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The seven rays of majestic light covered the area, as a horrifying spiritual energy oppression spread out. It was so oppressive, even the space issued forth distorted sounds.

As the six Earthly Sovereigns continued with their cultivation, the oppression that exuded from them became even stronger. Ultimately, they no longer bothered to suppress it, simply allowing the oppression to spread out. The forces had once again been forced to back away further…

The top forces were no longer interested in fighting with each other. They instead focused on the seven rays of majestic light. After all, only the seven top-notch masters could decide the fate of the North Territory.

The Lords of the Daluo Territory looked at one another and saw that they were all anxious. Even Mu Chen, who had always been calm, had broken out in a cold sweat.

If Mandela made a wrong move in this game, she would face great danger. They would then become homeless curs. Moreover, they might even have to escape from the North Territory to look for another place to practice.

This outcome was not what Mu Chen wanted to see happen. He had come to the North Territory in search of the Ancient Celestial Palace to fine tune the Primordial Immortal Body. However, he knew that he could not do this alone.

So, he had to tap into the strength of the Daluo Territory. If the Daluo Territory had been destroyed by the Divine Pavilion, all that he had accomplished within the past two years would have gone to waste.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the purple light in front of him, then clenched his fists.

Mandela, you must succeed…


As Mu Chen muttered to himself, a large beam shot toward the sky and pierced through the space. This unforeseen event caused Mu Chen and the rest to turn pale.

They gathered their spiritual energy, then channeled it to their eyes. Then, they saw an elderly man in a starry white robe, sitting cross-legged within the large beam. The spiritual energy in the area gathered behind him like a tide.

"It is Holy Ancestor of Holy Mountain!" Spiritual Pupil King said in a low voice. Light flashed across his eyes, and he looked through the spiritual energy tide, seeing that the elderly man was within it.

"His strength has advanced, but he has not broken through," the Sleeping King said. Holy Ancestor had advanced in his strength through the power of the Spiritual Deity Liquid, but he was far from attaining the level of Upper Earthly Sovereign.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard this, they heaved sighs of relief. Although they did not have any personal feud with Holy Mountain, once there was an imbalance of powers, no one could predict what would happen next.

After Holy Ancestor had completed his cultivation, other beams started to shoot upward. In every beam, there would be a figure, standing with his hand placed at his back. The oppression that they exuded caused the spiritual energy in the area to shake.

"That is Liu Tiandao from Tian Xuan Hall. His strength has increased tremendously…"

"Demon Emperor from Demon's Gate…Serpentis Old Man from Snake Shrine…Netherworld Palace Master…they have all refined the Spiritual Deity Liquid. Although their strengths have increased, they still have not yet managed to have a break through!"

Mu Chen and the rest looked anxious. They were shocked that it was so difficult to advance to Upper Earthly Sovereign. Even the five Earthly Sovereigns had failed to do it!

The five Earthly Sovereigns frowned, as they were unhappy that they had failed. However, it was beyond their control. There was a big gap between every level of the Earthly Sovereign progression, so it was not easy to move past each of those gaps.

"The five Earthly Sovereigns have completed their cultivations. Now, we are left with the Dominator and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion…" The top powers of the forces looked eagerly at the two bright rays of light. Even the five Earthly Sovereigns, who had finished their cultivations, looked grave. They knew that, among the seven of them, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion and the Dominator had the greatest chances of advancing.

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion was not far from Upper Earthy Sovereign, and the Dominator possessed the perfect grade Spiritual Deity Liquid, which could help her to break through. Regardless of who would break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign, the situation in the North Territory would inevitably change.

As the forces waited anxiously, there were movements in the regions where Mandela and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion were stationed. One of the lights suddenly roared, as though it was a caught amid a thunderstorm. In actuality, the sound was caused by the friction of the spiritual energy.

As the soundwaves raged out, they caused the spiritual energy to explode. The area continued to thunder, and even the vital energy and blood of the top powers started to surge, causing their blood to surface on their skin.

The top powers were shocked by what had happened. They could tell that the power and dynamics of Mandela and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion were greater than all of the five Earthly Sovereigns put together!

Could they have advanced to Upper Earthly Sovereign already?

The top powers looked at one another, then turned their eyes to the five Earthly Sovereigns. After they saw that the five Earthly Sovereigns had not turned pale, but simply looked grave, they heaved sighs of relief. If Mandela and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion already had a breakthrough, they would not have remained so calm.

Boom! Boom!

The thunder sounds became more aggressive and overwhelming, which took the top powers by surprise. Whenever there was a loud thunder, a thunderstorm broke out. These issued forth no ordinary raindrops, but rather they were liquid drops formed by the spiritual energy that were whizzing down.

Mu Chen and the rest were shocked by this strange phenomenon.

Is this the power of an Earthly Sovereign?

Such a cultivation, which was enough to cause changes in the weather, was simply unbelievable!


Spiritual rain fell down from the sky, but it did not go to waste. As it was halfway down to the ground, it transformed into spiritual energy water columns, which flowed toward the two rays of light.

The two figures within the light opened their mouths and gulped down the pure spiritual energy water columns. This continued for 10 minutes, then the strange phenomenon started to go away.

The light started to dim as well. After the light went completely out, the two figures appeared before the anxious looking top powers.

Mandela was dressed in a black dress and did not look domineering. Her golden eyes had turned darker. As she stood barefoot, she seemed to have subdued the heavens and caused everything to quiet down.

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion stood at her side, robed in white. Although he looked ordinary, he exuded a domineering aura, which caused everyone to submit themselves to him.

The two of them stood in the sky and looked at each other. At that instant, the space cracked at the point where their gazes met, causing the ocean below them to be crushed.

Torrential spiritual energy whizzed out behind them, and the mountains and rivers seemed to loom above them. The entire scene looked very mysterious.

"Mountains and rivers, formed by spiritual energy…"

When Holy Ancestor and the other Earthly Sovereigns saw the mountains and rivers, which had been formed by the spiritual energy, behind Mandela and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, they were shocked. This strange phenomenon could only happen when the spiritual energy of the Earthly Sovereigns and the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth were congruent with one another.

Although Mandela and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion did not yet possess the oppression of real Upper Earthly Sovereigns, it was apparent that both of them had reached that level. As such, they were only half a step away from reaching the Upper Earthly Sovereign title!

Although it was only a half a step difference, Netherworld Palace Master and the four Earthly Sovereigns knew that, if they were to fight one-on-one, they would be no match for Mandela and the Lord of the Divine Pavilion.

"Half Step to Upper Earthly Sovereign?"

When Mu Chen and the rest saw this, they heaved sighs of relief. Although Mandela had not advanced to the Upper Earthly Sovereign level, she was still on par with the Lord of Divine Pavilion, which was unexpected. It would not be easy for the Divine Pavilion to destroy the Daluo Territory.

'Hohoho…The Dominator is indeed powerful. Although she lagged behind earlier, she has managed to catch up with me," the Lord of the Divine Pavilion said with a smile, after scanning the condition of his body.

Mandela glanced at him, then ignored him. The Lord of the Divine Pavilion ignored Mandela's reaction, then turned his attention to the other five Earthy Sovereigns. He smiled at them and said, "Gentlemen, I have a suggestion."

When the five Earthly Sovereigns heard what the Lord of the Divine Pavilion had said, they squinted their eyes and their hearts thumped.

"What is the Lord of the Divine Pavilion trying to do now?" Holy Ancestor said in a low voice.

Although the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was smiling warmly, he could not hide his desire for power, and his powerful voice thundered in the area.

"The North Territory has been scattered for so long. Today, I shall unite all of you and gather our strengths together. I wonder if the five of you are willing to support me in this great task?"

When the Lord of the Divine Pavilion spoke, the top powers of the forces were shocked, including the five Earthly Sovereigns. Both the Lord of the Divine Pavilion and the Dominator had advanced to Half Step Upper Earthly Sovereign, but the Lord of the Divine Pavilion had openly mentioned that he wanted to unify the North Territory!

Where did he get his confidence from?!

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