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When Nine Nether's slim figure appeared on the super battle stage, a bronze statue was activated again, and a burly figure, which was emanating an ominous aura, descended heavily onto the platform. Mu Chen and the others glanced over hurriedly.

The figure was as strong as a tower, its body shimmering as bright as gold. It looked as if it had been cast from gold and was invincible. Its head was a fierce lion's head, which was also a golden color, but its eyes were blood-red! When the golden figure appeared, a fierce and ominous spirit permeated the entire space.

"That is one of the ten most ferocious beasts, the Golden Demonic Lion," Mandela glanced at the golden figure and said slowly. "The physical body of such a ferocious beast is extremely strong." 

All the lords' gazes turned somber.

"However, Nine Nether's actual body is the Nine Netherworld Bird, and the bloodline of a Divine Beast is no weaker than the Golden Demonic Lion. Were they to ever really fight, she wouldn't necessarily be at a disadvantage." Mandela nodded gently.

"Nine Nether is a prodigy in the Nine Netherbird Clan. At such a young age, she could evolve into a Nine Netherworld Bird, which is quite rare for their clan. If she obtains the right opportunity in the future, she might even be able to break through the shackles and awaken the bloodline of the Undying Bird..." the Condor King nodded in agreement.

Lord Blood Hawk and the others were shocked, as the Undying Bird was a Sovereign Divine Beast in the Great Thousand World! It was also ranked as one of the top in the Divine Beast Record! Every Divine Beast that had a successful evolution to this step was among the world's most reputable and powerful beings!

Mu Chen's gaze was fixed on the slender silhouette of Nine Nether. He felt the mighty power of spiritual energy emanating from her. He sighed slightly, as he thought back to when he and Nine Nether had just come to the Daluo Territory. Back then, one just broken through the Sovereign-level, while the other had just completed the evolution, only capable of fighting against a Fifth Grade Sovereign.

At that time, Mu Chen was insignificant in the people's eyes, and Nine Nether was in the last place among the Lords. No one had anticipated that, in this short period of two years, the humble young man would become one of the lords and Nine Nether's strength would be refined to a Sixth Grade Sovereign level!

Between Mu Chen and Nine Nether, although it seems that the former had won in terms of the progress made, Nine Nether was still a Divine Beast. The cultivation of a Divine Beast was quite different from that of human beings. They may progress slowly, but once they broke through the shackles, the speed of their refinement was swift enough to make people stunned and completely tongue-tied!

In this year, Nine Nether had spent most of her time cultivating. Others may not know that fact, but Mu Chen was clear that Nine Nether's power now, among all of the lords, with the exception of Lord Asura and Lord Mountain Cracker, was strong enough to accomplish this feat.

However, today's battle may cause Nine Nether's rank to change among the lords in the Daluo Territory…

Atop the battle stage, Nine Nether looked at the golden figure, her gaze gradually growing sharp. They had already lost four consecutive battles. So, in the next five fights, they must win three fights in order to break out of the array.

It's not easy to win three out of five battles. Thus, if she lost this battle, then the chances of the Daluo Territory breaking through the array would be very low. Thus, she could not afford to lose this battle!

Nine Nether inhaled a breath of cold air, clenching her fist. As she did so, a black feather sword emerged in her hand. Purple flames blazed on the surface of the sword. This was the Unperishable Flame!


When Nine Nether triggered her spiritual energy, the crimson red gaze of the Golden Demonic Lion shifted. Instead of waiting for Nine Nether to launch an offensive attack, the golden lion rushed out first.

The golden brilliant light burst out! Then, with a heavy stomp of the Golden Demonic Lion's feet, and the sound of something whistling through the wind, its strong figure appeared in front of Nine Nether. Then, its gold-like iron fist relentlessly pounded down.

The air burst when the blow fell, and the pressure shattered the ground. This showed how powerful the Golden Demonic Lion's blow really was!

Golden light filled their eyes, yet Nine Nether's beautiful eyes were also grave. The black feather sword in her hands was horizontally placed in front of her, blocking the golden fist.


The sound of gold and iron clashing reverberated throughout the space, and the black feather sword was directly hit by the Golden Demonic Lion's fist, causing it to curve into an eye-catching arc. However, it did not shatter.


Nine Nether's beautiful eyes turned cold. The purple flames on the black feather sword blazed fiercely and rose, attaching to the Golden Demonic Lion's huge fist. A whooshing sound rang out, as the golden light on the Golden Demonic Lion's fist dimmed. Although the defense of the Golden Demonic Lion was strong, Nine Nether's Unperishable Flame was obviously not to be underestimated.


The fierce pain in its fist caused the golden lion to roar, and the wind from the fist suddenly grew in intensity, shaking Nine Nether back with one blow.


When Nine Nether retreated, the mighty spiritual energy suddenly condensed behind her. It then transformed into a massive Nine Netherworld Bird.

The Nine Netherworld Bird unfolded its wings, and burning purple black feathers suddenly burst out, directly enveloping the Golden Demonic Lion. These black feathers were condensed from Nine Nether's own spiritual energy, which was strong enough to penetrate rocks, especially now that it was coupled with the domineering Unperishable Flame! Its power was so unpredictably strong, even a Sixth Grade Sovereign of the same rank would not dare to underestimate it!


The Golden Demonic Lion was equally wary of the power of the Unperishable Flame. It roared, then a golden ray of light emanated from its body, eventually turning into a golden bell to protect it.

The golden bell, which had a golden color flowing through it, seemed indestructible. Apparently, this was a protective defense for the Golden Demonic Lion.

Clang! Bang!

The black feathers burning with purple flames collided with the golden bell, causing the continuous sound of gold and iron clanging to be heard. The golden bell shook with rapid ripples, but did not shatter.

"This fellow's defense is so strong, Lord Nine Nether…"

Lord Blood Hawk and the others saw the scene and frowned, their eyebrows knit together. Nine Nether's offensive attack seemed to have failed in penetrating the Golden Demonic Lion's defense. If this continued, it would consume a lot of power.

Once the golden lion caught the flaw, they were afraid it would launch a thunderbolt offensive attack, which would result in a decisive victory or defeat immediately. However, as they frowned, Mandela's eyes suddenly lit up.

Mu Chen also sensed a change in energy, as he shifted his gaze and saw the dark feathers enveloping the world. Unknowingly, the golden lion had been surrounded by countless black feathers!

These black feathers were burning with purple flames and seemed disorderly, but with Mu Chen's keenness as a war troop dispatcher, he detected some strange fluctuations within the disorderly mess.


The overwhelming black feathers were finally weakening, then the last black feather shot towards the golden bell. When the golden bell blocked the attack, it vibrated and shattered.

After the golden bell shattered, the golden lion's burly and heavy figure emanated out an ominous aura. Still standing in the same place, its red eyes locked onto Nine Nether, a malicious smile emerging on its ferocious face.


The Golden Demonic Lion's massive fist hammered on its chest. Then, suddenly, there was a loud sound. The brilliant golden light erupted, as the lion's spiritual energy became overwhelmingly violent.

However, just as the Golden Demonic Lion was about to launch a thunderbolt attack, a cold smirk appeared on Nine Nether's calm, beautiful face. She then conjured up a seal suddenly.


The moment Nine Nether's seal had been formed, the numerous black feathers scattered around the Golden Demonic Lion. They then suddenly burned out of thin air, while the purple flames roared and suddenly transformed into a purple furnace, which enveloped the Golden Demonic Lion within it.

"Unperishable Flame Furnace!"


When the purple furnace formed, the Golden Demonic Lion burst into a shrill scream, as signs of its melting gradually appeared on the body made of gold.

The ground that the purple furnace was located upon became dry and withered, so greatly was it affected by the horribly scorching heat.

Outside the battle stage, Lord Blood Hawk and the others gasped. Apparently, they were aware of the horrors of the purple furnace. If one were to be trapped in it, even if they activated their Sovereign Celestial Body, they would still be melted completely.


The Golden Demonic Lion growled wildly, then tried to trigger its spiritual energy to put up a last stand. However, Nine Nether didn't give it a chance. Her face was cold, and with clenched fists, she caused the purple furnace to instantly shrink, then explode!

The purple flames surged out all over the world. As they splashed on the light screen around the battle stage, they immediately burned bursts of ripples on it.

The temperature of the entire hall seemed to be scorching at this time. Nine Nether stood on the battle stage, looking ahead. She could see that, where the Golden Demonic Lion had been, its body had long disappeared, leaving only a pool of golden liquid on the ground.


The golden liquid eventually scattered, then turned into golden spots of light that whistled out, sweeping towards Nine Nether. Once they reached her, they were absorbed into her body.

Those golden spots of light were the spiritual essence of the Golden Demonic Lion. Nine Nether stood silently on the battle stage. Then, about an hour later, she slowly opened her eyes. In that moment, Mu Chen and the others were aware that her spiritual energy had become more powerful and condensed. It was obvious that she had just gained great benefits!

Lord Blood Hawk and the others were envious of Nine Nether, but they also knew that this opportunity was something that Nine Nether had earned. Unfortunately, they knew that they did not have the strength to obtain such an opportunity themselves.

Regardless, they had won the victory in the sixth challenge! Now, they had to win two more fights to break through the old hall and enter the depths where the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure was located.

But, after these six fights, only four of the ten lords of the Daluo Territory had not yet fought. These four were the weakest of the ten lords… 

Could they really win two more battles by relying on them?

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