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Lin Min stood in the sky, the violent fighting spirit circling around him like a windstorm. As the fighting spirit swirled out, space warps were formed by the tremendous pressure present.

A horrifying oppression was being exuded from Lin Min's body. Lin Min felt that the violent mind power was about to destroy him, as the bulging, pressurized veins began squirming around his forehead.

However, he suppressed this terrible foreboding feeling, then looked at Mu Chen. When he saw Mu Chen closing his eyes, he was shocked and said, "You must be tired of living!"

The powerful mind power brought excruciating pain to Lin Min, but at the same time, it brought him alot of confidence too. In such a state, Lin Min was confident in his ability to suppress Mu Chen.

Although they were both ten thousand battle rune war troop dispatchers, the amount of battle runes that he had condensed was impressive, even among those also at his top-tier level.

Mu Chen could not possibly contend against Lin Min with the small quantity that he had condensed. Thus, Lin Min was confident that he would win this battle.

Although Lin Min was confident, he still felt a little unsettled. After all, he was a cautious person.

However, he knew that he must not delay the battle any longer. He had to grab this opportunity to defeat Mu Chen, so that Mu Chen could not make a comeback.

With this thought in his mind, Lin Min suddenly looked ruthless. He quickly formed a seal. As he did so, scarlet flames appeared in the rims of the eyes of the dark skeleton. From afar, it looked like the skeleton had been resurrected.


Visible violent fighting spirit shockwaves swirled out from the dark skeleton. As the space shook, the dark skeleton slowly opened its large mouth.

Black ripples and destructive fluctuations gathered crazily in its mouth. When the top powers saw this, they were shocked.

The lords of the Daluo Territory grasped their fists tightly. They looked anxiously at Mu Chen, who had still not taken any action in response. At this critical moment, they could only hope that Mu Chen was still holding a few trump cards.

"Mu Chen will be defeated by Lin Min, unless he has some secret weapon!" Demon's Gate, Holy Mountain, and the other top forces looked at the scene, shaking their heads. Lin Min seemed to have full control of the whole situation. If Mu Chen had no more tricks in his bag, then the outcome looked bleak.


The lights in Lin Min's eyes surged, as the black ripples in the dark skeleton's mouth gathered.

Lin Min gave an evil smile, then put his hands together. He shouted, his voice filled with killing intent, "Demon-Devouring Art, Death of the Devouring Demon!"

Buzz! Buzz!

The dark skeleton suddenly opened its mouth, the black ripples raging within it. They then turned into a black light and whizzed out. 

The black light was extremely strange. There was absolutely no fluctuation in it. Yet, wherever it past, all of the spiritual energy still seemed to be destroyed by it.

When the top powers sensed the power of the black light, they were shocked. If one were to be hit by it, all of the spiritual energy in his body would be stolen temporarily. This tactic used by Lin Min was indeed ruthless and overbearing!

They all wondered how Mu Chen would react to such a powerful attack...


The black light swirled across the horizon and darted toward Mu Chen. Its speed was quick like lightning, and one could not possibly escape it!

Lord Asura furrowed his brows, as his body tensed up. He had decided that, should Mu Chen not be able to defeat Lin Min, he would intervene to rescue him.

The light came toward Mu Chen. Just as the top powers thought that Mu Chen had given up the hopes of defeating Lin Min, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes.

Lightning flickered in Mu Chen's dark eyes. His eyes were now sharp like an eagle. They seemed to pierce through the void.

Zhantai Liuli was the first to notice the change in Mu Chen's eyes. She looked shocked. As a war troop dispatcher, she knew that, although mind power was formless, the eyes would be the most obvious part to show the mind power's strength. The slight change in Mu Chen's eyes had shown that his mind power had become more powerful at this moment.

"This guy is really unfathomable." Zhantai Liuli heaved a sigh of relief. She and Mu Chen had worked together before, so they knew each other's secrets. Rather than Lin Min and Xiao Tian, who were evil, Zhantai Liuli would be more than happy to befriend Mu Chen. For this battle, she would stand on Mu Chen's side.

As the black light swirled toward Mu Chen, its reflection caused Mu Chen's gaze to deepen. He formed a seal with his hands and afterimages flew out.

The warriors of the five troops, who were behind Mu Chen, shook. They all felt a strange power summoning them. The fighting spirit within their bodies surged, instantly becoming full of might.


A majestic fighting spirit swirled out like an ocean, gathering behind Mu Chen. A fighting spirit windstorm whizzed out, and everyone could see a large battle flag appearing within it.

Lightning covered the surface of the battle flag. Bright battle runes were also etched on it. When the battle flag appeared, the entire area suddenly dimmed, as an indescribable oppression was being exuded from it.

"The battle flag…" The top powers squinted their eyes at the battle flag. As they did so, they gasped. They realized that there were around 16,000 battle runes, which was more than the quantity on the dark skeleton!

Mu Chen seemed to have activated some secret weapon. His mind power had become more valiant, enabling him to condense more battle runes that were more powerful with the same fighting spirit!

When Lin Min saw the scene, he was shocked. He then noticed the amount of battle runes on the battle flag, which gave him many thoughts.

The first thought that came to his mind was that Mu Chen was trying to use trickery to frighten him. However, as Lin Min currently had the upper-hand, he knew that it would not be easy for Mu Chen to turn the outcome around!

Without hesitation, Lin Min activated the violent death light. He then came down on Mu Chen mercilessly, with all of his force. Mu Chen grabbed the void, as though he was holding onto a huge battle flag, then waved it down hard.

"Spirit of the Battle Flag!"

The huge battle flag swept down from the heavens like a sharp blade. As it slashed down, the five troops behind Mu Chen roared. A majestic fighting spirit whizzed out like a torrent, then flowed into the battle flag. As the fighting spirit flowed into the battle flag, more battle runes started to appear.

"The battle runes are increasing!"

Some of the top powers shouted. They realized that the battle flag had become more vigorous at an amazing speed. The amount of battle runes had increased tremendously as well! Within a short period of time, the battle runes on the battle flag had risen to 17,000!

Zhantai Liuli was shocked and her expression turned grave. She wondered how powerful Mu Chen's mind power was. Had the 16,000 battle runes not been his limit?

"How can this be?" Lin Min's expression changed. He was filled with disbelief. However, he soon gritted his teeth and said, "This is a smokescreen. Are you trying to deceive me?"

Lin Min knew that, in the past, some war troop dispatchers had condensed some fake battle runes to distract their opponents in order to seize opportunity on the battlefield. This was why he had thought that Mu Chen was using similar trickery.

Lin Min did not stop, even when he saw that Mu Chen had countered his attack. The black death light spread out like darkness, charging toward Mu Chen.

"Battle Flag Slash!"

Mu Chen waved his hand, sending the battle flag slashing down mercilessly on the death light, like a sharp blade. Everyone watched the collision, their eyes transfixed.

All of them had noticed that, as the battle flag slashed down on the death light, the battle runes had reached an overwhelming number of 18,000! Even Zhantai Liuli was shocked at this amount of battle runes!

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