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Boom! Boom!

Loud thunder resounded, shaking the entire area. The top powers gazed at the lightning that had just been sent forth by Mu Chen.

Within this majestic lightning, there was a lightning dragon, which was about one foot in height. Although it was a tiny lightning dragon, its power caused the top powers, who were each at Grade Six Sovereign, to turn pale.

The lightning dragon had been formed by the battle runes. It had gathered the fighting spirit of the five troops. With such a majestic fighting spirit, it was very destructive.

Although the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization was incomplete, Mu Chen had obtained a fighting spirit technique. This was the very technique that the Nine Calamity Battle Emperor had left behind after successfully cultivating it. This technique was the Nine Calamity Lightning Dragon Runes that Mu Chen had just displayed!

The Nine Calamity Lightning Dragon Runes was unique, as it could shrink fighting spirit. Mu Chen had heard that, when this technique had been cultivated to its optimum, the lightning dragon runes that had been condensed could become the size of a mosquito! Although that was still a small size, it would be so powerful, even a Grade Nine Sovereign would not be its match!

The lightning dragon runes that Mu Chen had cultivated was far from the size of a mosquito. However, it was still more powerful than the Demon-Devouring Seal that Lin Min had displayed.

Mu Chen had no idea what inheritance Lin Min had obtained, but it was silly of Lin Min to compare himself with the invincible masters, such as the Nine Calamity Battle Emperor. 

Thinking these thoughts, Mu Chen fixed his gaze on Lin Min, who had turned pale. Without any hesitation, Mu Chen tapped on the sky with his fingers.


A stretch of thin lightning tore the space apart. Then, in the twinkle of an eye, it appeared before Lin Min.

When Lin Min came to himself again, he broke out in a cold sweat. He quickly formed a seal with his hands, then growled.

"Land of Infinity, Demon-Devouring Mouth!"


A vast fighting spirit swirled out from the majestic troop that was behind him. It pierced through the void, appearing before Lin Min. As it condensed, it turned into a huge dark mouth.

When the huge mouth opened up, there was total darkness within it. It was as though it was connected to an entire world of darkness, where anything that entered it would be engulfed by darkness.


The lightning dragon runes thundered, then darted straight into the huge dark mouth! When Lin Min saw that the lightning dragon runes had been devoured, he did not let down his guard.

Instead, he immediately changed the seal. He then tried to activate the fighting spirit, so that he could destroy the lightning dragon runes. As he triggered his thoughts, thunder sounds reverberated from the huge dark mouth.

Then, an overbearing fighting spirit exploded from the huge dark mouth, like a violent volcano! As Lin Min sensed that the fighting spirit was extremely violent, he turned pale and retreated quickly. After he had retreated, the dark fighting spirit speedily formed into layers of large Fighting Spirit Screens in order to shield him from danger.


The powerful fighting spirit was too overbearing, causing the large demonic mouth to begin to crack. Lightning shot out from the cracks. Soon after, the large dark mouth exploded.

Boom! Boom!

There was an obvious majestic fighting spirit that was present in the lightning. It swept out like a torrent, destroying the layers of Fighting Spirit Screens.

Within split seconds, all of the defence that Lin Min had left behind had been destroyed. The lightning fighting spirit moved forth like a tidal wave, covering Lin Min up and suppressing him.

Lin Min turned grave. He quickly stomped his foot, as a dark skeleton fighting spirit appeared above him. It opened its ferocious mouth, spewing forth a large dark circular soundwave.

Boom! Boom!

The soundwave that had been formed by the fighting spirit hit hard on the lightning tidal wave. There was a loud explosion. A space warp was formed at the point where the explosion had just taken place.

When Mu Chen saw it, his eyes turned cold. He then quickly changed the seal.


The lightning on the lightning tidal wave dazzled, then the lightning battle runes suddenly exploded. As the bright lightning swirled out, the large dark soundwave also exploded.

Lin Min had been hit hard by it, so he retreated in a sorry state. Many of the warriors in his troop spewed out mouthfuls of blood, due to the collision of the fighting spirits.

The entire place was in an uproar. No one had expected Lin Min, who decidedly had the upper-hand, to be defeated within a few minutes. The higher levels in Netherworld Palace, who had been gloating earlier, were no longer smiling. They were shocked by Mu Chen's powerful counterattack.

The lords from the Daluo Territory, who had been watching the scene unfold anxiously, heaved a sigh of relief. Lord Asura stopped frowning, finally starting to loosen up.

"Hahaha, Lord Asura, don't worry. Since Lord Mu has used these means, he must be confident about them. Although Lin Min is powerful, Lord Mu Chen is no weakling," Lord Mountain Cracker laughed and said.

Lord Asura smiled. He looked at Mu Chen, then said, "Lord Nine Nether has brought back an amazing youth."

Nine Nether smiled. When she had first brought Mu Chen to the Daluo Territory, no one would have expected this ordinary youth to become so powerful in less than two years! Nine Nether knew that this was only the beginning for Mu Chen. In the future, Mu Chen would be well-known throughout the entire Tianluo Continent, even throughout the entire Great Thousand World.

"This fella is like a die-hard centipede!" Fang Yi gritted his teeth and said. He looked at Mu Chen, who had just valiantly turned this fight around.

"The Daluo Territory is in luck to have found such an outstanding youth." Lord Heavenly Dragon frowned. Mu Chen had really built up his reputation in the North Territory within these two short years. No one had expected this dark horse to remain so prominent.

Mu Chen had been so outstanding, even Lord Heavenly Dragon complimented him.

"Although Mu Chen has turned this fight around, Lin Min is not easy to deal with," Zhantai Liuli suddenly said softly.

She had been observing Lin Min, since she had exchanged blows with him before, which made her wary of him. She felt hat the inheritance that Lin Min had obtained was especially mysterious.

Lin Min slowly wiped off the blood stains that were at the corner of his mouth. He then looked grimly at Mu Chen.

"Ever since I became a war troop dispatcher, you are the first person to injure me." Lin Min's voice was filled with killing intent. His ferocious eyes looked frightening.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes at Lin Min, who had bloodshot eyes.

"So, to show how much I respect you, I will use my most powerful means to kill you!" Lin Min's smile became more evil. He bit his palm, causing blood to flow from it. His blood was black in color and looked weird.

Lin Min's face became distorted. As the blood flowed out from his palm, a black pearl, which was about the size of a baby's fist, appeared.

Multiple ghostly faces seemed to be trapped within the black pearl. Shrieks that were filled with bitterness and resentment sounded forth from the black pearl as well. Then, a strange fluctuation soon exuded from it.

When Mu Chen and Zhantain Liuli noticed the fluctuation, they turned pale. They recognized it as being the fluctuation of the mind power. The two of them stared at the black pearl and gasped. They realized that those ghostly faces were the fighting spirit commanders that Lin Min had defeated.

These commanders were unable to gain consciousness. Thus, they had lost their mind powers to Lin Min, as he had forcefully taken them away!

"No wonder he usually attacks those fighting spirit commanders. He has trapped their mind powers!" Zhantai Liuli looked grave. She was disappointed that Lin Min was so evil.


Lin Min's smile became even more evil looking. He grabbed the black pearl and swallowed it right in front of Mu Chen and the rest. Instantly, his eyes turned red. They looked as though they were filled with blood. He looked horrifying!

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