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Mu Chen stood on the battle stage like a mighty spear, his intimidating spirit emanated forth. The challenge was now in the tenth battle, which would be the most crucial one.

If Mu Chen attained victory here, then Mandela would be able to break through the array smoothly. If he did not win, she would have to break through it forcibly, which would expend her spiritual energy significantly. Then, if they met the rulers of the other top forces, then she would be in bad shape and operating at a disadvantage in the fight for the Spiritual Deity Liquid.

That scenario would undoubtedly be a devastating blow to the Daluo Territory. Therefore, no matter what, they must ensure that Mandela would be in the most perfect state when she competed for the Spiritual Deity Liquid! Thus, Mu Chen's battle was extremely crucial.

Outside the battle stage, the lords looked at Mu Chen, their faces solemn. Although they knew how difficult it was for Mu Chen to win with the strength of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, there were subtle expectations and anticipation that were hidden in their hearts.

That anticipation stemmed from the miracles that Mu Chen had created throughout the entire journey. In this Meteorfall Battlefield, the lords had witnessed numerous times when Mu Chen had turned the tides, creating some stunning miracles during times of crisis. Even so, no one could guarantee that this miracle power of his would appear at this time.


Shortly after Mu Chen had fallen on the battle platform, the ancient hall trembled again. Everyone's gaze shifted rapidly upward, then stayed focused on the top of a huge stone pillar.

The bronze surface on the bronze statues were peeling off rapidly, and the last tower-like figure roared down onto the platform. Its terrible impact directly caused the battle stage to vibrate violently.

A terrifyingly ominous aura emanated from the tower-like silhouette and permeated the atmosphere, striking fear in the people's hearts. Outside the battle stage, everyone's glance was directed towards the iron tower-like figure at this moment, where the ominous aura gradually subsided and the figure became clear.

The figure was covered with dark dragon scales, and its muscles bulged like iron. Its explosive power was as if it had a sleeping dragon lurking beneath it. It had an ominous and oppressively ferocious tiger head. However, on its forehead, there were dark dragon horns. When the horns emerged, a cold light surged.

"That is one of the ten ferocious beasts, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger." Mandela stared at the oppressive figure, her golden eyes turning solemn.

This Heavenly Dragon Tiger had quite the famous reputation among the Ancient Celestial Palace's Ten Ferocious Beasts. It is said that the bloodline of a Heavenly Dragon flowed in such beasts, and the Heavenly Dragon was second only to the Real Dragon in the Dragon Clan. Thus, they could be considered in the ranks as one of the Sovereign Divine Beasts. 

Although the Heavenly Dragon's bloodline was not strong in this Heavenly Dragon Tiger, it was enough to give it a terribly powerful strength. Thus, this opponent whom Mu Chen encountered would not be easy to defeat.

Lord Asura, Nine Nether, and others were also aware of the oppressive aura that the Heavenly Dragon Tiger emanated. Their hearts sank immediately. The strength of this Heavenly Dragon Tiger should be in the rank of a Sixth Grade Sovereign, and it was absolutely ferocious! Even even Lord Blood Hawk and the other lords were inferior to it.

What were the odds of Mu Chen gaining victory against such an opponent, with only his strength of a Fifth Grade Sovereign?


As everyone's hearts were beating wildly in anticipation, on the battle platform, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger roared fiercely. The sound waves surged wildly, causing the entire space to fluctuate and tremble.

Mu Chen stared at the magnificent Heavenly Dragon Tiger, which had an imposing aura, and took a deep breath. Facing such an opponent, he dared not underestimate it.

As Mu Chen's heart calmed, his eyes grew as dark as a black hole and his face grew cold.

"Supreme Heart Demon Chant, Small Heart Demon State!"

At the same time, the original vigorous spiritual energy fluctuations were beginning to become restrained. If Mu Chen's former spiritual energy power was like a violent volcano, then his spiritual power now resembled a terrible vortex under the sea. Although it seemed calm, it was becoming more dangerous and terrifying.

As Lord Mountain Cracker and the others looked at the subtle changes in Mu Chen's spiritual energy, their pupils could not help but shrink. Having such delicate control over one's spiritual energy was something that they simply were not capable of.

"What fine control over spiritual energy!" Lord Asura exclaimed.


Just as Mu Chen activated the Small Heart Demon State, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger seemed to become aware of the changes in Mu Chen's spiritual energy. It immediately growled, stomping its foot violently and causing the ground below its feet to crack. Its body then flashed directly in front of Mu Chen. As it dealt a heavy blow, the terrible spiritual energy surged and roared, condensing into a ferocious tiger. It then charged towards Mu Chen at a lightning speed, as it attempted to sink its sharp teeth into Mu Chen!

A glint flashed in Mu Chen's black whirlpool-like pupils. With a swift movement of his foot, he suddenly retreated, just barely avoiding the fierce punch. Yet, the strength of the punch still shocked him, as it had grazed him, leaving a gash on his shoulder.

The two silhouettes flashed like lightning in the confrontation. Mu Chen's two fingers were as sharp as spears, as they were infused with his spiritual energy. The wind even tore a mark in the space, charging towards the throat of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger in a brutal and cunning manner.

With the help of the Small Heart Demon State, Mu Chen's attack was ingenious and as fast as lightning! Such a cunning and artful offensive attack stunned even Lord Blood Hawk and the others, who were outside the platform and watching.


However, although the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's rationality was compromised, it was evident that it had fought many battles in its lifetime. As such, the experience of those battles had been ingrained deep within its bones. Thus, the tiger's paw instinctively retracted swiftly in order to protect its throat.


When Mu Chen's fingers clashed with the tiger's paw, sparks flew. The Heavenly Dragon Tiger grinned maliciously, its paw twisting back and grasping Mu Chen's wrist securely, before tugging it violently. A terrible force gushed out in an attempt to detach Mu Chen's arm and tear it off completely.


However, just at this moment, a fierce kick came whistling. It was infused with a great deal of spiritual power that was sweeping under it. The space vibrated, as it charged straight towards the head of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger.

Such an offensive attack interrupted the rhythm of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, forcing it to slant its arm. Mu Chen took this opportunity to shake off its paw. He soared into the sky and clenched his fist, as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar emerged. He then poured majestic spiritual energy into it, the huge silhouette enveloping the Heavenly Dragon Tiger entirely.

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar descended in a surge, while the Heavenly Dragon Tiger roared. Dark dragon horns on its forehead suddenly burst with a black light. The dragon horns grew, clashing violently with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.


A loud crash was heard, the terrible shock waves raged, and the floor was shattered. Mu Chen was stunned by the terrible shock waves, which caused him to stagger backwards. As he did so, the soles of his feet grazed across the stage and shot backwards several feet before stabilizing. The fist he used to grasp the Great Meru Demonic Pillar had also been shocked and injured, causing blood to flow down his palm.

He stared at the source of the shock wave with a grim expression. The Heavenly Dragon Tiger was still standing tall, its red and ferocious eyes locked onto him.

Beyond the battle platform, the lords watched the battle, their eyes transfixed upon the combatants. Previously, the confrontation between Mu Chen and the Heavenly Dragon Tiger had been fierce, as both sides had extremely cunning means. However, in that brief encounter, Mu Chen had suffered a disadvantage in the end.

After all, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger had the power of a Sixth Grade Sovereign. If it had been an ordinary Fifth Grade Sovereign, they would have been killed instantly by the Heavenly Dragon Tiger in the first round! Only such an abnormal freak like Mu Chen could actually hold his own against the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, especially using only the power of a Fifth Grade Sovereign. However, just depending on this power alone, it was obvious that it was impossible to defeat the Heavenly Dragon Tiger and win the final victory.


Just as everyone was pondering, on the battle stage, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in Mu Chen's palm suddenly flew out and grew bigger. In fact, it appeared to be as tall as the sky, as it descended towards the Heavenly Dragon Tiger in an attempt to suppress it.


With a fierce roar, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's tail, which was like a steel whip, expanded in the storm. It then flicked towards the Great Meru Demonic Pillar and hit it away.

However, just as the Heavenly Dragon Tiger flicked the Great Meru Demonic Pillar away, the roaring sound of a dragon and elephant began to reverberate around the space violently. The sound was emanating from the front, and had arrived on the scene just as Mu Chen's body was sweeping through the air. In the twisted space behind him, the Sovereign Sea was tumultuous, its waves of energy followed by the fierce eruption of eight beams of light.


The eight rays of light surged out, emanating the sound of dragons and elephants roaring. Everyone stared at it, before it dawned on them that the eight beams of light were four massive dragons and four giant elephants, all of which were hovering in the sky.

"Near Perfection Divine Art, Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art!"

The moment the four dragons and four elephants emerged, the terrible spiritual energy fluctuations soared to the sky. Even Lord Blood Hawk and other lords' eyelids were twitching. Apparently, they realized that, after the previous battle, Mu Chen was finally ready to unleash his true power.

"Four dragons and four elephants?" Nine Nether's eyes flashed. She was aware of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art Mu that Chen practiced, but this was the first time that she had seen Mu Chen display four dragons and four elephants simultaneously.

However, in the blink of an eye, Mu Chen glanced at the four dragons and four elephants above the battle platform, then suddenly took a deep breath. The changing seals did not end here, but continued to activate.

"Can he still continue to condense dragons and elephants?" Nine Nether was astonished at the scene before her.


Under Nine Nether's scorching gaze, Mu Chen stomped into the void. A glint flashed in his eyes, as he saw that, in the twisted space behind him, torrents were surging in the vast Sovereign Sea. As he continued to watch the scene, two rays of light burst out.

The rumbling, loud roars of dragons and elephants reverberated through the ancient hall.

Lord Blood Hawk and the others raised their heads to look, as their faces twisted in surprise.

In the void, Mu Chen could be seen hovering. His dark eyes, which resembled black whirlpools, flashed, and behind him, the huge five dragons and five elephants stood in a circle, emanating an overwhelmingly oppressive aura of spiritual power.

Such an attack was enough to strike fear in even a Sixth Grade Sovereign's heart! However, it was unknown whether Mu Chen could resist the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, even with the help of the power of the Five Dragons and Five Elephants!

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