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Sharp wind breaking sounds were heard, as the shadows flew at lightning speed towards the large lake. These shadows exuded violent spiritual energy fluctuations.

The top powers got into a fierce fight over the lumps of light. This was because the Spiritual Deity Liquid that they were eyeing was inside the lumps of light! The forces were not far from the lake, and within split seconds, they were above it.


As the people dashed toward the lumps of light, the surface of the lake suddenly exploded. A cold green light shot out of the lake and attacked the people.

The top powers were shocked by the sudden attack, but fortunately, they were prepared. They knew that danger was lurking everywhere in the realm of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. If they were not careful, they would lose their lives!

Thus, the top powers had protected themselves with spiritual energy. The spiritual light glittered, and the wind blast of fists and sword rays swept out. Some top powers even took out their Divine Artifacts, which sent out powerful forces.

Swish! Swish!

No matter how prepared they were, the top powers seemed to have underestimated the danger that was lurking in the lake. A cold green light shot out and pierced through the spiritual energy defense of many of the top powers, causing many of them to scream.

The people then saw green snakes hiding in the cold green light. They looked special. They were flat like blades, and their scales were standing upright. The most amazing thing was that ancient runes were found on the body of the snakes, which exuded a sharp force.

The body protection spiritual energy around Mu Chen had been pierced through by a snake as well. The snake then darted toward his throat. But, just as it was about to attack Mu Chen's throat, he blocked it with his palm. Golden light shot out from Mu Chen's skin, and the cry of a dragon resounded. The Dragon-Phoenix Body had been activated, making Mu Chen's defense become extremely powerful.


When the green snake shot at Mu Chen's palm, a metallic crashing sound was heard. The collision caused prickly sensations on Mu Chen's palm, and he turned grave. He grabbed the green snake tightly in his hand. Then, as the golden light surged, he squeezed the snake hard, causing it to explode.

When the snake exploded, it turned into light spots and dissipated into the air.

"What are these things made of?"

When Mu Chen saw it, he was shocked. He had thought that they were living things. However, the snakes seemed to be formed by some special means, similar to some forms of Divine Artifacts.

These snakes possessed the sharpness of Low Rank Divine Artifacts. As the snakes attacked together, even a Grade Six Sovereign would be trapped among their slithering group.

Mu Chen lifted up his head and saw that other than the top powers, whose level were comparable to the three kings, the rest of the people were in sorry states. Some of them were bleeding and had been seriously injured.

Mu Chen quickly looked at Nine Nether. She seemed to have been thrown off guard. As she was of the Divine Beast's Constitution, she was not injured. However, Lord Blood Hawk and the rest of the lords were bleeding.

"Be careful. These things are like Divine Artifacts. They are used specifically to destroy spiritual energy!" Everyone suddenly heard Sleeping King's shout.

"Form your own groups. Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King, you come with me to get the treasures!"

The Sleeping King looked in the other directions and saw that the sudden attacks by the spiritual snakes had obstructed the top powers from other forces. Only the masters continued to fly toward the center of the lake to seize the treasures.


The Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King nodded their heads with a grave look. The three of them then activated their spiritual energy to its optimum and flew through the spiritual snakes at lightning speed. Within split seconds, the three of them were near the lumps of light.

Light flashed across the eyes of the Sleeping King. He used his hand to draw a lump of light out, which then flew toward his palm.

"Ha, put it down!"

Just as the Sleeping King was about to catch hold of the lump of light, a voice thundered. A cold wind blast of the palm whizzed out following the shout. As the cold wind blast whizzed past, the space instantly froze.

Although the spiritual energy of the masters, who had entered the rocky island, had been suppressed, their strength was still next to the Earthly Sovereigns. With the suppression, they were still powerful.

In the face of such a fierce attack, the Sleeping King simply sneered. He threw out a blow with a backhand, and majestic spiritual energy gathered together like a whirlpool under his palm. Violent fluctuations raged out from the whirlpool.


As the whirlpool whizzed out, it collided with the cold wind blast of the palm. Space warps formed in the spiritual energy whirlpool, then devoured the cold wind blast. It then broke the cold wind blast into light spots.


Not far off, a figure suddenly appeared. He froze for a while, then snorted. He then looked soberly at the Sleeping King.

The figure was dressed in a grey robe. He had white hair and his eyes were sharp and devious. He was the West Pavilion Master of the Divine Pavilion, and he possessed the strength of a Grade Eight Sovereign! It was apparent that he had been defeated by the Sleeping King when they had fought earlier.

"The Sleeping King is indeed powerful. Today, I would like to see how powerful the three kings of the Daluo Territory are!" the West Pavilion Master said deviously. When he had said that, streamers shot forth from two different directions, as two elders stood in the sky.

The Sleeping King grabbed his palm, keeping the lump of light within it. When the light went off, a sword appeared in his hand. Cold light flowed on the sword and ancient runes crawled on it like snakes. As the cold light churned on the blade, the space cracked. This was a High Rank Divine Artifact!

The benefits of this Secret Treasure were amazing. One could readily grab any High Rank Divine Artifact from it. If such Divine Artifacts had been auctioned in the North Territory, all of the Sovereigns would be eyeing it.

However, to the Sleeping King, whose strength was at Grade Nine Sovereign, he would only be interested in the Peerless Divine Artifacts. Only such artifacts could greatly enhance his combat force.

Other than that would be the supreme treasures. These supreme treasures were not Divine Artifacts, but sacred objects. However, an ordinary Earthly Sovereign would not possess such a treasure, so the Sleeping King had never yearned for it.

When the Sleeping King saw the High Rank Divine Artifact, he simply kept it. He then frowned upon seeing the lumps of light from the lake.

Which one of them had the Spiritual Deity Liquid in it?

The situation was so chaotic, it would be impossible to grab them one at a time. It would just be too time-consuming.

The Sleeping King thought for a while, then he lifted up his head to look at the three elders. He then fixed his gaze on the elder on his left, who was dressed in a white robe. He had an amiable smile, but his spiritual energy fluctuation was comparable to that of the Sleeping King's.

This elder was the most powerful among the four Divine Pavilion Masters. He was the East Pavilion Master, and his strength was at Grade Nine Sovereign as well!

The Divine Pavilion had activated the most powerful masters to take on the three kings. It was apparent that they were targeting the Daluo Territory and that they would not let the three kings get the Spiritual Deity Liquid.

"Act separately!" the Sleeping King said to the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King. When the two kings heard this command, they nodded and left.

"Hohoho, Pavilion Master has instructed us not to let the Daluo Territory get the Spiritual Deity Liquid." When the East Pavilion Master saw this, he laughed. However, his eyes looked expressionless. He nodded his head, and the other two Pavilion Masters dashed out, going after the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King.

"I don't think you have the power to stop us," the Sleeping King said. Cold light shot out from his sleepy eyes, as he stared at the East Pavilion Master.


The East Pavilion Master smiled flatly. Vast spiritual energy burst out like a windstorm from his body, and space warps started to form under the attack of the spiritual energy. The Sleeping King looked flatly at the powerful East Pavilion Master, then slowly lifted up his hands. Spiritual energy oppression spread out, which was comparable to that of the East Divine Master's.

As the two Grade Nine Sovereigns faced each other, the top powers quickly retreated from the region. They did not want to get involved in this level of fighting!


Mu Chen frowned when he saw that the three kings had been held back. The Divine Pavilion had treated the Daluo Territory like an enemy, as they were out to stop the Daluo Territory from getting the Spiritual Deity Liquid!

However, if they thought that, by holding back the three kings, they would be able to stop them from getting the treasures, they were being too naïve. As Mu Chen thought of this, he took a deep breath. He formed a seal with his hands and a bright golden light shot out from behind him. A clear chirping sound resounded, and a pair of large wings stretched out from his back.

Mu Chen flapped the wings, wiping out all of the green snakes in the process. As he flapped the wings faster, he turned into a streamer, then dashed toward the lumps of light at the center of the lake.

The rocky island had suppressed the spiritual energy of the top powers, and those who were most powerful had been the most affected. The spiritual energy that Mu Chen had displayed now was much more powerful than the lords due to this.

The forces had been observing Mu Chen. The moment he dashed toward the center of the lake, two streamers from two different directions shot forth as well. They surrounded him to block him off.

When Mu Chen saw the two streamers, a cold light flickered in his eyes. They were the Netherworld Prince from the Netherworld Palace and Fang Yi from the Divine Pavilion!

What a coincidence. The most powerful among the younger generation in the North Territory, holding the top three rankings on the Dragon-Phoenix Record, had come together. The unique thing was, the overlords, ranked one and two, were joining forces to stop Mu Chen, who was ranked number three…

The Netherworld Prince stood in the sky and held on to his long red spear. He looked coldly at Mu Chen and said, "Do you still dare to charge around without your fighting spirit? I would advise you to get out of this place if you want to stay alive!"

When Mu Chen heard him, he simply smiled and did not say a word. The majestic spiritual energy that had burst out from his body was his only reply to the Netherworld Prince.

When the Netherworld Prince saw it, a cold light flashed across his eyes. He then held even more tightly to the long red spear in his hand.

"Since you are so stubborn, I will let you know this day that, without your fighting spirit, you are worth nothing to me!"

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