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Chapter 89 – Failed Negotiations

Mu Chen’s consciousness stared at the Nine Nether Bird, which was trapped within a cage. The latter also stared at him fiercely with a vicious gaze. From the vicious aura, Mu Chen had no doubt that the Nine Nether Bird would rip him into pieces if it had the chance.

It was too difficult to tame a Spiritual Beast at its level.


As he was stared at fiercely by the Nine Nether Bird, Mu Chen let out a dry cough. He attempted to convey friendly thoughts over: “About that…Hello.”

However, the Nine Nether Bird was completely indifferent when facing his method of conveying friendliness. The vicious aura within its eyes did not show the slightest signs of weakening.

“I know that you can understand my words…” Mu Chen said helplessly: “For you to be in such a situation is actually your own fault. I did not provoke you, yet you dove into my body and attempted to erase my consciousness.”

The Nine Nether Bird looked at Mu Chen coldly and slowly retracted its body. Its elegant wings which were filled with black fire instantly laid down lazily on top of the mandala flower.

“If we continue to be in a stalemate, it would not be beneficial to either of us. Why don’t we discuss it a bit and find a method that would benefit the both of us?” Mu Chen led the discussion and said.

However, against his induction, the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes seemed to show a hint of ridicule and it simply ignored him.

“Oi, can’t you give me a bit of face? At the very least, this is my place. Do you believe that I’ll use this thing to deal with you?” Seeing the Nine Nether Bird ignore him, Mu Chen could not help but feel a bit angry.

When the Nine Nether Bird heard this, the ridicule within its eyes increased and a special thought was conveyed out as Mu Chen became angry: “Despicable human, if you could control it, would you have to talk with me?”

“So you really knew how to communicate with humans!” When he was aware of these thoughts, Mu Chen’s heart jumped. No matter what, the Nine Nether Bird had finally communicated with him! However, during the communication, it had always looked down upon him and mocked him.

“You treacherous humans really know how to sweet-talk. You just took a fancy to my Soul Essence and wanted to attempt to ingest me. What a low quality method.” The Nine Nether Bird sent out cold thoughts over.

“Hmph, you seemed to have said it that way so that you’re quite honorable and just. Don’t you want to erase my consciousness? Moreover, it was entirely your fault. If you did not have bad thoughts, why would you be trapped inside my body?” Mu Chen sneered.

“You think you can trap me forever? My Nine Nether Bird’s clan possesses the blood of the Undying Bird. With your strength, it is impossible for you to kill me. My strength will gradually recover and when that happens, the first thing I’ll do is to kill you!” Viciousness was filled within the thoughts conveyed by the Nine Nether Bird.

“Then, why don’t you try it? We’ll see who will last until the end!”

Mu Chen grunted. He knew that it was impossible to negotiate with the Nine Nether Bird. This damn beast was too arrogant. It was simply impossible to discuss how they would mutually benefit.

Mu Chen’s consciousness gradually faded away and he opened his tightly closed eyes. Then, he pouted. This damn Nine Nether Bird…

“I must think of a way to get rid of this trouble, otherwise, it will become a calamity in the future.”

Mu Chen secretly thought to himself. He did not understand much about the Nine Nether Bird. If what it said was true, perhaps Mu Chen would be the one in trouble. Therefore, he must find a method to deal with this trouble.

However, Mu Chen knew that it wasn’t easy to think of a solution. The only thing right now that could restrain the Nine Nether Bird was the mysterious black paper within his body. However, Mu Chen did not obtain the slightest harvest when he re-examined it later. Therefore, there was no choice aside from giving up. Perhaps his strength was not enough, so he was not able to understand the mysteries of this mysterious black paper.

Thus, he could only slowly deal with the matter regarding the Nine Nether Bird.

In the next few days, Mu Chen did not give up hope and would occasionally head over to communicate with the Nine Nether Bird when he was resting. However, the latter completely ignored his words and laid down on top of the mandala flower. Its eyes were cold and were filled with ridicule. It was as if it was watching Mu Chen speaking a monologue.

After attempting several times, Mu Chen finally gave up on this naïve action of his. It seems that it was not feasible to reason with the Nine Nether Bird. He could only hurry and increase his strength. Once he advanced to the Spirit Stage, he would have the ability to ingest a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. At that time, he would be able to cause a threat to this Nine Nether Bird.

When that happens, that damned feathery beast would look him directly in the eye.

After he temporarily gave up on the matter regarding the Nine Nether Bird, Mu Chen spent two days with Mister Wen Ling. Based on Mu Feng’s information, it seems that Mister Wen Ling was about to advance to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master soon. If he succeeds, it would definitely be excellent news to the Mu Territory.

After all, there weren’t more than 5 individuals that had reached the Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. The past Mu Territory never had a Spiritual Array Master at this level. Therefore, once Mister Wen Ling succeeds, it would be of great help to the reputation of the Mu Territory.

As for Mister Wen Ling, who would always have a solemn and dull expression, he had become considerable gentle towards Mu Chen. Apparently, he had heard that Mu Chen had used a Spiritual Array to deal with Liu Mubai during the Entry Competition. This act had made Wen Ling feel quite honored.

Within the quiet courtyard, sounds of footsteps suddenly emerged. Mister Wen Ling, who was training with his eyes closed, opened his eyes and let out a faint smile. Everybody within the Mu Estate knew that he did not like being disturbed. Therefore, nobody would come over to his place at this time aside from Mu Chen.

“Hehe, Mister Wen. I’ve come over to see when you’ll make a breakthrough.” As expected, Mu Chen’s figure appeared in the doorway of the courtyard. The boy directed a smile towards him and greeted him.

Wen Ling stared at the boy amused. He helplessly shook his head and said: “Boy, you don’t have to play any tricks. Just say it directly if you want the Diagram Arrays. You’ve bothered me for a couple of days now. Even if you don’t feel annoyed about it, I will.”

Noticing that Wen Ling had seen through his thoughts, Mu Chen could only scratch his head awkwardly. Diagram Arrays were considered to be the thing which was valued the most by a Spiritual Array Master. He had felt guilty about asking to look through Wen Ling’s collection of Diagram Arrays.

Wen Ling stared at the awkward Mu Chen and let out a laugh. Then, he beckoned Mu Chen over and said: “From tomorrow onwards, I’ll seclude myself and attempt to breakthrough to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. When I advance to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, the previous Diagram Arrays are not suitable for me anymore. It’s fine if I teach it to you.”

When Mu Chen heard this, his face was suddenly filled with delight.

“How many Spiritual Seals can you condense right now?” Wen Ling stared at Mu Chen and asked.

“18 Seals.” Mu Chen pondered for a moment before speaking. Because of his cultivation, the Spiritual Energy within his body had gradually become stronger. Therefore, the amount of Spiritual Energy required to condense seals had increased.

Although Wen Ling was mentally prepared for it, he could not help but smack his lips when he heard Mu Chen saying this. The latter’s talent in Spiritual Arrays was considerably shocking. With 18 Spiritual Seals, it is considerable to be quite excellent amongst the Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters.

“The “Devouring Tigerblaze Spiritual Array” that I taught you previously was one of top 3 most powerful Spiritual Arrays that I know.”

Wen Ling smiled. He clenched his hand and a scroll containing a flashing Diagram Array emerged: “This Diagram Array is called “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array”, it is considered to be my strongest Spiritual Array.”

When Mu Chen heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up. This was Mister Wen Ling’s strongest Spiritual Array?

“This Spiritual Array requires a total of 20 Spiritual Seals. Among the Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays, it is considered to be at the pinnacle. Of course, the arrangement of this Spiritual Array is considered to be quite complicated and is comparable to a few Rank 2 Spiritual Arrays. I originally thought that you would not be able to touch upon it yet, but since you are able to enter the “Heart Array” state, it will greatly reduce the difficulty level.” As he mentioned the Heart Array State, Wen Ling’s face was filled with envy. To a Spiritual Array Master, that state was something that they desire dearly.

“Once this “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array” is successfully arranged, nobody within the Spiritual Rotation Stage could block it. Even Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouses would not underestimate it.”

Mu Chen could hear his heart pounding. So this “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array” was actually this powerful.

“I’ll hand this Diagram Array over to you. However, you must remember not to act recklessly if you do not feel certain that you can arrange it, so that you will be able to avoid being hit by the backlash of the Spiritual Array.” Wen Ling handed the Diagram Array over to Mu Chen and warned him seriously.


Mu Chen hurriedly responded. He carefully took the Diagram Array and spread it open slowly. A flash of lightning entered his eyes. To any ordinary person, a complicated mess emerged. However, to a Spiritual Array Master, a Diagram Array filled with mysterious trajectories had emerged within their eyes.

Mu Chen stood at that spot and stared at the Diagram Array within his hand. His expression was mesmerizing as if he was immersed within the Diagram Array. When Wen Ling noticed this, he smiled faintly and quietly left the courtyard.

When Mu Chen woke up from his mesmerizing state, the color of the sky had slowly become dark and he hurriedly returned back to his room. During the next couple of days, he spent all his concentration on the “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array”. However, he knew that it was impossible for him to arrange this Spiritual Array right now even with the help of the Heart Array State. Therefore, he did not act recklessly and instead studied it over and over again. This allowed him to firmly memorize these complex Spiritual Energy light beam trajectories.

For a full five days, Mu Chen was immersed in his study about the Spiritual Array. Until one day, he suddenly heard a noisy sound coming from outside the courtyard, only now did he walk out while frowning. Then, he noticed a few guards rushing over to the foreyard. Based on the atmosphere, it seemed that something was wrong.

“What happened?” Mu Chen stopped a guard and asked in a deep voice.

“Little Lord.”

When the guard saw Mu Chen, he hurriedly bowed down. Then, he hesitated for a moment before saying: “A big problem occurred. One of our Mu Territory’s cities suffered an attack and the City Lord, Chen Xiong, was killed.”

When Mu Chen heard this, the color of his face suddenly changed.

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