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Chapter 92 – Teaming Up

The tense atmosphere inside the main stronghold was instantly broken due to Lei Shan’s sentence. Not only did delight fill Zhou Ye’s eyes, even Nine Dragon City’s executives were secretly relieved. They, too, were actually tangled between the gains and losses. However, since Lei Shan had made a decision, they would have a pillar of support behind the decision.

“Haha, Leader Lei, may we have a pleasant cooperation.” Zhou Ye cupped his hands as he smiled towards Lei Shan.

Lei Shan also stood up. His gaze looked at Mu Chen for a while and he said: “Back in the days, I’ve met Mu Feng a few times, even I would have to admit that I admire how he treats others. However, I never expected that his son would be even more amazing than him.”

“Leader Lei, that’s too much flattery. I only spoke the truth.” Mu Chen secretly loosened up the tense feeling he had and smiled.

“What you said was certainly true. Mang Yin Mountain has become more and more arrogant and they caused many troubles to our Nine Dragon City. In the past, I did not want to cause anymore issues, so I endured it. But based on the situation now, it seems that I will only destroy many brothers’ futures and lives if I continue to endure.”

A hint of murderous intent flashed through Lei Shan’s eyes. He said: “Since he, Yang Gui, isn’t planning on letting my Nine Dragon City go, then I, Lei Shan, won’t  let him do as he pleases!”

Zhou Ye nodded and said: “We, the Mu Territory’s men, will attack Mang Yin Mountain tomorrow. As for the other underworld forces within the Mang Yin Mountain Range, I must trouble Leader Lei to inform them. Our main goal is Mang Yin Mountain. We will not attack any other underworld forces.”

“Relax. With the reputation of my Nine Dragon City, the brothers that we will meet on the path will certainly give way. I believe that they won’t say anything about it.” Lei Shan waved his hand and said in a deep voice.

“Leader Lei. You should know that we would have to eliminate them from their roots. Since we have decided to attack Mang Yin Mountain, we must not give them any opportunities. Therefore, I hope that the Nine Dragon City will give us their full support, so that we can eradicate all future troubles.” Mu Chen said softly.

“Heh. You’re still so young, yet you’re more ruthless than us.” Lei Shan smirked for a moment. He stared strangely at Mu Chen. A hint of admiration filled his eyes. As someone from the underworld, it was quite pleasing to see such ruthlessness.

“Yang Gui killed one of my seniors. If I do not get revenge, I will be worse than a woman.” Mu Chen shook his head and said.

“Oi, so what if it’s a woman? Are you looking down on women?!” Just as Mu Chen’s voice faded away, a shout sounded out beside him. He noticed that Lei Yin was glaring angrily at him with her beautiful eyes.

Lei Shan laughed awkwardly.

“Haha. My family’s Yin’Er isn’t in any way inferior to males. Mu Chen, you should not offend her. She is the person who understands Mang Yin Mountain Range the most. Therefore, if she were to guide you around Mang Yin Mountain, you will be able to bypass their defensive fortresses and head straight to their lair.” Lei Shan smiled and said.

Mu Chen was surprised. He immediately cupped his hands towards Lei Yin and said with a smile: “I was wrong in what I said. I will have to bother Miss Lei Yin for this matter.”

“Although I hate the individuals from the Northern Spiritual Academy, this matter is extremely important to my Nine Dragon City as well. Naturally, I will help.” Lei Yin batted an eye towards Mu Chen and said: “Additionally, I’ve heard that you’re a Spiritual Array Master? Then, let’s see who is more amazing in that aspect tomorrow.”

Mu Chen smiled. Although Lei Yin was a girl, her competitiveness was not weaker than that of any male. It’s no wonder that she would bear a grudge towards the Northern Spiritual Academy.

“Then, we’ll wait for Nine Dragon City’s good news tomorrow. We’ll head back and prepare our troops in order to attack Mang Yin Mountain tomorrow!” Zhou Ye directed a smile towards Lei Shan as he turned around and brought Mu Chen away.

Lei Shan stared at the two figures far away and smacked his lips.

“Leader, are we really going to cooperate with the Mu Territory in order to deal with Mang Yin Mountain? If this was known to the others, wouldn’t the other underworld forces believe that we did not follow the rules?” A Nine Dragon City executive asked in a low voice.

“What Mu Chen said previously was correct. If we were to care about the rules now, our Nine Dragon City will probably have no path of survival…” Lei Shan sighed and said: “Mang Yin Mountain has cooperated with the Liu Territory secretly. We must prevent their sinister ambition.”

“Send down an order. Let all of our brothers begin their preparations. We have endured it all these years. It seems that not many individuals still remember how we built the Nine Dragon City back then.”

Lei Shan waved his hand and a hint of coldness passed through his eyes: “Since Yang Gui wants to eliminate us, we will do a pre-emptive attack and destroy them!”

The following day, inside Xiong City, Zhou Ye and the others had already finished their preparations. With a cold cry, large amounts of troops surged out of the city like a torrent. They brought out a murderous aura as they charged towards Mang Yin Mountain Range.

Before entering Mang Yin Mountain Range, Mu Chen had met with Nine Dragon City’s troops that came to assist them. Among them, Lei Yin was the leader while Lei Cheng and a few other experts from Nine Dragon City followed.

“We will head to Mang Yin Mountain from the east side. The other troops from Nine Dragon City will circle around and enter Mang Yin Mountain from the west side. When it is time, we will form an encirclement and cut off all escape routes for Mang Yin Mountain.” Lei Yin looked at Zhou Ye and Mu Chen as she spoke.

“We’ll have to trouble Miss Lei Yin then.” Mu Chen cupped his hands and said.

“Let’s go.”

Lei Yin didn’t bother to say anymore words and waved her petite hands. Then, she rode a horse and charged into the center of the Mang Yin Mountain Range. The hooves of their horses were wrapped in thick cloth. Thus, it would not cause much commotion even if they were a large force.

With Lei Yin, who was quite familiar with the terrain, leading the large forces towards the center of the mountain range, the journey was quite smooth. They were not blocked by any underworld forces as they headed over. It seemed  that Nine Dragon City had already opened the path up.

In just an hour, their large force had already gotten close to Mang Yin Mountain. Mu Chen stared at the towering mountain peak and could feel a killing intent emitting from it. It was evident that Mang Yin Mountain’s main camp was not a peaceful place.

“There are only a handful of paths that lead towards Mang Yin Mountain. However, all of these paths are heavily guarded nowadays. If you want to breakthrough forcibly, there will be quite the amount of injuries. Therefore, I will bring you to another path so that you can perform a sudden attack and completely eradicate one of their strongholds. Afterwards, we will be able to surround their lair.” Lei Yin pointed at the steep Mang Yin Mountain and said.

Mu Chen exchanged gazes with Zhou Ye and nodded their heads.

Lei Yin waved her hands. She gave up on her horse and rushed valiantly into Mang Yin Mountain. Behind her, numerous figures silently charged and followed her tightly.

This Mang Yin Mountain was extremely steep. Fortunately, the troops that came were all elites from the Mu Territory. Every one of them had excellent skills and could keep up with Lei Yin’s pace. They passed through a trial at the edge of the cliff and secretly sneaked into Mang Yin Mountain.

At one of Mang Yin Mountain’s strongholds, numerous figures were scanning the area vigilantly. A man, who seemed to be a captain, would constantly scold them in a low voice, causing them to keep their eyes open.


But at this moment, numerous arrows were shot off fiercely from the forest. Every single arrow was accurate and pierced the throats.

“Enemy attack!”

This sudden attack instantly plunged the stronghold into chaos. But before they could sound the alarm, numerous figures had already charged out from the forest like death gods.

Faced with the sudden enemy, the stronghold’s defenses were all ineffective. In a few minutes, the stronghold was thoroughly cleaned.

These figures swiftly opened the stronghold’s gates. Then, they turned around and quickly vanished.

Similar incidents also occurred in many other strongholds at the same time. Within half an hour, Mang Yin Mountain’s strongholds were all completely destroyed.

In a location near the peak, Mu Chen and the others had quietly reunited with Nine Dragon City’s troops. Lei Shan stared at the mountain peak sharply. At that location, an enormous fortress was there. That place was Mang Yin Mountain’s lair.

“Let’s do it. Next up will be the true battle. In all of their strongholds we destroyed, there weren’t many experts. It seems that all of them have gathered inside their lair. That Yang Gui is quite cunning.” Lei Shan said in a deep voice.

Mu Chen and Zhou Ye also nodded. Within their eyes, a murderous intent arose…

Mang Yin Fortress. This fortress seemed extremely mighty. Its exterior was made of steel and it looked like a metal fortress. On the fortress, lots of people were patrolling back and forth vigilantly.


All of a sudden, a matchless and vigorous Spiritual Energy soared into the sky and directly formed a palm. It smashed heavily on the steel gates and caused the entire fortress to tremble violently.

“Enemy attack!”

A sharp sound suddenly destroyed the silence at the mountain peak. It caused the stronghold to enter a state of chaos. Numerous figures flashed and appeared on the fortress. They immediately casted their sights out and could not help but suck in a cold breath.

At this moment, they noticed a torrent of troops charging over from outside of their fortress and completely surrounding the fortress. An amazing killing intent filled the sky.

“Damn it, why did we only discover the enemies now? What happened to our strongholds?!” A few people that noticed this formation screamed suddenly.

“Don’t panic. Hurry and inform the boss!”

“Everyone, remain alert!”

Zhou Ye looked at the chaos within Mang Yin Mountain and shouted out angrily. A thunderous sound resounded out: “Yang Gui, hurry and scram out here. You’ve killed our Mu Territory’s men. Right now, it’s time for you to pay your debt!”

Zhou Ye’s shout echoed throughout the peak. The faces of the troops in Mang Yin Mountain changed. So it was the Mu Territory. However, how could they come over here so fast?

“Haha, Zhou Ye. I’ve waited for you for a long time now. So what if you’re the Mu Territory? You think that I’m afraid of you?!”

Just as Zhou Ye’s shout faded away, a sneer filled with hostility rang out. Then, a light flashed out and appeared above the fortress.

The light scattered away and revealed a skinny man. His eyes were sunk in and he looked extremely wicked. His thin lips let out a provocative arc as he sneered at Zhou Ye.

Mu Chen stared coldly at the figure in midair. This person was the number one individual among the Northern Spiritual Realm’s underworld forces. The boss of Mang Yin Mountain and also the killer of Chen Xiong, Yang Gui?

Yang Gui’s eyes looked fiercely at the troops that surrounded his liar. However, he did not show the slightest fear and, instead, grinned. “Where’s Lei Shan? Stop hiding around when you are already here. How gutless.”

Seeing Yang Gui’s fearless expression, Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. It seems that he had expected them to go to find Nine Dragon City for help.

“Haha, Yang Gui. It seems that your nose is still quite sensitive like a dog.” A big laugh sounded out from behind. At this moment, Lei Shan slowly walked out and stared at Yang Gui coldly.

“Lei Shan, you’re quite courageous. I haven’t even caused any trouble for you, yet you dare to come here? It seems that you’re planning to start a war against my Mang Yin Mountain?” Yang Gui directed a wicked smile towards Lei Shan and said.

“Stop acting in front of me. If I do not attack you today, you would have probably attacked me tomorrow.” Lei Shan curled his lips and said.

“Haha, it seems that you’re not stupid.” Yang Gui grinned. He actually did not have any traces of hiding it as he said: “However, that’s good. Since you’ve came here on your own accord today, it will save me the trouble.”

He tilted his head as he stared coldly at Zhou Ye and Lei Shan. “However, you fools, did you think that I’m afraid of your revenge when I dared to attack the Mu Territory?”

After his voice faded away, Yang Gui looked towards the inside of his fortress and smiled: “Friends from the Liu Territory, you should come out now.”


As the last word was said, a powerful Spiritual Energy suddenly surged out from within the fortress. A light figure also emerged next to Yang Gui. Then, as the light dispersed, a familiar figure was revealed. That appearance, it was the Second Master of the Liu Territory, Liu Zong!

Liu Zong directed a smile towards Zhou Ye. His cold eyes also glanced at Mu Chen beside him as he cupped his hands gently. Then, a cold voice echoed throughout the mountain peak.

“Zhou Ye. My Liu Territory is here. We’ve been waiting a long time for you.”

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