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Nine Nether's svelte figure swept down from the battle stage while powerful spiritual energy fluctuations surrounded her. After absorbing the spiritual essence the Golden Demonic Lion left behind, her strength had obviously improved once again.

All the lords of Daluo Territory glanced at Nine Nether with a more respectful gaze, especially Lord Blood Hawk and the others. There was sincere respect and admiration in their eyes.

After the previous challenge, they had already understood that Nine Nether's strength had already surpassed theirs. Among the lords of Daluo Territory, the only ones who were more powerful than Nine Nether were probably Lord Asura and Lord Mountain Cracker.

In fact, if they gave Nine Nether more time, she could even surpass Lord Mountain Cracker.

Thinking of this, Lord Blood Hawk and the other lords couldn't help but sigh. They originally thought that Nine Nether could become a lord of Daluo Territory and be on an equal footing with them merely due to relying on the recommendation of the Condor King, along with her background of being a member of the Nine Netherbird Clan. Thus, Lord Blood Hawk and the others had always underestimated her, which resulted in the entangled years of feud and resentment.

However, after today's battle, Lord Blood Hawk also had to admit that the Lord Nine Nether they had once underestimated had surpassed all of them without them knowing it, thus they had mixed feelings about it.

"Haha, it's been hard on you." The Condor King was pleased with Nine Nether's brilliant performance, as it brought him honor, too.

Mandela also nodded slightly, as Nine Nether's crisp battle had appeared pleasing to the eye. The Condor King was right, indeed. Nine Nether's natural potential and talent was amazing, and her future achievements would be limitless.

Nine Nether smiled before she glanced at the four lords who had not yet fought, including Mu Chen.

The challenge had progressed to the sixth battle, but Daluo Territory had only won two battles. They were still two wins away from breaking out from the array.

However, this was clearly not an easy task.

The remaining four lords were basically the weakest. As for Mu Chen, if he had his armies, he would be able to surpass Lord Mountain Cracker, who was second only to Lord Asura, with the help of his military strength of fighting intent.

Unfortunately, they could not deploy their armies in these circumstances, so all Mu Chen could rely on was the strength of being a Fifth Grade Sovereign. The lords present, however, had all stepped into the level of Sixth Grade Sovereign, thus if they looked at it on a superficial level, Mu Chen was the weakest.

No one was optimistic or had high hopes for the next four battles.

Mandela's delicate eyebrows were knitted into a frown, as she was obviously aware of the difficulties of the next four battles. However, at this juncture, it was impossible to give up, even knowing the probability of failure. They had to try.

Her gaze shifted towards the remaining four lords.

Lord Iron Python, Lord Vajra, Lord Hongya, and finally, Mu Chen.

Among the four, the first three had just broken through to becoming a Sixth Grade Sovereign not too long ago, and their strength, compared with Lord Blood Hawk and the other lords', was weaker, while Mu Chen was only a Fifth Grade Sovereign.

Although Mandela knew the odds were not great, she waved softly and signaled to go on. No matter what, they had to try.

However, this kind of mentality where they hoped for the best, obviously did not make their probability of winning any higher. After Nine Nether, Lord Iron Python and Lord Vajra came out one after another, but the final result of the battles still made everyone's hearts sink.

Lord Iron Python, defeat!

Lord Vajra, defeat!

Although their defeats weren't a surprise, everyone's expressions turned downcast when the results were announced.

Lord Iron Python and Lord Vajra retreated with guilt and embarrassment on their faces. Their opponents had been more formidable, thus in a confrontation, it would be hard for them to gain the upper hand.

This Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure was indeed a perilous arena. It was only the first hurdle, but they found it incredibly hard to progress.

"I'll represent the ninth battle, then."

With the tragic defeats of Lord Iron Python and Lord Vajra, Lord Hongya took a deep breath and stomped his foot, charging onto the battle stage. His figure was as majestic as a mountain.

Everyone looked at Lord Hongya and could only sigh, obviously not having much hope. After all, in terms of strength, Lord Hongya and Lord Iron Python were at the same level.


When Lord Hongya rushed to the battle stage, another huge stone pillar in the old hall began to roar and tremble. Finally, as the bronze peeled off, a dark shadow fell heavily on the platform, radiating an ominous aura.

All eyes immediately gazed at it. The figure was rather thin and small, but it was entirely dark as if it had been cast in black iron. Its head was that of a ferocious monkey.

"One of the ten ferocious beasts, Black Iron Demonic Monkey." Mandela looked at the shadow, but sighed in her heart. This Black Iron Demonic Monkey was not ranked highly among the ten ferocious beasts, but it was rather difficult to deal with because it was as swift as a phantom, swift enough to toy with a Sixth Grade Sovereign.

It looked like the odds of Lord Hongya winning were low.


As soon as the Black Iron Demonic Monkey appeared, it exposed its sharp teeth to Lord Hongya and gave out a strange cackle, but when its cackle rang out, its silhouette instantly disappeared.

"How fast!" The lords of Daluo Territory were shocked as they exclaimed.


Just as they finished speaking, on the battle stage, Lord Hongya retreated as if he had been dealt a heavy blow. A deep claw mark appeared on his arms. The wound was bleeding profusely and was so deep that the bone could be seen.


The ghostly figure of the Black Iron Demonic Monkey appeared in the place where Lord Hongya had stood. It gave a shrill laugh, and in a flash, it disappeared again into black light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next few minutes, Lord Hongya plunged directly into the most humiliating situation. Facing the Black Iron Demonic Monkey's lightning speed, Lord Hongya was completely at a disadvantage. He was covered with bruises, and blood enveloped his whole body.

Everyone had lost hope upon seeing this.

However, amid all the bitter smiles and disappointment, a glint flashed in Mandela's golden eyes as she stared at the battle. With her terrifying power, she had perceived that although Lord Hongya seemed to be in an extremely embarrassing situation and was seemingly wounded all over, these were not fatal injuries, as he was adept at defense.

Moreover, Mandela could vaguely sense that there seemed to be a raging spiritual energy gathering in Lord Hongya's body, even though he seemed to be suffering a beatdown.

On the surface, Lord Hongya seemed to have no power to fight back, but he was secretly biding his time. His patient forbearance was extraordinary.


Another heavy blow. Lord Hongya's figure staggered back a dozen feet before he could recover. An ominous aura surged at his face, and a malicious monkey face emerged right in front of him.

As the cold light flashed, the Black Iron Demonic Monkey's sharp, sword-like claws reached out directly toward Lord Hongya's chest.

Lord Hongya raised his arm hurriedly and blocked the attack.


The Black Iron Demonic Monkey's claws were like sword blades that pierced into Lord Hongya's arm. Blood gushed out and spattered.

However, when the Black Iron Demonic Monkey sank its claws into Lord Hongya's flesh, his face, which had blood streaming down it, finally showed a ferocious smirk.

On his other palm, horrifying spiritual energy gathered in a frenzy. In an instant, a mountain the size of a palm condensed in Lord Hongya's hand.

The exquisitely ingenious size that Lord Hongya compacted his spiritual energy into emanated fearful waves, and as a result, the space became turbulent.

"Filthy animal, it's my turn now!"

Lord Hongya smiled eerily, throwing a punch like a bolt of lightning at the Black Iron Demonic Monkey's head.


Sensing the horror of the attack, the Black Iron Demonic Monkey was also in a hurry to evade, but at this point, it realized that it could not retract its claws. Lord Hongya's flesh on his arm seemed to wriggle, squeezing the monkey's claws into the flesh and blood directly.

The ghostly speed of the Black Iron Demonic Monkey was constrained.


In this crucial moment, Lord Hongya's mountain-like iron fist had been whistling, and it did not hesitate to brutally bombard the Black Iron Demonic Monkey's head. With a spurt, the monkey's head exploded suddenly like a watermelon that had burst open.

The Black Iron Demonic Monkey's body staggered as it fell to the ground, and eventually turned into spots of light and scattered, pouring into Lord Hongya's body.

Outside the battle stage, all the lords stared at the twist of events, utterly shell-shocked. Even Mu Chen was astonished, as no one realized that the seemingly humiliated Lord Hongya was biding his time until the last moment before striking the Black Iron Demonic Monkey in such a ferocious manner.

On the battle stage, after Lord Hongya had absorbed the spiritual essence, he stumbled down the platform. Mandela stretched out her small hand, and her spiritual energy transformed into a ribbon to help him down.

Obviously, even with his superb defense, Lord Hongya had reached his limit after being attacked wildly by the Black Iron Demonic Monkey.

"Fortunately, I have not let you down."

Lord Hongya grinned, albeit with difficulty.

"It's been hard on you," Mandela stated softly. The victory was apparently unexpected by all of them, but thanks to Lord Hongya's luck, the Black Iron Demon Monkey's advantage was speed, but its attack power was weak. If it had been any of the previous beasts, Lord Hongya would have been utterly defeated.

"Let's end this game. I'll break through the gate next." There was a chill in Mandela's golden eyes. The game of watching her subordinates struggle desperately in front of her while she did nothing had begun to enrage her.

Even if it would really result in great consumption of her spiritual energy, she must shatter the bronze gate today!

Mandela took a step forward. A fearful power of spiritual energy gathered quickly in the palm of her hand.

However, just as she was about to make a move, a figure flashed, and then a hand seized her arm and stopped her spiritual energy from gathering.

Mandela lifted her head and saw Mu Chen's young face.

"Dominator... as the ruler of Daluo Territory, you cannot deprive me of the right to play." Mu Chen smiled, knowing that Mandela did not want him to fight a fruitless battle but at this juncture, as a lord of Daluo Territory, it was obviously impossible for him to be a coward and retreat.

"You..." Mandela looked into Mu Chen's eyes. His eyes were still bright, as determination surged in them. His eyes let her understand that the fact that he could come to this point after such a long journey had not depended on escaping and avoiding challenges.

Mandela's small hand slowly lowered. At last she nodded softly and said, "Be careful. If you lose, retreat."

Mu Chen smiled and nodded, and as soon as his figure moved, he rushed straight up to the battle stage, and then he looked sharply at the ancient stone pillar. He stood tall and straight, like a Divine Spear that had emerged out of its sheath, a mighty aura soaring into the sky.

In this final battle, let me see how terrifying these supposed ten ferocious beasts are, then!

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