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When Lin Min swallowed the black pearl, his eyes instantly turned red, the veins on his forehead squirmed around like earthworms, and he looked horrifying.

His looks were not the only change that had taken place. There was a special fluctuation that was powerful and violent. It was like a windstorm that had burst out from his head.

Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli turned pale.

The special fluctuation was the strength of his mind power. Lin Min's mind power had become stronger than before, and it was filled with violence.

"How can he swallow the mind power of others and turn it into his own?" Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli were shocked by his means.

The strength of the mind power was different from that of spiritual energy. Mind power involved a person's will. When one devoured it, he would have difficulty merging it. The person's mind would split, and he would lose his mind.

Not many war troop dispatchers had the courage to absorb the mind power of others. Thus, Mu Chen and Zhantai Liuli could not believe it when they saw Lin Min's behavior.

"No wonder Lin Min dares to accept the challenge. He has hidden means," Lord Heavenly Dragon said. He looked shocked.

"Although his mind power has become stronger, it has become chaotic and violent. There are repercussions," Zhantai Liuli said softly with lights flickering in her eyes. There was a price to pay in order to obtain power. Although the means that Lin Min had obtained were weird and powerful, the price that he had to pay was high as well.

"He does not have much choice. If he can defeat Mu Chen, Daluo Territory will be in a dire situation. Whatever price he has to pay, it will be worth it," Lord Heavenly Dragon said flatly.

"If Mu Chen loses, Daluo Territory will be crushed!" Fang Yi said in a low voice.

Zhantai Liuli, who was standing beside them, did not say another word. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Mu Chen, who was standing at a distance. As for what Lord Heavenly Dragon had said, if Mu Chen lost, Daluo Territory would indeed be totally crushed.

Lin Min had become more powerful after absorbing the mind power of the fighting spirit commanders. Did Mu Chen have other means to turn the tide…


The veins squirmed on Lin Min's forehead, and his face was distorted. Lin Min smiled hideously at Mu Chen, who looked grave. His brain was about to explode at any time because of the violent mind power. That was the repercussion of using this means. However, Lin Min was willing to pay any price to kill Mu Chen. If he was able to snatch Mu Chen's mind power, this price would be nothing.

"You have to die today!"

Lin Min's voice was filled with killing intent. In order to win this duel, he had to do everything he could to win.


Lin Min stomped his feet and vast fighting spirit surged violently. It was like a canopy of the heavens, and it looked awesome.

"It is time for you to die!"

As Lin Min shouted, the dark, violent fighting spirit turned into multiple fighting spirit streamers and swept out. The streamers froze halfway in the sky and turned into dark war spears. The tops of the war spears were filled with battle runes.

Lin Min was more powerful now when he struck, and the top powers were shocked by such a level of attack.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

War spears swept across the sky like rain and moved toward the region where Mu Chen was. Space warps started to form as the horrifying attacks moved closer to the space in the region.

Although Lin Min had become more violent and forceful, Mu Chen remained calm. He took a deep breath and quickly formed a seal with his hands. Majestic fighting spirit immediately whizzed out from behind him.

Buzz! Buzz!

Majestic fighting spirit surged and gathered in front of Mu Chen. Within seconds, it had turned into a large battle shield with bright battle runes laying heavily on it.

Mu Chen had fully activated the fighting spirit of the five troops.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The forceful attacks arrived at the same time the battle shield had been formed. Loud, explosive sounds resounded in the area. Multiple war spears fell down like a windstorm and hit hard on the large battle shield.

Every time the war spears hit the battle shield, it thundered. The fighting spirit raged and quaked in the space, causing cracks and space warps to form.

The forces were shocked when they saw the earth-shattering collision on the horizon.

Boom! Boom!

The collision continued, and everyone started to notice that the sturdy battle shield had started to deform. It was unable to withstand Lin Min's horrifying attacks.

Lin Min had become much more violent than before.

"Smash it!"

Lin Min laughed hideously. The war spears suddenly increased their speed and pierced through the sturdy battle shield.


The large battle shield finally gave way and broke into pieces.


Many warriors from the five troops turned pale and spit out mouthfuls of blood. They had been hit by the fighting spirit.

When the lords from Daluo Territory saw what had happened, they were stunned. They became grave and started to become anxious. They were unable to remain calm during the ups and downs of the war.

Mu Chen had been thrown back a few hundred feet before he managed to stabilize himself. When he looked at the five troops and saw many warriors spewing out blood, his eyes turned cold.

Lin Min gritted his teeth and said, "In the next blow, I shall kill all of your troops!" He immediately lifted up his hand and waved down.


Dark fighting spirits whooshed up above his troop that was behind him. They gathered around like dark beams. Within a short period of time, a large, dark skeleton was being formed again.

However, the current dark skeleton was twice the size of the earlier one. The battle runes were brighter and larger in quantity.

When the dark skeleton appeared, the top powers from the different forces were shocked. They sensed grave danger.

"These battle runes…"

Zhantai Liuli was stunned as well. She looked pale as she stared at the dark skeleton. She then said softly, "The quantity of the battle runes is over 15,000…"

When Lin Min had condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent earlier, there were only slightly over 10,000 battle runes. They had now increased by half. One could imagine how powerful it would be.

When one had condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent with such battle runes, even those Peak of Grade Six Sovereign Masters would be badly injured when hit by it, let alone an ordinary Grade Six Sovereign.

Lin Min had intended to deal Mu Chen a deadly blow.

The huge, dark skeleton hung behind Lin Min like a dark mountain. He looked small compared to the skeleton, but no one dared to disregard him as he exuded great force.

Lin Min looked at Mu Chen, whose face had turned cold, and laughed frantically. Mu Chen was a tough opponent. However, it did not matter. Mu Chen would be the first war troop dispatcher to die in his hands…

"You shall be buried here together with your troops."

Lin Min laughed hideously. He immediately formed a seal with his hands, and afterimages flew out. The battle runes on the dark skeleton shone brightly, and a violent fighting spirit swirled out. It was like a windstorm, and it whooshed out around him.

The top powers from the different forces turned grave. They knew that Lin Min wanted to end the battle. This battle was extremely important to Netherworld Palace and Daluo Territory. The winner was about to emerge!

From the look of it, Daluo Territory was in a dire situation!

The lords from Daluo Territory were getting anxious.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and looked at the warriors behind him. They were still filled with fighting spirit and trust in him.

So far, Mu Chen had led the troops and created many miracles. Without Mu Chen, they would not have had the chance to participate in the Big Hunting War with the top powers. At most, they would have been treated like cannon fodder as they had been in the past.

After Mu Chen appeared, they were able to show their worth. Without a war troop dispatcher to lead a troop, the troop would be ordinary.

As long as Mu Chen was still standing before them, they would not give up!

When Mu Chen noticed the looks in the eyes of the warriors, he curled up his lips. His dark eyes suddenly turned sharp.

He lifted up his head and looked at Lin Min, who looked hideous. Since you wish to fight, I shall fight you 'til the end!

You are not the only one with powerful means!

Cold lights surged in Mu Chen's eyes. He placed his hands together and shut his eyes.


Thunder clouds were entrenched in the Thundering Prison within his head. A black pearl that was being polished by lightning suddenly shook. It whizzed out and disappeared from the Thunder Prison as it seemed to have been summoned.

After Mu Chen had condensed the Thunder Prison, he had left behind the pearl, which was the mind power seeding, after splitting his mind power into two.

As the mind power seeding returned to him, Mu Chen's mind power became complete!

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