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The three large Sovereign Celestial Bodies stood on the horizon, and vast spiritual energy fluctuations gathered around them like a storm. Mist formed as they breathed, and they were like three large horrifying Primordial Beasts.

Although the three Sovereign Celestial Bodies were valiant, Mu Chen's Great Solar Undying Body was more valiant than that of the Prince of Netherworld's and Fang Yi's in terms of its power and oppression.

In any case, the Great Solar Undying Body was the basis for cultivating the Primordial Immortal Body. What was the Primordial Immortal Body? It was one of the five Primitive Celestial Bodies in the Great Thousand World.

The Primordial Immortal Body was ranked in the top five of the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

Even the Heavenly Sovereigns could not possess such a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body. Although the Netherworld Celestial Body and the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body were not ordinary celestial bodies, compared to the Great Solar Undying Celestial Body, they were not as powerful.

The top powers saw that Mu Chen had appeared on top of the Great Solar Undying Body, and as he stepped on it, they could vividly feel the Sovereign Celestial Body's horrifying spiritual energy. As Mu Chen's strength had broken through to Grade Five Sovereign, the Great Solar Undying Body had also become more powerful.

Although Mu Chen was facing two powerful Sovereign Celestial Bodies, he was not fearful because of his majestic power.

The Prince of Netherworld appeared on top of his Netherworld Celestial Body was well. He looked gravely at the Great Solar Undying Body and said angrily to Fang Yi through the voice transmission, "Stupid fella! Where did he cultivate this Sovereign Celestial Body? It is obviously not on the list of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, but it is very tough to deal with."

"This is not surprising. The Great Thousand World is so big, and although the list of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies is powerful and prestigious, it does not represent all of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies. There are some rare Sovereign Celestial Bodies that are powerful but are not recorded." Fang Yi frowned and continued coldly, "Although his Sovereign Celestial Body is powerful, I don't think he is able to fight the two of us!"

The Prince of Netherworld's eyes looked intensely evil as he said, "If we do not kill him today, we will lose our footing among the younger generation in the North Territory!"

Fang Yi took a deep breath and shouted, "Let's go all out then and stop dragging our feet!"

The two of them looked at each other, and killing intent filled their eyes. In the next instant, they bent forward and hit the heads of their respective Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Blood splashed out and quickly turned into bloody light runes. They then spread around the heads of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies and seeped in.


As the bloody light runes entered the heads of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies, the bodies and eyes of the two Sovereign Celestial Bodies started to turn red.


Spiritual energy raged within the two Sovereign Celestial Bodies. A ferocious dragon seemed trapped within each one of them, and it constantly cried out, quaking the horizon.

"They have used their spirit to increase the power of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies… The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi are so ruthless…"

When Snapper from Demon's Gate and Su Biyue from Holy Mountain saw it, they turned pale. It had never crossed their minds that the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi would summon their Sovereign Celestial Bodies and use their Blood Essence to increase their power. Although the power would be great, the repercussions would be great as well. The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi would need more than six months to recuperate.

Judging from this, they could see that Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld were wary of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was shocked when he saw what the two of them had done, and he felt threatened.

After all, the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi were Grade Six Sovereigns. With their joint forces and secret weapons that they had used to increase their power, even if they had encountered the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, they would have had no problem taking it on. Even ordinary Grade Six Sovereigns would try to avoid them.

Mu Chen let out a breath, and his face gradually turned solemn. He put his hands together to form seals, and soon he turned into afterimages.

He had never taken his opponents lightly. It was like a lion fighting a rabbit. He had always put in his best no matter who his opponent was. Moreover, the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi were no timid rabbits. They were ferocious wolves.

Boom! Boom!

As Mu Chen was changing his seals, the spiritual energy around the Netherworld Celestial Body and the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body surged. As they brushed against each other, wind and thunder whooshed out.

Fang Yi stared at Mu Chen with bloodshot eyes. He suddenly formed a seal with his hands and shouted, "Sovereign Super Power, Galaxy Ancient Divine Spear!"

Buzz! Buzz!

The spiritual energy in the heavens and the earth gathered toward the palm of the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body. Within a short while, a large spear appeared between its palms.

The large spear was simple and sturdy with stars carved on it. The power of the stars was enough to smash the mountains and the earth.

Fang Yi had used this Galaxy Ancient Divine Spear previously when he fought with Mu Chen. It was apparent that when he displayed the Sovereign Super Power again, it was much more powerful now than compared to before.

Previously, Fang Yi and Mu Chen had been seriously injured when he used the Sovereign Super Power. This time around, Fang Yi had the intention of killing Mu Chen with it!

"Sovereign Super Power, Destructive Netherworld Divine Halberd!" The Prince of Netherworld, who was on the other side, shouted at the same time and cold air filled the area.

Black air gathered before the Netherworld Celestial Body like black clouds, and they looked heavy enough to crush the heavens. The Netherworld Celestial Body stretched forth its large hand and grabbed the black clouds.

When it opened its hand again, a fierce red halberd was in it. Ferocious ghostly faces appeared on the large halberd, and they cried out, causing the spiritual energy in one's body to surge.

"These two crazy fellas… They have activated their Sovereign Super Power…"

When the top powers saw it, they were shocked. Only some of the powerful Sovereign Celestial Bodies possessed the Sovereign Super Power. This was a lethal tactic, but the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi had no qualms about using it.

Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld looked fiercely at Mu Chen and shouted, "Kill him!"

The large spear and halberd shot out like two huge dragons, and the two horrifying spiritual energies targeted Mu Chen.

Boom! Boom!

Wherever the two powerful attacks passed, the space cracked and left two long traces behind in the void. Even after a long while, the damage had failed to repair itself.

Horrifying killing intent spread out and lingered on the horizon.

The spiritual energy oppressions of the two dragons trapped the space around Mu Chen. It was apparent that Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld had intended to use this lethal blow to kill Mu Chen.

Mu Chen lifted up his head, and the horrifying attacks were reflected in his black eyes. He immediately stopped forming the seal of the afterimages.

"Nine Sun Super Power, Activate Three Suns!"

After Mu Chen had shouted, three rays of golden light burst out from the Great Solar Undying Body. As the golden light spread out, three golden suns rose up.

"Ha, you are using this blow again. You have used it to hold me back before. Do you think you are able to do it again?" When Fang Yi saw it, cold light flashed in his eyes.

It was apparent that the power of the Activate Three Suns was not able to suppress Fang Yi, whose strength had been enhanced.

Mu Chen had expected it, and he looked flatly at Fang Yi. Fang Yi had enhanced his strength, but so had he!

Mu Chen smirked and changed his seal.

"Nine Sun Super Power, Activate Four Suns!"

Mu Chen's heart thundered, and a strong golden light burst out from the Great Solar Undying Body's right hand. Another golden sun rose up.

A horrifying spiritual energy swirled out from the Great Solar Undying Body and caused the wind and thunder to roar.

Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld suddenly turned pale.

Mu Chen looked at them mockingly. He then smiled and said, "Do you think this is the end?"

When Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld heard it, they were shocked.

Before they could speak, Mu Chen had taken another deep breath, and his face turned solemn. He changed the seal, and the Sovereign Sea surged behind him. Majestic spiritual energy flowed continually into the Great Solar Undying Body.

Given his current strength, Mu Chen felt that he was not limited to activating four suns. He had to seek another breakthrough!

Mu Chen changed his seals slowly as though his hands were heavy. The spiritual energy in his body gathered toward the Great Solar Undying Body's left hand, and golden light shot up in an instant.

Another golden sun rose up.

Five golden suns had risen above the Great Solar Undying Body!

"Nine Sun Super Power, Activate Five Suns!"

Mu Chen's voice thundered in his heart, and in the next instant, five golden suns exploded. They turned into golden liquid and swirled toward the Great Solar Undying Body's palm.

Golden light spread out, and a humongous golden spear appeared. Five suns hung above the golden spear, and as they churned, violent spiritual energy smashed the void.

"Nine Sun Super Power, Five Suns Spear!"

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