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The forces that had been occupying parts of the horizon gathered together in the sky and then left. Light burst out in the area, and the space looked colorful.

Mu Chen and the men of Daluo Territory marveled at the scene. It was rare to see seven Earthly Sovereigns cultivating together, and it looked majestic.

When they turned to look before them, purple light burst out. They could indistinctly see a small figure sitting cross-legged within the purple light.

Although Mandela had not exuded her oppressive force on purpose, a horrifying spiritual energy surged as she was cultivating. The oppression was so strong that it caused fear among the men of Daluo Territory.

Six similar forces were present in other parts of the sky.

As Mandela and the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns continued to cultivate, the people could see seven powerful rays of light speedily spreading. As the space was unable to withstand the oppression, space warps started to form.

Mu Chen and the rest started to move away from Mandela, as they were afraid of being covered by the purple light. If that happened, they would not be able to move.

Nine Nether looked at the majestic scene and said, "This kind of cultivation is earth-shattering." She hoped to be able to achieve that in the future.

In the Great Thousand World, only those who had reached the Sovereign-level could be considered top powers, and Earthly Sovereigns would be the overlord of a region. This level of power was the highest level among the top forces in the Great Thousand World.

Many cultivators yearned to reach this level, including Nine Nether.

Mu Chen stood beside Nine Nether and said with a smile, "You will be able to reach this level one day."

Nine Nether smiled, and she tilted her head to look at Mu Chen. He seemed to have grown taller these past two years. When Mu Chen was in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he was still very young. After fighting so many battles, he had grown up.

Nine Nether felt a bit emotional. She felt comforted to see the youth that she had been protecting had grown up.

When Mu Chen saw Nine Nether looking at him, he was shocked and asked, "What has happened?"

"If I were to fight with you now, I don't think I could defeat you."

Nine Nether smiled and continued, "When you had just left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, you were still a greenhorn and had not cultivated the Sovereign Celestial Body…"

However, this greenhorn had become a reputable figure in the North Territory. Nine Nether was confident that after the Big Hunting War, Daluo Territory would still be able to have standing in the North Territory, and Mu Chen's reputation would surpass that of the geniuses among the younger generation in the North Territory. Even the older masters would be wary of him.

"It has been almost two years…"

Mu Chen sighed as well. Within two years, he had progressed from a greenhorn who had not cultivated the Sovereign Celestial Body to a Grade Five Sovereign. He had even tapped into the power of the fighting spirit to fight with Grade Seven Sovereigns. His progress was amazing, but Mu Chen was still not satisfied. He knew that he was still far from his goal…

When he and the girl were at the lush greenery of the Spiritual Academy, he had told the girl that one day, he would become a matchless master…

Although he had become more powerful, he was still far from being a matchless master.

After he had witnessed the power of the Earthly Sovereigns, he knew how powerful this level was. It was apparent that the Luo God Clan where Luo Li was, was more dangerous than the North Territory.

The power of the Luo God Clan was much more powerful than that of Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns!

If he were to go to the Luo God Clan, he must at least be powerful enough so that he would not be afraid of them. Only then he could stand before the beautiful, strong girl and protect her from the ordeals of life…

However, Mu Chen was still far from the mark.

Mu Chen clenched his fist slowly and looked persistent. He had faced many obstacles and difficulties along the way, but these had not stopped him. Instead, they had helped him to persevere even more.

He would face danger as he progressed and continually encounter life threatening situations. He believed that the others had considered his desire to become a peerless master as impractical. However, the girl had never doubted his words, and she trusted him more than he trusted himself. One day he would become the peerless master and appear before her...


Mu Chen lifted up his head and took a deep breath. He finally managed to calm himself down. His smile was suddenly filled with more confidence and persistence.

Luo Li, wait for me.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen's eyes and the confidence that he exuded and smiled. Only Luo Li could cause this cool guy's heart to flutter.

Nine Nether swept the hair on her forehead and said suddenly, "After the Big Hunting War, I may go away for a while."

When Mu Chen heard this, he was stunned and asked, "Where are you going?"

"I have broken through to Grade Six Sovereign and have become a Netherworld Bird. I have to go back and try to ignite the inherited bloodline…" Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen and winked. She then said with a smile, "If I manage to succeed, my strength will increase tremendously. By then, I will have to dump you."

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether. Although she was smiling, he noticed that her smile was not natural.

She seemed bothered.

"Is there danger in igniting the inherited bloodline, or is it something else?" Mu Chen asked softly.

Nine Nether was shocked. She had not expected Mu Chen to be so sensitive. She quickly curled up her lips and shook her head.

Mu Chen looked at her and suddenly said, "Is it because… we are linked by the bloodline?"

To ignite the inherited bloodline, it would need to come into contact with the blood. By doing so, her people would find out that her bloodline was linked with Mu Chen's. Although Nine Nether did not mind, her people might.

The Netherworld Bird was top in the Divine Beast Record among the powerful Divine Beasts. If she evolved further and became a Sovereign Divine Beast, she would become a powerful figure in the Great Thousand World.

Nine Nether was a rare talent in the Netherworld Bird clan. The high levels in the clan had high hopes in her. If they knew that Nine Nether's bloodline was linked with a human being's, especially one who was only a Grade Five Sovereign, they would be furious. It would not be easy to appease them.

Nine Nether bit her lip and smiled at Mu Chen. She said firmly, "Don't worry, I will not let them hurt you!"

Mu Chen furrowed his brows. When he and Nine Nether had linked their bloodlines together, he had expected there to be problems. It seemed that the problems were about to surface.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and said, "Sister Nine Nether, I am grateful that all these years you have been protecting me… This happened because of me. I will not let you face this alone."

Nine Nether was stunned. She lifted up her head and looked at Mu Chen. He looked persistent and was no longer a greenhorn. His confidence calmed her down.

After she calmed down, she felt comforted. Mu Chen was no longer the greenhorn and sometimes, even she became more confident due to his presence.

In less than two years after he had left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen had grown up…

Nine Nether nodded and did not say another word. She looked less worried now.

When Mu Chen saw it, he smiled. After Nine Nether looked away, he turned grave as he knew that this matter would not be easy to deal with.

However, now was not the time to consider this matter. The most important thing was that Mandela was able to successfully break through. If the Lord of Divine Pavilion managed to break through first, Daluo Territory would face a catastrophe. They would then become homeless curs.

When they had to face the people of Netherworld Bird, Mandela would be the greatest force that Mu Chen could tap into. If Mandela was unable to break through, Mu Chen would not be in a position to talk to the people of Netherworld Bird. He would have to think of other solutions then.

Thus, Mu Chen prayed hard that the perfect grade Spiritual Deity Liquid would help Mandela to have a successful breakthrough.

Mu Chen looked at the purple light that had pierced through the area. Mandela sat quietly cross-legged within it, and horrifying spiritual energy fluctuations swirled out from her body.

"Mandela… You must succeed…"

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