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Chapter 91 – Persuasion

“A Spiritual Array Master?”

When Mu Chen noticed the Spiritual Seals on the girl’s slender hands, Zhou Ye also became aware of them. A hint of surprise immediately appeared on his face. He never imagined that there would be a Spiritual Array Master within Nine Dragon City.

But based on her appearance, it seems that this girl was merely an ordinary Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master.

“The people from the Mu Territory should hurry and leave. Otherwise, you shouldn’t blame me for being rude.” The Spiritual Seals circulated around the girl’s slender fingers as she glanced at Zhou Ye and the others.

“Is this how you treat your guests?” Zhou Ye frowned and asked.

“Nine Dragon City is unfamiliar with the Mu Territory. Therefore, you are not considered as guests.” The girl lifted the corner of her lips and the Spiritual Seals located at her hand quickly integrated into the air. From that location, a Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out and soon, an icy-blue Spiritual Array was formed in mid-air. It emitted a faint chill to the surroundings.

“Since you’re refusing to leave, don’t blame me for this!” The girl said softly and waved her hand. The chill from within the Spiritual Array suddenly swept out and condensed into many ice spears. Afterwards, they shot off towards Zhou Ye and the others. It brought sounds of wind breaking as well as a freezing chill.

When Zhou Ye noticed this, his eyes sank. However, just when he was about to move, Mu Chen took a step forward. He did not perform any actions, yet the air in front of him suddenly fluctuated. A fiery red Spiritual Array was quickly formed and spewed out flame light pillars. They directly evaporated the numerous spears that were shot over.


Seeing this, the young girl turned to look at Mu Chen and said with a surprised voice, “You’re also a Spiritual Array Master?”

“This young lady, we, the Mu Territory, came over here in order to give an opportunity to the Nine Dragon City. With Leader Lei’s positive outlook, I believe that he would not give up on this rare opportunity. Of course, there is a chance that I have overestimated Leader Lei. But if that’s the case, then Nine Dragon City will never be able to have any great achievements.” Mu Chen said in a faint voice as he stared at the beautiful girl.

“You dare say such words about my father?!”

When the girl heard Mu Chen’s words, she lifted her eyebrows. But just when she was about to attack once again in anger, a sudden cry rang out: “Yin’Er, stop!”

When Mu Chen heard this voice, he was stunned. That voice sounded quite familiar.

Just when Mu Chen frowned, a figure appeared next to the young girl. He turned his gaze over and was startled, “Brother Lei Cheng?”

Beside the young girl was a muscular man with bare arms. The appearance of that man was the same person that he met within the Northern Spiritual Field Training, the Leader of the Thunderstorm Team, Lei Cheng.

“Haha, Little Brother Mu Chen, long time no see.” Lei Chen cupped his hands towards Mu Chen and said with a smile.

“Mu Chen?” The girl beside him was stunned when she heard this name. Her beautiful eyes immediately stared at Mu Chen. Within her eyes, there was a hint of curiosity as well as a provocative feeling: “As in the Mu Chen, who obtained the only seeded entry within the Northern Spiritual Academy?”

Lei Cheng smiled and nodded, “Open the city gates.”

“Second Uncle, but…” The young girl quickly spoke.

Lei Cheng shrugged and said, “It’s your father’s decision.”

The young girl mumbled to herself before waving her hand. Moments later, a few individuals slowly opened the heavy city gates. Mu Chen and Zhou Ye exchanged gazes with each other before riding in with their horses.

“Brother Lei Cheng, why are you in Nine Dragon City?” After they entered the city, Mu Chen asked Lei Cheng in confusion.

“Haha, that’s because my brother is Nine Dragon City’s Leader. Naturally, I will be here as well. However, I often bring others to hunt Spiritual Beasts, that’s why I formed an Adventurer’s Team.” Lei Cheng said as he laughed.

“Oi, you’re Mu Chen? I heard that you’re a Spiritual Array Master as well? Since when does the Northern Spiritual Academy teach students about Spiritual Arrays?” The young girl asked with a pout as she stared up and down at Mu Chen.

Within her tone, it seemed that she felt quite a bit of anger towards the Northern Spiritual Academy. This made Mu Chen a bit suspicious.

“Ohoho, this is my brother’s daughter, Lei Yin. This girl is extremely fond of Spiritual Arrays and possesses quite the talent in them. However, Nine Dragon City has no way to invite experienced Spiritual Array Masters over to teach her. She has studied it over the years by herself and has a bit of an achievement. She could barely be considered as a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master.” Lei Cheng said as he introduced the young girl.

When he heard this, Mu Chen stared in surprise at the young girl. She actually relied on herself and became a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. It seemed that she’s quite talented in that aspect.

“Although she’s talented in Spiritual Array Cultivation, her Spiritual Aura Cultivation isn’t as good. She originally wanted to go to the Northern Spiritual Academy, but she did not reach the requirements.”

“Uh…” Mu Chen stared at the girl whose eyes were filled with resentment. He finally knew why the girl had so much hatred towards the Northern Spiritual Academy.

“Did you guys come because of the matter regarding Mang Yin Mountain?” Lei Chen looked at Mu Chen and Zhou Ye as he spoke.

Zhou Ye nodded and said: “I hope that you can take the trouble and allow us to meet with Leader Lei.”

“About this matter, big brother said that we should not intervene. However, since you’ve already come and based on the fact that Mu Chen had once helped me, I’ll bring you over. As for whether or not you can convince my brother, that will depend on you.” Lei Cheng said helplessly.

“Thank you, Brother Lei Cheng.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

Lei Cheng smiled and led the way. The girl called Lei Yin stared at Mu Chen a few times before pouting her lips and following them.

Mu Chen and Zhou Ye both followed Lei Cheng and entered Nine Dragon City. Along the way, they met many men, who were sweating madly as they trained. The aura coming from them was not weak. Moreover, their bodies had the faint smell of blood. It was evident that they weren’t people that could be easily dealt with. Nine Dragon City was definitely quite powerful.

The two of them followed Mu Chen and headed straight towards the main stronghold. At that location, a burly middle-aged man, who looked quite similar to Lei Cheng, was sitting on the seat in front. His sharp eyes stared at Mu Chen and Zhou Ye as they entered.

It was obvious that this person was the Leader of Nine Dragon City, Lei Shan. He is also a powerful figure only second to Yang Gui among the Northern Spiritual Realm’s underworld forces.

“Friend from the Mu Territory, I already know the reason why you’ve came.” Lei Shan stared at Zhou Ye and Mu Chen as he said in a faint voice: “However, this is a grudge between your Mu Territory and Mang Yin Mountain. We, Nine Dragon City, will not participate in it.”

When Zhou Ye heard this, his heart sank. As expected, Nine Dragon City did not want to help. But just when he was about to speak, a faint voice came from beside him, “Uncle Zhou, leave this to me.”

Zhou Ye was stunned as he glanced at Mu Chen. He saw the serious expression on the boy’s face and hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.

“Leader Lei, I have heard a long time ago the story how your created this Nine Dragon City. Within the Northern Spiritual Realm’s underworld forces, you are considered to be a well-known figure. However, from what I’ve seen today, you have disappointed me.” Seeing Zhou Ye nod his head, Mu Chen took a step forward and said this with a faint smile.

Lei Shan’s sharp eyes stared directly at Mu Chen. However, he waved his hand in order to prevent his men from attacking due to frustration. He said in a faint voice: “If you want to provoke me to act, then you’re still too inexperienced.”

“I wonder if Leader Lei has the ambition to make it so that Nine Dragon City becomes the leader of the underworld forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm?” Mu Chen said slowly.

Lei Shan’s eyes narrowed. However, he still did not speak.

“Among the underworld forces right now, Mang Yin Mountain’s strength has been growing. They have gradually started to expand and conquered a few underworld forces. Currently, they are considered to be the strongest force within the underworld. About this point, I believe that Leader Lei should agree to it?”

Lei Shan nodded indifferently.

“Since Mang Yin Mountain has expanded their forces this rapidly, it should be easy to see their ambition. And from now on, with the Liu Territory helping them secretly, I believe that their ambitions will not stop here. Perhaps in the nearby future, Mang Yin Mountain will integrate all the underworld forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm into their group. When that happens, Nine Dragon City will only have two paths to choose. One is to be conquered by them and become a part of Mang Yin Mountain. The second is to resist. However, it is evident that Nine Dragon City is currently not Mang Yin Mountain’s opponent.”

Lei Shan’s calm face gradually revealed a few changes. Shortly after, he said, “These are just your speculations.”

“Yes, they are indeed just speculations. But what if it’s true? Is Leader Lei willing to use the futures of all the lives within Nine Dragon City and gamble that Mang Yin Mountain will not do it? To be honest, you should understand them better than me.” Mu Chen smiled. Before he came over here, he had carefully analysed  the situation among the underworld forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm as well as how Mang Yin Mountain acts.

Within the main stronghold, Nine Dragon City’s executives looked at each other. Their eyes had become a little serious. It was evident that Mu Chen’s words had made them secretly feel uneasy. After all, they truly understood Mang Yin Mountain. If they were to obtain support from the Liu Territory, they might really have this ambition.

Moreover, in the Northern Spiritual Realm’s underworld forces, the only one that could oppose Mang Yin Mountain was their Nine Dragon City. Therefore, if Mang Yin Mountain wanted to integrate all the underworld forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm, they must attack Nine Dragon City.

Zhou Ye could feel the changes occurring within the Nine Dragon City’s executives. A hint of delight flashed through his eyes and he quietly gave a thumbs up to Mu Chen. He never expected that this little guy would be so clever with his words as well as having such keen insight. He specifically pointed out the weak point within Nine Dragon City.

“Then, what do you want to do?” Lei Shan frowned. He had finally loosened up his tone a little bit.

“We, the Mu Territory, originally did not plan on caring about the affairs of the Northern Spiritual Realm’s underworld forces. However, since Mang Yin Mountain took the initiative to provoke us, the Mu Territory will never forgive them. Therefore, this is also a chance for Nine Dragon City. If we were to join forces, it is enough to completely eradicate Mang Yin Mountain. When that happens, Nine Dragon City will become the strongest underworld force in the Northern Spiritual Realm. Moreover, you will have space to expand once again.” Mu Chen said without any hesitation.

“Then, won’t my Nine Dragon City offend the Liu Territory? The Liu Territory is the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It is not a wise idea to offend them because of the Mu Territory.” Lei Shan said slowly.

“However, you do not have a choice. The Liu Territory dislikes you and they directly chose to support the Mang Yin Mountain. Right now, it is not about the issue of offending the Liu Territory. Instead, it is the Liu Territory wanting to help Mang Yin Mountain to get rid of you as a stepping stone.” Mu Chen said sincerely as he loosened his hands. “They have already decided to eliminate you. Isn’t it stupid for you to worry about offending them?”

Lei Shan’s face had turned increasingly ugly. Mu Chen’s words had hurt his pride.

“Right now, this is the only chance for you. If the Mu Territory fails to get rid of Mang Yin Mountain, we can only leave. However, when that happens, the one that will be in trouble will be Nine Dragon City.”

Mu Chen smiled. His eyes gradually turning cold: “Thus, if Leader Lei is far-sighted, he should not worry about those rules and directly join forces with us to eradicate Mang Ying Mountain!”

“Not only will this allow you to get rid of a potential crisis, it will give you a great opportunity!”

“Leader Lei, what do you think!?” Mu Chen’s final words finally began to fade away.

Within the main stronghold, the atmosphere had become tense. All the Nine Dragon City’s executives, Lei Cheng, Lei Yin and the others were all staring at Lei Shan, whose face was changing. His next decision would determine the future fate of the Nine Dragon City.

Time slowly passed by. Mu Chen had also gradually turned tense. Although he said everything that he should say, if it could not dispel Lei Shan’s concerns, then it couldn’t be helped. He could only think of another plan to deal with Mang Yin Mountain.

Among the tense silence, Lei Shan finally let out his breath. He then lifted his head, staring sharply at the nervous Mu Chen as he slowly nodded his head.

“Fine. We, the Nine Dragon City, will cooperate with you and eliminate Mang Yin Mountain!”

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