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"Land of the Divine Beasts?"

Mu Chen frowned, hearing this unfamiliar phrase. He had no idea what it meant, and he especially did not know why Nine Nether had turned so pale.

When Liu Qing saw Mu Chen's blank look, he explained. "During the Primordial Age, there was once a big piece of land known as the Divine Beasts Continent. There were seven to eight clans from the Spiritual Beasts and Divine Beasts in the entire Great Thousand World that dwelled on this piece of land."

Liu Qing continued. "When the Extraterritorial Race invaded The Great Thousand World, they invaded the Divine Beasts Continent as well. A terrible war broke out, and the Divine Beasts Continent was split. Even so, the land that was divided still remains as one of the sovereign lands in The Great Thousand World."

Mu Chen gasped at this news, which implied that the Divine Beasts Continent must have been very extensive during the Primordial Age!

"It has been rumored that, during the Primordial Age, even if a Sovereign used decades to fly at full speed, he would not be able to cover the entirety of the Divine Beasts Continent," Liu Qing said with a smile, as though he was able to read Mu Chen's thoughts.

When Mu Chen heard this, his mouth twitched and he was dumbfounded.

"The Land of the Divine Beasts was a special place. Many powerful Divine Beasts had lived within it, and some of them were even Sovereigns. In fact, the combat force of the Land of the Divine Beasts comprised about 30 percent of the entire Divine Beasts Continent."

Mu Chen was shocked yet again. Since the Land of the Divine Beasts could possess such a standing in the Divine Beasts Continent, it must have been extremely powerful.

"During the calamity, even the Extraterritorial Race noticed the power of the Land of the Divine Beasts. They joined forces with a few of their lords and took the Divine Beasts Continent off-guard. They then took the Land of the Divine Beasts by force and put it into a black hole. They were then able to kill the Divine Beasts and defeat the Divine Beasts Continent during the war," Liu Qing said.

"After the calamity, many supreme powers realized that the Land of the Divine Beasts had been devoured by the black hole. Now, every other year, the Land of the Divine Beasts will appear, and the Spiritual Beasts' clans will take the opportunity to enter into the Land of the Divine Beasts in the hopes of obtaining some special power."

Liu Qing became very excited at this point. He licked his lips and said, "Too many people have died in the Land of the Divine Beasts, including the Primordial Undying Bird. If we can attain some of the Primordial Undying Bird's divine blood, Lord Nine Nether's bloodline can become even more perfect. She will then have a higher chance of turning into a Primordial Undying Bird!"

When Mu Chen heard this, he finally understood why the Nine Netherbird Clan was so particular about the Land of the Divine Beasts. It was a precious piece of land to any of the Spiritual Beasts' clans.

Liu Qing continued. "No one knows when the Land of the Divine Beasts will appear. A sign will only be sent, just when it is about to appear. As such, there is always a great commotion among the Spiritual Beasts' clans, every time the Land of the Divine Beasts appears, as it is all of a sudden!"

Mu Chen nodded as he listened. As many Divine Beasts had died in the Land of the Divine Beasts, as long as one could obtain some of the divine blood, it would be beneficial to the Spiritual Beasts.

When Nine Nether became alert again, she stared at the Heavenly Sparrow Elder and asked curiously, "What has the Land of the Divine Beasts got to do with Mu Chen?"

Without hesitation, Liu Qing answered her. "Although it has been rumored that the Primordial Undying Bird died there, it is, after all, only a rumor. No one has validated it. The Undying Bird belongs to the line of the phoenix. Since Mu Chen possesses the oppression of the real phoenix, if he is able to enter into the Land of the Divine Beasts, he might be able to help you find the Primordial Undying Bird."

He paused, making sure she was wanting him to continue, then explained further. "Moreover, every time the Land of the Divine Beasts appears, it attracts many geniuses from the Spiritual Beasts' clans, including those who are eyeing the Undying Bird's divine blood. The Spiritual Roc Clan, the Crane Clan, the Dragon Bird Clan and many others have never seen even met us. Thus, if we should cross paths, a war would be unavoidable. So, if the Undying Bird's divine blood truly exists, not only would the Spiritual Beasts' clans want it, but even the geniuses of the Phoenix Clan would definitely covet it as well."

At this point, Heavenly Sparrow Elder looked at Mu Chen and said, "If you can help Nine Nether to get the Undying Bird's divine blood, no one will oppose your Bloodline Bond."

When Nine Nether heard this, her face darkened. Heavenly Sparrow Elder had made it sound so simple, but she knew that it was a difficult task.

All those who entered the Land of the Divine Beasts were the geniuses of the Spiritual Beasts' clans, and they were extremely powerful. The Phoenix Clan would only add to the difficulty level, and even Nine Nether did not have much confidence in dealing with them, let alone Mu Chen!

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether and said with a smile, "If it can help Nine Nether, I will definitely do my best."

Mu Chen could tell from Nine Nether's expression that Heavenly Sparrow Elder had issued a hard bargain. However, he accepted the proposal, as he did not have much choice. Besides, he truly wanted to help Nine Nether.

Ever since he had left the Northern Spiritual Realm and gone to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Nine Nether had helped him a great deal. So, it might be time for him to do something for her!

Although Mu Chen did not know if he could be of any help, he had to show his willingness to do so, as not to disappoint the people around him. Heavenly Sparrow Elder was surprised with Mu Chen's sincerity, which caused him to soften his attitude.

He smiled and said, "I am just suggesting it. You don't have to agree to it so quickly, as I still need to discuss it with the clan. For now, we can send four people into the Land of the Divine Beasts. So far, we already have three, including Nine Nether. We are still deciding on the fourth person to send in."

Having said this, Heavenly Sparrow Elder looked at Mu Chen. "I can only tell the clan about you. You have to prove yourself in order to secure that last place."

"Me?" Mu Chen was stunned.

"Currently, there are only two people who qualify to fight for the fourth place. They are the geniuses of the Nine Netherbird Clan. Although they have spent more time in cultivation, compared to you, according to their ages, they are still considered to be in the younger generation. If everything goes well, one of them will be selected. Hence, you will have to be even more powerful than them, if you want to be chosen," Heaven Sparrow Elder said.

"May you share with me a bit more about how powerful they are?" Mu Chen asked discreetly.

"Well, Liu Qing is no match for them," Heavenly Sparrow Elder said calmly.

When Mu Chen heard this, he was shocked. He had not expected the Nine Netherbird Clan to be so powerful. Although Liu Qing was extremely powerful, he could not even be among the top three within his clan!

Mu Chen's strength would, at most, be on par with Liu Qing, and that was if he did not tap into the power of the fighting spirit! He would never be able to defeat the two geniuses of the Nine Netherbird Clan, no matter how hard he tried!

Even if he was fortunate enough to secure the last place, he would have to face even more powerful opponents in the Land of the Divine Beasts. Heavenly Sparrow Elder looked at Mu Chen, who was looking grave, and said, "Given your current strength, your chances of securing the last place are dim."

Mu Chen could not refute what Heavenly Sparrow Elder had said.

"However, you still have two months to brush up on your strength. If you want to give it a try, I can help you by delaying the selection of the candidate by two months." Heavenly Sparrow Elder raised his brows and said to Mu Chen, "If you do not have the confidence, we will forget this matter entirely. As for the Bloodline Bond between you and Nine Nether, I will leave that decision to the elders of our clan."

Mu Chen became silent, pondering over all of this new information. 

"Do think about it. When you have come to a decision, the Dominator should be able to send you to the Nine Netherbird Clan." When Heavenly Sparrow Elder saw that Mu Chen had gone silent, he did not pressure him to answer immediately. Instead, he waved his hand and said before leaving, "I will wait return to the clan and wait for your answer."

"Lord Nine Nether, let's go," Liu Qing looked at Nine Nether and said.

Nine Nether grasped her hands and looked at Mu Chen. She moved her lips, as though she wanted to say something, but no words came out. However, Mu Chen knew that she wanted to tell him to leave the Daluo Territory!

Liu Qing and Nine Nether then turned into two streamers and quickly caught up with Heavenly Sparrow Elder. Seeing that they had left, Mu Chen held his fists tightly.

Before Nine Nether left, she had obviously wanted to tell him to leave the Daluo Territory. It was apparent that she did not want him to meet the Nine Netherbird Clan. This was her way of offering him another way out, before Mu Chen was powerful enough to gain the recognition of the Nine Netherbird Clan and accept the Bloodline Bond.

However, if Mu Chen had acted according to her plan, Nine Nether would be reproached by her clan. He would never allow this to happen. No matter how powerful the geniuses of the Nine Netherbird Clan were, Mu Chen would not be afraid of them. All of his past life-threatening experiences would have been futile, should he prove to be such a coward now!

As Mu Chen thought of this, his eyes turned sharp and he came to a decision.

Mandela looked at Mu Chen and asked, "What do you plan to do?"

The three kings looked at him as well.

Mu Chen released his grasp and looked determined. He nodded and said, "In two months, I will go to the Nine Netherbird Clan."

Although he had spoken softly, he sounded firm and confidently resolute.

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