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Over the vast expanse of the ocean, the waves crashed, but there was no sound of water splashing. The waves simply rolled and passed, leaving a space that was crushed and twisted.

Mandela stood in front of the waves, her golden eyes looking into the boundless depths of the ocean. Then, with a wave of her hand, her figure swept out.

"Let's go.I can feel that the ultimate goal of our journey is not far away."

Hearing Mandela's words, Mu Chen and the others looked solemn. They dared not give the slightest hesitation, so they quickly followed.

The group of people flew over the ocean, but as they ventured deeper, Mu Chen and the others began to perceive that the sense of oppression between the heaven and the earth seemed to be growing stronger.

As they progressed, even the three kings looked increasingly grave, as they slowed their speeds. Mandela also perceived that the speed of the crowd had slowed down, so with a flick of her finger, she sent out a beam of majestic spiritual energy, which whistled out, transforming into a flying boat and appearing beneath their feet.

The flying boat was shining like a crystal stone. Mu Chen and the others were shocked and couldn't help but gasp. The power to crystallize the spiritual energy directly was a distinctive trademark move of an Earthly Sovereign!

This little boat looked insignificant, but it was as strong as a Middle Grade Divine Artifact. Most importantly, this boat could shield the world from the oppressive aura that pervaded it.

Although this place was transformed from the Fourth Hall Master's Sovereign Sea, Mandela herself was also an Earthly Sovereign. Although there was a gap between her strength and that of the Fourth Hall Master's, just shielding its oppression was still easy for her to manage.

With the help of Mandela, the speed in which they advanced suddenly soared. After flying for nearly an hour, Mandela, who was leading the party, slowed down gradually, her look growing solemn.

Mu Chen and the others sensed something, so they suddenly raised their heads, only to see that, far ahead on the boundless ocean, a massive entity had emerged. It seemed to be a huge Rocky Island, which was suspended above the sea.

Beneath it, a vast wilderness permeated the land. There were huge pillars of water, which were constantly rumbling down from the Rocky Island, before finally falling into the ocean below. It was as if the whole ocean had been transformed by a column of water flowing down from that ancient and mysterious Rocky Island.

As the Rocky Island was suspended in mid-air, it seemed to emanate an aura of unshakable steadiness. It caused Mu Chen and the others to feel that, perhaps even with the collapse of heaven and earth, this Rocky Island would remain intact.

"This Rocky Island must be a land that was transformed from the Fourth Sovereign, after he had fallen." A glint flashed in Mandela's golden eyes. Throughout this long Great Hunting War, what she had painstakingly been searching for had finally appeared before her eyes. The Spiritual Godly Potion that the Fourth Hall Master had transformed must be on this Rocky Island!

When they heard Mandela's words, their hearts jolted with palpitations. In this Great Hunting War, they had struggled all the way, risking their lives.

Have we finally reached the ultimate goal?!

"Dominator, shall we begin?" There was a sparkle in the Spiritual Pupil King's eyes and an overwhelming excitement in his voice.

Upon hearing this, Mandela laughed. She then looked in the direction of the ocean, and said, "What the Fourth Hall Master has left behind is not so easily obtained by others. Also... It is not very sensible to be the first to strike here."

When Mu Chen heard this, his heart suddenly jolted. He also looked in the other directions.

Had the other top forces broken into this place, too?

"Haha, the Dominator of the Daluo Territory is skilled indeed, to be able to arrive first before all of us. How admirable."

Just as this thought flashed through Mu Chen's heart, a deep rumbling laugh, as if it was piercing through space, reverberated like a thunderbolt through the heavens and the earth. Even the waves in the ocean below, rolled and crashed because of the laugh.

Mandela's eyes looked faintly into the distance, only to see the space suddenly ripple and twist. The space was then torn apart with a crack, as silhouettes poured in.

With the emergence of this group of people, the surging spiritual energy between the heavens and earth suddenly became ablaze.

"It's the forces from the Divine Pavilion!"

Mu Chen first located Fang Yi and Zhantai Liuli in the crowd. Obviously, the force who followed them here was the Divine Pavilion.

Mu Chen looked at the Sovereigns of the Divine Pavilion. Immediately, his glance turned to the front of the group. There, stood a man donned in white robes.

His appearance was very ordinary, except for his eyes, which appeared to be a scarlet red. It looked as if there were flames burning within them. There were no powerful spiritual fluctuations around him, and compared with many strong men behind him, he appeared to be quite mediocre.

However, such an ordinary person caused Mu Chen's and the others' hearts to jolt violently. Even Mandela, who was standing in front, narrowed her golden eyes at the sight of him. This solemn expression on her face was one that they hadn't seen since the Meteorfall Battlefield.

This white-robed figure was the Lord of the the Divine Pavilion! He was also known as the Sovereign who was most likely to take the lead in becoming an Upper Earthly Sovereign in the North Territory.

Among the many top powers in the North Territory, the prestigious reputation of the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was even stronger than that of Mandela. In the face of such a formidable character, even Mandela dared not regard him lightly.

Following the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, there were four figures with strong spiritual energy fluctuations all around them. Their spiritual fluctuations were no weaker than the Condor King's.

Clearly, these four people were the four Pavilion Masters of the North, South, East and West, who were second only to the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, and who were equivalent to the Three Kings of the Daluo Territory.

After these four Pavilion Masters, came the many Mountain Masters, and Fang Yi and others in the Divine Pavilion. Such a line-up was extremely formidable!

However, some of them looked pale, and their spiritual energy was in turmoil. It was apparent that they had encountered some obstacles on the way here, for which they had paid a price.

"It seems that the Divine Pavilion has met with some troubles." Mandela smiled faintly, as Mu Chen realized that some of the men of the Divine Pavilion were struggling to compose their spiritual energy.

"Haha, my subordinates are weak, as even such small obstacles have overwhelmed them." The Lord of the Divine Pavilion smiled nonchalantly. He then immediately looked at the ancient Rocky Island and said, "But, as long as I can get the Spiritual Godly Potion that was left behind by the Fourth Hall Master, it will be worth it, no matter the loss."

After saying this, he paused. Looking at Mandela, he said sincerely, "Dominator of the Daluo Territory, you and I have known each other for many years. If you help me to obtain the Spiritual Godly Potion of the Fourth Hall Master this time, we can both rule the North Territory together in the future."

Upon hearing this, Mandela sneered and glanced down. "I appreciate that you think so highly of me, but I think that, regarding the Spiritual Godly Potion, we can obtain it with our own abilities, and on our own terms."

"That's a pity." The Lord of the Divine Pavilion sighed. "It seems that, after this Great Hunting War, another top force in the North Territory is going to be annihilated."

When he said this, Mu Chen and the others' expressions twisted with fury. A cold glint flashed in Mandela's eyes and she scoffed in disdain, "Don't rejoice too early, for if you fail, you will just be ridiculed."

The Lord of the Divine Pavilion smiled slightly, but no longer spoke. It was his attitude that made Mu Chen and the others' hearts sink. Only then did they really realize how important the Spiritual Godly Potion was.

Once the Lord of the Divine Pavilion obtained it, there was a high possibility that he would make a breakthrough. When he did break through to attaining the rank of Upper Earthly Sovereign, he would be invincible, leaving no one capable enough of being his worthy opponent!

At that time, even the other top powers must submit to him. Otherwise, they would be destroyed. In the hands of such powerful Sovereigns, the seemingly strong top powers could be annihilated!

With the collapse of Mandela's conversation with the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, the two top powers stood apart from each other, not speaking at all. The only communication between them were the cold glints flashing in their occasional intertwined gazes. The tense atmosphere in the air was suffocating…

However, the confrontation did not last long, for there was soon another sound of something whistling through the air in the distance. At this time, there were many silhouettes coming from different directions. In a few moments, a few rainbows tore through the sky, then finally appeared around the ancient Rocky Island.

"I didn't expect to fall behind you, even with us from the Netherworld Palace charging at full speed." A laugh rang out in the heavens and earth, and the sound seemed to permeate the entire area with an eerie ominous aura that even made the temperature in the air drop.

Mu Chen's heart jolted slightly, as he looked up to the northwest, where many dark shadows were charging forward. In the leading position, was a middle-aged man wearing black clothes. In his eyes, there was a black mist surging. On his forehead, there was a black mark, which issued forth an unsettling evil aura.

"Palace Master of Netherworld Palace…"

With one glance, Mu Chen could tell that this person must be the Master of the Netherworld Palace, as well as an Earthly Sovereign.

"As everyone is in search of treasures, don't forget about us from Tian Xuan Hall."

Another voice rang out. It came from an old man, his eyes as deep as the starry sky, who stood in mid-air. It was Liu Tiandao, the Hall Master of Tian Xuan Hall!

In the northeast, the Sovereigns of the Holy Mountains gathered. In front of them, an old man in a white starry robe stood with a white jade staff. That was the Holy Old Ancestor of the Holy Mountains.

In the west, a black aura permeated. A majestic figure, who was donned in black armor and emanating a demonic aura, stood in the sky. He had distinctive features and purple pupils. As he stood coldly, he caused even the heavens and earth to grow dim and become bleak. He was the Demon Emperor of Demon's Gate!

In the south, a sea of snakes hissed, and an old man, who was dressed in green robes and held a snake staff, rode on a massive python. As the massive python hissed, it emitted a lingering poisonous gas, filling the clouds with poison. He was the Shrine Master of Snake Shrine, the Serpentis Old Man.

These figures were the most reputable characters in the North Territory. They were not usually seen, but now they had all made their appearances. These were the famed Seven Earthly Sovereigns!

Upon seeing such a line-up, Mu Chen and the others felt their scalps tingle. At this point, all of the elite Sovereign Masters of the North Territory had gathered. In the upcoming war for the Spiritual Godly Potion, Mu Chen and the rest did not know what to anticipate.

How terrifying would this be…?!

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