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The large battle flag was filled with fighting spirit. It whizzed down with an indescribable vigor and exuded a sharp aura.

When the battle flag collided with the death light, it was already filled with 18,000 battle runes.

The top powers gasped when they saw that quantity.


While they were still in shock, the battle flag hit the death light. There was no earth-shattering force as they had expected.

It was like a blade that had cut through a bean curd. The battle flag was so sharp that it could split the heavens and the earth. It gently whizzed past the death light as they crossed paths.

Mu Chen's eyes were like ancient wells with no fluctuations at all. The destructive black light split into two before him and swept past his head.


As the lights whizzed out, they exploded and turned into black light spots before dissipating.

The top powers were shocked. No one had expected such a powerful attack to look so weak before the battle flag.

"How can this be!?"

Lin Min's ferocious face froze. He looked at the scene in disbelief. How could his most powerful trump card be so easily defused?

His most powerful attack had looked so weak before the battle flag.

The battle runes on the flag are real! How is it possible? Lin Min finally came back to his senses. After he had absorbed the mind power of many fighting spirit geniuses, he was then able to condense 14,000 battle runes. How could Mu Chen possibly condense 4,000 more battle runes than he had!?

What inheritance did Mu Chen possess that made him so powerful?


While Lin Min was still in shock, Mu Chen wasted no time. After the battle flag had torn the death light apart, it continued to pierce through the space and slashed toward Lin Min.

When Lin Min heard the sharp air-rending sounds, he suddenly woke up. He quickly retreated and activated his fighting spirit to form a large layer of protection in front of him.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The protection served no purpose as it was easily destroyed by the battle flag.


Once the fighting spirit protection had been torn apart, Lin Min could not handle the blow. He spewed out a mouthful of blood as he flew backward in a sorry state.

Poof! Poof!

Many warriors in his troop had been seriously injured as well. Many of them spewed out blood and within a few minutes, the high-spirited troop suddenly became discouraged. The majestic fighting spirit became chaotic and weak as well.

Everyone could see that the troop had been seriously injured.

As Lin Min looked at the fighting spirit ocean that had collapsed, he turned pale. He knew that he had totally lost. The morale of the troop was low. The pain in his head was excruciating, and his mind power was weak. He was now bearing the repercussions of using such means. After Lin Min lost the fighting spirit, he was not even able to fight an ordinary Grade Four Sovereign.

The lights in Lin Min's eyes flickered. He gritted his teeth and retreated quickly.

When Mu Chen saw it, he sneered. He clenched his fist, and the battle flag expanded. The majestic fighting spirit turned into a Large Fighting Spirit Hand and pierced through the void. It then covered Lin Min up.

"Young chap, stop it!"

The sudden change of events took everyone by surprise. No one had expected Lin Min to be defeated so quickly. The top powers in Netherworld Palace were still in a daze, except for Lord Heavenly Evil. He shouted and hastily threw out a blow. Vast spiritual energy turned into a large Spiritual Energy Palm Print and pressed toward Mu Chen.

The moment this Grade Seven Sovereign struck, he displayed formidable strength. Although his blow had been thrown out in haste, it was as powerful as the attacks Mu Chen and Lin Min had displayed.

The Spiritual Energy Palm Print pressed down like a mountain toward Mu Chen. Light flashed across Mu Chen's eyes, and he snorted. He did not shy away from the attack but instead formed a seal with his hands. The Large Fighting Spirit Hand changed its course and hit directly onto the Spiritual Energy Palm Print.


The collision was so great that it caused the heavens and the earth to quake. Shockwaves raged out, and the mountains started to collapse.

Mu Chen snorted. The Large Fighting Spirit Hand and the Spiritual Energy Palm Print dissipated at their collision.


The area was in an uproar. The forces were stunned. When the two war troop dispatchers were exchanging blows using the fighting spirit, they did not seem to notice it. However, when Mu Chen used the power of the fighting spirit to fend off the attack from Lord Heavenly Evil, they were shocked. A Grade Five Sovereign had used the power of the fighting spirit to contend with a Grade Seven Sovereign. This level of power was amazing.


When the Large Fighting Spirit Hand had been smashed, Mu Chen simply snorted. A pair of wings suddenly spread out on his back. As he flapped the wings, afterimages were formed, and he appeared before Lin Min at lightning speed.

When Lin Min saw it, he turned pale. He hastily activated the spiritual energy in his body and threw out a punch at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked at him flatly. Mu Chen had advanced to Grade Five Sovereign, whereas Lin Min had tapped on many external forces to reach Grade Four Sovereign. If they were to go against each other based on their spiritual energy, Mu Chen would be able to defeat Lin Min within three rounds.

Mu Chen simply threw out a blow with his palm to counter the punch from Lin Min. As the force was being thrown out, Lin Min's wrist broke with a crack.


Lin Min screamed when his wrist broke. Mu Chen lifted him up like a newly hatched chick. Lin Min had no power to resist. He looked so different from before.

When the top powers saw the scene, they sighed. Although a war troop dispatcher was powerful, if he was too dependent on the troop's fighting spirit, once he had lost the support, he would become very weak.

Although fighting spirit was another form of power, it had its restrictions. A war troop dispatcher could not enjoy the same freedom as a spiritual energy cultivator who could depend on his own strength and wander around the Great Thousand World on his own.

It was apparent that there was no perfect power in this world.

"Young man, you are too much!"

As Mu Chen stretched forth his hand to capture Lin Min, Lord Heavenly Evil came back to himself. He had still been in a state of shock when Mu Chen countered his attack earlier. Lord Heavenly Evil turned gloomy, and a horrifying spiritual energy oppression emanated from him.

"Ha, who do you think you are to hoot at the men of Daluo Territory?" Lord Asura sneered and stepped out. Mu Chen did not have to strike this time around. Lord Asura appeared in the sky and looked sharply at Lord Heavenly Evil. His power was enough to resist Lord Heavenly Evil's spiritual energy oppression.

The two Grade Seven Sovereigns looked at each other in the sky. They were mightier and more oppressive compared to Mu Chen and Lin Min.

As Lord Asura and Lord Heavenly Evil looked solemnly at each other, the top powers from Daluo Territory and Netherworld Palace got ready to fight. The atmosphere instantly became tense.

"Hohoho, Lord Heavenly Evil, if you want to start a war, we will be happy to take you on later. However, shall we settle our bet now?"

Mu Chen suddenly laughed. His laughter caused the faces of the top powers in Netherworld Palace to twitch.

Lights flickered in the eyes of the other forces. Some of them were gloating over Netherworld Palace's misfortune, while others who were at loggerheads with Netherworld Palace used the opportunity to make sarcastic remarks about them.

"Hehehe, Netherworld Palace has been so arrogant for so long. It is time for them to get their retribution."

"I wonder if Netherworld Palace will pay up. Hehe, if they lose the Meteorfall Alchemy, I don't think the Netherworld Palace Master will let them off."

"If they do not hand it over, they will be putting Netherworld Palace to shame…"


When Lord Heavenly Evil heard the sarcastic remarks, he turned pale. He was fuming with anger. He had never expected Lin Min, who was supposed to have the upper-hand, to lose the fight!

Lord Heavenly Evil gritted his teeth and said, "Mu Chen, you must know your limits. At the most, we will hand Lord Glacier over to you! We admit defeat!"

When Mu Chen heard it, he frowned and said, "I cannot make the decision. Everyone in the audience has heard clearly what our bet is. I am wondering, if I was the one who had lost, would Lord Heavenly Evil be so kind toward me?"

Lord Heavenly Evil was furious. He knew that Mu Chen had no intention to just let the matter drop. However, they would not hand the 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy over to Mu Chen. If they did that and the Netherworld Palace Master knew of it, they would be killed.

On the other hand, they could not take back their words in front of so many top powers in North Territory. Otherwise, they would be bringing shame to Netherworld Palace.

They were now being forced into a corner.

The rest of the top forces like Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall looked at Netherworld Palace in shock. At the same time, they were glad that they were not the ones who had fought with Daluo Territory. Otherwise, they might even consider committing suicide if they had been in the same situation.

Netherworld Palace was in a terrible fix now. The forces were looking forward to seeing how they would clear up the terrible mess.

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