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When Mu Chen looked sharply at Fang Yi, Fang Yi turned pale. He immediately ordered the Flaming Wolves Army and the Celestial Bear Army to send reinforcements.

"Liuli, let's join forces to take Mu Chen on. He will not be able to defeat us!"

Fang Yi knew that, since his troops were unable to condense the Spirit of Fighting intent, they would not be able to fend off Mu Chen. He looked eagerly at Zhantai Liuli, as she was the only one with the ability to deal with Mu Chen.

However, Zhantai Liuli looked pale, saying weakly, "Given my condition, if I control the army and take on Mu Chen, we may end up just like the Tian Xuan Troop. We can only retreat. If not, we will lose our men."

"No, we can't!"

Fang Yi shouted angrily. They had put in so much effort to corner the Daluo Territory, and they had almost succeeded in triumphing over them! If he could kill all of the lords, his status in the Divine Pavilion would be greatly enhanced.

With these thoughts in mind, he had lost his cool and rejected Zhantai Liuli's suggestion. Upon hearing this refusal, Zhantai Liuli simply kept mum. However, deep inside her, she was mocking Fang Yi.

"In that case, don't leave," Mu Chen said coldly. He looked at Fang Yi, then threw out a blow.


Majestic fighting spirit filled the horizon, then turned into a Fighting Spirit Ribbon. It swept down like a dragon, heading straight toward Fang Yi.


When Zhantai Liuli saw it, she immediately retreated. The Liuli Army also retreated from the area at her command. They showed no intention of fighting.

"Block it off!" Fang Yi panicked, then shouted at the Celestial Bear Troop and the other troops.

A commotion broke out among the troops, when they heard the shout. However, due to Fang Yi's status, some of the commanders quickly ordered the troops to trigger their fighting spirit. They formed Fighting Spirit Screens to defend against the Fighting Spirit Ribbon.

Boom! Boom!

The Fighting Spirit Ribbon did not stop its attack. It shot aggressively toward the Fighting Spirit Screens, hitting them hard. The space surged, and the Fighting Spirit Screens were destroyed one after another.

The troops that had not been able to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent posed no threat to Mu Chen. Hence, it was silly of Fang Yi to get them to fend him off.


The fighting spirit beam descended, appearing before Fang Yi. Fang Yi turned pale, then immediately formed a seal with his hands. Majestic spiritual energy burst out. A large shadow appeared around Fang Yi, covering him. The large shadow was the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body that Fang Yi had cultivated.


The fighting spirit beam fell down mercilessly, descending upon the huge Star Descent Celestial Body. Their collision created a loud bang. After a few seconds, the powerful Star Descent Celestial Body exploded under the attack, exploding into a million dazzling light spots.

Fang Yi's strength was only at Grade Five Sovereign. Although he had increased his strength by tapping on the Primordial Star Descent Celestial Body, he was still unable to contend with a Grade Six Sovereign. As for Mu Chen, he was able to tap on the fighting spirit of the five troops, which enable him to fight a top power, who was at the Peak of Grade Six Sovereign. So, from the looks of it, there was a large gap between Mu Chen and Fang Yi.


Fang Yi suddenly retreated, looking pathetic. He was spewing out blood and his majestic spiritual energy fluctuation was in a state of great turmoil.

Poof! Poof!

As he was retreating, the shockwaves of the fighting spirit beam raged out. The warriors of the troops started to throw up blood, revealing their weakening strength. Given their reduced fighting spirit, they were no longer able to contend with Mu Chen.

In just one blow, not only had Fang Yi been defeated, but he had lost some men from his troops as well. Seeing this as well, Fang Yi retreated suddenly, looking pale. He finally understood that there was a large gap between him and Mu Chen, who was currently controlling the fighting spirit.

If the two of them had fought, based solely on spiritual energy, even if Fang Yi could not defeat Mu Chen, he would not have been afraid of him. This was because Fang Yi had various means and capabilities at his disposal. However, once Mu Chen started to control the fighting spirit, they were no longer equally matched.

When Mu Chen was controlling the fighting spirit, only the top powers in the level of Grade Six Sovereign, like Lord Heavenly Alligator, could take him on. When Fang Yi came to this realization, he was devastated. He knew that he would not be able to realize his ambition of killing the lords of the Daluo Territory. Not only that, but it would be difficult for him to escape unscathed.

No matter what, at this moment, he had to ensure that he would simply stay alive! When Fang Yi thought of this, he gritted his teeth and retreated speedily. Very soon, he was out of the range of attack.

"You do run fast, don't you!"

Mu Chen sneered, looking at Fang Yi, who had slipped off quickly. He smiled faintly, then said, "Since you have left your troops behind, I will help myself to them."

Although Fang Yi had escaped, the Heavenly Alligator Troop, the Flaming Wolves Army, and the other troops were not as fast as him. Mu Chen turned his gaze toward the troops, determined to target them.

He did not give the troops any time to react. He waved his hand, sending a majestic fighting spirit to cover the area. It turned into a large Fighting Spirit Light Shield, which covered the few remaining troops up entirely. When Fang Yi saw this, he turned pale.

"Lord Heavenly Alligator, are you going ahead with the fight?" Mu Chen ignored Fang Yi, as he looked at the top powers from the Divine Pavilion, who were battling with Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the other lords.

In the face of the counterattack from Nine Nether and the lords, Lord Heavenly Alligator and the others were already in a sorry state. When they heard Mu Chen's voice, they glanced at him, immediately turning pale. They had not expected their elite troops to be captured by Mu Chen in less than an hour!

"Fang Yi, you are a moron!"

Lord Heavenly Alligator shouted angrily. The whole collected group grit their teeth and retreated, looking pathetic. They dared not fight with Nine Nether and the lords.

"Lord Heavenly Alligator, don't be threatened by Mu Chen. I have sent out the reinforcement signal. Hold on for a while. Reinforcements are on the way!" Fang Yi said, when he saw that Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest had stopped fighting Nine Nether and the lords.

"Shut up!" Lord Heavenly Alligator shouted. He was fuming with anger, as he stared hard at Fang Yi. Lord Celestial Bear and the rest looked nastily at Fang Yi. Their troops had been captured by Mu Chen, due to the foolishness of Fang Yi.

"I am only trying to buy some time for you!" Fang Yi gritted his teeth and said.

"Brother Fang, I have told you earlier. We have to look at the situation and retreat if necessary. If you wish to fight with the Daluo Territory, you should have done it with Liu Yan and Xiao Tian. Although Mu Chen is capable, he would not have been able to defeat Xiao Tian so easily, and the elite troops of Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest would not have been captured by him," Zhantai Liuli said coldly.

Fang Yi was shocked, which rendered him speechless. Zhantai Liuli had indeed provided the best solution earlier. However, Fang Yi had already lost his cool, making it impossible for him to think straight.

"We will report this to the Pavilion Master," Lord Heavenly Alligator said, his face dark.

"Since things have turned out this way, there is no point in arguing about it. The most important thing now is to rescue the troops," Zhantai Liuli said softly.

Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest nodded. He then said, "We no longer have the advantage. It will not be easy to get Mu Chen to release them."

"It is true that they have the advantage. However, if they want to wipe us out, they will have to suffer many losses as well. Mu Chen is a smart guy. He will not want to pay such a high price." Zhantai Liuli spoke calmly, "Moreover, if he really wants to fight, I can still take him on. Although, I am seriously injured and must take care, I can still tap on the Liuli Army."

When Lord Heavenly Alligator heard what Zhantai Liuli had said, they were stunned. They were filled with mixed feelings. They were grateful to Zhantai Liuli, as she was willing to fight for their troops. She had left a good impression on them. At the very least, she was better than Fang Yi.

"Thanks, Great Commander."

When Fang Yi saw that Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest were suddenly treating Zhantai Liuli with great respect, he was angry. However, he did not say anything. He knew that if he dared to object, Lord Heavenly Alligator and the rest would definitely put him down.

Zhantai Liuli shook her head, then pushed the wheelchair forward. She looked at Mu Chen, her mouth curled up. She looked just like a sly fox.

With some sweet talking and acting skills, she had won the favor of the important top powers in the Divine Pavilion, including Lord Heavenly Alligator. This would help her greatly in the future.

Zhantai Liuli secretly winked at Mu Chen. She then resumed her composure, speaking in a cold voice, "Mu Chen, give us your terms for releasing our troops!"

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