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Chapter 932.2: The Powerful Spiritual Puppet

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While the rays of the crystal cover shone brightly, everyone turned to look at the figure in the green robe, who had suddenly appeared. They were shocked.

Even Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns turned pale. Given their experience, they quickly recognized the figure in the green robe. He was the owner of the secret treasure, who was the fourth hall master who had passed away during the Primordial Age!

The forces, who were standing in the distance, were shocked. Although the fourth hall master had passed away, his name was still known. They had heard that, during the Primordial Age, when the Ancient Celestial Palace had ruled the Tianluo Continent, the fourth hall master was in charge of the North Territory. Currently, the top powers were vying for supremacy, so no one had the capability to become the North Territory Overlord.

Judging from this, the strength and achievements of the fourth hall master were far beyond the reach of the seven Earthly Sovereigns. Thus, when they saw the fourth hall master, they were stunned.

The figure was indeed the fourth hall master, but Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns knew that he had died. What was before them must be his spiritual body, which he had preserved via some special means. However, the spiritual body alone was enough to cause Mandela and the Earthly Sovereigns to be vigilant.

There was a vast difference in every level of the Earthly Sovereigns. Although the fourth hall master was an Upper Earthly Sovereign when he was alive, and he was only one level higher than Mandela and the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns, they knew that this small difference was still enough to flatten them!

The seven Earthly Sovereigns stood in the sky and fixed their gazes on the fourth hall master. A horrifying spiritual energy fluctuation surged around them, as they were extremely wary of him.

As they looked solemnly at the fourth hall master, he slowly opened his eyes. The moment his eyes opened, the sea beneath him surged, causing a huge wave. The crashing of the waves seemed to be welcoming the return of the master.

A terrifying spiritual energy oppression, which was greater than the Earthly Sovereigns, exuded from the fourth hall master. When Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns noticed it, they were shocked.

“How can the spiritual body of the fourth hall master be so powerful?” Liu Tiandao from Tian Xuan Hall said in a low voice. Generally speaking, although the fourth hall master was an Upper Earthly Sovereign when he was alive, after he had died, his spiritual body could not be so powerful, even though its strength had been preserved.

“This does not seem to be an ordinary spiritual body, as his eyes show no sign of consciousness,” the Demon Emperor said, as light flashed across his eyes.

Mandela nodded. She had noticed this as well. The eyes of the fourth hall master looked empty, There was no spiritual light in them at all. Generally speaking, people of this level would leave behind some consciousness in their spirits. However, this spiritual body looked like a soulless puppet.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion squinted his eyes and said flatly, “This is not an ordinary spiritual body. If I have guessed correctly, the spiritual puppet must have been cultivated using a special method. The fourth hall master must have injected his spiritual energy in it before he died, then used some strange method to preserve it as a protection.”

When Mandela and the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns heard what the Lord of Divine Pavilion had said, they were shocked. The fourth hall master was indeed amazing to have created such a powerful puppet!

“No matter how powerful this spiritual puppet is, I don’t think that it is an Upper Earthly Sovereign. As long as it does not have the strength of an Upper Earthly Sovereign, we will be able to handle, as long as we join forces!” the Netherworld Palace Master sneered and said.

“Let’s attack together!”

Upon hearing the Netherworld Palace Master’s voice, Mandela and the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns nodded. If they wanted to enter the rocky island, they would have to defeat the spiritual puppet that had been left behind by the fourth hall master. To do that, they would have to join forces.


A spiritual energy torrent whizzed out from the seven Earthly Sovereigns. Many spiritual energy crystals floated within the vast spiritual energy. As they flowed out, even the space could not withstand the oppression, which caused it to start to crack and form space warps.


The seven Earthly Sovereigns struck again, and spiritual energy crystal rivers shot through the horizon. They were like large dragons that were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws toward the fourth hall master.

As the seven Earthly Sovereigns struck, the fourth hall master stood up on the crystal cover. He looked at the horrifying attacks that were whizzing toward him, then lifted up his hands.


When he lifted his hands, the sea beneath him surged and towering waves shot up to the sky. The waves were not ordinary sea water, but horrifying spiritual energy that had been condensed.

The spiritual energy waves swirled out and formed a large sea water whirlpool around the fourth hall master. As the whirlpool swirled around him, the space cracked. Broken pieces from the space went into the whirlpool, bringing more destructive power to it.

Bang! Bang!

Seven spiritual energy crystal rivers shot toward the whirlpool and hit it hard, causing the whole area to tremble. Although every spiritual energy crystal river had slowed down the speed of the whirlpool, they could not destroy it.

The spiritual energy crystal rivers attacked, one after another, at the whirlpool. As the last crystal river exploded, it hit the whirlpool. The large spiritual energy whirlpool cracked and turned into a spiritual energy rainstorm.

“This fourth hall master is so powerful!”

When Mu Chen and the rest saw this earth-shattering exchange of blows, they were impressed by the fourth hall master. He had died, but he was still able to take on seven Earthly Sovereigns who had joined forces. This power was truly incredible.

Even the Sleeping King, the Condor King, and the Spiritual Pupil King looked grave. Their senses were extremely sensitive. They could feel the might of the fourth hall master, which they found to be incredible. They could not understand how the fourth hall master could remain so powerful, even after he had died.

Boom! Boom!

The battle gradually reached a climax. After seeing the power of the fourth hall master’s spiritual puppet, Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns gave it their all. The seven Earthly Sovereigns activated their strength to the optimum, with majestic spiritual energy seeming to come out from another world behind them. A bright spiritual energy continued to be crystalized, as they blasted toward the fourth hall master.

Under such a fierce attack, the space near the rocky island broke into pieces. The sea beneath that also cracked. In the face of such powerful attacks from the seven Earthly Sovereigns, the fourth hall master continued to protect the rocky island from above. He did not attack, but simply remained on the defense. His defense was so powerful, none of the Earthly Sovereigns were able to step onto the rocky island.


A ribbon that had been formed by the spiritual energy crystal shot out from Mandela’s hand and pierced through the horizon. It went straight toward the fourth hall master. As Mandela was about to strike, her eyes flickered.

She realized that the spiritual puppet would not take the initiative to attack, but it had directed all of its power to protect the ancient rocky island. Although the Earthly Sovereigns had joined forces, Mandela knew that they had not given their best efforts. No one wished to waste their energy, especially since the Spiritual Deity Liquid had not yet appeared…

However, if they continued in this state, it would never end. They would never be able to enter the rocky island to get the Spiritual Deity Liquid.

Were they trying to make the spiritual puppet deplete all of its spiritual energy?

That would be silly!

Light flashed across Mandela’s eyes. She then suddenly looked at the crystal cover that was outside the rocky island.

“I wonder how long this battle will last…” When the Sleeping King saw this earth-shattering battle from afar, he shook his head helplessly. He could tell that the seven Earthly Sovereigns had no real intentions to join forces.

Mu Chen and the other lords shrugged. They were not surprised, as the masters of the top forces had their own plans. They would not possibly put their hearts into any efforts to work together.

“Men of the Daluo Territory, listen up…I will seize an opportunity to break the crystal cover. You will then dash in and get the Spiritual Deity Liquid!” As Mu Chen and the lords were at a loss, Mandela’s voice suddenly rang in their ears.

When the three kings, Mu Chen, and the rest heard Mandela’s voice, they were stunned. They looked at one another and nodded. The seven Earthly Sovereigns had been held back, and Mandela needed their help…


Horrifying spiritual energy shockwaves continued to rage around the rocky island. Although the spiritual puppet continued to safeguard the rocky island from the attacks of the seven Earthly Sovereigns, as time went by, some spiritual energy shook the crystal cover and caused some ripples to form.

Although the spiritual puppet had inherited the power of the fourth hall master, it did not have spiritual intelligence. This was an opportunity for Mandela and the Earthly Sovereigns.


There was another forceful collision, and this time around, the Earthly Sovereigns increased their power. The spiritual puppet had been thrown back by the violent attack.

“Great opportunity!”

As the fourth hall master retreated, light flashed across Mandela’s eyes. She flicked her fingers, and a bright sword ray shot out from her fingertips. It pierced through the defensive ring of the spiritual puppet at great speed, then blasted one corner of the crystal cover.

Swish! Swish!

The sword ray was extremely sharp, and it cracked the sturdy crystal cover.


As Mandela shouted in her heart, a spiritual vessel turned into a streamer and shot out from behind her. It went through the crack before it closed up. The three kings, Mu Chen, and the rest were in the spiritual vessel.

“They are in!” When Mandela saw it, she heaved a sigh. But, before she could fully relax, she saw that the six Earthly Sovereigns had found the loophole! They were using their power to crack the crystal cover.

When the crack appeared, light dashed into the rocky island from behind the Earthly Sovereigns. These cunning old foxes had thought of the same method!

They had sent all of their men into the rocky island to seize the Spiritual Deity Liquid. Mandela lifted up her head and looked at the six Sovereigns, who were looking at one another with crafty smiles.

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