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Chapter 934.5: Room to Maneuver

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The Prince of Netherworld held the long red spear in his hand and stood in the sky. Violent spiritual energy swirled out from his body, and he looked powerful and dynamic.

Mu Chen squinted and looked at the Prince of Netherworld. He had fought with the Prince of Netherworld once at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift and back then, his strength was less powerful than Fang Yi’s. Even so, Mu Chen had to use different means to hold him back.

Mu Chen could sense that the Prince of Netherworld’s strength had advanced to the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign. He was only one step away from Grade Six Sovereign.

Compared to the strength that he had when he was at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, the Prince of Netherworld had advanced greatly. According to the information that Mu Chen had received, the Prince of Netherworld had fought with Fang Yi in the Meteorfall Battlefield and had defeated him.

This showed that the Prince of Netherworld was now much stronger than Fang Yi. He had defeated one who was more powerful than himself previously, and that was a great achievement.

“Peak of Grade Five Sovereign…?” Mu Chen muttered to himself. If he were controlling the fighting spirit, it would easy for him to defeat the Prince of Netherworld. He did not have such an advantage now, which was why the Prince of Netherworld dared to challenge him.

However, if the Prince of Netherworld had thought that Mu Chen was a toothless tiger after he had lost the fighting spirit, he was too naïve. When Mu Chen had fought with Heavenly Dragon Tiger, who was a Grade Six Sovereign, he had proven himself to possess strong combat force, even though he had used some tricks.

Those who treated him like a pushover would have to pay a high price.

As the Prince of Netherworld was preparing to strike, Fang Yi simply stood there and watched Mu Chen. Although he did not have a good impression of the Prince of Netherworld, his target was Mu Chen. It was not only due to the order that he had received from the Lord of Divine Pavilion, it was also a personal feud.

He had been the overlord among the younger generation in the North Territory, and even the Prince of Netherworld had been suppressed by him. However, within two years, Mu Chen had risen like a comet and had surpassed him.

Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld were not only wary, they were filled with resentment against such a genius. Since they had the chance now, they would put their differences aside and join forces to beat Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was not only talented, he was a war troop dispatcher. When he was controlling the troop’s fighting spirit, even a Grade Seven Sovereign would not be able to kill him. This would be a great opportunity to kill him, since he did not have the fighting spirit with him.

If they could kill Mu Chen, they would remain as overlords among the younger generation in the North Territory.

The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi looked at each other and cold light flashed across their eyes. They were filled with immense killing intent.

“Previously, you have tried ways and means to hold me back. I would like to see what you are capable of now!”

The Prince of Netherworld looked sharply at Mu Chen and stepped out. The long red spear turned into a colorful spear, and majestic spiritual energy swirled toward Mu Chen like a mountain.

The Prince of Netherworld struck without showing any mercy. He had activated all the spiritual energy in his body.

Mu Chen simply smiled at the fierce attack. He clenched his fists, and bright golden light burst out from his body. The cries of a dragon and phoenix resounded in the area.


Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly, and golden light surged on top of his fists. Real dragon runes appeared on his fists, and as they moved about fiercely, horrifying power burst out.

“Dragon-Phoenix Body! Real dragon symbol!”

Mu Chen punched out, and the real dragon symbol roared. Horrifying power rippled the space, and Mu Chen punched the colorful spear that shot out from the Prince of Netherworld.


Metal sounds resounded, and visible shockwaves raged out.


The Prince of Netherworld was shocked as he saw that Mu Chen had fended off his attack with only his fists. His punch was so powerful that it had caused the long spear to bend.

The Prince of Netherworld was totally taken aback. The Netherworld spear was a genuine Mid Rank Divine Artifact. It was extremely sharp, and any ordinary Grade Five Sovereign would have had his flesh pierced through if he had fended off the attack with his fists. However, Mu Chen’s fist was like metal, and it had caused the spear to bend.

The strength of his physical body was like a Divine Beast in human form!

Mu Chen was only a Grade Five Sovereign, but his combat force was so powerful that even the Prince of Netherworld, who was at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign, could not compete with him.


The horrifying power hit the spear, and the Prince of Netherworld could only grit his teeth. The long spear speedily retreated, and the Prince of Netherworld was thrown back.

He finally knew how powerful Mu Chen’s combat force was after this fight. Although Mu Chen could not use the power of the fighting spirit, he was still difficult to deal with.

Mu Chen looked at the Prince of Netherworld and said, “You only have the strength of the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign. You are not capable of defeating me.” His eyes seemed to be filled with golden light.

When the Prince of Netherworld heard it, he turned glum.

“I have told you that you are not able to take him on alone,” Fang Yi finally said. “You did not even use your trump card, and you rushed into it. You asked for it.”

When Mu Chen heard what Fang Yi had said, he squinted. These two fellas apparently had some hidden trump cards.

The Prince of Netherworld turned grave. After testing it out, he knew that he would not be able to defeat Mu Chen based on his own strength. He took a deep breath and looked sharply at Mu Chen. He then said in a scary voice, “You are indeed capable. You have forced me to take this step. Now I will make sure that you disappear from the North Territory!”

When the Prince of Netherworld shouted, dark, cold fog spread out in the area, carrying with it cold spiritual energy.

Puff! Puff!

The black fog was like a long whale gulping in the water, and it flowed constantly toward the Prince of Netherworld’s head. As the black fog flowed into the Prince of Netherworld, Mu Chen noticed that the spiritual energy fluctuations around the Prince of Netherworld shot up at an alarming speed.

After a while, the spiritual energy around the Prince of Netherworld had advanced from Grade Five Sovereign to Grade Six!

It was apparent that the Prince of Netherworld had used some special method to enable him to possess the Grade Six Sovereign level within such a short period of time!

When Mu Chen saw it, he was shocked.

“Today, you shall be buried here!”

Fang Yi, who was on the other side, stared coldly at Mu Chen and said, “Now will be your payback for the previous defeat!”

Having said this, Fang Yi clenched his fist, and a round red spiritual pill appeared in his hand. The smell of blood emanated from the pill.

Fang Yi swallowed the spiritual pill and in the next instant, his eyes appeared bloodshot. The spiritual energy fluctuations around his body shot up sharply!

Fang Yi’s strength had broken through to Grade Six Sovereign within a short period of time!

Mu Chen frowned when he saw the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi’s stunning spiritual energy fluctuations. No wonder these two fellows were so confident. They came prepared.

Mu Chen found it knotty to handle two Grade Six Sovereigns. After all, they were different from Heavenly Dragon Tiger, who did not have consciousness. The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi were both cunning. If Mu Chen exchanged blows with them, they would get into a fierce fight.

However, this level of battle was what Mu Chen needed. The oppression caused his blood to boil with excitement. After all, the path of cultivation was tough. Mu Chen realized that every time he went through a life threatening battle, his strength would increase.

This day, he would see if the number one and two geniuses in the Dragon-Phoenix Record could bury him in this place!

As the movement there was big, the other forces started to take notice. Some of them started to spread the word.

“Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld have joined forces to stop Mu Chen…”

“It looks like Divine Pavilion and Netherworld Palace are determined to kill him!”

“Mu Chen is a war troop dispatcher. If they let him off, he will be a threat to them in the future. Now is the best time to kill him, since he has lost the troop’s fighting spirit.”

“The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi have broken through to Grade Six Sovereign!”

“The odds are against Mu Chen… what a pity. Otherwise, this dark horse would be the top guy among the younger generation in the North Territory after the Big Hunting War.”


As the forces were talking among themselves, the cream of the crop, including Snapper from Demon’s Gate and Su Biyue from Holy Mountain, looked at each other. When they were in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift half a year ago, Mu Chen had to try all ways and means just to hold off the Prince of Netherworld. However, he had grown so much that the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi had to join forces to contend with him.

He had progressed at an astounding speed.

“If Mu Chen is able to defeat them, he will be the overlord among the younger generation in the North Territory, and no one will be able to challenge his position… If he fails, the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi will definitely kill him, and all his past achievements will have been wasted…”

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