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On the tremendously gigantic battle ring, Lord Asura stood up with ease. At that very moment, his strong figure looked like a mountain. He appeared to be very stout and solemn.

Suddenly, a majestic wave of spiritual energy surged and swirled around his body. The formidable sense of spiritual energy could also be clearly felt by Mu Chen and the rest of the group, who were also standing around the battle ring.

Meanwhile, an iron pagodlike silhouette stood erect before Lord Asura. Its naked torso was covered with hundreds of grotesque-looking scars, making it look extra ferocious.

This silhouette, although it looked similar to a human body, had the head of a feral-looking dragon. Its fangs glimmered amid a ghastly, bloodcurdling sneer. They were extremely sharp!

Its bloodshot eyes were filled with extreme anger, as it glared at Lord Asura. A billowy fiendish aura surged out, causing everyone to tremble in fear.

These figures each had extremely terrifying presences. This head-on battle would clearly be thrilling!

"So, is this one of the ten most ferocious beasts, the one known as the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon from the Primordial Celestial Palace?" Mu Chen asked.

He and the rest had solemn expressions on their faces. They could feel the formidable tension that was emanating from the ferocious aura of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon. Although the so-called ten most ferocious beasts had already fallen from the sky, they still retained most of their abilities from their past lives.

"The powers of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon are considered to be among the best of all of the Celestial Palace's ferocious beasts. It is said that in its past life, it was a powerhouse with the ability of a Grade Eight Sovereign. However, since it fell from the sky, it probably only now has the ability of a Grade Six Sovereign. Yet, with the aid of the Divine Beast's Constitution, it could still probably battle against a Grade Seven Sovereign," said Mandela faintly, as she stared at the two figures, who stood facing each other on the battle ring.

After Mu Chen and the rest listened to her explanation, they silently marveled at the creature's ability. The Ancient Celestial Palace had indeed been the center of the Tianluo Continent during ancient times. There was an arena that was filled with powerhouses there, all under the command of the fourth hall master.

The ten most ferocious beasts were on a higher level than the princes of the Daluo Territory. As such, their abilities could absolutely rival the powers of the Condor King and the other princes!


While Mu Chen and the rest were still in awe of the capabilities of the Ancient Celestial Palace, dazzling rays of light suddenly beamed out from Lord Asura's eyes. A formidable spiritual energy then soared up to the sky.

At the very next moment, he took a step forward. The slab beneath his feet shattered into pieces. His figure was like a bolt of lightning, as a monstrous vigor and energy lingered around him.

He immediately dashed toward the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon. With the powers of a Grade Seven Sovereign, it was evident that he was not afraid of the creature.


After it noticed that Lord Asura was charging in its direction, the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon also let out a fierce roar. Its eyes shone in anger. Suddenly, it clenched its scaled fist. A blood red spiritual energy started surging madly, then formed a fist and charged toward its opponent.

Under the influence of the fist, the blood red spiritual energy seemed to have transformed into numerous feral dragons, which started to tear each other apart. The space had became increasingly distorted.


The two figures collided violently. Their fists crashed into each other, neither showing any sign of retreat. Suddenly, a terrifying shockwave blew across the place. A fissure started spreading from beneath their feet. Finally, the two of them recoiled from the impact.

After the two figures stabilized themselves, they immediately charged toward each other once again. They intertwined together in the middle of the battle ring, like two violent rays of conjoined spiritual energy.

Bam! Bam!

Both of them had taken brutal stances in their offensive. Their punches hit right on their bodies in rapid succession. Every attack had directly quaked the space around them, to the point that the space had become badly distorted.

Right outside of the battle ring, Mu Chen and the rest had their eyes gravely fixed on the two strong figures, who were situated right in the middle on the battle ring. At that point, Lord Asura had fully unleashed all of his spiritual energy.

The oppressive power of the spiritual energy which he emitted was enough to crush mountains. This, coupled with his equally vicious attacks, made him seem to be a more ferocious beast than even the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon did not retreat, despite facing the raging Lord Asura. Although it was in an unfavorable position in most of the battles, its immense rage was sufficient to shake up the spirits of its opponents who were mentally weak. This fight on the battle ring was violent and grueling from the very start!

Mandela and the third prince seemed rather calm, as they stared at the fight in the battle ring. Looking at the current situation, they could easily see that Lord Asura was gradually dominating the battle. If this went on, it would not be difficult for Lord Asura to achieve victory.


It seemed like Mandela and the princes' predictions had come true. In the battle ring, the two figures were like ferocious beasts, as they collided into each other. However, Lord Asura's palm suddenly turned blood red.

A strong bloodlust lingered in the air, as he placed his palm forward. The palm had actually pierced through the space and lashed on the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon's chest, quick as lightning.

"Asura Blood Palm Print!"


A fountain of blood erupted from the chest of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, then its body recoiled away. The armor on its chest shattered into pieces, causing its chest to completely collapse. Painful wails rang out in the air.

The body of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon skidded a hundred meters away on the battle ring before it finally violently hit the ground. Its body soared up the skies, while its bloodshot eyes were filled with vexation.

Without caring about its collapsing chest, it immediately dashed out like a mad bull. The blood red spiritual energy shrouded its entire body. The immense surge of spiritual energy had directly transformed into a crimson red dragon on the surface of its body.

Dong! Dong!

The battle ring kept vibrating, due to the impact of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon's attack. If there was a mountain in front of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, its collision would definitely be able to crush it to dust!

Lord Asura stared at the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, which was charging toward him with a terrifying force. His gaze turned solemn, but he immediately took a deep breath and clasped his hands together.


An extremely powerful spiritual energy started surging out of its body like a storm. At the very next moment, a herculean figure of light directly appeared out of Lord Asura's body. The giant figure had the head of a bull. The air was filled with an extreme murderous intent. It appeared as if it was the Asura God of Destruction!

"This is the Heavenly Asura Celestial Body!"

Mu Chen froze after looking at the scene. This was the sovereign celestial body that had been cultivated by Lord Asura! It ranked 69 out of the 99 existing sovereign celestial bodies.


The giant figure of Asura roared at the sky, then aggressively swung its giant fist. Blood splattered everywhere. The space was forcefully torn into pieces, then finally collided into the charging Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon.


One could witness the sudden eruption of the shockwave with their naked eye. It immediately blasted the light shield around the battle ring. Suddenly, the light shield also started quaking violently.


Right at the source of the shockwave, Lord Asura's body retreated, due to the impact of the explosion. A deep crack was left beneath his feet.

Meanwhile, the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon was directly blasted away. Finally, his body knocked onto the light shield. With a slight tremble, it then shattered into boundless specks of light.

The Heavenly-Devouring Demonic Dragon had been defeated! The fellow princes, who stood at the side of the battle ring, let out sighs of relief over Lord Asura's victory.

The wave of spiritual energy around Lord Asura gradually disappeared. He lifted his head up, while light specks, which were transformed by the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, suddenly congregated towards him. The light specks then surged into his body like a billowy wave.

Lord Asura was slightly shocked by the scene. Initially, he had revolted against it. Mandela's voice rang out in the air, "Those specks are the essence of the spiritual energy that was left by the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon. It will be beneficial to you to absorb them."

Upon hearing Mandela's voice, Lord Asura was overjoyed. He immediately circulated his energy, so that he could completely absorb the immense amount of spiritual energy essence that had swarmed into his body.

Such an intense absorption took almost an hour to complete. Afterwards, Lord Asura gradually opened his eyes. Suddenly, the rays in his eyes began to fluctuate. The spiritual energy wave, which shrouded his body, also became more powerful. Evidently, after absorbing the essence of the spiritual energy that was left by the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, Lord Asura's internal spiritual energy had been greatly enhanced.

Outside of the battle ring, the rest of the princes felt a little envious as they saw the many benefits that were obtained by Lord Asura. They knew that it would take a painfully long period of cultivation for someone of Lord Asura's level to further improve his abilities. Thus, the essence of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon's spiritual energy had at least helped him reduce the time it would have normally taken him to cultivate his powers.

After he finished absorbing the essence of the spiritual energy, before Lord Asura could say a single word, a repulsive force suddenly blasted forth from the battle ring. Lord Asura was catapulted off the stage!

At the very same moment, the giant bronze door, which was tightly shut, suddenly emitted a sizzling sound. Everyone lifted their heads and stared at it. One of the ten ferocious beasts' faces, which was on top of the giant bronze door, gradually melted away. It was the face of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, which had been previously defeated by Lord Asura.

"I guess every time a ferocious beast is defeated, a layer of the seal will melt off," said the Condor King, as he stared at the sight.

"However, if these ferocious beasts have abilities that are on par with the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon, I'm afraid that the odds are low that we would win the battles," said the Spiritual Pupil King solemnly.

Lord Asura was the only prince in the Daluo Territory who had the ability of a Grade Seven Sovereign. The rest of them had yet to achieve this level. Thus, if they were to be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight, the odds were definitely not in their favor.

"The Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon is one of the best among the top ten ferocious beasts. Its combat capabilities are outstanding. So, don't worry too much, as they are equally difficult to handle." Mandela shook her head, then said, "Besides, we don't have to win all of the battles. As long as four out of the ten seals on the giant bronze door are melted, I will be able to destroy it by force."

Her golden eyes scanned across the princes, as she said, "All we need is to win at least four of the battles to eradicate this giant bronze door."

After the fellow princes heard that, they were slightly relieved. The probability of winning four out of ten battles should not be too low.

"Who wants to take part in the second battle?"

After hearing the statement, the princes looked at each other. Finally, Lord Mountain Cracker gradually stepped out and murmured, "Leave the second battle to me!"

Lord Mountain Cracker's abilities were slightly inferior to Lord Asura's. He had the ability of a Grade Six Sovereign. So, he did qualify to partake in the battle first! Since there was no objections, Lord Mountain Cracker flew up to the tremendously gigantic battle ring with a swift movement.


Following the entrance of Lord Mountain Cracker, everyone immediately realized that a bronze sculpture on the top of a giant stone pillar started trembling. Bloodlust filled the air once again. A herculean figure with earth-shattering footsteps landed hardly on the battle ring.

A spirit of murderous intent pierced through the skies. As it pervaded further into the air, it was as if the dragon was wailing while it thundered through the air. The space was entirely infused with the power of the dragon.

As Mu Chen and the rest witnessed the herculean figure, their faces twitched a little. They realized that the creature oozed a much more powerful aura than even the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Dragon!

"That is the Demonic Blood Dragon, the head of the ten most ferocious beasts," said Mandela slowly, furrowing her brows.

After Mu Chen and the rest heard this news, they were immediately in low spirits. Evidently, no one could foresee that Lord Mountain Cracker would have such terrible luck. When it was his turn, he had activated the most powerful creature among the top ten ferocious beasts…

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