eyes burst out, and colorful light whizzed out at the flick of his fingers, like a seething river.

The light exuded crystal-like colors, causing the water in the cave to boil with spiritual energy. The air had turned moist and began to form water droplets. The river had been formed by 1,000,000 units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!

Mu Chen lifted up his head to look at the river, then formed a seal with his hands. He opened his mouth, and the spiritual energy torrent whizzed in, causing his body to explode with majestic spiritual energy.

However, Mu Chen remained calm. He promptly changed his seal to allow the majestic spiritual energy to flow along his meridians. After he had refined it, it flowed into his Sovereign Sea.

The spiritual energy then rained down heavily into his Sovereign Sea, and the surface of the Sea rose up slowly and steadily. As Mu Chen felt the increase in the spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea, he slowly shut his eyes. He had to take time to build on it, so that he could break through when the time came. At the moment, he simply had to maintain the inflow of spiritual energy into his Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen brushed away all disturbing thoughts and went into a deep state of cultivation. When he opened his eyes once again, 10 days had passed.

Within these 10 days, Mu Chen had absorbed almost one-fifth of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. His skin glowed with bright Spiritual Light and the spiritual energy from his body was fluctuating constantly. This was a sign that his spiritual energy had reached its peak.

"Still not enough," Mu Chen said to himself, as he shook his head. He felt that he was far from the ability to breakthrough. Once again, he shut his eyes.

Mu Chen opened his eyes twice after that, and every time he did so, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid river would lessen. When he opened his eyes the fourth time, the river had shrunk by 50 percent, causing it to turn into a small stream. One month had passed.

The Spiritual Light around Mu Chen was extremely thick. It was so bright, one could not even see his own shadow. Mu Chen looked like a Spiritual Light Sun!

Then, a powerful spiritual energy fluctuation surged and caused the cave to quake. Cracks started to form immediately. Mu Chen took a deep breath and gulped down the remaining Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Buzz! Buzz!

Spiritual Light burst out from his body. It was powerful beyond description. The spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea was also at its peak. It was time for the breakthrough!

Mu Chen shut his eyes for the fifth time. He knew that, when he opened his eyes once again, he would have advanced to Grade Six Sovereign! This time around, the process took two full weeks!

The region around the mountain was empty. As Mu Chen went into seclusion, Mandela had sealed up the area, not allowing anyone to enter, so that he would not be disturbed.

A few figures appeared above the mountain, with Mandela taking the lead. The three kings were behind her, watching the cave that was tightly shut. There were spiritual arrays outside the cave, and no one was able to see what was happening within it.

"It has already been one and half months! Has Mu Chen managed to breakthrough? If he does not come out soon, the Nine Netherbird Clan will have to make a decision on who to send for the last place," the Condor King said as he looked at the cave.

He was related to the Nine Netherbird Clan, and was thus aware of the events that had taken place within it. After Heavenly Sparrow Elder had brought Nine Nether back to the clan, there had been a great commotion. Some of the elders, who were extra harsh, had even suggested sending out their army to oppress the Daluo Territory.

However, Heavenly Sparrow Elder and Nine Nether had managed to stop them. Nine Nether's hardcore behavior had restrained them from acting too aggressively. After all, not only was Nine Nether's father the Clan Leader, Nine Nether was the only one with the greatest potential to become the Primordial Undying Bird. Thus, they could not disregard her opinion.

This issue had been put aside temporarily, but Mu Chen still had to secure the last place on time. If this was not done, even the elders who had taken sides with Nine Nether, would have to allow the clan to break the Bloodline Bond by force, so that Nine Nether could regain her purity. Such an act would be detrimental to Mu Chen and the Daluo Territory.

"It is hard to say when one will break through. It will not do any good to force it."

When Mandela heard what the Condor King had said, she remained calm. Cold light flashed across her eyes, as she replied, "If Nine Netherbird Clan is impatient, then there is no point talking to them. If they want to start a war, we will take them on. I would like to see how many Earthly Sovereigns will die at my hands."

Mandela was filled with killing intent as she spoke. The area suddenly darkened, as if the spiritual energy had frozen entirely. When the three kings sensed her killing intent, they shivered. They looked at one another and were shocked. Although Mandela seemed no different from one month ago, she had become much more powerful!

"Congratulations Dominator, for advancing to Upper Earthly Sovereign!" The Sleeping King shook his head with disbelief, then said with a smile.

Mandela had gone into seclusion for a month, when she had broken through the half step to advance to Upper Earthly Sovereign. Although it was only a half-step difference, the three kings knew that it was a large gap.

This could clearly be seen during the Big Hunting War from the fourth hall master's spiritual puppet, which could contend with the seven Earthly Sovereigns of North Territory based on its own strength. Although, it was also because the Earthly Sovereigns were scheming against one another.

It was apparent that, if a war broke out between the Daluo Territory and the Nine Netherbird Clan, many Earthly Sovereigns would die at Mandela's hands. This would be a high price that the Nine Netherbird Clan would not be able to bear. Moreover, Mandela now possessed the sacred object, the Starry Suppression Tower, which would give her an edge over any Upper Earthly Sovereign!


As the three kings were elated with Mandela's breakthrough, the large mountain before them suddenly shook. A howling sound suddenly burst out from the mountain, resounding throughout the whole area.


The entrance of the cave suddenly exploded. A shadow darted out from among the gravel and stood in the sky. The three kings saw Mu Chen standing in the sky, with spiritual light surging around him. His dark eyes were like gems, their brilliance was breathtaking.

They heaved sighs of relief, as they sensed that Mu Chen was much more powerful than he had been six weeks ago! It was apparent that he had advanced to Grade Six Sovereign!

"Hohoho, congratulations Lord Mu, for advancing to Grade Six!" the three kings said with a smile.

The light in Mu Chen's eyes started to dim. He looked at Mandela and the three kings, then darted towards them. When Mandela saw him coming, the cold look in her face disappeared. She grabbed her hand and rays of light appeared, revealing five different scrolls.

"These are the Diagram Arrays that you asked for. Two of them are Heavenly Grade Array Maps," she explained.

When Mu Chen heard this, he was elated. He then looked at the five scrolls, which were filled with strange fluctuations.

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