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A short and piercing hum spread throughout the huge valley, followed by much scuffling and clamoring, which was coming from the massive army that now stood outside of the valley. Several figures, who had evidently received a recent order, could be seen rushing out of the formation, descending into the valley.

Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the others, all of whom had just arrived, were slightly startled as well. They all wondered what had caused this emergency signal.

"Please come in for now, Lord Mountain Cracker." A majestic voice came out from the valley, while Mu Chen and the others stood startled. It was the voice of Lord Asura.

"Let's go!"

Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker and the others didn't dare hesitate, as they quickly positioned their troops outside of the valley, then rushed into the valley at lightning speed. As they did so, the defending troops, which were also stationed outside of the valley, quickly moved out of the way, as they had spotted them from miles away.


As Mu Chen and the others glided into the valley, several deep inhales could be heard from the depths of the valley. On a towering stone platform, which was situated deep within the valley, multiple figures stood. Those at the center of the crowd were none other than Lord Asura and the rest of the lords.

However, the atmosphere in the valley at this moment seemed to be somewhat tense, and the faces of the lords seemed gloomy. Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other, then quickly descended to the tower to greet Lord Asura.

"You have finally arrived," said Lord Asura. As he looked at Mu Chen and the others, his tense face seemed to relaxed a little.

"What's the matter, Lord Asura?" Lord Mountain Cracker frowned, as he addressed Lord Asura, who was the most prestigious among the lords.

Lord Asura's face remained clouded. With a wave of his skirt, a bronze mirror flew out from his sleeves. The bronze mirror projected lights into the air, which collected to form a mirror of light. At this moment, the image shown on the mirror was the bursting violent spirit energy that had just catapulted into the sky, as well as a vast shadow that swept across the sky.

There seemed to be a confrontation that was happening between the two massive armies. One of them was clad in armor, as if it had been forged of ice. The surrounding atmosphere was filled with a freezing chill, causing the temperature to plummet, and an insignia of a snowflake could be seen clearly.

"It's Lord Glacier!"

As soon as Lord Mountain Cracker and the others saw the snowflake insignia, their expressions froze. That insignia belonged to the Glacial Hall, one of many of the Daluo Territory's. In other words, the army that stood before them was undoubtedly commanded by Lord Glacier.

"What about the one who stopped Lord Glacier…" said Mu Chen, as he stared at the opposite side of the mirror intently. There, he saw that dark clouds were surging, and that the freezing cold abounded. He also saw that familiar skull-like flag. It was Netherworld Palace!

"It's Netherworld Palace!" Lord Spiritual Sword announced, startled. Lord Glacier was blocked by the men from Netherworld Palace!

Mu Chen stared at the troops of Netherworld Palace, only to see that the dark clouds continued to surge around the place. A figure, who was wearing a black robe, slowly walked out from the formation, his body emitting a freezing chill.

He raised his head slightly, revealing a pair of narrow, sinister eyes. As he stared at the army of Glacial Hall, his mouth seemed to curve into a sardonic smile. He then put up his hand.


At that instant, a terrific fighting spirit rose, like black mist. It had been swept from the back of the formation, out of the dense dark cloud. The fighting spirit directly condensed into a large and massive black skull. The surface of the skull was covered with countless battle runes.


An unbelievable, enormously loud, ghost-like howl blasted out of the skull, just as it was opening its mouth. The ghostly black shockwave swept out with madness, cracking the earth wherever it went. Even the surrounding mountains were flattened in an instance.

As for the army of Glacial Hall, several generals, who each had a knack for fighting spirit control, responded in a hurry, controlling their fighting spirit to form the Fighting Spirit Ribbon. They then stormed into the field.

Bang Bang!

However, the difference in strengths between the two parties was so overwhelming. As such, the Fighting Spirit Ribbon was instantly crushed to bits, as the ghostly black shockwave swept through, filling the sky with intense chilliness.


Blood spurted out from the Glacial Hall generals, as if they had suffered a heavy blow. Countless soldiers at the rear of the Glacial Hall army were undoubtedly affected as well, as they also spurted out much blood.

The man in the black robe was merciless, even when facing the devastated Glacial Hall. He launched a second wave of fierce offensive attacks, forcing the army of Glacial Hall into full retreat. The hearts and arteries of the Glacial Hall soldiers were crushed by the fighting spirit shockwave, causing them to each then fall from the sky.

After only a few minutes of this confrontation, Glacial Hall had suffered heavy losses, causing nearly the entire army to collapse. In fact, the assault was mostly one-sided.

Then, at very moment that the Glacial Hall army could no longer hold its ground, a shadow suddenly shot up from the collapsing army, then charged straight at the black-robed man. The offensive power of the figure was so powerful, it even caused the sky to shatter!

The figure was Lord Glacier, who had been waiting for this moment! Regrettably, his offense did not achieve the expected effect.

In the very instant that he had rushed out from the formation, four figures could also be seen rushing out from the Netherworld Palace army. Their majestic spiritual energy shattered the void, as these men simultaneously launched their strikes head-on, fighting Lord Glacier intensely!


The strength of these four individuals was a hard match for Lord Glacier, not to mention that they were joining forces against him! Upon making contact with the group of four, Lord Glacier was sent flying immediately.

After a few moments, he was vomiting blood. His body was even covered in many blood marks, after undergoing such an overwhelming shock.

Four black shadows appeared behind the crippled Lord Glacier, catching Lord Glacier, who was neither fully dead or alive at the moment. The morale of the Glacial Army was lost, and their fighting spirit could no longer be sustained.

This occurred the very moment that they witnessed the capture of their commander. Their front collapsed, causing them to run away.

A cruel smile was seen on the face of the man in black robes, as he recognized the outcome of the confrontation. He then waved down his palm, speaking with a loud voice that resonated throughout the sky.

"Kill them! Kill them all!"

The army behind him stormed out quickly, like a swarm of locusts. The next scene was a nearly one-sided massacre. Thousands of soldiers from the Glacier Hall were slaughtered, with only a few lucky ones managing to escape.

After the slaughter was over, the land was stained with blood. The black-robed man was afloat in mid-air, along with several of the Glacial Hall generals, who were in comas, but still floating alongside.

He gave a lunatic smile, while he held out his fingers. He then touched them between their eyebrows. Their bodies were instantly distorted in physical pain, their faces getting paler and paler, as if their very vitality was being drained away.

Within a few breaths, the bodies of these generals became unnaturally stiff. The black-robed man randomly discarded them, then raised his head. He seemed to be looking at the place where the mirror was located.

His loud voice suddenly resonated across the sky. "We, Netherworld Palace, will hold a meeting of all the warlords. It will take place on the Skeletal Ridge in three days. The Daluo Territory is to attend the meeting! Otherwise, I'll personally slice Lord Glacier into two, right in front of all the gathered forces!"

He paused for a moment, then continued with a ferocious smile. "Also, the boy named Mu Chen, who is from the Daluo Territory, must attend this meeting as well. Mu Chen's spirit must be utterly delicious…"


The laughter of the black-robed man still echoed in the valley, but the image had already disappeared. Lord Asura, with his icy cold face, waved his sleeves and smashed the bronze mirror into dust. The rest of the lords in the valley looked gloomy, their eyes filled with tremendous anger. At this point, Netherworld Palace had stepped on a landmine, trampling on the pride of the Daluo Territory!

The same expression applied to Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the others. Netherworld Palace was indeed overbearing. Besides their venomous means, they had purposely relayed the message to the Daluo Territory, which was clearly a slap to their faces!

"The man in the black robe is indeed Lin Min, the war troop dispatcher from Netherworld Palace. He has been the talk of the town lately," said Lord Asura.

The lords used to not even bat an eye at the amount of spiritual energy Lin Min possessed. Yet, as soon as he had become a war troop dispatcher, his name became something to be feared.

This fear was especially potent now, since all of them had just witnessed the ultimate defeat of the Glacial Hall army! With his strong power of fighting spirit, perhaps even a Grade Six Sovereign would not be able to put up a fight with Lin Min!

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. It seemed like Lin Min had revealed his identity the very moment he had made his move. Tens of thousands of battle runes could be seen, crawling all over the forehead of the giant black skull. Undeniably, Lin Min had now become a ten thousand battle runes war troop dispatcher!

"What are your opinions on this matter?" Lord Asura looked at the table of lords. He continued asking, "Netherworld Palace was planning to hold some sort of general meeting of warlords, and it's said that many forces were invited. Now that Lord Glacier has fallen into their hands, if they were to kill him in front of all of the forces, that would incapacitate the reputation of the Daluo Territory, which would likely impact our morale, since the war is imminent!"

"So, are we going to the Skeletal Ridge to rescue Lord Glacier, then?" asked Lord Spiritual Sword. "Netherworld Palace might set us up, I'm afraid."

"Are you implying that Netherworld Palace, merely by themselves, could round upt the entire Daluo Territory?" Lord Blood Hawk frowned.

"Better to be safe than sorry," he replied. "If Lord Glacier is killed, our reputation would be lost. Then, even the Dominator would definitely be angered at that point."


Lord Asura slightly frowned. He looked at the lords, who could not reach a consensus. He then looked at Lord Mountain Cracker, who had a high reputation, second to only Lord Asura himself. Finally, he asked, "What do you think about this situation, Lord Mountain Cracker?"

Lord Mountain Cracker couldn't help but stare at Mu Chen, as he said, "What do you propose, Lord Mu Chen?"

Lord Asura, as well as the higher ups in the Daluo Territory, were slightly surprised by Lord Mountain Cracker's action. As a matter of fact, although Mu Chen managed to become the youngest lord in the Daluo Territory through the Ceremony of Bestowing Lordship, his strength had still just barely passed the threshold of lordship. Therefore, he was ranked last among all of the lords.

Yet, at this moment, Lord Mountain Cracker had taken the initiative to ask for Mu Chen's opinion. The action implied a sense of respect, which was a little surprising in the eyes of the higher ups of the Daluo Territory.

"Hehe, you shouldn't underestimate Lord Mu Chen, as he is the one and only war troop dispatcher in the Daluo Territory. Even Zhantai Liuli suffered losses in a fight with Lord Mu Chen!" Having perceived the looks on their faces, Lord Mountain Cracker couldn't help but smile and explain a bit.

"Oh, really?"

Lord Asura voice his amazement, when he heard such a bold statement. He immediately looked at Mu Chen with a serious expression, as he was naturally aware of the capabilities of all war troop dispatchers.

"What is your opinion on this then, Lord Mu Chen?" Lord Asura smiled at Mu Chen. His expression had become more polite now. He obviously no longer looked down on the latter for his age and limited experience.

Mu Chen responded to Lord Asura with a polite nod, then turned to look at everyone else. He hummed, then voiced his opinion with a calm tone.

"I propose that we save Lord Glacier."

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