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"These old foxes."

Mandela curled up her lips as she saw that the other Earthly Sovereigns had sent their men into the rocky island.

"Hohoho, we are indeed old friends. We do think alike." The Lord of Divine Pavilion smiled flatly and looked at the other Earthly Sovereigns.

When they heard it, they simply forced a smile.

"Alright, since we have our own motives, let's drop the pretenses. Let's suppress the fourth hall master. As for the Spiritual Deity Liquid, we will have to leave it to our men," Mandela said coldly.

The other six Earthly Sovereigns nodded. They had the same intention. After all, they had to see the Spiritual Deity Liquid before they could start to fight over it. It was too early to do that now.

After everyone had come to an agreement, they attacked the spiritual puppet together. The attacks were so powerful that they managed to hold the spiritual puppet back, and it was not able to get into the rocky island to chase them away.

As the seven Earthly Sovereigns held the spiritual puppet back, shadows started to appear in the rocky island. The smell of ancient air filled the place, and spiritual lights glittered in the gravel.

The shadows were the top powers of Daluo Territory. When they appeared, they immediately activated their spiritual energy to protect themselves. They looked cautiously at the surroundings for fear of the horrifying forces that might be around.

However, these precautions were unnecessary. The entire rocky island was dead silent, and there were no sudden attacks.

When Mu Chen saw it, he heaved a sigh of relief. As he was about to get into action, he saw that the Sleeping King, Condor King, and the rest of the lords looked pale.

"What has happened?" Mu Chen was shocked.

"Oh no!" The Sleeping King said in a low voice. His sleepy eyes suddenly glittered, and he exuded a shocking oppression. He frowned and clenched his fists and said, "The spiritual energy in my body has been suppressed!"

When he had activated his spiritual energy, the Sleeping King felt that it had been suppressed. His powerful spiritual energy churned very slowly.

It was as though a strange power had trapped his Sovereign Sea.

"Mine, too!" The Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King turned pale as well.

When the other lords heard it, they quickly activated their spiritual energy. All of them turned pale as they felt similarly.

Mu Chen frowned. He felt that his spiritual energy had dwindled a little but it was still within his acceptable range.

"My spiritual energy has been reduced by more than 70 percent!" The Sleeping King looked ghastly pale. His strength now was equivalent to a Grade Seven Sovereign.

The Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King looked at each other and said, "Ours is about 60 percent."

Nine Nether, Lord Asura, and the rest who were at Grade Six Sovereign said, "Ours has been reduced to about half."

When Mu Chen heard what they had reported, he was shocked and said, "Mine is minimally suppressed and has been reduced by only 20 percent…"

The people then finally understood. Those with greater strength would have their spiritual energy suppressed at a higher percentage.

"This rocky island is not simple," the Sleeping King said with a frown. Their combat force had been drastically reduced.

"The rest of the forces will face the same problem as well," the Condor King said. They would not be the only ones to be suppressed.

The Sleeping King lifted up his head, and as he looked deep into the rocky island he said, "Let's move together to look for the Spiritual Deity Liquid."

Lord Asura and the rest of the lords nodded. Their strength had been suppressed, and their combat force had weakened. It would be better for them to stick together in case something happened out of the blue.

Immediately, they turned into shadows and darted toward the center of the island. As a precaution, they flew low, not more than ten feet above the ground.

The island was vast and awesome. There were mountains, large forests, and even a desert. However, it all seemed to have been deserted.

Mu Chen and the others were shocked to find no obstructions or sudden attacks along the way. The journey was so smooth that they found it unbelievable.

After moving quickly for more than ten minutes, they slowed down. They were about to reach the center of the rocky island.

Mu Chen and the others appeared above a mountain and checked out their surroundings. There was a large lake before them.

The lake was green in color, and the water looked like liquid jade. A nice scent emanated from the water, and as spiritual clouds spread on the surface of the lake, it looked illusory.

The Sleeping King looked at the lake and said, "This is the center of the rocky island, where the spiritual energy is the strongest. The Spiritual Deity Liquid must be here!"

The Spiritual Pupil King looked around and suddenly, the spiritual light in his eyes flickered. He said in a low voice, "Someone is here!"

Having said that, Mu Chen and the others noticed that there were air rending sounds. After a while, many streamers darted toward the lake and landed on the mountains around it.

These were the men from the rest of the top forces. They must have entered the island after their masters had cracked the crystal cover.

"These guys follow us wherever we go!" Lord Mountain Cracker railed. With these people around, it would not be easy to get hold of the Spiritual Deity Liquid.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other helplessly. The masters of the forces were not weaklings.

As the top powers gathered again, the atmosphere became tense. However, they were wary of one another and did not immediately get into fights.


Suddenly, the sound of water resounded from the large lake. The sound was pleasant, and it had a calming effect.

When the Sleeping King and the rest heard the strange sound, they were shocked. Then they looked at the lake. Spiritual clouds floated on the lake, and it was impossible to see what was within.

The Sleeping King waved his sleeve, and majestic spiritual energy swept out like a hurricane. It swept the spiritual clouds away, and the lake became clear.

Mu Chen and the others realized that a large whirlpool was at the center of the lake. Light surged in the whirlpool, and circles of light splashed out from it.

Mu Chen and the others suddenly looked at the circles of light. Vast spiritual energy shot forth from the circles of light, and they were dazzling like the sun.

Frightening spiritual energy fluctuations swirled out from every circle of light.

"Those are…" Mu Chen and the others stared at the circles of light and were shocked. They saw shadows of weapons, scrolls, para lights, and other items in the lights.

Although they were unable to see clearly what was inside the circles of light, they knew that those were not ordinary items judging from the spiritual energy fluctuations.

"Those should be the spiritual treasures of this secret treasure!" Lights flickered in the Sleeping King's eyes as he looked at the circles of light. "The Spiritual Deity Liquid should be there as well!"

When Lord Mountain Cracker and the other lords heard it, they were shocked. They were breathing hard in anticipation.

Mu Chen was shocked as well, and he immediately turned to look at the top powers of the other forces. The eyes of those guys were filled with greed.

However, there was absolute silence, which made it seem strange…

Mu Chen squinted. He knew that the silence was a sign of an oncoming windstorm. The treasures had appeared. Those who wished to seize them would definitely get into a fierce fight.

As Mu Chen had expected, after a moment of silence, the most powerful people from the forces shouted at the same time.

"Act now! We must get hold of the Spiritual Deity Liquid!"

When they heard the voice, the Sleeping King, Condor King, and Spiritual Pupil King dashed out together toward the bright circles of light at the center of the lake.

The masters of the forces from the other directions shot out as well.

Violent spiritual energy burst out around the large lake in an instant. A chaotic battle among the seven top forces had begun!

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