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"I suggest we rescue Lord Glacier."

When the group heard what Mu Chen said, their expressions had a slight change, but they did not make any sound. They only stared at Mu Chen. When Mu Chen saw the situation, he smiled and said, "I believe each of you should already be aware of the pros and cons of this. Lord Glacier is still one of the lords in our Daluo Territory. If we allow Netherworld Palace to kill him in front of other various forces as a warning to all, it will no doubt bring about a devastating blow to Daluo Territory's reputation. A faction that that does not take action and allows one of its powerful members to be killed is enough to send a chill into everyone's hearts.

"The Netherworld Palace aims to destroy the morale of our Daluo Territory from within through this act. If word of this incident were to spread out, the people under the command of Daluo Territory will definitely sympathize with their comrade. At this time when a war is about to break out, if our morale is low, it will affect Daluo Territory's combat strength.

"So, if we disregard their actions, then we will have fallen into their trap."

When Lord Asura and the other lords heard what he said, their expressions turned more solemn, and they nodded slightly. They had also noticed the viciousness of Netherworld Palace's actions.

"With that being said, I am afraid Netherworld Palace may not let us rescue him that easily. And there is also a big chance that they have laid a trap for us and are waiting for us to jump into it," Nine Nether muttered.

"With the capabilities of Netherworld Palace and the absence of sovereigns from both sides, they could never defeat Daluo Territory. Therefore, solely relying on themselves, they will not possibly be able to take us down."

Mu Chen's black eyes shone from within as he softly said, "And since it is a heroes' gathering, I suppose they would have invited the Divine Pavillion, Xuan Tian Hall, and other forces. Coincidentally, the Divine Pavillion and Xuan Tian Hall have a very bad relationship with Daluo Territory. An alliance of these three parties would be enough to bury us."

Upon hearing this, even Lord Asura's facial expression could not resist changing. If these three top powers really planned on combining forces, it would be hard for Daluo Territory to face them alone.

"Then why are we still going to rescue him?" someone said with a frown. The utmost cunning Netherworld Palace had forced them into a state of dilemma.

"Since Netherworld Palace can obtain allies, why can't we do the same?" Mu Chen said with a faint smile.

All the lords looked at each other.

"Netherworld Palace has killed the Demon's Gate's fighting spirit prodigy. So, both parties have a deep grudge against one another. I came to an understanding with the Demon's Gate previously. If we were to clash with Netherworld Palace, we could cooperate with them. On the other hand, Holy Mountain also has a grudge with the Divine Pavillion. If the Divine Pavilion were to be involved, it should not be difficult to include Holy Mountain in our forces. With that, we would not need to be afraid of the three joining forces," Mu Chen said slowly.

"You already came to an agreement with the Demon's Gate?"

Upon hearing this, an astonished look appeared on Lord Asura's face, and the other lords were also surprised. Since every force in the Great Hunt was to be treated as an opponent, it was extremely hard to establish cooperation. Therefore, when Mu Chen was able to cooperate with Demon's Gate, it was obviously something no one had expected.

Mu Chen nodded as he said with a smile, "Collaboration in the Great Hunt is not as difficult as it seems. As long as each party gets their own benefits, I suppose no one would reject it. Even the collaboration between Divine Pavillion, Xuan Tian Hall, and Netherworld Palace was established on a common goal which is to deal with Daluo Territory, isn't that right?"

Lord Asura and the rest nodded upon hearing this. Then he softly muttered as he looked around, "Are there any more opinions from the others?"

Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest shook their heads in unison. Since there was already a plan laid down before them, they were naturally not afraid of Netherworld Palace as their tyrannical actions this time had indeed angered the higher echelon of Daluo Territory. If they were to remain silent, then how were they, the Daluo Territory, supposed to rule over the North Territory?

"Alright, if that is the case, pass down the order. After three days, we shall head towards the Skeletal Ridge. Let us see just how big the Netherworld Palace's appetite is and whether they can take us, Daluo Territory, down in one fell swoop!" Lord Asura said coldly with a solemn expression.

When the various lords heard it, they all nodded vigorously. Currently, they had all completed the mission of collecting Meteorfall Alchemy and had to wait for orders from Mandela and the Three Kings. Since Netherworld Palace dared to step on their toes, as Daluo Territory, they should let others know that within the North Territory, no one can stomp on their toes without paying a price for it.

Lord Asura smiled when he saw the group had the atmosphere of shared hatred for a common enemy. Then his gaze suddenly turned to Mu Chen, and he asked with a smile, "Lord Mu is now already a war troop dispatcher, right?"

Mu Chen looked at Lord Asura's gaze and felt that he had some sort of bad intention.

"Hehe… I heard that Lord Mu had helped Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent among their armies?" Lord Asura said with a sheepish smile.

When other lords to the side heard about it, their eyes instantly brightened up, and they threw their gazes towards Mu Chen. The lust in their gazes was as obvious as daylight.

Mu Chen saw their gazes and felt a cold shiver running over his skin. Lord Asura received the news pretty fast. Lord Asura already knew it before he could talk about it.

However, regarding this matter, Mu Chen obviously had nothing to deny. So, he said directly with a smile, "If everyone trusts me, you may pass your army to me to condense their spirit of fighting intent. However, to allow me to condense the spirit of fighting intent, I hope each of you would take note of the disadvantages."

What he meant was naturally if he were allowed to condense the spirit of fighting intent, then some of his marks would exist within these armies. If these armies were used to oppose him in the future, then he just needed to have an intent to crush the fighting spirit of these armies.

However, Lord Asura and the others apparently knew about this and without hesitation they said, "Lord Mu, just proceed as you will without restraints."

They obviously did not feel that there would come such a day when they would have to use their armies to go against Mu Chen. If the situation escalated to that stage, Daluo Territory's internal strife would be out of control. By then, who would care about all this?

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen also smiled and nodded as he said, "Then let me handle it. Three days later, I will return an army that has a spirit of fighting intent to each of you."

With the ability of a 10,000 battle rune war troop dispatcher, it was not difficult to help these armies to condense their spirit of fighting intent. However, if these Pseudo Spirits of Fighting Intent were out of his control, then the power that could be exerted would also be substantially reduced.

However, no matter how much it was reduced, it was still better than not having it. With the big war at hand, every bit of improvement in these armies' combat abilities may reduce the number of casualties. After all, the lords had spent large amounts of energy and wealth to train these armies.

"Thank you, Lord Mu!"

Therefore, when the lords saw Mu Chen nod, they were all glad and hurriedly grabbed their fists in gratitude. Only then did they understand why not only Lord Mountain Cracker, but even Lord Blood Hawk, who had not been close to Mu Chen and Nine Nether previously, treated Mu Chen so politely. With the identity of a war troop dispatcher, they had to take him seriously.

Mu Chen also grabbed his fist with a smile to return the gesture. He did not appear to be arrogant because of his identity as a war troop dispatcher. This made Lord Asura and the rest secretly nod. Though considered young, this humble attitude of his made the lords felt at ease. All the previous thoughts about Mu Chen being young and inexperienced yet being able to be on the same rank as they were had completely vanished.

The fact that Mu Chen was able to progress to this day was obviously not due to relying on Mandela's and Nine Nether's support, but on his own real diligence and ability.

In the next three days, everyone in Daluo Territory was prepared and waiting for orders. Every army had rested until their morale was skyrocketing, especially when the lords purposely spread word about Netherworld Palace's cruel plot. It had no doubt fanned all the Daluo Territory's masters' rage. As a member of the Daluo Territory, they were naturally proud of it. However, currently, Netherworld Palace had not only captured Lord Glacier, they had even organized a so-called heroes' gathering just to kill him to serve as a warning to others. It was clearly meant to cruelly insult Daluo Territory.

Daluo Territory was obviously unable to tolerate this humiliation!

While the various masters of Daluo Territory were holding their breath and preparing to clash against Netherworld Palace, the so called heroes' gathering also started to rapidly develop within these three days. It even spread out to all the forces that were within this territory.

And the whole inner territory was also obviously troubled by that. Especially those with an effective news network who even heard about Daluo Territory's Lord Glacier falling captive to Netherworld Palace. This caused countless people to tremble. This so-called heroes' gathering was more like a gathering to serve as a warning. But… would the victimized Daluo Territory give in that easily?

They were also a top force that had stood at the pinnacle of the North Territory for many years!

With the pride of Daluo Territory on the line, there was no way that they would let one of their lords be killed. Thus, these two large forces may be going all out against each other.

Some sensitive forces faintly felt that this heroes' gathering may be the most brutal confrontation in the battle of the Great Hunt. It was possible that the barriers between the various forces in this Big Hunting War would change because of this event.

Since the higher echelon of these top forces had already entered into the inner part of the Meteorfall Battlefield to search for the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, whoever managed to inflict heavy damage on the army of the opposite party would surely make a great contribution.

Thus, this heroes' gathering would definitely be the most brutal and astounding clash before the appearance of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure.

This sort of festival was not something to be missed.

With this in mind and under the expectations of different forces, three days swiftly came and went, and the whole inner territory was shaken by it. Countless figures leaped out from different directions, crossing the sky in big groups, rushing towards the inner parts of the inner territory.

In the meantime, in the sky above the large mountains stood platoons of armies. With the surge of their vast and immense fighting spirit, it almost felt as if the mountains and hills were trembling.

Lord Asura, Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and others were standing at the front of those platoons of armies. They looked at each other, and then their gazes slowly sharpened. Lord Asura slowly raised his palm and suddenly waved downwards as his cold voice resounded in the sky.

"All Daluo Territory armies, move out to the rescue!"

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