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"Henceforth, he shall no longer be able to control fighting spirits…"

The moment those words came out of Mu Chen's mouth, not only did Snapper's face change drastically, but even Nine Nether and the others standing to the side were also taken aback, their expressions conveying their shock.

"How is that possible?!" Snapper had lost all color in her face. Their Genius of War merely lost one battle, and his body's spiritual energy was still stable, so how was it possible that all of a sudden he couldn't even control fighting spirits anymore?

However, Mu Chen ignored Snapper, who was standing across from him, and instead stared at the pale face of the Demon's Gate Genius of War, whose eyes were tightly shut, and continued, "Not only can your Genius of War no longer control fighting spirits, he can never regain consciousness again. He is now just a living corpse, and when his spiritual energy depletes itself naturally, the decay of his physical body will follow."

Snapper and the rest were immediately speechless, and it was a while before they recovered their senses. Snapper's face, which had originally been as lovely as a peach blossom, had now turned ashen.

She could tell that Mu Chen had not tried to deceive or conceal anything from them. The Demon's Gate's sole Genius of War had truly been incapacitated by Lin Min from the Netherworld Palace.

"That trick of Lin Min's is slightly strange and malicious. This is the first time I'm hearing of something capable of destroying a person's mind power."

Mu Chen furrowed his eyebrows. He sensed that the mind power within the brain of this Genius of War from Demon's Gate had been sucked out forcefully and seemed to have been swallowed. Such an ominously strange tactic made even Mu Chen's heart clench.

It seemed like this Big Hunting War had caused all the evil monsters to come out to play. It would be prudent to be cautious.

"The Demon's Gate will remember this slight, and we will have our revenge on Netherworld Palace one day!" Snapper gritted her silver teeth, and her beautiful eyes were full of fury. Presumably, she was also angered by the cruel tactics of the Netherworld Palace. After all, the Demon's Gate paid a huge price to nurture this Genius of War, but now that he had been incapacitated by Lin Min, it could be said that they suffered a huge loss.

"Lady Snapper, do you have any news of the recent movements of Netherworld Palace?" asked Mu Chen. Despite never having faced Lin Min before, Mu Chen had a feeling Lin Min would definitely come for him one day.

When Snapper heard this, she muttered, "The soldiers of the Netherworld Palace where Lin Min is had only started their frequent operations two weeks ago. Previously they had always maintained a low profile.

"In this past half month, Lin Min has led the troops of Netherworld Palace against eight forces consecutively, and all eight forces had one similarity. They all had commanders with a strong gift for mastering fighting spirits, and the results were obvious. Lin Min is an irresistible force, virtually undefeatable, and he immediately defeated all of his opponents. This caused Lin Min's infamy to be spread far and wide, and all forces alike are in fear of him."

Suspicion sparked in Mu Chen, and he asked, "What happened to those commanders he defeated?"

Snapper pondered the question and wrinkled her pretty brows before replying, "They've never been heard of again. Could it be… they, too?"

Mu Chen nodded slightly, but his heart also trembled slightly. If all the commanders previously defeated by Lin Min had suffered the same fate, then Lin Min definitely possessed a cruel tactic capable of forcefully seizing mind powers.

This was a tricky fellow indeed.

"Lin Min is an irresistible force. His advance was only stopped by his encounter with Zhantai Liuli some time ago. That clash was a draw, and none of them managed to benefit from it," continued Snapper.

"It seems like this Lin Min has already become a war troop dispatcher." Mu Chen nodded, confirming that Lin Min clearly had succeeded in becoming a war troop dispatcher, seeing as he was able to contend with Zhantai Liuli, who had received the Sky Array Emperor's inheritance.

Upon hearing this, Snapper's expression turned grim. This clearly was not good news for them.

"Lady Snapper, what are your future plans?" Mu Chen asked with a small smile.

"Since it seems that this is already the inner domain of the Meteorfall Battlefield, we will rejoin the rest of the warriors of Demon's Gate as soon as possible. I'm guessing Daluo Territory is planning on doing the same?" Snapper disclosed her plans without holding back, since all the forces entering this inner territory would probably have similar plans. After all, only if all the warriors were gathered together would they be able to avoid being besieged by other forces.

Once the warriors from all sides had gathered in their respective armies, it would be a highly confrontational situation. At that time, if any force decided to attack, there would probably be a truly earth-shaking battle.

Mu Chen nodded slightly and smiled. "I wonder what Demon's Gate's opinion of Netherworld Palace is?"

"Demon's Gate is still a top force of North Territory, and naturally we will not suffer such a loss without retaliation. Once all the troops of Demon's Gate have gathered together, we will avenge our name." There was a trace of coldness in Snapper's voice. Clearly, she was also genuinely furious with Lin Min.

Mu Chen smiled and said, "But I'm afraid that by then all of the forces of Netherworld Palace will have gathered as well, and they are not weaker than Demon's Gate. Combined with Lin Min's power, even if Demon's Gate turns out in full strength, you might not be at an advantage."

Snapper was slightly taken aback. Soon after, her beautiful watery eyes gave Mu Chen a look while the corners of her little red mouth lifted up in a charming manner. She said smilingly, "Brother Mu Chen, if you have something to say just say it."

"Let's work together to defeat Lin Min so that Netherworld Palace suffers a huge loss," Mu Chen stated directly.

The watery layer in Snapper's eyes shifted as she said with a smile, "Previously we had also heard that Lin Min was very interested in Brother Mu Chen. According to my calculations, it will not be long before he seeks you out. Is the reason you're doing this because you want Demon's Gate to work with you to go against them?"

"That Lin Min is impressive, but not so much that I would fear him," stated Mu Chen with a smile. Though his voice was calm, it was confident as well and left Snapper without a rebuttal. After all, she had also witnessed the miracles created by the youth in front of her many times.

"Netherworld Palace's power is indeed not weak, and I'm afraid Daluo Territory alone cannot defeat them. But with the help of Demon's Gate, we should be able to cause them lasting damage. I think this alliance would benefit both sides."

Snapper pondered for a while. She was certainly persuaded by his words, but she did not rashly agree to it immediately and instead said, "I will relay your words. After all, I have no authority to decide whether or not to collaborate.

"Furthermore, even if we join forces, our aim is only to defeat Netherworld Palace. I'm afraid Demon's Gate will not be getting involved in any fights with the other top forces."

Snapper was extremely smart. She clearly knew Daluo Territory had previously made enemies with the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall, and was naturally not willing to follow Daluo Territory to the point where they would offend the two other top forces just to deal with Netherworld Palace.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen nodded willingly. He obviously had no expectations that the Demon's Gate would team up with them to deal with the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall. There were only beneficial alliances in this Big Hunting War.

"Then I will take my leave. Once our troops have all gathered together, I will send a letter to you if there are any changes. Then Snapper will anticipate Brother Mu Chen's mighty display of power." Upon reaching an oral agreement, Snapper did not stay on, but merely gave Mu Chen a sweet smile, and her flirty posture was extremely heart-fluttering. Then, with a wave of her lily-white hands, she turned and went back to the troops of Demon's Gate. Immediately after, an all-encompassing shadow roared out and transformed into a rainbow that disappeared at the horizon.

"You're planning on working together with Demon's Gate?" Following the departure of the Demon's Gate warriors, Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker glanced at Mu Chen. Although Mu Chen's skills had just reached Grade Five Sovereign, after working together for so long, even the powerful Lord Mountain Cracker dared not take Mu Chen lightly. Thus, nobody found his decision rash.

"Although I do not know how long this alliance will last, it will at least lighten our burden slightly. After all, we can't go around offending all of the top forces," Mu Chen stated.

He had no expectations regarding the solidity of this alliance, but at least Demon's Gate had a bone to pick with Netherworld Palace. If Netherworld Palace really dared to think of attacking them, then he wouldn't mind joining forces with Demon's Gate so that Netherworld Palace would suffer some losses.

"Let's go, we should get moving, too. The situation before us is getting more and more chaotic, and we still have to meet the other lords in order to ensure our safety," Mu Chen stated.

Hearing this, everybody nodded. If even a top force like Demon's Gate experienced such a huge loss, they would have to tread cautiously.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Seeing no disagreement, Mu Chen left first, and the huge army behind him quickly followed.

In the next couple of days, Mu Chen and the rest did not make any stops but instead sped straight to the place of gathering. Along the way they met many troops but ultimately, they did not encounter any resistance.

Travelling at this speed, by the third day Mu Chen and the rest had slowed down considerably because a huge valley had appeared ahead of them. Currently, in the air above the valley, a vast and mighty army was standing guard. There was an air of tight security surrounding the valley which was overflowing with spiritual energy.

However, when Mu Chen and the rest saw those troops, they heaved a sigh of relief. They recognized those troops as the remaining troops of Daluo Territory, and that this was the place of gathering of the lords of Daluo Territory.

"We finally made it."

After a period of three months, the scattered lords of Daluo Territory finally gathered together again. However, three months ago, Mu Chen's skills were considered the weakest among the lords of the Daluo Territory, but his overall skills could now be considered to be within the top three among the lords of the Daluo Territory!

Mu Chen's improvement for the past three months was clearly massive beyond comparison.


However, just as Mu Chen and the rest appeared before the valley and were about to enter, an extremely urgent humming sound suddenly rang out from within the valley!

When Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the rest heard this sound, their expressions changed drastically.

That was the emergency call of Daluo Territory!

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