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The top powers from various forces were dumbfounded when Mu Chen handed over the Starry Suppression Tower. Even Mandela was stunned, as she had not expected Mu Chen to do so.

Although she had been eyeing the sacred object, she was not dying to have it. Moreover, as long as Mu Chen had the sacred tower, it was still way better than letting someone else from the other forces have it.

Of course, she did understand that it would bring Mu Chen trouble, but no one would dare to mess with Daluo Territory from now on. She was confident that she could protect Mu Chen.

So she was stunned when Mu Chen handed over the tower. She frowned and said, "You don't have to. Although it means trouble for you, since I'm here, no one can touch you."

Obviously, she had assumed that Mu Chen was afraid to bring trouble upon himself. Thus, he had no choice but to surrender the tower to her.

Mu Chen gave a smile and said, "This thing is wasted in my hands. Given my current ability, I won't be able to exert its power."

That was true. A huge amount of spiritual energy was required to activate and support the Starry Suppression Tower. Given Mu Chen's current Grade Five Sovereign's ability, his level of spiritual energy was way too low.

"Moreover, it is more useful in Daluo Territory's hands as compared to using it myself. Currently, the Lord of Divine Pavilion has perished. The situation might change in the North Territory. So I believe Daluo Territory will need this more than me."

Mu Chen looked at Mandela, who was pondering. He smiled. "You don't have to feel burdened. The stronger Daluo Territory becomes, the more power I can use to make myself stronger. Just take it as an investment from me. Maybe next time, I'll need your help again."

Mandela swallowed her words while she was looking at Mu Chen, who was smiling. His eyes surged with seriousness. She was shocked and moved by Mu Chen's actions. After all, even a top power of Earthly Sovereign level would be tempted by this powerful sacred object, but Mu Chen calmly handed it over to her.

He did not have to. He should know her character. She would not force him to hand it over to her for sure.

However, like what Mu Chen had said, if she could have the Starry Suppression Tower, she would be able to fight with an Upper Earthly Sovereign.

This would be extremely helpful in the uprising chaotic situation in the North Territory.

Mandela stared at the dark golden pyramid on Mu Chen's palm. After a while, she gritted her teeth and said, "This will be under my care temporarily. In the future, I will return it when you have the power to control it."

Mu Chen only smiled and nodded. He did not say anything further. He was thinking, maybe by that time, a tower would not be able to satisfy him anymore.

"In addition…" Mandela was blushing slightly as she stuttered, "Could you give me the Spiritual Deity Liquid in that tower? I will compensate you next time."

For Mandela, the temptation of the Spiritual Deity Liquid was more than the Starry Suppression Tower now. She was halfway towards Upper Earthly Sovereign. One more step, and she could achieve a breakthrough.

Mu Chen could not help but laugh. He nodded. Although the Spiritual Deity Liquid was indeed formidable, like the tower, it was not something that he could handle.

Given its purity and vast amount, he would not be able to refine the liquid. His physical body would explode due to the inflation of the spiritual energy if he forcefully absorbed it.

So, when he gave the tower to Mandela, it included that drop of Spiritual Deity Liquid.

Mandela blushed even more upon seeing Mu Chen's nod. She did not look like the Dominator of Daluo Territory, but more like a cute little girl-next-door.

"But I have one condition…" Mu Chen smiled. "Previously, the Fourth Hall Master said that the Starry Suppression Tower could be used to track the Primordial Celestial Palace. I hope you can track it down for me."

The Primordial Celestial Palace relic was a precious place that numerous forces were eyeing. Not everyone was able to track it down. So, he did not think that he could do it himself, either. Hence, he could only rely on Mandela's help.

Besides, even if he were lucky enough to have found the relic, it would create an uproar. By then, it would attract many forces. Thus, even if he could find the location of the relic, he could not do it alone if he wanted to retrieve the cultivation method of the Immortal Golden Body.

He would definitely need Mandela's help when the time came. Otherwise, he would not be able to fight against those super powers in the Tianluo Continent.

The previous investment that he was talking about was not for show. He did need the help from Mandela since he had not become independent yet.

Mandela shook off her embarrassment, and she nodded with a solemn look on her face. "I will definitely do my best if we can detect the Celestial Palace."

She knew that Mu Chen was cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body, and the final evolution stage would be one of the legendary "origin of the celestial bodies," the Primordial Immortal Body.

The next evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body could be in that Primordial Celestial Palace!

Mandela could guess the main reason why Mu Chen came to this North Territory. His main target should be in it.

In the Great Hunting War, she owed many flavors to Mu Chen. Now she was even taking away the Starry Suppression Tower and the Spiritual Deity Liquid. These flavors added up to quite an amount. So, the only thing she could do was to help Mu Chen in getting his evolution body.

Mandela had no further hesitation when she thought of it. She took over the tower from Mu Chen and kept it for herself.

When Mandela took the Starry Suppression Tower, the few Earthly Sovereigns could not help but change their expressions. Their eyes were filled with cautiousness.

Mandela was halfway towards Upper Earthly Sovereign. If she had the help of the Spiritual Deity Liquid, she could become a true Upper Earthly Sovereign. With the tower in her hands, she could be one of the strongest among the Upper Earthly Sovereigns.

With such strength, no one could fight against her in the North Territory.

Holy Ancestor and the rest secretly sighed. It looked like they had to be respectful to the uprising Dominator of the North Territory.

However, they felt a sense of relief as Mandela was more acceptable compared to the Lord of Divine Pavilion, who had been ambitious.


While the various forces had their own thoughts, the earth suddenly filled with air-rending sounds that seemed to be in a hurry.

Mu Chen and the rest lifted their heads and saw that figures were retreating hastily. Those were the people from the Divine Pavilion. They were trying to escape.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion had perished. Everyone knew that the Divine Pavilion, which had been around for years, would collapse sooner or later. At this point in time, those top powers would not dare to stay. So, they had to try their best to escape.

As they were escaping, Mandela, Holy Ancestor, and the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns who had grudges with the Divine Pavilion before all narrowed their eyes. The next moment, all of them swung their sleeves, and daunting oppression went after the escapees. The space in the faraway land was frozen.

Those escaping top powers froze on the spot. Even the four Pavilion Masters had fearful expressions on their faces. They were no longer throwing their weight around.

They all knew very well that the Divine Pavilion would collapse. They would be the first few persons on the list when their foes sought vengeance, especially the strongest East Pavilion Master who was already a Grade Nine Sovereign. If he were to escape successfully and eventually break through to Earthly Sovereign, it would be a pain in the neck.

So, the root must be eliminated!

The Netherworld Palace and Tian Xuan Hall, who had some dealings with the Divine Pavilion, hardened their expressions, but none of them lended a helping hand.

They knew that with the Lord of Divine Pavilion's fall, the situation in the North Territory would drastically change. Mandela was already making her way to Upper Earthly Sovereign, and she would soon leave the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns behind. From then onwards, Daluo Territory would replace the Divine Pavilion as the greatest force in the North Territory.

So, at this point in time, they would not want to make an enemy of the Daluo Territory just for the sake of the Divine Pavilion, who had just lost their leader.

"Heh heh, we had a few disciples who were killed by the Divine Pavilion. Time to settle our scores." Holy Ancestor looked at them. His old voice was filled with coldness.

After he finished his sentence, Holy Ancestor looked at Mandela and asked smilingly, "How do you intend to deal with those remaining?"

Mandela looked at those top powers from the Divine Pavilion without any emotion. She had no sympathy for them at all. If there was a chance to eliminate all of them, she would.

But before she could make her move, she saw that Mu Chen has a strange look on his face, so she paused. "What do you think?"

Mu Chen smiled and said, "Can I have one of those people?"

"Oh?" Mandela was a little shocked and looked at Mu Chen. Subsequently, she nodded without any concern. "Pick whoever you want."

"Thank you." Mu Chen pointed at someone from the Divine Pavilion. "I want her."

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