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Chapter 951 - The Fourth Palace Master’s Appearance


A flash of dark light bolted through space, moving towards the Spiritual Puppet above the rock island. Although Mu Chen had done it in secret, it was still incapable of avoiding the senses of the Divine Pavilion Master.


Although the Divine Pavilion Master wasn’t too clear about Mu Chen’s actions, he was a cautious and shrewd person, to begin with. Thus, he wasn’t willing to let anything happen. Immediately, he issued a cold snort and made a grabbing gesture in the sky, causing space to distort and obstruct that dark ray of light.


But at the time when the Divine Pavilion Master moved, Mandala also had a cold flash through her eyes and stretched her slender finger out and pressed down through the sky.

In that instant when she pressed down her finger, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out and formed into a Spiritual Energy finger that’s a few myriad feet long, covered with layers of crystallised Spiritual Energy that was extremely sturdy.

When the Spiritual Energy finger appeared, it shot towards the Divine Pavilion Master. At the same time, the remaining Earth Sovereigns had also taken action without any hesitation, using their various means to launch powerful attacks with extremely destructive power that enveloped towards the Divine Pavilion Master from every direction.

Facing the sudden attacks from the Earth Sovereigns, the Divine Pavilion Master had slightly knitted his brows and had no other choice but to give up on obstructing the dark ray of light, flipped his hand and pressed down on the sky.


When he pressed his hand down on the sky, space instantly crumbled. If one were to look from the sky, they would realise that the crumbled space had formed into a massive palm.

That single palm of his could destroy mountains and rivers.

With a single palm, the attacks of the Earth Sovereigns had all collapsed after a single strike from him and those attacks had shattered into sparkles of lights in the sky.

The Earth Sovereigns all issued a groan. They must’ve been injured. Thereafter, their faces turned even more ugly, since they never expected that despite the few of them joining forces together, they still couldn’t confront with the Divine Pavilion Master.

A Greater Earth Sovereign was truly formidable!

“Haha, a stubborn struggle is just courting death.” The Divine Pavilion Master stood on the torrential black aura with a faint smile on his face. His gaze was filled with contempt. With his current strength, it was sufficient for him to dominate the entire Northern Region.

The faces of Mandala and the rest turned ashen as they clenched their fists. Facing the current situation, they had no other choice but to give it a risk. Right now, they could only rely on the hope that the Divine Pavilion Master still hadn’t completely gained control of his strength in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm and they might be able to fight for an opportunity to live. As long as they escaped from this place and spread the news, the Divine Pavilion would definitely be destroyed.

Mu Chen stood behind Mandala and had a slight change in his expression from the Divine Pavilion Master’s formidable might. In the distance, the dark light had finally reached the rock island.

But what made Mu Chen’s heart sink was the fact that after this dark light approached, there wasn’t any response from the Spiritual Puppet, as if it had not sensed it.

“How can this be?”

Mu Chen tightly knitted his brows. That item was extremely mysterious and according to his speculations, it must’ve been left behind by the Fourth Palace Master. But why was the Spiritual Puppet not responding?

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he clenched his teeth and flicked his finger, exploding the Spiritual Energy from of the dark light as it shot towards the centre of the Spiritual Puppet’s brows.

When the dark light approached, there still wasn’t any response from the Spiritual Puppet. After Mu Chen had aimed it at the Spiritual Puppet’s forehead, sparks instantly flew and the metal was embedded in the head of the Spiritual Puppet.

It was initially an action with no other choice from Mu Chen, so he wanted to give it a test. But it seemed to have exceeded his expectations. When the dark light embedded itself into the brows of the Spiritual Puppet, its hollow eyes slowly opened.

A dark light blossomed on the forehead of the Spiritual Puppet with ancient runes wriggling about as the centre of the Spiritual Puppet’s brows formed into a bizarre and ancient rune. Some runes then slowly wriggled into the hollow eyes of the Spiritual Puppet.

When the runes entered the eyes of the Spiritual Puppet, a strange light started to gather in them, which were initially hollow, and a peculiar fluctuation started to spread out from the Spiritual Puppet.

The peculiar fluctuation that was suddenly being emitted from the Spiritual Puppet was swiftly detected by the Divine Pavilion Master. Immediately, he frowned his brows as he darkly looked at Mu Chen. Naturally, the sudden changes of the Spiritual Puppet proved that his previous actions were correct.

Mu Chen also felt relieved in his heart, since he made the correct gamble. That mysterious item was, indeed, left behind by the Fourth Palace Master, it’s just that he had no idea of its usage…

The sudden changes of the Spiritual Puppet caused the confrontation over on their side to stop. Facing the Spiritual Puppet, which had inherited the majority of the Fourth Palace Master’s power, even the Divine Pavilion Master did not dare to belittle it.

Although he had broken through to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm and was on the same level as the Fourth Palace Master when he was alive, the fighting power between the two still had a considerable difference.

Buzz! Buzz!

Under every expert’s attentive gaze, the light in the eyes of the Spiritual Puppet grew more intense before a powerful light shot out that even caused space to distort.

When the powerful light dissipated, the Spiritual Puppet appeared once again. However, what left everyone disappointed was the fact that it didn’t seem to have changed from before.

“No, wait, its eyes!” Mu Chen suddenly squinted his eyes, then solemnly said.

Everyone had immediately directed their gazes over and realised that that hollowness in the eyes of the Spiritual Puppet had disappeared. It was replaced with loss and age…

At this moment, there was a trace of vitality coming from the Spiritual Puppet!

Shock filled everyone’s eyes as the Spiritual Puppet slowly lowered its head to look at its hands. After a brief moment, the blankness in its eyes gradually dissipated. At the same time, everyone could sense an imposing aura starting to emit from the Spiritual Puppet.

“This aura…”

When Mandala and the rest sensed this aura, their pupils instantly narrowed and then exclaimed in the next instant, “It’s the Fourth Palace Master!”

Mu Chen’s heart shook as he sucked in a cold breath and said, “That item actually contained a strand of consciousness from the Fourth Palace Master…”

Clearly, Mu Chen had accidentally shot the black metal towards the centre of the Spiritual Puppet’s brows and in doing so, allowed the consciousness in it to come out and enter the body of the Spiritual Puppet, thus controlling the Spiritual Puppet; which was the cause of the Fourth Palace Master’s aura appearing.

“I never thought that after ten thousand years, someone would actually awaken this strand of consciousness of mine.” While everyone was shocked, the head of the Spiritual Puppet, or perhaps the Fourth Palace Master slowly rose up and its eyes had fixed onto Mu Chen, filled with an imposing might.


But just when the Fourth Palace Master had directed his gaze onto Mu Chen, his eyes suddenly changed and was fixed onto the torrential black aura in the distance. The energy filling the black aura was familiar and loathsome.

“The power of the Skyeater Evil Emperor?!”

The space around the Fourth Palace Master had immediately exploded under his enraged roar, before fragments of space gathered around him like a storm, looking extremely terrifying.

A torrential killing intent surged from his ageing eyes as he waved his hand and the torrential black aura was torn apart, revealing the silhouette of the Divine Pavilion Master.

“As one of the Great Thousand World, you actually dared to absorb the power of the Fiend Clans, you cannot remain alive!” Although it was just a strand of his consciousness, the Fourth Palace Master was that sensitive towards the power of the Skyeater Evil Emperor. His eyes were fixed onto the Divine Pavilion Master, filled with killing intent.

When the Divine Pavilion Master sensed the gaze of the Fourth Palace Master, his face was a little ugly. But despite feeling fearful, he wasn’t too afraid and sneered, “Impudent, if your real body was still present, perhaps I would be somewhat fearful. But you only have a strand of your consciousness that has still survived and yet, you want to kill me?”

He was, after all, a Greater Earth Sovereign. Even if he was facing the real Fourth Palace Master, he could still put up a fight. Therefore, he did not lose his calm in the current situation.

But the situation, which he was fully confident in, suddenly became somewhat troublesome, which had undoubtedly caused a headache for the Divine Pavilion Master. Immediately, he looked at Mu Chen with his sharp eyes that were filled with hatred.

Facing the sharp gaze of the Divine Pavilion Master, Mu Chen felt his scalp going numb, but he felt relieved in his heart. With the participation of the Fourth Palace Master, the current situation had finally started to go beyond the control of the Divine Pavilion Master. Since that’s the case, even if they couldn’t defeat the Divine Pavilion Master, they’re still somewhat confident in escaping.

Mandala had also cast a glance at Mu Chen while feeling relieved. Because of Mu Chen, an opportunity had appeared. Right now, they could only see what the Fourth Palace Master could do. They could also make a move to kill the Divine Pavilion Master as well.

Just as this thought flashed in everyone’s hearts, the Fourth Palace Master coldly looked at the Divine Pavilion Master and sneered, “A mere junior that has just broken through the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm actually dares to act so impudently before this Palace Master, how laughable…”

“If we’re outside, perhaps this Palace Master couldn’t do a thing to you. But this is my grave, so I’m afraid that you can’t act so impudently!”

“Since you like the power of the Fiend Clans so much, then you can stay here for eternity and be buried with the Skyeater Evil Emperor!”

When the Fourth Palace Master coldly spoke, he opened his hand and the black metal triangle, which was initially at the centre of his brows, slowly fell onto his palm.

Watching this scene, Mu Chen’s eyelids uncontrollably jumped. Could it be that that item, which was deemed useless by him, actually had some profundities in it?

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