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Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi stood above the lake. Their eyes were sharp, like blades. They looked at Mu Chen like he was their prey.

The spiritual energy around the two of them was overbearing. The Netherworld Prince had used some special method, and Fang Yi had tapped into the power of the spiritual pill to increase his strength to Grade Six Sovereign. They had put in a lot of effort in order to kill Mu Chen.

As the two of them looked coldly at Mu Chen, he let out a breath. His gaze became sharp and his blood started to boil. A strong fighting intent surged from his heart.

He grabbed his hands, and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared before him with an ominous aura. He touched the Demonic Pillar and spoke to it with a smile, "Do you want to beat me? You have come at the right time…I need to use you to sharpen my skills!"

The path of the master was to defeat his strong opponents and seek a breakthrough in life threatening situations. Since Mu Chen had stabilized his Grade Five Sovereign level, the spiritual energy in his body had become more powerful and condensed via the battles in the Meteorfall Battlefield. He needed more of such fierce battles in order to continue his development!

"Boastful guy! Are you not afraid that you will be broken by this?" The Netherworld Prince said coldly.

Mu Chen smiled, but did not say another word. He grabbed the Great Meru Demonic Pillar tightly, and the space behind him surged. His Sovereign Sea loomed behind him, and a majestic spiritual energy oppression swirled out.

Although the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi had reached Grade Six Sovereign, Mu Chen was not afraid of them. In terms of strength, Heavenly Dragon Tiger, whom he had defeated, was much more powerful than the two of them. The only difference was that Heavenly Dragon Tiger did not have a mind, while the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi were cunning.


The Netherworld Prince shouted. The two of them turned into shadows and darted out. As the Netherworld Prince attacked Mu Chen from the front, Fang Yi went behind him. The two geniuses of the younger generation in the North Territory were skillfully coordinated, so they easily trapped Mu Chen between them.

"Light of Netherworld! Shattered Star!"

Cold light surged in the eyes of the Netherworld Prince, as he lifted his spear to strike. A majestic spiritual energy swirled out and gathered crazily at the tip of the spear. In just a few split seconds, a small black hole formed at the tip of the spear, and the space around it started to crack. Although the spear looked harmless, it had compressed all of the spiritual energy, making it so lethal, any ordinary Grade Six Sovereign would not dare take it lightly!

"Heaven Piercing Divine Art, Heaven Piercing Seal!"

When the Netherworld Prince threw out the powerful attack, Fang Yi shouted from behind Mu Chen. A strong spiritual energy burst out, as Fang Yi issued a blow with the ancient light print on his palm. The ancient light print was able to pierce through the heavens, as it was extremely powerful.

The Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi knew Mu Chen well by now, so they knew that he possessed various stunning methods. They had no intention to find out what they were at the moment exactly, so they continued to send out deadly blows. In this way, even if they could not kill Mu Chen, they would not be suppressed by him either.

The force of the attacks from both sides shocked Mu Chen. In the next instant, his black eyes turned into black holes, dark and frightening.

"Small Heart Demon State!"

Mu Chen grabbed the Great Meru Demonic Pillar with his right hand. A majestic spiritual energy whizzed out, then merged with the ominous aura of the Demonic Pillar. From afar, the surface of the Demonic Pillar looked like a layer of bloody crystals.

This was not a crystalized spiritual energy that could only be formed by the Earthly Sovereigns, but was rather the level of crystal that was formed by merging the spiritual energy in Mu Chen's body and the ominous aura of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Although it was not as powerful as the crystalized spiritual energy, one must still not take its power lightly.


Mu Chen waved his arm and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar whizzed down. It pierced through the void and hit hard on the netherworld spear radiance at lightning speed.

When the Demonic Pillar and the spear radiance collided, Mu Chen threw out a blow. A majestic spiritual energy surged, revealing a purple flame within it. There seemed to be a formless lightning in the purple flame. When the two merged together, it enhanced Mu Chen's spiritual energy greatly.



Clashing metal sounds were heard, as the fist and palm hit together, creating a powerful spiritual energy shockwave. The water in the lake surged, and those top powers, who had been affected, turned to look at the sky.

They were shocked to see Mu Chen, the Netherworld Prince, and Fang Yi in a triangular formation. The Demonic Pillar withstood the spear radiance and Mu Chen's palm hit against Fang Yi's.

The space at the points of contact of the three of them rippled. They looked cold, as they each activated the spiritual energy in their bodies to defeat their opponents.


The spiritual energy churned to the point where a spiritual energy windstorm swirled out at the points of contact. The three of them shook, as they were being thrown back by the force of it.

Mu Chen shot out about 30 meters, then quickly stomped his feet on the void. The space surged, but he was finally able to stabilize himself. When he looked at the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi, he saw that they were also being thrown back, but only a few meters away. As such, the two of them now seemed to have the upper-hand.

Yet, the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi still looked grave. Although they possessed the strength of Grade Six Sovereigns and had joined forces, they still had not defeated Mu Chen. This was not the outcome that they had expected nor wanted!

The other top powers in the region had been observing the situation. They were shocked when they saw that the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi were unable to suppress Mu Chen, even though they had joined forces.

They knew that Grade Six Sovereigns were unable to contend with Mu Chen when he was controlling the fighting spirit. However, Mu Chen could only depend on his own strength at the moment, which was at the Grade Five Sovereign level. The Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi were at an advantage, as there were two of them and their levels were higher. However, they were still unable to suppress Mu Chen completely!

"Mu Chen…is no simple man. This fight among the three top powers is indeed interesting."

As the top powers watched the fight, the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi looked at each other. They furrowed their brows and passed on messages to each other using their spiritual energies.

"This fella only has the strength of a Grade Five Sovereign, but he has controlled his spiritual energy so well!"

"Moreover, a special flame and lightning have merged into his spiritual energy. This has enhanced the quality of the spiritual energy. He has surpassed the top powers of his level."

"This guy is tough."

The two of them looked at each other and grit their teeth. Mu Chen was indeed tough to handle.

"Don't hold back anymore. Let's do our best to kill him!"

Cold light flashed across the eyes of the Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi. In the next instant, they formed seals with their hands. Powerful spiritual energy swirled out from their bodies without reservation, then raged like a hurricane.

"Big Netherworld Celestial Body!"

"Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body!"

As the two of them shouted, the spiritual energy in the heavens and earth whizzed crazily toward them. Within seconds, two large shadows, which exuded strong oppressions, appeared next to them.

Mu Chen looked at the huge shadows that had suddenly appeared and was shocked. He had seen Fang Yi's Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body before, but it was his first encounter with the Netherworld Prince's Sovereign Celestial Body.

The body of the Sovereign Celestial Body was dark. When seen from afar, it looked like a demonic god that was standing in the heavens and the earth. The spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth was tempestuous and it raged constantly.

After Fang Yi and the Netherworld Prince had activated their Sovereign Celestial Body, their spiritual energy enhanced greatly.

"The Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi have to activated their Sovereign Celestial Body..." When the top powers saw the spiritual energy in this area, they were shocked.

"Isn't the Big Netherworld Celestial Body ranked as number 68 in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body record?" Mu Chen muttered. The Big Netherworld Celestial Body was well-known. It was ranked number 68, and only the top forces could cultivate it.

Netherworld Prince and Fang Yi did not want to drag the battle out any longer. After all, the battle was only a secondary concern. The most important thing was to get the Spiritual Deity Liquid!

"Shall we settle this soon? Might as well…"

Cold light gathered in Mu Chen's eyes, as he took a deep breath. He suddenly formed a seal with his hands. Violent spiritual energy raged out like a windstorm. In the next instant, a bright golden light appeared in the area, like a sun.

The top powers lifted up their heads and were shocked. A large golden figure, with a golden sun hanging behind his head, gradually appeared near Mu Chen. It exuded a powerful oppression, which inflicted fear in the hearts of the top powers.

The oppression that exuded from Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body was stronger than the Sovereign Celestial Bodies of Fang Yi and the Netherworld Prince! One had to wonder what the outcome would be, when the three Sovereign Celestial Bodies clashed together!

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