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Chapter 950 - A Perilous Situation

The torrential black aura was spreading throughout this region and the deathly evil aura seemed to fluctuate, causing the countenances of the Earth Sovereigns present to seem a little unsightly.

They did not expect that the reason why the Divine Pavilion Master came to this Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury wasn’t only for the Spiritual Divine Liquid, but the seal of the Skyeater Evil Emperor that was left behind by the Fourth Palace Master.

With these two things, it was indeed not tough for the Divine Pavilion Master to break through to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.

Mu Chen’s face turned extremely ugly. Judging from the current situation, the Divine Pavilion Master was clearly prepared. It was no wonder why he would dare to previously speak of something so outrageous.

He could tell from the terrifying pressure that was emanating from the Divine Pavilion Master. Although he had not stabilised in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, he was still stronger than Mandala.

So if they were to fight, even Mandala would not be able to fight with the Divine Pavilion Master.

“What good schemes!”

Mandala could also sense the Divine Pavilion Master had become more terrifying while clenching her teeth, before she coldly said, “You’re truly insane. The energy of the Fiend Clan is incompatible with our Great Thousand World, you will definitely regret it in the future!”

Although the Skyeater Evil Emperor had already died, the energy was still something that didn’t belong to the Great Thousand World. So even if the Divine Pavilion Master could suppress it for the moment, he would also be leaving a hidden danger in the future.

But the Divine Pavilion Master smiled. “There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t need a price. It’s just that the price of it is still within my acceptable range. In the future, when I obtain the inheritance of the Ancient Haven Palace, I might be able to become the Overlord of the Skylaw Continent, allowing my Divine Pavilion to be one of the powerhouses in the Great Thousand World.”

“Heh, what a great ambition!” Hearing his words, even the Myriad Saint Ancestor couldn’t help mocking him. He had originally thought that the Divine Pavilion Master only wanted to dominate the Northern Region, but he turned out that he had set his mind for the entire Skylaw Continent.

The Skylaw Continent was one of the ten super continents in the Great Thousand World. If it could be dominated, then the amount of resources and territories would definitely be unimaginable. It’s not impossible for a powerhouse force to be born from it either.

But how could it be so easy to dominate the Skylaw Continent? Unless the Divine Pavilion Master was able to reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, it would just be a pipe dream.

“The inheritance of the Ancient Haven Palace?”

When the Myriad Saint Ancestor was mocking him, the eyes of Mu Chen and Mandala suddenly flashed. Judging from the words of the Divine Pavilion Master, he actually knew about the greatest secrets in the Skylaw Continent, the Ancient Haven Palace that had been hidden for a long time!

That was a supreme powerhouse in the ancient times with experts as many as clouds in the sky. There were even numerous existences like the Fourth Palace Master, a Greater Earth Sovereign in it, whereas the Palace Master of the Ancient Haven Palace was a Heavenly Sovereign Realm existence.

If they could find the Ancient Haven Palace and obtain the inheritance, then it might allow another supreme powerhouse to be born in the Skylaw Continent.

Naturally, the inheritance of the Ancient Haven Palace wasn’t what Mu Chen was concerned about. He was more concerned about the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body.

According to the information that he had gathered so far, the second evolution was a must if he wanted his Great Solar Undying Body to grow into the Primordial Immortal Body.

As long as his Great Solar Undying Body could evolve into the Primordial Immortal Body, Mu Chen believed that there would definitely be a spot for him in the Great Thousand World.

At that time, he would even have the capital to confront that mysterious clan that his mother was from and he would no longer be cautious of using the Nine-Layered Pagoda.

“You actually know the secret of the Ancient Haven Palace?” Mandala stared at the Divine Pavilion Master as she sneered.

The existence of the Ancient Haven Palace wasn’t too much of a secret in the Skylaw Continent. But many experts have been trying their best, but they still couldn’t find the Ancient Haven Palace. So even Mandala doubted the words of the Divine Pavilion Master.

The Divine Pavilion Master smiled at the words of Mandala before his pitch-black eyes, which were filled with evil, looked at the other Earth Sovereigns and he revealed a smile. “I wonder if I am qualified to dominate the Northern Region now?”

The entire region was silent and the other forces kept quiet. Even Earth Sovereigns had their face ashened, since the current situation had exceeded their expectations.

As their gazes flickered, they looked at Mandala. Right now, only Mandala could pose a threat to the Divine Pavilion Master.

Mandala’s face was a little unsightly as she fixed her gaze on the Divine Pavilion Master, before taking in a deep breath and solemnly said, “My Great Havenlaw Domain is not interested in colluding with your Divine Pavilion!”

She had clearly stated her stand about not wanting to be a subordinate of the Divine Pavilion.

But the Divine Pavilion Master wasn’t too surprised by Mandala’s words. He faintly smiled and indifferently said, “Since that’s the case, then there’s no need for your Great Havenlaw Domain to continue existing in the Northern Region.”

His calm words were filled with cold killing intent, which caused the experts of the Great Havenlaw Domain to have their faces change. Even Mu Chen had abruptly squinted his eyes.

The other peak forces had a change in their expressions as well.

“Really?! That’ll depend on whether you’re capable enough!” Mandala’s tone was cold, since she already knew that it was impossible to compromise today and she could only fight to the death!

“Haha. Did you think that with your cultivation at the Quasi-Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, you can fight me?” The Divine Pavilion Master chuckled as killing intent spread out from him.

“Looks like your Great Havenlaw Domain will be the biggest stepping stone for my Divine Pavilion to dominate the Northern Region. After I clear you, I believe the other forces will be obedient.”

The Divine Pavilion Master smiled as he waved his arm. Instantly, a torrential black aura surged out that dyed the sky. Furthermore, with the Spiritual Energy in this region gradually being contaminated, the other Earth Sovereigns couldn’t control that contaminated Spiritual Energy…

Mandala looked at the contaminated heavens and earth and her face grew even more ugly. The Divine Pavilion Master was actually intending to make use of the Fiend Clans’ power to contaminate the heavens and earth, forming a prison in this region so it wouldn’t be possible for them to escape.

“Everyone, let us make our move together and tear the space apart to retreat. As long as we can retreat and spread this news, we’ll see if his Divine Pavilion can still remain in the Northern Region!” The eyes of the Demon Emperor changed as he yelled out.

In the Great Thousand World, everyone had their guard up against the Fiend Clans. If they knew about the Divine Pavilion Master’s actions, they would definitely make their move against him. At that point in time, even the peak forces beyond the Northern Region wouldn’t sit still and watch.

“Let’s make our move together!”

The Myriad Saint Ancestor instantly realised the point and they no longer hesitated. They had all acted together. Terrifying Spiritual Energy crystals shot out and slammed against the sinister black aura.

Poof! Poof!

But when they launched their attacks against the black aura, it had caused the black aura to spread out and it only took an instant for the black aura sweep out. The contaminating strength of it had also increased as well.

When the Earth Sovereigns saw this scene, their faces had instantly turned ugly.

“Haha. There’s no need for futile efforts. I have already stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm and with the power left behind by the Skyeater Evil Emperor, how can you few Lesser Earth Sovereigns do a thing to me?” The Divine Pavilion Master’s voice resounded from the black aura.

Mu Chen had sucked in a breath, since he never expected the power of a Greater Earth Sovereign to be so powerful… He turned towards Mandala and saw an ugly expression on the latter at this moment.

“Is there a way to deal with this situation?” Mu Chen spoke in a low voice.

“That fellow’s strength has grown, and even if I work together with the other Earth Sovereigns, I can only protect ourselves… Furthermore, the most problematic issue is that he has used the power of the Skyeater Evil Emperor. If we allow him to contaminate the Spiritual Energy in this region, we will be trapped, waiting for our deaths in the end.” Mandala spoke with her teeth clenched.

“We don’t have enough power at this moment. If there’s another Earth Sovereign that joined us, we might be able to break the stalemate.” Although the power of a Greater Earth Sovereign was powerful, it didn’t mean that there’s no limit to it. If there’s enough Lesser Earth Sovereigns around, they would be able to confront an Greater Earth Sovereign.

Mu Chen endlessly, bitterly smiled. Practically all the Earth Sovereigns in the Northern Region had been gathered here, so where should they go look for another one? Earth Sovereigns weren’t stray dogs or cats that you could find anywhere.

As his thoughts circulated, his expression suddenly changed and he squinted his eyes while looking into the distance. Wasn’t there a Spiritual Puppet comparable to a Greater Earth Sovereign at the rock island?

If they could lure it over, it should be able to deal with the Divine Pavilion Master. It’s just that… the protective range of the Spiritual Puppet wouldn’t exceed the range of the rock island.

Mu Chen frowned his brows and pondered for a long time, before suddenly clenching his hand and the mysterious black triangle object appeared in his hand. This item seemed to be greatly connected to this Earth Sovereign Realm Treasury; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to obtain that ancient dolium so easily.

Although Mu Chen had no idea if it could be used, he had no choice but to try it at this moment.


Mu Chen took in a deep breath. He no longer hesitated and flicked his finger. The black triangle in his hand bolted out towards the Spiritual Puppet before the black aura closed in.

His gaze was fixed onto the Spiritual Puppet and his heart anxiously throbbed. If it’s useless, then they wouldn’t be able to escape death this time!

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