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When Mu Chen and the others had stepped through the door, they sensed a rumbling vibration. Fortunately, nothing unpleasant happened along the way. The space vibrated for a span of about ten breaths, then it calmed down. Their vision rapidly turned wide and bright.

Their feet were finally on solid ground.

When their feet landed on the ground, the spiritual energy from their bodies welled up at almost the same time, protecting their bodies. They waited to see if there was any unusual change. After detecting nothing unusual, only then did they dare to project their vision towards the front.

Their eyes swept around, and they were dazed by what they saw.

What appeared in front of them was an extremely magnificent, ancient great hall. The hall was standing tall and upright like a lofty mountain. The pillars inside the palace were nearly 1,000 feet tall and looked like pillars of the sky.

They looked like small ants standing inside this ancient, giant hall.

"Is this the inside of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure?" They looked at each other in blank dismay.

Mandela's golden eyes swept faintly across the place. She immediately lifted her feet and went deep into the great hall. That calm gesture of hers showed that she was not worried about whether there was any trap or not. After all, her powers were that of a lower ranking Earthly Sovereign. As long as someone with the same level of powers did not appear, she did not have the slightest reason to be afraid.

The Three Kings, all the lords, and the others quickly followed close behind.

They walked into the ancient hall at a slow pace. As they went deeper, they discovered that the flagstone floor, the palace walls, and the stone pillars were all covered with ancient runes that effused a sense of unbreakable sturdiness.

Lord Mountain Cracker ruthlessly stomped his feet on the flagstone floor with a force that would cause even a mountain to collapse. However, his stomping caused nothing but a small crack in the floor. This frightened Mu Chen and the others.


While Mu Chen and the others were observing this ancient, giant hall, Mandela, who was leading in the front, suddenly stopped. Those golden eyes looked to the front, and the others immediately shifted their sight towards where she was looking.

At the end of the enormous hall was a giant bronze door. At this time, the giant door was closed tightly. On the giant door, there seemed to be a thick trace of fresh blood. The blood stains contained an extremely terrifying, moving spiritual energy. Their eyes twitched looking at it.

However, there was no motion on Mandela's small face. She reached out her slender fingers high up in the air and softly pointed.


With Mandela's fingers pointing, the space suddenly felt like the surface of a lake that a stone had just dropped into. Ripples spread in the air. The next moment, a terrifying spiritual energy gathered around. In the middle of the ripples, a large, sharp, crystal mountain peak drilled out.

The top of the crystal mountain peak was aimed directly towards the giant bronze door. With crystal lights shining from it, it was diffusing an indescribably sharp energy.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen and the others, who were standing behind Mandela, were seriously impressed. They could feel that Mandela had formed the crystal mountain by directly extracting the spiritual energy from between the heavens and the earth, and then compressed it into material form.

This simple hand gesture clearly showed how horrifying an Earthly Sovereign was. After all, it was also possible for Mu Chen and the others to condense the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth with their current strength. They could even condense the spiritual energy and turn it into various forms of attack, but they could not crystallize the spiritual energy.

In the eyes of an Earthly Sovereign, mere grass was an ordinary divine weapon because they could easily crystallize spiritual energy. The power and strength of a spiritual crystal was enough to rival an ordinary divine weapon.

When an Earthly Sovereign launched his attack ferociously, it was equivalent to countless divine weapons pelting down. Imagine, how destructive would that power be?


While Mu Chen and the others were still shocked, the peak of the crystal mountain shot out with its tip facing forward. The next moment, it appeared in front of the giant bronze door and ferociously bombarded it without hesitation.


The terrible shockwave ravaged the ancient grand palace. The earth was shaking, and cracks were spreading across the surrounding palace walls.

Mandela's golden eyes stared at the source of the shockwave. She saw that when the spiritual energy dissipated, the giant bronze door still stood firmly. After such a fierce attack, the bronze door showed no signs of breaking.

The looks of all the lords in the rear turned sullen. This was not a simple giant bronze door. Even a strong Earthly Sovereign could not break it.

"It seems that we have begun to be trapped in the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure," the Sleeping King said unhurriedly.

"Can we use the Meteorfall Alchemy?" Mu Chen suggested.

Mandela shook her head and said, "The Meteorfall Alchemy can only melt the seal of the same origin. The force of this giant bronze door is not the same as before."

Nine Nether's beautiful eyes flashed as she said. "The blood stains on the giant bronze door seem a little strange."

After hearing those words, everyone immediately looked at it carefully. It turned out that the blood stains on the giant bronze door seemed to be slowly squirming. From far, the blood stains seemed to form the faces of ferocious beasts.

And there were exactly ten beast faces.

Mandela looked at the ferocious faces of the beasts as if she were thinking of something. She muttered, "Is this the Ancient Battle Array of the Ferocious Ten?"

As her voice fell, Mandela suddenly lifted her face. She looked to the top of the ten thickest sky pillars. She saw huge stone statues entrenched atop each of the pillars.

Lord Mountain Cracker lifted his head and said in awe, "What is that?"

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. He could clearly see the ten stone statues with human bodies and the faces of beasts. They were all covered in a tint of dark green. From a distance, they looked like bronze statues, but when carefully examined, they gave off a ferocious feeling.

"The faces of these bronze statues are exactly the same as the beast faces in the bloodstains on the giant bronze door," Lord Asura said in a deep voice.

Mandela looked down and said faintly, "Those are the ten most ferocious beasts from the Ancient Celestial palace…"

"The ten most ferocious beasts?" The lords looked at each other in blank dismay.

"This should be the battle array of guardians laid out by the fourth hall master." Mandela continued, "The source of power on the giant bronze door is from the ten most ferocious beasts. Only by getting rid of them will the giant bronze door lose strength and open up."

"Then get rid of them," the Spiritual Pupil King said nonchalantly. If the ten most ferocious beasts were still alive, he would have been a little afraid, but they were now dead. While their power remained due to some special methods, it was greatly reduced.

"There are rules here, and we should not act rashly." Mandela shook her head and immediately snapped her fingers. A beam of spiritual energy light was directed at the bronze statues, but when the light beam was about to hit them, on top of the pillar, a swarm of closely packed ancient runes was suddenly floating around. Then a curtain of light formed to protect the bronze statue behind it. It also counteracted Mandela's attack.

The Spiritual Pupil King was startled as he witnessed it. He could not help but stare blankly with his eyebrows creased.

"Since there are rules, then let us follow the rules." Mandela was rather cool. Her golden eyes scanned the place in a circle and finally looked at the ground in front. Everyone looked in the direction she was looking and noticed there were many rune inscriptions inside the vast, grand palace.

Mandela snapped her fingers again, and spiritual energy shot out onto the rune inscriptions.


When the spiritual energy hit the land, the ground suddenly trembled and rose up. Dust filled the air and shortly after, Mu Chen and the others were stunned. They saw a stone platform that was about 100,000 feet across appear in the ancient great hall.

Around the stone platform, ancient runes rose to the sky, forming a huge curtain of light that shone down, protecting the stone platform.

"Is that a battle stage?"

Mandela's gaze flashed, and she understood. She then looked at the Sleeping King. He nodded slightly, and his body suddenly burst out and landed straight on the battle stage.

However, just when the Sleeping King touched the light covering the battle platform, the spiritual energy fluctuated wildly, followed by a flash of light. The Sleeping King was launched back to where he came from.

The Sleeping King fell beside Mandela. His brow wrinkled. Before he had the chance to say a word, Mandela said, "You are too powerful. This battle stage has spiritual energy limitations… this fourth hall master is quite an interesting character. It seems that he does not intend to see others force their way through this array."

"Lord Asura, go."

Mandela's golden eyes looked towards Lord Asura, the strongest among the lords. Lord Asura was a genuine Grade Seven Sovereign. Although he was not as strong as the Three Kings, his combat power was the strongest among the lords. If they were to battle, it was naturally necessary for him to do it.


Lord Asura respectfully received the order. He stomped his foot and off he rushed to the platform. This time, when his body touched the lights covering the platform, he was not pushed out and was allowed on the battle platform.

The people in the back saw that Lord Asura had successfully entered the battle stage. They breathed a sigh of relief.


Just when Lord Asura proudly stood on the battle stage, there was a sudden sound of vibration from the ancient, great hall. Mu Chen and the others' eyes looked to the source of the sound.

On the huge pillars, the bronze on one of the ferocious-looking statues was slowly falling off. As the bronze fell off, a fierce and strong figure wearing black armor that looked like a black tower appeared in their sight.


It looked up and growled. That thunderous growl sent the giant hall shaking.


It stomped its foot heavily, then the stone pillar cracked. Its body rushed down in a whoosh and fell hard onto the battle stage like a cannonball.

Smoke and dust filled the air. It was standing like an ancient beast, and the atmosphere was monstrously fierce. Under this atmosphere, even Lord Asura's gaze was frozen.

"One of the ten most ferocious beasts from the Ancient Celestial Palace, the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon," Mandela said calmly.

Beyond the battle stage, Mu Chen and the others looked attentive. They did not know if Lord Asura, the strongest lord of Daluo Territory, could go against the Ancient Celestial Palace's ten most ferocious beasts, and they did not know who would be victorious.

This battle would surely be earth-shattering.

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