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The ancient three-dimensional dark triangle glimmered, as it was suspended above the Fourth Hall Master's palm. It then slowly started rotating, while emitting some strange buzzing noises.

Ancient beams of light quietly emerged from it, like an ancient tree, stretching out its dense branches and leaves. At the same time, everyone within the space suddenly felt the space shaking violently. Even the ocean beneath was sent into a sudden fury, with turbulent waves overlapping one another.

Mandela and the others were staring at the chaos in disbelief. At this moment, they were vaguely aware that an extremely powerful force was penetrating the space, descending upon then swiftly.

"This power…"

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion's face was twisted. In the next moment, he raised his head abruptly, looking up at the sky gravely. He saw that the dark sky-like space was rippling like waves of water.

His pupils then contracted violently, as he also saw that there was a massive entity within the ripple, which was piercing through the space and slowly descending. The behemoth descended slowly, along with a terrible pressure, which enveloped the space, causing many Earthly Sovereigns' gazes to turn solemn.

It was at this moment that Mu Chen looked up in shock at the massive entity that had broken through the space. A moment later, he muttered dryly, "It's the Dark Pyramid..."

It was true! The behemoth that had just appeared before them was the very same Dark Pyramid that Mu Chen had seen suspended in the depths of space after they had stepped into the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure realm!

"To think that such an object could actually summon this Dark Pyramid?!" Mu Chen couldn't help but gasp, as a new realization had finally dawned on him.

Wasn't the little three-dimensional black triangle an extremely compact version of the Dark Pyramid?! 

Once the Dark Pyramid made its initial appearance, golden spots of light started to emerge on its surface, like stars dotting the sky. Light emitted from it, and then they were linked to each other. It was like a golden chain, wrapping itself around the Pyramid, so that the Pyramid now had an unshakable power!

At this moment, Mu Chen and the others could tell that the Dark Pyramid was indeed a fearsome artifact of unfathomable power, and one which had not yet been discovered when they had entered the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure realm.

"I hadn't expected that the Dark Pyramid would actually be a Sacred Artifact…"

Mandela's little face became extremely solemn at this time, and a moment later, she shook her head regretfully, saying, "But, this object had been hidden so well by the Fourth Hall Master before, that even I had not noticed it."

"A Sacred Artifact?!"

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen's heart suddenly shook. In this vast Great Thousand World, the Divine Artifact was not the most powerful object. Above it, was the Sacred Artifact, which was so rare and powerful, even the Earthly Sovereigns desired it greatly.

Over these many years, Mu Chen had never seen a real Sacred Artifact. After all, an artifact at that rank was far too elusive for someone of his level of strength to attain.

Of course, it wasn't just him, as no one in the entire Daluo Territory had ever really possessed a Divine Artifact either. But now, this Dark Pyramid was a genuine Sacred Artifact! So, of course this shocked Mu Chen immensely!

"It's supposedly a Hinayana Sacred Artifact. As far as I know, there were eight Great Sacred Artifacts in the Primordial Celestial Palace. One of them was called the Starry Suppression Tower, which, if I'm not wrong, is the one that is right in front of me." Mandela sighed.

"The Eight Great Sacred Artifacts…"

Mu Chen once again inhaled a breath of cool air. The Primordial Celestial Palace was worthy indeed, since it possessed eight of these extremely powerful Sacred Artifacts! This showed just how powerful the Primordial Celestial Palace was at its peak, making it vastly stronger than the Daluo Territory.

"If I possessed a Sacred Artifact, I would be able to contend with the Lord of the Divine Pavilion at this time." Mandela smiled, exasperated.

"Those of us from the Daluo Territory put forth our best efforts, and we still couldn't even obtain one Sacred Artifact?" Mu Chen asked in astonishment, thinking to himself many thoughts.

If the Sacred Artifacts are really so powerful, since we did our utmost, wouldn't we have some chance of obtaining it?

"According to my estimation, in this vast Great Thousand World, the value of a Sacred Artifact requires at least tens of millions of units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid," Mandela said.

"Tens… tens of millions of units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?"

Mu Chen was stunned, his face showing his disbelief. He thought that, in the Continent of Trade, even the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art, which was comparable to a Perfect Divine Art, had only sold tens of thousands of units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in an auction.

Nine Nether Palace's annual income was only tens of thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Now, the value of this Sacred Artifact was very high, so much so that it exceeded more than ten million! At such a high price, even if the Daluo Territory were to squeeze themselves dry, it would very difficult to gather tens of millions of units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

"It's no surprise, as Sacred Artifacts are too difficult to refine, and they often take a long time to do so. So, it's perfectly normal that it would fail to be refined, even after hundreds and thousands of years."

Mandela, however, was calm, and said, "The power it possesses is indeed destructive enough to change the outcome of a battle between the Earthly Sovereigns. In this vast Great Thousand World, one of the criteria for measuring the strength of some of the top powers is whether or not they possess a Sacred Artifact to use in suppression. So, in a way, the North Territory can be considered as insignificant on this Tianluo Continent."

Mu Chen was speechless, and could only nod with a bitter smile. He had seen the difference between the Earthly Sovereigns before, and if a Sacred Artifact could make up for it, it was understandable that it would have such a horrifyingly high value. It was also no wonder that, even though they're one of the top forces in the North Territory, they didn't possess a Sacred Artifact.

As Mu Chen talked to Mandela, the rest of the Sovereigns discovered the details and origins of the Dark Pyramid. Immediately, several Earthly Sovereigns' gazes were filled with greedy desire. If the Dark Pyramid had not been under the control of the Fourth Hall Master, they would have made their moves to snatch and vie for it.

"I didn't expect the Primordial Celestial Palace's Starry Suppression Tower to be in the hands of the Fourth Hall Master. It is said that this object has an immense ability to suppress and defend. This time, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion is in deep trouble."

Holy Ancestor and the others looked at each other, heaving sighs of relief. They now understood why the Fourth Hall Master had been so confident and full of contempt towards the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, who had attained the rank of an Upper Earthly Sovereign. Indeed, with the help of the power of the Starry Suppression Tower, death was an inevitable end for the Lord of the Divine Pavilion!

As the several Earthly Sovereigns were communicating telepathically, in the dark mist, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion's expression had twisted grotesquely. He glared fixedly at the Dark Pyramid that penetrated the space, from which he felt a palpitating wave emanating.

Moreover, at this time, the power of the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor, which had been absorbed in his body, also surged. It almost as seemed as if it was fearful of the Dark Pyramid. This was because, in the primordial times, the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor had finally been defeated by the Fourth Hall Master, who had used the Starry Suppression Tower to seal him away forcefully. Then, with the passage of time thereafter, it had vanished into nothingness…

"Starry Suppression Tower…"

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion's gaze flickered, and at last, he stomped at the void violently. The space rippled, and the black gas surged, transforming into a long, black python. It directly shattered the void, then charged towards the Fourth Hall Master.

In the face of such an astonishing attack from the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, the Fourth Hall Master remained incredibly composed, but as soon as his seals changed, a thin black beam of light descended from the sky, then finally fell in front of him.

In the light screen, one could see that stars were connected to each other, like a celestial map in the sky. The source of that black light was the Dark Pyramid!


The black python pounded heavily on the black light screen, but the seemingly weak black light only rippled, showing no signs of shattering. Gazing upon such a powerful defense, even Mandela and the others could not help but twitch their mouths.

The Fourth Hall Master, with the help of the spiritual puppet's power, was at most only at the same level as the God of the Divine Pavilion, but with the help of the power of the Starry Suppression Tower, the latter's attack was unable to break through its defense. The Starry Suppression Tower indeed harbored an incredibly powerful defense strength.

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion looked at the scene, his face growing increasingly darker. His gaze flickered, and in the next moment, he dealt a blow at the space behind him with a violent clap. The space was torn apart, and he immediately moved to hide in the spatial cracks.

"He's escaping!"

Upon seeing this, Mandela and the others' gazes turned somber instantly. The Lord of the Divine Pavilion was so decisive, when he knew that he could not win against the Fourth Hall Master, he immediately recognized that he had no choice but to retreat at once.

After the Lord of the Divine Pavilion had successfully escaped, it would be a great disaster! However, just as Mandela and the others were ready to attempt to intercept the Lord of Divine Pavilion, the Fourth Hall Master smiled faintly. With a wave of his sleeve, the Starry Suppression Tower immediately descended, its shadow enveloping the space.

The Starry Suppression Tower eventually covered the space where the Lord of the Divine Pavilion had fled. Countless rays of stars stretched out and penetrated the space. In a few moments, the stars suddenly retracted. When they did so, a shadowy figure was forced out of the spatial crack. That silhouette was the Lord of Divine Pavilion, who had been attempting to escape!

"Since you have already absorbed the power of the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor, you should remain here."

The Fourth Hall Master's indifferent voice rang out, and as soon as his seals changed, numerous starry chains shot out of the Starry Suppression Tower. These chains bound the Lord of the Divine Pavilions' limbs and dragged him back, in spite of his struggling against them.

On the surface of the Starry Suppression Tower, the stars squirmed and turned into a dark black hole, like a massive mouth, which swallowed the Lord of Divine Pavilion in one gulp. As the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was devoured, Mu Chen immediately saw that the surface of the Starry Suppression Tower began to turn illusory and reveal its innerworkings.

In the dark starry sky, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was bound securely by numerous starry chains. No matter how much he struggled, any attempt to escape was a futile.

Mandela and the others were shell-shocked. It only took a few minutes for the arrogant Lord of the Divine Pavilion to be easily trapped by the Fourth Hall Master. This Starry Suppression Tower was terrifying indeed!

"Fourth Hall Master, what do you want?" Inside the Starry Suppression Tower, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion growled, his face steely with fury.

He had not expected that the situation, which he had controlled securely in his hands, would suddenly become so out of control, and it was all because of the damned Fourth Hall Master!

The Fourth Hall Master's expression was cold, as he commanded, "Return what does not belong to you!"

As soon as his voice fell, there was suddenly a blazing flame rising in the dark sky. The flame was so peculiar, it seemed as if it had been transformed by the stars. It was truly brilliant and gorgeous.

However, when the Lord of the Divine Pavilion saw the flames, his face twisted dramatically, and a deep uneasiness arose in his heart.

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