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In the twisted dark space, about ten light rays swept past the void. Their imposing manners felt as if the light rays were whizzing meteors that could turn anything in their way into a fine dust. These light rays were actually the powerful people of the Daluo Territory, led by Mandela!

Mu Chen and the others were currently moving as fast as lightning, sprinting towards the Dark Pyramid in the void at full speed. While he was sprinting at such a fast speed, Mu Chen noticed the vastness of the space.

At first glance, using his naked eyes, the distance between them and the Dark Pyramid did not seem to be too far. However, now that they had started sprinting so quickly, only then could he notice how far away it really was!

They had approached for nearly half an hour at this speed, yet the Dark Pyramid still remained far away. This secretly astonished Mu Chen!

Noticing Mu Chen's astonishment, the Condor King suddenly smiled and said, "Hoho, this space is particularly twisted, isn't it?! Therefore, looking through the refraction of this space, we are tricked into thinking that we are not far away from the Dark Pyramid. But, in actuality, the distance to it might still be more than a few thousand miles!"

Amazed, Mu Chen nodded. The Condor King then continued his explanation.

"However, based on our current speed, we should be able to reach it within one more hour. That being said, the spatial fluctuation near the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure is more violent and disordered. Hence, you guys should not simply charge in! You must instead take extreme caution to prevent yourself from getting sucked into the spatial turbulent flow." He spoke, facing Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the others.

"Yes, sir."

The princes instantly replied in unison, once he had finished his sentence. The group accelerated their speed once more.

After travelling for an hour, Mu Chen finally noticed that Mandela, who was at the front, had gradually reduced her speed. Mu Chen's heart started to shiver, as he felt that there was an endless shadow now falling from the sky, enveloping them inside it.

Mu Chen and the others lifted their head at this moment, each drawing in a shaky breath. This was because they saw that the Dark Pyramid was silently standing tall in the void. It was so tall, they could not even see its top! The pressure it exerted was so terrifying, even the people of the caliber as Mu Chen and the others felt their skin crawling.

Although they knew of the magnificence of the Dark Pyramid beforehand, they only now fully understood it. They, staring at its endless altitude, they were awed.

In the void near the Dark Pyramid, the space was extremely twisted. It was as if even the space itself could not withstand the pyramid's pressure. There were lines of irregular spatial cracks, which materialized and disappeared repeatedly.

"This is our objective."

Mandela was standing in mid-air, her miniature face looking up to the exceedingly huge Dark Pyramid. Although her body was the smallest among the group, everyone knew the terrifying power that she harbored within this tiny body.

"Dominator, do we prepare for action?" Behind Mandela, the Sleeping King, who always had sleepy eyes, now opened his eyes completely. His eyes, which were usually misty, now unexpectedly radiated a sharp radiance, which exerted a pressure that was a lot stronger than even the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King!

Mandela nodded and said, "The other top forces should have reached other positions by now. So, we must act quickly to prevent them grabbing any advantage."

As soon as she finished speaking, Mandela slowly floated towards the Dark Pyramid. The violent spatial cracks appeared continuously in the surroundings of the pyramid, aimed at preventing Mandela's approach. However, facing this type of hurdle, she just simply waved her little hands to completely swipe away the spatial cracks, which could have burnt Mu Chen and the others to a crisp!

Mandela's figure finally appeared in front of the Dark Pyramid. From here, she could clearly see the ancient runes that were spreading across the surface of the pyramid. There was an extremely strong spiritual energy fluctuation being vaguely diffused from the runes.

That valiance of the spiritual energy fluctuation impressed even Mandela, causing her to slightly squint her eyes. The seals here were more powerful than the previous ones by far! Fortunately, she was prepared for this!

Mandela lifted her hands, and the universal bracelet appeared once more. It was followed closely by a torrent that was formed by Meteorfall Alchemy, which gushed forward in a manner that was even more vigorous than before!

The torrent hovered around Mandela. The number of Meteorfall Alchemy units contained within it was roughly over 200,000. Mu Chen and the others, who were behind Mandela, looked upon this great amount of Meteorfall Alchemy painfully. After all, if these pills were all converted into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would result in more than 2 million of them, which was a number that would entice even the most powerful people at the level of the Condor King!

Mandela rubbed her small hands together once more. The Meteorfall Alchemy had compressed into a vicious and dense Meteorfall Spiritual Liquid under the painful watch of Mu Chen and the others.

Pew! Pew!

With a point of Mandala's finger, the droplets of viscous liquid, which were as heavy as a mountain, burst out, flying like an arrow, then rained down onto the Dark Pyramid non-stop. Mandela knew that the seal on the Dark Pyramid was extremely strong, such that she could not completely remove the seals with even these 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy units alone.

Therefore, she only choose to break through one point of the pyramid. Thus, under her skillful control, the Meteorfall Spiritual Liquid that shot out was completely focused on only a very small area of the pyramid's surface.

Chi! Chi!

As the Meteorfall Spiritual Liquid fell onto the Dark Pyramid, there was an immediate and unexpected effect. The ancient runes on the surface of the Dark Pyramid were melting away, one by one.

As the runes melted away, the Black Pyramid seemed to melt away as well. To one's surprise, it gradually formed a crack, which was rapidly expanding under the effect of the Spiritual Liquid's erosion.

In just a few minutes, the Meteorfall Spiritual Liquid had been totally exhausted. As for the new crack, it was about three meters wide now, offering just enough room to allow one to pass through it.

Mandela looked at the three meter big crack for a moment before she turned her head towards Mu Chen and others and said, "Prepare to enter, everyone be careful."

"Yes, madam!"

Mu Chen and the others replied her respectfully. Before the scary Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, the ruins they saw previously felt like nothing. Needless to say, the danger within the trove could instantly turn them into dust.

Mandela nodded, then immediately turned her back and stepped towards the crack. The three kings and Mu Chen hastily followed her.

As Mu Chen and the others stepped into the crack, a dense shadow fell over them, making their hearts slightly throb. The Dark Pyramid was as if it was an ancient beast, opening its bloody mouth to await their entry...

As darkness covered his eyes, Mu Chen took a deep breath. He smelled a bloody smell, like a bloody fight was inevitable.

At this moment, not sure whether this was an illusion or not, Mu Chen faintly felt the strange triangular black item that he had obtained previously seem to beat a little. Walking past the crack made people feel terrified. As they stepped inside, Mu Chen could feel that they were yet to step on real, solid ground. Instead, it felt like they were walking on the void itself!

However, even this realm of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure was mysterious, Mu Chen and the others were not afraid of getting lost. After all, there was a genuine Earthly Sovereign leading the way! The tiny figure, who was small yet carried an extremely strong power, made everyone feel at ease.

As Mu Chen was lost in thought, Mandela, who was at the front, suddenly stopped. When Mu Chen and the others turned their gazes towards her, they found that there was a door of light in front of Mandala. The door of light was emitting a strong spatial fluctuation, but there was no indication where the door led.

Mandela touched the door of light with her small hand, immediately scowling. She then said, "Passing through this door of light will lead us to the innermost section of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. After we enter, we will start to truly experience the danger of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. Are you guys ready?"

Upon hearing her words, Mu Chen and the others shivered, then nodded with somber faces. Looking at them, Mandela also slightly nodded, then stopped hesitating. With a lift of her foot, she took the lead. Then, stepping into the door of light, she disappeared immediately.

The three kings quickly followed behind her. Then, after looking at each other for a moment, the princes also dashed into the door of light with haste..

Nine Nether and Mu Chen were the last ones to enter. Both of them looked at the door with a somber face, before sprinting towards the door at the same time. As the light flashed, both of them disappeared within the door of light.

Chi! Chi!

After both of them had entered, the door of light also quickly dimmed. Then, it disappeared completely. The space had become dark once again.

However, as Mu Chen and the others entered the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, from another direction, a spatial fluctuation also rippled, as numerous figures flashed across it like ghosts. Their aim was also to enter the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure!

Faintly, there was a palpable air of tragedy, which was being diffused throughout this secret space. The secret treasure trove, which had been slumbering for over 10,000 years, had finally been opened...

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