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The Rocky Island hung in the sky above the ocean. The sturdy Light Shield had concealed the island so well, no one was able to see anything within it.

Ripples surged on the well-fortified Light Shield, and cracks started to form on its surface. The cracks were the work of the seven Earthly Sovereigns. After they had received the messages from their men, they had joined forces to tear up the Light Shield. It seemed easier this time around, as they were working together versus alone.


When the cracks appeared, shadows started to shoot out from the Light Shield at lightning speed.


The spiritual puppet, which was above the Light Shield, roared angrily. Its hollow eyes looked oppressive, and as it looked at the shadows, it sensed the fluctuations of its Spiritual Energy Essence.


Before the spiritual puppet could act, the six Earthly Sovereigns had struck. Six palm prints came down from the heavens and landed on its body.

As the six Earthly Sovereigns waved their sleeves to stop the spiritual puppet, they turned into rays of spiritual light, which swirled across the horizon. They pierced straight through the void, then heading straight towards their own men at lightning speed.

Within a short period of time, the top powers of the forces had retreated far away, under the protection of their respective masters. As the spiritual puppet had to protect the Rocky Island, it could not chase after them. Suddenly, it lowered its head to look at the men who were trying to escape.

These were the men from the Divine Pavilion. The Lord of the Divine Pavilion was not around, and no other Earthly Sovereign was interested in leading them to a safe place.

The four Pavilion Masters were heading to the Divine Pavilion. When they noticed that the spiritual puppet was looking at them angrily, they were afraid.

Although the four of them were masters, they knew that the six Earthly Sovereigns had been unable to deal with the spiritual puppet, even after they had joined forces. So, they knew that they alone would not have a chance!

Light shimmered in the puppet's hollow eyes, as it threw out a blow. Bright light shot out from its palm, like a rope that was used to tie a dragon. It appeared directly above the men of the Divine Pavilion and swirled down. A horrifying oppression froze the space, trapping the men of the Divine Pavilion in the void.

The four Pavilion Masters were shocked by the attack. The spiritual energy from their body burst out, but it was unable to contend with the light. Their strength was far from being able to rival the strength of an Earthly Sovereign.

When the men of the Daluo Territory saw what had happened, they were shocked. The spiritual puppet was so powerful, just one simple blow from it was enough to suppress numerous men of the Divine Pavilion.


Just as the other top powers thought that the men of the Divine Pavilion were about to perish, the ocean whizzed up from below. Towering waves surged and a ray of light shot out. It turned into a light shield, then covered the men of the Divine Pavilion within it.

Bang! Bang!

As the light hit hard upon the light shield, thunder was heard. Ripples appeared on the light shield, but it did not break. It then speedily brought the men of the Divine Pavilion far away.

After the near death encounter, the four Pavilion Masters' legs felt like jelly, and they each broke out in a cold sweat. The space before them rippled, and a man stepped out into the sky. He placed his hands behind him and looked imposing. He was the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, who had caused the heavens and the earth to quake.

"Thank you for saving us, Master!" When the men of the Divine Pavilion saw him, they quickly bowed down to him.

"What a pity." When the Lords of the Daluo Territory saw this, they shook their heads in pity. The Lord of the Divine Pavilion had struck at the crucial moment.

Mandela squinted her eyes and looked at the Lord of the Divine Pavilion. He was the same as he had been before, and the spiritual energy fluctuations around him were now still. He seemed to have recovered completely from his previous injuries, which were caused by the spiritual puppet.

"This guy…"

Mandela raised her brows, as she sensed that something was amiss. However, she was unable to pinpoint what it was exactly, so she simply shook her head. She directed her attention to look at Mu Chen and the rest, then asked an important question, "What has happened to the Spiritual Deity Liquid? Who has it?"

Mandela was a composed person, but she looked excited when she mentioned the Spiritual Deity Liquid. It was apparent that the Spiritual Deity Liquid was extremely important to her.

The three kings smiled and looked at one another, before turning their gazes to Mu Chen. Mu Chen flipped over his hand, and the ancient earthen vessel appeared. Golden light burst out from the earthen vessel and covered the horizon. A golden streamer then rose up slowly.

It was only then that the three kings, Nine Nether, and the rest saw how the Spiritual Deity Liquid looked. To their surprise, the Spiritual Deity Liquid was not in liquid form!

Golden light gathered together and formed a golden embryo, which was about the size of a palm. It was filled with ancient runes, and it jumped about like a living thing.

The moment the golden embryo appeared, the spiritual energy in the area immediately turned sticky. Nine Nether and the rest took in deep breaths, as they felt that each of their spiritual energies had suddenly raged. 

The Spiritual Deity Liquid consisted of the horrifying Spiritual Energy Essence. The Sleeping King and the other two kings dared not absorb and refine it, as it was a strange item, which they considered to be poison.

"So, this is how the Spiritual Deity Liquid looks!" Nine Nether and the rest looked at the Spiritual Deity Liquid.

"It is a perfect grade Spiritual Deity Liquid!" Mandela shouted in shock. She widened her golden eyes, as the golden embryo appeared.

Although the Spiritual Deity Liquid had seldom appeared in the Big Hunting War for the past few years, it had appeared a rare handful of times. However, this was the first time that she had seen such a perfect grade of Spiritual Deity Liquid. She had never expected that Mu Chen and the rest would bring out such a perfect grade Spiritual Deity Liquid from the Rocky Island!

The Sleeping King looked at Mandela, who was in a daze, and said with a smile, "Fortunately, Mu Chen has managed to get the best container to condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid. He has even stopped the South Pavilion Master alone. Had he not been able to do so, we would have only obtained the ordinary grade of Spiritual Deity Liquid…"

After Mandela returned to her senses, she looked deeply at Mu Chen and said, "I will remember this."

She did not say another word. However, Mu Chen knew what she meant by it, as he knew her very well.

Anyone could tell that Mandela had never treated Mu Chen as her subordinate. If it was Lord Asura and the other lords who had done this, she would have rewarded them. However, she did not promise him any reward. She probably regarded Mu Chen as more of a peer, even though there was a large gap in their strengths.

Mu Chen simply smiled at Mandela, then handed the golden embryo Spiritual Deity Liquid to her. Mandela stretched out her hand and grabbed it. As she held onto the Spiritual Deity Liquid, she could feel many pairs of envious eyes looking at her.

These eyes belonged to the other Earthly Sovereigns. It was apparent that they also felt the extraordinary power of her Spiritual Deity Liquid.

When the Daluo Territory was celebrating, the men of the Divine Pavilion were silent. The Lord of the Divine Pavilion was holding a golden pellet. This was the Spiritual Deity Liquid that they had condensed. It was apparent that it was inferior to the one that Mandela had.

"Master, Mu Chen has jeopardized our plans!" South Pavilion gritted his teeth and said.

"Mu Chen…?"

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion squinted his eyes and said with a smile, "It is alright. Even if Mandela has a perfect grade Spiritual Deity Liquid, she may not be able to break through. I will still be faster than her…"

"Does she want to compete with me, then see who can first break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign?"

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion curled his lips into a cold smile. He looked ambitious and muttered, "From now on, I will be the real overlord of the North Territory…"

Having said that, he swallowed the golden pellet. Horrifying spiritual energy swirled, then turned into a screen and covered up the top powers of the Divine Pavilion entirely. He then sat cross-legged in the air, under the protection of the screen.

When the Lord of the Divine Pavilion swallowed the Spiritual Deity Liquid, the masters of the other forces quickly did the same.

"Guard over me," Mandela said softly, as she swallowed the golden embryo of Spiritual Deity Liquid. Golden light burst out and covered her up.

Mu Chen and the rest stood behind her, looking in the other six directions. Light surged in the six directions, and it was apparent that the other six Earthly Sovereigns were likewise trying to use the Spiritual Deity Liquid to break through to the next level…

Once they managed to break through, the entire North Territory would be in an uproar!

Everyone felt excited. After all of the fights in the Big Hunting War, the fate of the forces would depend on this one critical moment!

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other, their gazes turning grave. If the Lord of the Divine Pavilion managed to break through, the Daluo Territory would become homeless curs!

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