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Chapter 932.1: The Fourth Hall Master

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An ancient rocky island hung above the vast sea, and it was surrounded by the top powers. Although no spiritual energy fluctuation emanated from the seven of them, everyone knew that if they were to strike, the power would be earth-shattering.

The array of the seven Earthly Sovereigns was majestic, and this was the first time that Mu Chen had seen such an array.

The seven top forces had gathered together.

As the seven Earthly Sovereigns looked at one another, the top powers from the different forces dared not say a word. The oppression that emanated from these seven people stifled everyone.

Only Earthly Sovereigns had the final say here.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other and were shocked by the array as well.

Soon, the Lord of Divine Pavilion laughed and broke the silence. “Hohoho, I never expected everyone to have chosen the same target.”

An elderly man from Holy Mountain clad in a starry white robe smiled flatly and said, “This secret treasure that has been left behind by the Fourth Sovereign must be the most powerful one in the Meteorfall Battlefield. We have been searching for it but to no avail. Now that it has appeared, we must not miss it.” His ancient voice was like a large bell, and it resounded in the area, causing spiritual energy to surge.

The eyes of the Lord of Divine Pavilion surged like magma, and they looked destructive. He smiled and said, “Among so many of you here, I am the one who is nearest to becoming an Upper Earthly Sovereign. If I can get the Spiritual Deity Liquid of this Fourth Sovereign, I can easily break through. However, if you get hold of it, and you do not have a good foundation, it will be dangerous for you.”

When the masters of the top forces heard what the Lord of Divine Pavilion had said, they turned grave. However, the Lord of Divine Pavilion ignored them and continued, “If you are willing to withdraw after I have successfully broken through, we will control North Territory together, including the territories outside it. Tianluo Continent is so big. Given your foresight, I don’t think you would want to be trapped within North Territory, do you?”

When the six Sovereigns heard what the Lord of Divine Pavilion had said, light flashed in their eyes but they did not say a word. Given their character and status, they would not change their minds simply by what the Lord of Divine Pavilion had said.

“You have it well planned, but I only trust in the things that belong to me. You can stop dreaming that I will let you have the Spiritual Deity Liquid. The one who is capable will have it,” the Demon Emperor from Demon’s Gate said after keeping mum for a while. He was dressed in black armor, and he looked big and tall.

Serpentis Old Man from Snake Shrine hissed and said in his hoarse voice, “Hiss, hiss. Who knows? After you have broken through, your appetite may grow and you might want to swallow us up. Although I am old and can’t see well, I will not be so blind as to warm a snake in my bosom.”

The two Earthly Sovereigns scoffed at the Lord of Divine Pavilion’s suggestion and made their stand. The rest of the Earthly Sovereigns could not be bothered to reply.

“Well, it is a pity.” The Lord of Divine Pavilion laughed and was not enraged. However, his magmlike eyes suddenly looked fiery.

“Stop your fruitless conversation. When we see the Spiritual Deity Liquid, we will then decide who it will belong to!” Mandela looked at the ancient rocky island and said, “The Spiritual Deity Liquid should be in this rocky island, but it will not be easy to get to.”

After Mandela had pulled them back to the topic, the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns turned to the ancient rocky island with a grave look. Given their extraordinary senses, they could indistinctly feel that the ancient rocky island was not as simple as it looked.

“The space around the rocky island has been reinforced by a special power. I can feel a strong force protecting it,” Liu Tiandao of Tian Xuan Hall said.

“Try and you will know.” The Netherworld Palace Master waved his hand, and horrifying spiritual energy burst out from his body like a windstorm. Vast spiritual energy turned into a large black palm print which looked like a black crystal from afar. It whizzed down and tore the sea apart, creating a large crack in it.

The Netherworld Palace Master threw out a simple blow, and he had shown the great power of an Earthly Sovereign. The Condor King, or even the Sleeping King, who had reached the level of Grade Nine Sovereign, would have been seriously injured if they were struck by this blow.


The dark palm print pressed down with vigor that would destroy anything that stood in its way. However, the ancient rocky island remained unaffected.

Mu Chen and the rest stared at the dark palm print that was approaching the rocky island. Within split seconds, it had traveled extremely far.

Just as it was approaching, rays of light appeared above the rocky island. The rays of light interlocked with one another and turned into a crystal cover. It then moved over the rocky island to cover it up.

Boom! Boom!

The dark palm print hit hard on the crystal cover, and a blast of spiritual energy swirled out crazily. Visible shockwaves burst out and covered a large area around it.

Before the shockwaves reached Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns, they had disappeared into thin air. The men of the various forces were thus kept away from harm.

After the shockwaves had dissipated, the people looked at the rocky island. They were shocked to find that the crystal cover had remained unaffected after being hit by the blow from the Netherworld Palace Master!

“What a horrifying defense.” Mu Chen and the rest were stunned. This crystal cover was enough to keep all the Earthly Sovereigns out of the rocky island.

“There are indeed some unique defenses,” the Netherworld Palace Master said flatly. He was not surprised that the defense was not easily broken since it had been left behind by the fourth hall master. If it had been otherwise, he would have found it strange.

“If we want to get our hands on the treasure, we will have to join forces,” Mandela said after looking at the crystal cover for a while.

The other six Earthly Sovereigns looked at one another and nodded. Given their cautious characters, they would not be silly enough to stick their heads out and take the lead. If they used their energy to break the array, the rest of the people would benefit from it. It would thus be better for everyone to join forces.

After everyone had agreed, the seven Earthly Sovereigns immediately took action. They slowly floated up to the sky and hung around the ancient rocky island.

When Mu Chen and the rest saw it, they quickly retreated. When the seven Earthly Sovereigns attacked at the same time, the power would be earth-shattering. If they were not careful and got caught in the crossfire, they might just lose their lives.

After they had retreated, Mandela and the other six Earthly Sovereigns slowly lifted up their hands. The people could feel that the spiritual energy in the area was at its boiling point.

Vast spiritual energy whizzed out from behind the seven Earthly Sovereigns like seven large suns. This strange phenomenon only happened when the spiritual energy had reached a horrifying level.


Mandela and the other six Earthly Sovereigns activated their spiritual energy and threw out a blow!


Seven spiritual energy streamers shot out. Wherever the spiritual energy streamers passed, the space would crack and cause the broken pieces to fly all over.

Boom! Boom!

Seven spiritual energy streamers pierced through the space like large dragons. In the twinkle of an eye, they appeared above the rocky island and hit hard on the crystal cover.

There was silence when the spiritual energy streamers hit the crystal cover. After a while, a tornado raged out…

A tidal wave surged from the sea below and swept out. Wherever it swept past, the space would crack.

Although Mu Chen and the rest of the people there had retreated far back, they were still hit by the shockwaves. They had to use various means to stabilize themselves.

After they were back on their feet, they looked at one another. They could see the shock on one another’s faces. The power of the Earthly Sovereigns could easily destroy the heavens and the earth.

If they were to get into a fight, the area would definitely be unable to withstand their power.

What a horrifying attack. Even if the cover has been left behind by the fourth hall master, it should be smashed by now. This thought flashed across the minds of the top powers, and they quickly looked at the rocky island in the distance. They gasped when they saw it.

The rocky island was still hanging quietly in the sky, and the crystal cover shone without any traces of cracks.

The crystal cover remained intact and had withstood the attacks of seven Earthly Sovereigns.

Mu Chen and the rest were stunned. Even Mandela, the Lord of Divine Pavilion, and the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns started to frown. They realized that something was amiss.

“Something is not right with this place,” Mandela said in a low voice.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion frowned, and after a while, he froze. He looked at the crystal cover and saw lights appearing above it. Light spots started to gather together.

Mandela and the rest noticed it as well, and they fixed their gazes on it.

The light spots on the crystal cover gathered at a fast speed, and the people saw a figure in a green robe start to take shape…

The figure quietly sat cross-legged on the cover. He had white brows, and his eyes were shut.

Mu Chen and the rest were shocked when they saw the figure. Before they could open their mouths, they saw that Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns had turned ghastly pale.

They then heard the Lord of Divine Pavilion shout out in shock, which caused everybody’s hearts to jump with fear.

“Is this… the fourth hall master?”

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