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Chapter 90 – Mang Yin Mountain

“Uncle Xiong was killed?!”

When he heard the guard’s words, Mu Chen’s breathing stopped for a moment and his hands clenched tightly together. The Mu Territory’s five City Lords, Duan Wei, Chen Xiong and the others, were all loyal individuals, who had helped Mu Feng conquer the lands. In the end, they had finally managed to create the Mu Territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm. When Mu Chen was small, he had received a lot of care from them and shared feelings with them. Thus, the sudden news of Chen Xiong’s death made his face completely pale and filled him with anger.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his anger and killing intent within his heart. His face darkened as he charged towards the Meeting Room. No matter who did it, Mu Chen would never forgive him!

When Mu Chen arrived at the Meeting Room, he noticed that a lot of people were surrounding it. All of their faces were filled with rage. Chen Xiong was quite bold and generous. Moreover, he had great popularity within the Mu Territory. Coupled with the fact that he was a veteran general for the Mu Territory, he was respected by everyone. Since he was suddenly killed, everybody had become furious.

“The Little Lord has arrived!”

Everybody hurried to bow when they saw Mu Chen rushing over. Then, they got out of the way and watched Mu Chen with admiring eyes. When Mu Chen defeated Liu Mubai during the Entry Competition and demonstrated a frightening degree of strength they noticed that his combat abilities had surpassed even the other City Lords like Duan Wei.

Mu Chen nodded his head and entered the Meeting Room. At that moment, rage filled the entire meeting room. Mu Feng sat at the head of the table and had ferocious eyes as if he wanted to devour people. Below him, Zhou Ye’s face was also extremely terrifying.

“Duan Wei, what on earth happened?” Mu Feng glanced at Mu Chen, who had entered and didn’t say anything. His dark eyes turned towards Duan Wei and asked.

Duan Wei gritted his teeth and said: “According to the information we have obtained, it was done by Mang Yin Mountain.”

“Mang Yin Mountain?”

Mu Chen frowned. In the Northern Spiritual Realm, there were many other forces aside from the Nine Territories. And this Mang Yin Mountain was considered as one of the strongest among the other forces. Their strength was not too far apart from the Nine Territories and were known as the strongest underworld forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“We never interfere with the Mang Ying Mountain and would mind our own businesses. Why would they suddenly attack us?” Killing intent flashed through Zhou Ye’s eyes while he asked this.

“The Mang Yin Mountain has secretly been in contact with the Liu Territory…This matter must be related to the Liu Territory.” Mu Feng narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a cold voice.

“The Liu Territory? It’s those trashes again! Did they really think that our Mu Territory is afraid of them?!” Zhou Ye smacked the back of his hand and shouted out in anger.

Mu Chen’s eyes were also completely cold. If it was the Liu Territory, it might be related to the fact that he seized the seeded entry. With Liu Qingtian’s personality, he would definitely do something…

“What should we do right now? Mang Yin Mountain has already attacked our Mu Territory and killed one of our City Lords. If we do not act, I’m afraid that it would cause great damage to our reputation.” Zhou Ye said in a deep voice.

Mu Feng slowly placed his palm on top of his teacup on the table. Then, he suddenly pressed his palm down and turned the teacup into powder. His tone was as cold as a blade and he said: “How can we ignore it? My Mu Territory will definitely decimate this Mang Yin Mountain!”

“The boss of the Mang Yin Mountain, Yang Gui, is someone at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. Under his command, there are two individuals that have reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. If we’re going to attack, then let me personally lead the team.” Zhou Ye said.

When Mu Feng heard this, he hesitated slightly before nodding his head. He would have liked to personally lead the troops. However, since the Liu Territory had thoughts about his Mu Territory, he must take charge on guarding Mu City and watch over the Liu Territory. This way, they would be able to avoid having their elite troops being eliminated by the Liu Territory when they were sent out.

Zhou Ye’s strength was also at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. By bringing over elite troops, there was no need to fear the Mang Yin Mountain…

“Dad, I’ll go together with Uncle Zhou.” Beside him, Mu Chen, who had been listening to the conversation, suddenly spoke up.

Mu Feng frowned and said: “It’s too dangerous.”

“Dad, with my strength, unless a Spirit Stage personally attacks me, nobody can pose a threat to me.” Mu Chen said with a faint smile.

With this, Mu Feng hesitated. He only now remembered that Mu Chen was considered to be an expert. Among the Mu Territory’s experts, nobody could really have an advantage in a fight against him aside from himself and Zhou Ye.

“Since Little Mu has the heart to do this, then let him come with me. He is considered to be quite excellent with his strength right now. Moreover, he is proficient in Spiritual Arrays and will be a big help.” Zhou Ye smiled and said.

Mu Feng thought for a moment before he nodded. Indeed, Mu Chen’s combat abilities were in no way inferior to Duan Wei and the others. If he went as well, it would be a big help.

“Then, you should follow and head out. However, you have to remember to listen to Uncle Zhou’s arrangements. If you disobey the commands and recklessly charge out, I will not forgive you!” Mu Feng warned him seriously. The Mang Yin Mountain was quite greedy and selfish. Moreover, they would be extremely vicious when they fight. If they harbored any underestimation towards them, they would probably be overturned.


Mu Chen nodded. A cold light flashed through his eyes. Mang Yin Mountain. Since you’ve dared to attack our Mu Territory, then you should be prepared for a bloodbath!

When Zhou Ye acts, he would do everything at lightning speed. Once he made his decision, he would immediately execute it. He spent less than 2 hours to summon hundreds of elite troops. Then, he brought the two City Lords, Duan Wei, Tie Lang and Mu Chen as they charged straight out of the Mu Territory and headed towards the western direction of the Mu Territory.

Mang Yin Mountain was located at the Mang Yin Mountain Range. It was connected to the Mu Territory’s west borders. The Xiong City that Chen Xiong was guarding was located at that location. It protected the borders of the Mu Territory. However, it was also because of this that the Xiong City was the first target of Mang Yin Mountain. Chen Xiong was even personally killed by the boss of Mang Yin Mountain, Yang Gui…

When Mu Chen and the others arrived at Xiong City, the day was approaching sunset. The city which originally bustled with popularity had its city gates destroyed. The guards at the gate were all looking frightened and constantly scanned the area vigilantly.

Zhou Ye directly brought the troops into the center of the city. The awful killing intent in the atmosphere attracted a lot of surprised gazes. However, when they noticed that the leader was Zhou Ye, their hearts jumped. It seemed that the Mu Territory was quite furious. They would even send out a Spirit Stage powerhouse.

Zhou Ye and the others directly rushed to the City Lord’s Estate. At that location, a middle-aged man was waiting for them a long time ago. When he saw them, he hurriedly rushed forward.

“Master Zhou, Little Lord.”

This person was the Vice-City Lord of Xiong City. His surname was Cheng while his name was Yong. Since Chen Xiong was killed, he temporarily managed Xiong City. However, his appearance was covered with bandages and showed that he had suffered severe injuries when they were under attacked by the Mang Yin Mountain.

Zhou Ye waved his hand and sat down in the living room of the city lord estate. His eyes darkened and he said: “Are there any movements from the Mang Yin Mountain?”

“We have been monitoring them during this period of time. However, they retreated back into the Mang Yin Mountain Range ever since they killed the City Lord and did not cause any other commotions.” Cheng Yong quickly replied.

“It seems that bastard, Yang Gui, knows that the Mu Territory will not forgive him that easily. He’s only acting like a coward right now?” Zhou Ye said with a cold expression.

“Master Zhou, Mang Yin Mountain Range is extremely steep and they have tightly guarded some paths that we must pass. If we were to forcibly attack, there will be a lot of casualties.” Chen Yong said.

Mang Yin Mountain Range was quite high in altitude. Even for a Spirit Stage powerhouse like Zhou Ye, it was impossible for him to fly up there. Unless it was a powerhouse, who had ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence which possessed a flying ability like Mu Feng, it would be impossible for them to get there. Moreover, this was only limited to its user. It was not realisticly possible to bring that many men up there.

“Moreover, the most troublesome thing isn’t this. The locations near the Mang Yin Mountain Range were infested by the underworld forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Aside from the Mang Yin Mountain, there are other underworld forces there. They have a bit of fear towards the Nine Territories. However, if we were to charge in, we would be prompting them to join forces against a common enemy. This way, it would be quite troubling for us.” Cheng Yong sighed and said.

When Mu Chen heard these words, he frowned. It seemed that this matter wasn’t as simple as he thought.

“Aside from Mang Yin Mountain, which underworld forces are the most powerful?” Zhou Ye asked in a solemn voice.

“It’s Nine Dragon City. Their strength is only second to Mang Yin Mountain. Moreover, they have quite a lot of power to rally supporters among the underworld forces. If they were willing to help, we would be able to directly cross through the Mang Yin Mountain Range and charge straight into the Mang Yin Mountain’s lair.” Chen Yong thought for a moment and said.

“Who’s the leader of Nine Dragon City?”

“Lei Shan, he is also someone with the strength of a Spirit Stage Initial Phase.”

“Lei Shan, huh…” Zhou Ye nodded his head slightly. He had a vague impression of this name as he was a well-known powerhouse within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Back in the days, they had met before. However, they were only acquaintances and Zhou Ye did not have a close relationship with him.

“I’ll bring some men to Nine Dragon City tomorrow.” Zhou Ye pondered as he spoke. The matter right now was quite troubling. If they were able to get acquainted with Nine Dragon City, it would be much easier to deal with the situation. Otherwise, it would be quite troubling.

Early in the morning of the second day, Zhou Ye brought Mu Chen, Duan Wei and the others towards Nine Dragon City. They did not bring too many troops over. After all, the underworld forces were quite cautious. If they brought too many men over, it may cause Nine Dragon City to be alert of them.

Nine Dragon City was located on the north side of the Mang Yin Mountain Range and it guarded several roads. Merchant teams would have to take the initiative to pay a toll to pass through. And towards these merchants, who knew how to behave, Nine Dragon City would not cause any trouble. Although they were underworld forces, they still wished for peace and wealth. Nobody enjoyed fighting bloody battles.

Zhou Ye and the others headed directly to Nine Dragon City. After two hours, they reached Nine Dragon City. However, what welcomed them was a tightly shut city gate and a few wary gazes from the shadows.

Zhou Ye stared at the tightly closed city gates and frowned. It seemed that Nine Dragon City had expected that the Mu Territory would head over here. Based on its action, were they planning on not helping?

“Friend from Nine Dragon City, could you notify Leader Lei that Mu Territory’s Zhou Ye wishes to meet him?” Zhou Ye sat on his horse and cupped his hands on his mouth as he shouted out. The shout was wrapped by dense Spiritual Energy and emitted out from midair.

“My dad has secluded himself for training. He is unable to meet with guests, so please leave.”

After Zhou Ye shouted, a cold voice sounded out from the top of the city gates. Everybody’s gazes turned towards that location and noticed a vigorous figure emerging. It was a young girl dressed in green clothes. She had a slim figure and her tightly fit clothes highlighted her slender body. Her appearance was originally quite beautiful. However, her short hair made her seem quite valiant. At that moment, she had crossed her arms and stared down from above at Mu Chen and the others with slightly pouted lips.

When Zhou Ye heard this, he let out a faint smile and said: “My apologies. If we cannot meet with Leader Lei today, we would not be able to leave that easily. I hope that this miss would open the city gates.

“You want to charge in forcibly? Then, you’ll have to ask whether I will agree to it!”

The girl lifted her eye brow and let out a grunt. She gripped her slender hand and a Spiritual Seal emerged on her fingertips.

When Mu Chen saw the Spiritual Seal, his eyes were filled with surprise. The girl in front of him was actually a Spiritual Array Master?

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